Clutch Johnson is Back 5 7-Eleven Stores and a Crazy Shootout Gta 5 Rp Nopixel

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Clutch Johnson is Back 5 7-Eleven Stores and a Crazy Shootout Gta 5 Rp Nopixel. Summit1g Hits 3 7-Eleven Stores Gta 5 Rp.summit1g vs cops gta 5 rp. summit1g vs cops. summit1g steals from 7-eleven gta 5 rp. summit1g gang war. summit1g cop chase. summit1g polioce chase. summit1g street racing. summit1g gtr gta 5 rp
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  • Back to the game
    Back to the game  3 months ago +18

    summit1g found chang injured. 00:13
    gang steals a car for robberies. 03:15
    chang gang hits 7-eleven store. 16:05
    chang gang hits the 2nd 7-eleven store. 21:02
    cops arrives at the scene. 22:41
    chang gang hit the 3rd 7-eleven store. 31:29
    cops arrive at the scene. 33:22
    chang gang hits the 4th 7-eleven store. 51:12
    summit1g robs a local. 51:48
    chang gang hits the 5th 7-eleven store. 55:30
    cops arrives at the scene. 59:18
    chang gang shootout car chase starts. 01:02:43
    cops arrives at the shootout scene. 01:06:56

  • fred ward
    fred ward 3 months ago

    I assumed the shootout was with the cops. So good. Watched beginning to end.

  • blake whitlow
    blake whitlow 3 months ago

    oh yeah did he ever do the 1 milllion dollar race?? ik he got the ticket so hes entered but i thought there was like 5 races all week.


    Yo summit should in fact do a character as a cop but have it be Charles Johnson's little brother how bad*#@ would that be

  • ty black
    ty black 3 months ago

    All most there been saying for awhile just to get a gamer labtop so I can be apart of ChanGang.. anything would help if anyone could is my PayPal Im not begging but I need a little help I work part time in go to School.i love watching ChangGang y'all The Best in the funniest can Wait till I Play

  • Karl Davis
    Karl Davis 3 months ago

    Hell Yeah Clutch Johnson! Summit putting the moves on these poor cops. Kinda feeling bad for them.

  • Gibran Garcia
    Gibran Garcia 3 months ago

    So wtf does the power plan do??

    • Tom Williams
      Tom Williams 3 months ago

      Basically an 8 man heist

      JOOGSQUAD 3 months ago

      Opens certain doors they dont have to lock pick or thermite or some shit like that.

  • giga boo
    giga boo 3 months ago +1

    I want to see the other people's view points to

  • ty black
    ty black 3 months ago +2

    Gang Gang Gang Gang I don't bang with u if u ain't ChangGang

    • ty black
      ty black 3 months ago

      @Ghost EndGame Already no

    • Ghost EndGame
      Ghost EndGame 3 months ago +1


  • Mkram23
    Mkram23 3 months ago +2

    anyone know the cop chasing summit/chang/pepega
    Wouldnt mind watching the vod on cops stream

    • Mkram23
      Mkram23 3 months ago

      @Jabar cheers mate

    • Jabar
      Jabar 3 months ago


  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark 3 months ago +2

    awesome fkn ending

  • Mike Corleone
    Mike Corleone 3 months ago

    1 minute in...Quit the bitching, get the stitching ems guy.