$200 Bedroom Makeover! Hygge Style!

  • Published on Apr 12, 2019
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate  3 months ago +1619

    Creative Weirdos! I can't believe we came in that low on our budget! Yayayayay thrift stores and re-purposing! What's your favorite budget hack we did in this video?

  • Lu A
    Lu A 15 hours ago


  • Kirsten Carden
    Kirsten Carden 16 hours ago

    Where can I get your boots?!

  • Perie Briones
    Perie Briones 21 hour ago

    Oh Karaoke and FILIPINOS 😄👍👍

  • Emma's Random channel
    Emma's Random channel 22 hours ago +1

    Do you do makeovers in Iceland too???

  • shotsbyjuly
    shotsbyjuly Day ago

    i want them to fly over to my city and redo my room :”) but i live so far away from america

  • Seiferboy Gaming

    I could never do neutral colors. They're too boring for me. I prefer bright, neon colors.

  • Cecilia's Game World

    Your the Best TVclip in the world

  • Maddie Bolland
    Maddie Bolland Day ago +3

    This room is so stunning! Allison seems so sweet. You guys did such an incredible job, as always!

  • Victoria Sandy
    Victoria Sandy 2 days ago +1

    Do you have any thrift store recommendations in Brooklyn?

  • Celine Greenidge
    Celine Greenidge 2 days ago

    Sweet couple.

  • Cady
    Cady 3 days ago +1

    Fireblock looks like easy cheese

  • NikoHerex3
    NikoHerex3 4 days ago +1

    I'm danish so saying the word 'hygge' is easy for me. Most people (who aren't Scandinavian) pronounce the Y wrong. Instead of pronouncing it as a U or an O pronounce it like the E in 'new'. Usually works every time :)

  • Addy Menard
    Addy Menard 4 days ago +1

    can i hire them😂i’m in desperate need😭😂😂

  • K Hern
    K Hern 4 days ago +2

    Oooh, I need some of that Great Stuff!!! I have some cracks on the stairs I need to fill. 🤔

  • Hey It’s Laylay
    Hey It’s Laylay 4 days ago +1

    They make me want to go to a thrift shop

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny 7 days ago +7

    am i the only one whos anxious ab that originally media unit becoming a bench? what if 3 persons sit on that and it breaks? besides that im obsessed

  • Rebecca Nelson
    Rebecca Nelson 7 days ago +1

    Does anyone know the name of the paint color?

  • dhenzar
    dhenzar 8 days ago


  • Chisom Anyanwu
    Chisom Anyanwu 8 days ago +1

    How do I just KNOW Allison got her striped top in the thumbnail from Shein or Romwe lol

  • Craze Paiz
    Craze Paiz 9 days ago +1

    Who else thinks that they should be on live TV or start their own Netflix show?

  • Charmany Hill
    Charmany Hill 9 days ago +5

    It's sweet that you called them baskets. We use them to hold paper plates at picnics. Overall love the room. Awesome idea to hang pendant light that way. Love Joey's tables.

  • Mewnicorn Madness
    Mewnicorn Madness 12 days ago +1

    "let's get dieing" (soz cant spell)
    me: but I wanna be living...

  • Donovan Rogers
    Donovan Rogers 13 days ago +1

    I keep looking at this and then looking at my room and wondering how I can transform it on a budget. Like sis, I’m literally about to buy a dress for $275 and she flipped a whole room for less than that. 😭

  • Juliana Bearington
    Juliana Bearington 13 days ago

    The gold chair is triggering anxiety from when we couldn't afford our own furniture and got hand me downs. I can finally afford new things so it is Amazing to me that this is the style now.

  • Juliana Bearington
    Juliana Bearington 13 days ago +1

    The gold chair is triggering anxiety from when we couldn't afford our own furniture and got hand me downs. I can finally afford new things so it is Amazing to me that this is the style now. I always miss the boat.

  • valerie allen
    valerie allen 13 days ago

    Simply love it!!!!!

  • valerie allen
    valerie allen 13 days ago

    He's innovative and creative. Ying yang. You two go together. Great job and ideas. Glad your on TVclip.

  • valerie allen
    valerie allen 13 days ago

    Oh you have so much energy. You all are good together. God bless.

  • Zeenath Baig
    Zeenath Baig 14 days ago +1

    Woah!!!! Mr. Kate hope you have an easy labor and the kid is super healthy and a total sweetheart who. Actually.... Lets the two of you get some 😴 😴 😴. All the best to the super nice super helpful couple. Stay blessed.

  • anonymous cool dude
    anonymous cool dude 15 days ago +1

    i’m american so this isn’t 100% correct info but what i’m gathering from the comments is that it’s pronounced “hue-ga” with a lot of emphasis on the “ewwww” part of the word. hope this helped lol

  • Melissa’s Life
    Melissa’s Life 16 days ago +1

    Mr Kate I have a question

  • Buddy Sideki
    Buddy Sideki 19 days ago +2

    How do you get Mr Kate to do a room makeover for you?

  • Ashley Lemagueresse
    Ashley Lemagueresse 22 days ago

    I've always wondered if they clean the things they get from thrift stores. I feel like they definitely do but because they don't show it my mind always wonders what if lol

  • Megan Caning
    Megan Caning 23 days ago +1

    12:20 Why is this so funny?

  • KJN
    KJN 23 days ago +1

    Let's all take a moment to appreciate how amazingly skilled Joey is ! I mean,making those tiny beautiful tables repurposing a headboard was my favourite part of the video ... Such an Awwww moment! And Kate is so committed, vibrant and glowing as always ! Congratulations on the baby you guys! 😍😍😍

  • Brianna Sutton
    Brianna Sutton 23 days ago +1

    Why is her name mr?

  • Aubonny Stewart
    Aubonny Stewart 24 days ago

    Please come do that to my room!😂

  • Elizabeth O
    Elizabeth O 25 days ago

    I just started binging your videos and so far they have all been pre-baby bump. Your hair changes almost every video since they aren't in order but then this video started and boom... Baby bump galore! Threw me off 😂 Congrats and love the room makeovers! We are moving out of the valley into a 2 bed with a fun loft in a week so definitely hitting up some of your fave thrift shops and pimping out the new place with your tips and ideas in mind.

  • Summah World
    Summah World 27 days ago

    When she sat down I saw her underwear

  • Natalia Figueroa
    Natalia Figueroa 27 days ago

    What paint did you use on the walls?

  • bookmouse770
    bookmouse770 28 days ago

    Yes, Kate & Joey with their machinery and knowledge can saw fancy shapes and put together those tables....(but who here knows how to use or has the tools to do that?)
    come on....purhaps one can find stuff at the thrift shop I guess. Hum...

  • Krydlee
    Krydlee 28 days ago

    I cracked when she said ‘hygge’ because im norwegian 😂

  • Lola Reeves
    Lola Reeves 28 days ago

    I have no idea what to do with my room it's so small that It can barely fit a low profile dresser and a twin bed lol

  • fina000
    fina000 29 days ago

    I love you guys. I cannot wait for your creative weirdo baby Moon coming. He is going to be gorgeous, talented and creative like his parents

  • fina000
    fina000 29 days ago

    Come to Utah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jellowilleatyou
    Jellowilleatyou 29 days ago

    awww!! Mr. Kate anticipating the rug cuddle! She was so looking forward to it xD You can see it.

  • Lili M
    Lili M Month ago

    You guys should do a vsco themed room

  • Yess & sha sha adventures

    I see one vid and it must be old cause I came to this vid after 2nd vid I've seen and I was like what is she prego haha cute

  • Blackberry Wi
    Blackberry Wi Month ago

    Очень круто стало! А ещё вы такие милые❤ Интересно, вас можно вызвать в Россию?)🙈😋

  • Wiggle Wiggle
    Wiggle Wiggle Month ago


  • Karen Reimer
    Karen Reimer Month ago

    Hygge . the word "hygge" is danish! i'm from Denmark and can totally garatie, that the word "hygge" is Danish :-)

  • Natalie Luka
    Natalie Luka Month ago

    i could watch an entire video of you guys thrifting i LOVE IT

  • N N
    N N Month ago

    What if she used her desk for work? Now where will send sit upright and focus? :P
    Jk i'd use the couch or the dresser. Lovely job. She probably said she didn't care about the desk :)
    Edit: too many typos needed fixing

  • Triana Jackson
    Triana Jackson Month ago

    Pls do me. Pleeeeease.

  • Maggie Siegel
    Maggie Siegel Month ago +1

    Who else is scrollong through the comments to see if Kate is pregnant???

  • Zoey Noémie
    Zoey Noémie Month ago

    Danish fact: plants and bohemian is actually quite popular here in Denmark, and is also a part of the scandi 'hygge' feeling.

  • Red Berri
    Red Berri Month ago

    KATE P L E A S E ,
    wHAT IS THAT LIP PRODUCT😭😭😭✨✨💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Mercedes Nielsen
    Mercedes Nielsen Month ago

    the word "hygge" is actually a Danish word. Sweden and Norway do not have at word fore "hygge"

  • Karla Hey
    Karla Hey Month ago

    Funny i live in Denmark😊

  • Clarissa Crosbie
    Clarissa Crosbie Month ago

    I know this is showing how to do up a room on a budget, but my budget is $0 so watching your videos isn’t very budget friendly for me because it puts me in the mood to change up my house 😂

  • Rylee Ray
    Rylee Ray Month ago

    I love the pink hair it is da BOMB

  • Rylee Ray
    Rylee Ray Month ago +1

    I love the way you decorate 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Rylee Ray
    Rylee Ray Month ago +1

    Hey would you fly to Georgia to just help a girl out possible Mr. Kate I have had trouble decorating my room and finding my style and if you can’t that is fine but could yo maybe use technology to contact me or give me ideas pleaseeeee🙏🙏 i love y’all and I am so happy to be a creative weirdo

  • Isabelle Draper
    Isabelle Draper Month ago

    The title 200

  • Sripriya Gopi
    Sripriya Gopi Month ago

    These two complement each other and look at her with her huge belly going up and down and doing errands... gosh

  • Osibee Johnson
    Osibee Johnson Month ago

    I just hope you never change your hair!

  • Jane Lienert
    Jane Lienert Month ago

    The before bedroom was okay but the after was amazing! You guys used the space so wisely and efficiently!

  • Jane Lienert
    Jane Lienert Month ago

    You have really pretty eyes :)

  • shaja shajahan
    shaja shajahan Month ago