☎️Anthony Joshua OUT BOXES Ruiz Jr., Wladimir Klitschko STYLE❗️Calls For Trilogy😱

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • ☎️Anthony Joshua OUT BOXES Ruiz Jr., Wladimir Klitschko STYLE❗️Calls For Trilogy😱
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Comments • 226

  • Fly Paper
    Fly Paper 13 days ago

    Some like shooters some like snipers. But a kill is a kill

  • Sweet Science
    Sweet Science Month ago

    I’m happy AJ won, Ruiz would have lost his belts to wilder, fury, Whyte, or even Parker. I can’t think of another Mexican who turned up in pathetic shape so flat-footed, couldn’t move for shit as a world champion

  • Sonof Peter
    Sonof Peter Month ago

    That intro is fire

    TROZJAN Month ago

    Klitscho got banned from American TV when they going 2 ban that embarrassment BYONCE he’s killing HW BOXING

  • Dayton Best
    Dayton Best Month ago +1

    WTF!! So when Fury moves around the ring it's ok? Nes com'on bro!

  • major de joe
    major de joe Month ago

    Nestor I'm very very sorry, I can feel your pain ,you put too much faith in Andy and you had too much hate for AJ and eddy, you must have better a lot of 💰 on Andy and to loose it all is very hard.
    Try next time to be neutral on your show and you will have less heart attack.
    The hearted for AJ will destroy you internally and at the end of the day both AJ and deontay are making there 💰, but your feeling are showing up too much on your show.
    Whatever AJ does in future is and will always be to his benefits as he has seen the faces of all heaters during his time of failure!!!
    Keep it up and keep it neutral ,focus on your channel so you do not get a heart attack in future .......AJ Vs Deontay

    BAZZA Month ago

    Ness is a big time wilder cum guzzler

    BAZZA Month ago +1

    Damn Ness stop crying bro AJ did his thing and put on a boxing master class plain n simple !

  • lee turton
    lee turton Month ago

    The pressure on Joshua was enormous...you saw how everyone ripped him to pieces after June 1st...dam they even made a film about it...you got to give Joshua his credit...he showed he's a true champion...instant rematch after getting ko'd is Dangerous so you gotta give the man his due

  • kannon bach
    kannon bach Month ago

    2:11:44 my nuh NO kept it one hundred right here. yo is my fav caller lmao

  • DonAmoz
    DonAmoz Month ago


  • stiigbe
    stiigbe Month ago +1

    Wilder cant box. So "Tha Boxing Voice" doesn't like or understand the sweet science of "Boxing"

  • she den
    she den Month ago +1

    NO Trilogy with Andy Ruiz.

  • Dave P
    Dave P Month ago +1

    Your comment to a caller last night, we don't want see dancing around the ring, we want see KO,s the great Ali float like a butterfly, he danced around jabbing throwing combinations holding not get getting hit, the best heavyweight ever, AJ did similar and you say he's shyte. Sorry your bias fxckers who know fxck all other than you love wilder. Fury beat him once watch this space

  • Dave P
    Dave P Month ago

    Trouble is with you guys your so pro America and anti British, fury and Joshua are what av put heavyweights back on the map. You slate Joshua for out boxing and using skills to turn around a fight he lost in standing toe to toe, styles make fights changed his style beat him out right and you slag him off. Brits on the march sorry USA just bad losers

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago

    Thank god Mike is here to balance out that biased punk Nes. Nes you ain't never gonna grow being a biased ass punk. This is why this channel is always begging for patreons. Be unbiased and get more fans.

  • Mike L
    Mike L Month ago

    Take your loss like a man. Only pansies make excuses in life. Told you AJ wins by jabbing and moving. Why do Americans always gotta be such sore losers.

  • Hanzel Banks
    Hanzel Banks Month ago

    Ness is mad bekuz his bro lost

    • Mike L
      Mike L Month ago

      This is why his channel is begging for patreons. If you unbiased you get all the fans and don't need no patreon dollas. Nes holding the channel back

  • Brandon Maurice
    Brandon Maurice Month ago


  • TubeFaddy
    TubeFaddy Month ago +2

    Ruiz is mentally weak and has no integrity and lots of excuses. He was ONLY fighting for money not for glory or pride, he's not a warrior that's why he lost.... ThaBoxingVoice's heart rate must be running at 180 right now....or maybe 283 like Ruiz's weight!!! ... 😂😂😂

  • Jack Breen
    Jack Breen Month ago +2

    So biased towards wilder, you guys just gutted Ruiz dint win so wilder could unify! I used to like this show back in the day !

  • Jason Nerves
    Jason Nerves Month ago +5

    It was the same size ring as in maddison square gardens.. When ruiz won u wasn't saying the ring was to big then!!

    • Dan
      Dan Month ago

      It was a standard size ring, 20ft by 20 ft inside the ropes with 2ft outside, 22ft x 22ft!! Exact Same as most fights anywhere in the world!!

  • Billy Joe Masterclass

    Ruiz beats Ortiz, Breazeale..... Actually everyone Wilder has fought except Fury.

  • Billy Joe Masterclass


  • Two Tales
    Two Tales Month ago +1

    Yeah it was a boxing match, yeah it was a masterclass but...er... I need to say something negative.
    Such a causal comment.

  • Dino Grigoropoulos
    Dino Grigoropoulos Month ago +1

    I guessing Ness hates most of muhammad alis fights then and thinks Ali was a fraud because he was a technical boxer 😂 so much hatred for aj

  • Two Tales
    Two Tales Month ago +4

    Nobody is stripping AJ, hes the money man in the HW division by a large margin, the governing bodies want their piece.
    AJ will choose if he wants to drop a belt.
    Deontay Wilder will shout off in the media but his team wont make any genuine attempt to make the undisputed fight.
    AJ will fight Pulev next.

  • Jean Claude Maitre
    Jean Claude Maitre Month ago +3

    Masters class Joshua boxing 🥊 wilder can’t box like AJ did ! Jealous!!!!!

  • A S
    A S Month ago

    These Americans are BULLSHIT talkers!!!
    Ali, Holmes, Spinks, all great boxers with a great jab.
    So stop saying AJ should not box WTF!!!
    Ruiz was BULLSHIT so they mad

  • Hamiz Bashir
    Hamiz Bashir Month ago +7

    If wilder fought like this Nes would say he’s better than ALI 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ugonna Nnanyere
    Ugonna Nnanyere Month ago +5

    The difference between Joshua and wilder
    Wilder : one name, one face, one champion, one belt.
    Joshuah :one one, one face, one champion, multiple belts

  • Scottish John
    Scottish John Month ago

    Told you wanks AJ s fire was back and Ruiz had no chance. I bet u lot are crying into ur cornflakes this morning. Fuck Ya"ll American Wilderetts

    KINGNELO Month ago +1

    I saw people in the chat that I hadn't seen since June 1st lol Now its Usyks turn to Jab AJ for 12 rounds and let's see what the UK Will say then. Fucking Andy ate himself to an L lol

  • Adil Osman Adil
    Adil Osman Adil Month ago +2

    Loads of crying on here 😂🦆

  • Mike Kendall
    Mike Kendall Month ago

    Wilder turned down 120m you fecking idiots

  • Marm9898 Duke
    Marm9898 Duke Month ago

    You get hit by a man with arms weighing 4 stone your head will move like that lol

  • Mike Kendall
    Mike Kendall Month ago +21

    Love how nes is so bitter and pissed off what a muppet 😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheLionHeart
    TheLionHeart Month ago +21

    Americans are the perfect combination of stupid and annoying

  • Altezza447
    Altezza447 Month ago

    I do it for Big nick cause ness won't ooooooo anthony joshua the t-1000 came thru ruiz ate to many tacos

  • Gaming Master Jayden

    Why are you such a hater

  • Ant 718
    Ant 718 Month ago +7

    You can tell nes place a bet on ruiz and lost money 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hugo Frutos
    Hugo Frutos Month ago

    Ness in his feelings, boxing is boxing. Don’t be soaurpuss cause you lost a bet. Joshua did what had to be done. Andy and his team fucked up thinking it would be the samw fight. Fury bests Wilder, then the UK shows who's top dog. 👊🏼
    Hope Usyk gets you involved 😎

  • Eduardo De La Hearns

    To summarise the podcast...Andy was too fat (all of a sudden), the ring was too big, AJ boxing Ruiz (wtf?), AJ clinching, AJ boring, AJ chinny...the hate is real ladies and gentlemen...the King has returned...the belts are where they belong.

  • Brian Scott
    Brian Scott Month ago +1

    Biased channel as of late. Spewing negativity cause there man lost. 'm not
    An AJ fan, but the man put the work in and showed. Ruiz on the other hand, sloppy ex champ. He never had it. So big ☝ to the one who deserved it, and fought the perfect fight.. Ness your true fanboyizm is glaring.you predict wrong cause your emotional

    BLACKBITCOIN KING Month ago +3

    Wilder fights are exciting!
    Mike Tyson was trying to take your head off from Round 1 ...
    Now we wait for Wilder to throw one punch equalizer... this will not work against Wyhte, Fury & AJ.
    The sweet science
    Mohammed Ali , Float like a butterfly sting like a Bee AKA Anthony Joshua 65 Million Master Class.
    King Atthur Dubai.

    BLACKBITCOIN KING Month ago +10

    The sweet science
    Ruiz will kiss AJ Feet for the rest of his life for gifting him 20 Million.
    AJ 65 Million Master Class.
    King Arthur - Dubai

  • dukecityspecialist
    dukecityspecialist Month ago

    hindsight 2020 blah blah blah. Andy fought the exact same way he fought in the first fight and anthony johnson didnt. Andy didnt move differently than in the first fight. He didnt gas and he didnt look slower. The weight was not an issue.... Aj "mayweathered" andy and were all salty now because the shoe is on the other foot and we just saw aj play it safe and pop shot andy to a decision. It was a skillful display of fundamentals but entertaining it was not. Its a reason why fundamentally skilled fighters like Crawford and spence get hit occasionally. Its not because thier defense is "suspect" . Its because spence and crawford are trying to get you the fuck out of there and they are not content with coasting to a decision. Either way ,I dont think AJ can stay away from The Slump God Wilder and his right hand for 12 rounds. Box all you want player. Wilder is bout that action!

    • Aaron Mason
      Aaron Mason Month ago

      @dukecityspecialist aj knocked ruiz on his arse and was 4 stone heavier than aj in the rematch so obv hes gonna have more punch resistance. spence didnt put garcia down once and garcia has been down before so dont sit n try and make spence out to be a killer whilst at the same time slaughtering aj for using a similar approach

    • dukecityspecialist
      dukecityspecialist Month ago

      Aaron Mason AJ couldn’t knock out Ruiz. He tried in the first fight . Pop shotted the 2nd . Garcia is more versatile than ruiz. Wilder slumps ruiz and AJ 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Aaron Mason
      Aaron Mason Month ago

      @dukecityspecialist considering ruiz has never been knocked out what makes you think hes any different...or is it only on to use that when it backs up the fighter that u like

    • dukecityspecialist
      dukecityspecialist Month ago

      Aaron Mason Garcia is skillled enough to not get knockout out

    • Aaron Mason
      Aaron Mason Month ago

      what happened with mikey garcia then...spence couldnt even knock out a wee guy that hardly threw back

  • benny1978ben
    benny1978ben Month ago +2

    Since yall mad. Tell wilder to go do Ruiz in one round fool and let's see. Ruiz ain't no slush

    • Lord Bacon Butties
      Lord Bacon Butties Month ago

      junior perez Definitely not Wilder has a glass chin and zero skills once he fights a puncher under 47 years with skills he's getting Ironed out.

    • junior perez
      junior perez Month ago

      Yea but wilder wins vs Ruiz and stops him ..

  • Billy McDowall
    Billy McDowall Month ago

    Ness channel called the boxing voice. Ness goes on to Diss aj for boxing. Well done ness

  • MakeSense71
    MakeSense71 Month ago +2

    Had this been Wilder vs Ruiz using the exact same style, does anyone actually believe Mr Gibbs and the other Wilder fan girls would be so critical? No, they'd all be calling it a boxing master class.
    Wilder can get out-boxed for 11 rounds and get a KO victory in the final 10 seconds of round 12 and these fan girls will forget the boos from the crowd and boast about how exciting Wilder is. SMH at these pretend boxing fans.

  • Marley3000
    Marley3000 Month ago +2

    Wilder fought exactly like AJ did in his 33rd fight against Sterven. Short memory. Ness a hater.

    • Two Tales
      Two Tales Month ago +1

      Stiverne? Yeah, hes a quality fighter...✌🏽

  • ComicsLegend
    ComicsLegend Month ago +1

    The title of the video should be changed to "Anthony Joshua OUT RUNS Andy Ruiz Jr."

    • Oluwaseun Adegbenro
      Oluwaseun Adegbenro Month ago

      The magic was not only that he ran so fast but that he threw and landed more punches at the same time

    MORRIS SOLOMON Month ago

    Thanks to wladimir, Joshua adopted ur jabbing style n won the rematch.. wladimir the next coach to Joshua..

  • Eduardo De La Hearns
    Eduardo De La Hearns Month ago +2

    Loving the hate...keep the excuses coming...they tasting nice on a Sunday morning

  • Ryan Scarborough
    Ryan Scarborough Month ago +4

    Thats a triology setup right out of the Vince McMahon playbook. Ruiz weight was a built in excuse for the loss and he just went through the motions in this fight. Wilder will wreck AJ.

  • Eduardo De La Hearns
    Eduardo De La Hearns Month ago +35

    Joke is - if Wilder fought like AJ that night, Nestle would say he's better than Ali...

    • junior perez
      junior perez Month ago +1

      Yea but don’t no one wanna c a star fighter get outboxed..we need to c em get ko or take a serious beating ...fury just outboxed dw..all good but aj got stopped so that took some intrigue out of aj vs wilder

    • Dave P
      Dave P Month ago +1

      Simple wilder can't box like that, one style and a KO right hand, fury showed him up. Ortiz won every by boxing, a 40 yr old outboxed a young man. Yeah he got caught with the right. Wilder can't box FACT he can a does knockout. BUT the guy he doesn't will pxss it on points.

    • Mike L
      Mike L Month ago +3

      True Nes is such a biased mofo.

    • BlueRayTV
      BlueRayTV Month ago +1

      Eduardo De La Hearns oh yes you’re 100% correct Joshua outboxed Ruiz, they call it running. Ali did it they call him the greatest, Ali didn’t always win by stoppage. Had Wilder boxed like that Nestle would be up his ass

  • rubski 1978
    rubski 1978 Month ago +3

    Nes is a hater 😂😂😂🥊

  • Eduardo De La Hearns

    The King has returned to take back his thrown...respect to Andy...Viva La Mexico...UK stand-up

  • Tim Townsend
    Tim Townsend Month ago

    Ness you idiot

  • Adrian Gordon
    Adrian Gordon Month ago +27

    Ness mad because AJ didn't repeat the mistakes he made in the first fight. He just wanted to see him get knocked out again so he could say "I told you so". What kind of boxing channel does not respect the sweet science. ? Ness is ruining his reputation.

    • BAZZA
      BAZZA Month ago +1

      What reputation ??

    • Mike L
      Mike L Month ago +2

      @alex mackay And lack of class. A little class goes a long way.

    • alex mackay
      alex mackay Month ago +6

      His channel as potential but isn't as big as it should be due to be completely biased

    • Gaming Master Jayden
      Gaming Master Jayden Month ago +3

      Adrian Gordon a man that’s channel is built around the success of one boxer only