Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Secrets

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
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    Finally after so much waiting and wishing, we got the newest trailer for the epic Star Wars finale, the Rise of Skywalker! And it was a good one! This new trailer revealed a few new secrets about that the movie will contain, which, combined with the info we have from the first two trailers, really helped fans put together what they think the whole thing might actually be about.

    To start, we already know that there is going to be about a year that has passed between the last movie and Rise of Skywalker, giving both our heroes and the villains enough time to really get into some shenanigans in the meantime. JJ Abrams has confirmed that this movie will see our heroes all in one place fighting a common battle, but we are also left to wonder what happened between Kylo Ren and general Hux.
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Comments • 295

  • Healthy MBS
    Healthy MBS 11 days ago

    EP 9 just can't fix all of the terrible mistakes of the last two movies

  • Tiana Roberge
    Tiana Roberge 20 days ago +1

    Dianey star wars 9 ben solo rey reylo

  • Darth Taco Slayer
    Darth Taco Slayer 20 days ago

    im hoping the coming together is from rey force walking and binding herself with lukes ghost or something crazy like that

  • E Nasty313
    E Nasty313 21 day ago

    I’m of course going to see it, but I’m not all that excited. I hope this movie takes me by surprise.

  • Houyd7 vil
    Houyd7 vil 22 days ago

    All of what you are doing is saying what's on the screen.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 23 days ago

    Y’all should have just scrapped this video and started over. Could you at least edit the ending? Lol

  • Trident Silver
    Trident Silver 23 days ago

    It is not the Skywalker trilogy, it is the Skywalker saga

  • marstonia
    marstonia 23 days ago

    Where were the "secrets"? You simply told us what was in the trailer.

  • Michael
    Michael 23 days ago +1

    Rebels spoiler ahead... A theory... Palpatine learnt how to enter the world between worlds and saved himself as he fell down the reactor shaft like Ashoka was rescued in the Rebels animated show.

  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson 24 days ago

    Yun don't care

  • Bird Turglar
    Bird Turglar 24 days ago

    I totally can’t wait to not see this movie!!! Not seeing this movie is going to be AWESOME!!!

    • Jorge Gutiérrez
      Jorge Gutiérrez 20 days ago

      Hi. This is just to make you feel good. Now that you got your attention, may it make you happy.
      Just a thought: why do you feel the need to share here those negative vibes?

  • Jeff D
    Jeff D 24 days ago

    What’s up with the repeated words at 4:48?

  • G.T. Jay
    G.T. Jay 24 days ago

    04:46 I was like the editor...bored watching this....only I watched the entire thing! Dude, you're an editor......EDIT!

  • Final Incept
    Final Incept 24 days ago +1

    0:11 I was right? The version of that shot where Rey was holding a dagger was just a trailer trick!?

  • Michael August
    Michael August 24 days ago

    I like football for your information lol

  • Drew Stannard
    Drew Stannard 24 days ago +1

    Finale of the century really endgame ring any bells

  • Matthew Barksdale
    Matthew Barksdale 24 days ago

    The SAMSUNG foldable lightsaber got me!!😂😂😂

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill 24 days ago

    Wow, can’t wait to see space horses again-sigh

  • Bruce Rose
    Bruce Rose 24 days ago

    Next December? You mean this December

  • ZapAndTroy44
    ZapAndTroy44 24 days ago

    I hope it is good and not a let down like The Last Jedi.

  • lorddarthstar
    lorddarthstar 24 days ago

    No Sherlock Holmes PLZ

  • Michael DeRosa
    Michael DeRosa 24 days ago

    That was no football game.

  • matsujonen
    matsujonen 24 days ago

    Wiz? Where's boomstick?

  • biro24
    biro24 24 days ago

    Final installment 😢😢

  • Den Notver
    Den Notver 24 days ago

    This looks garbage

  • Ozy Mandias
    Ozy Mandias 24 days ago +1

    I feel the need to say centuries just started. Like come on we've got another eighty years.

  • MindFlowersDotNet
    MindFlowersDotNet 25 days ago

    Star Wars is long dead.
    Maybe we’ll catch it when it’s free online.

    • Billy Hill
      Billy Hill 24 days ago

      MindFlowersDotNet yep, couldn’t even sit through that abortion called TLJ. Done, as a 40 year old fan.

  • Jerry Robitaille
    Jerry Robitaille 25 days ago

    This is going to suck donkey testicles.

  • Jon Bonda
    Jon Bonda 25 days ago

    Powerful dead Sith Lords' spirits are anchored in objects or places like Exar Kun in the Great Temple on Yavin4, Palpy's butt indentation on his throne in the remains of the DeathStarII and Anakin inside C3PO since he had built it&forced his malice into the annoying droid.

  • Hernan Urozco
    Hernan Urozco 25 days ago

    Who cares about this garbage, i only care about boycott

  • Austin Doss
    Austin Doss 25 days ago

    My bet is Dr. Who is going to be a younger cloned version of Palpatine.

  • Humberto Manlio
    Humberto Manlio 25 days ago

    This is a EPVI rehash
    I feel nothing, only the 3PO few lines.
    R2and 3PO are the witnesses of the Skywalker family, and Disney just put them to rest in the two other films. Rey has been a boring character, and Ben Solo has not a good character arc, I mean I can’t relate to them. Hope something really happens in this last gorgeous visual spectacle.

  • djbred18
    djbred18 25 days ago

    Rey was created by the Emperor

  • Preston Ross
    Preston Ross 25 days ago

    They made Luke disappear and Mark Hamil is still alive. SMH

  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon Wallace 25 days ago

    The Emperor Strikes Back.

  • Geralt of Nivia For Men

    Star Wars is crap now

  • Michael Keudel
    Michael Keudel 25 days ago


  • Chris Schulz
    Chris Schulz 25 days ago

    If anything that effigy is either a gun turret or it's one of the knights of ren , whose body is mostly robotic. Opening scene, my best guess is she is training. Leias voice is at the very end suggesting she is in spirit form with like saying goodbye to either kylo or Rey.

  • Young nigga on fleek
    Young nigga on fleek 25 days ago

    Horse's 🐎 exist in star wars 😆. The ewoks movies are Canon 🧸 lol.

  • Glockyboyz Gaming
    Glockyboyz Gaming 25 days ago +1

    Is it just me or did I see the ghost in the huge fleet of the resistance from Star wars rebels maybe Ezra and the ghost crew will come back

  • CyberdelicXP
    CyberdelicXP 25 days ago

    This movie looks like ass

  • TAPriceCTR
    TAPriceCTR 25 days ago

    I don't even think I would pirate this movie. The only addition to the Star Wars universe that Disney has done that I recognize is rogue one

  • Nick Bosshart
    Nick Bosshart 25 days ago

    3po scene. You see a battle droid from the federation army oon the wall.. Who seen it?

  • UrbanDogMil
    UrbanDogMil 25 days ago

    Not next December this December lol

  • ImThe Spectre
    ImThe Spectre 25 days ago

    I think he meant Skywalker Saga

  • lonster3000
    lonster3000 25 days ago

    This trailer did nothing to make me any more interested in seeing this movie. I simply don’t care about any of the characters.

  • Marcel OnePlus
    Marcel OnePlus 25 days ago

    this video needs more lens flare.

  • Music You Need To Hear!!! Top 10 / 20

    Did you see Jabba The Hutt? Saw some skiffs.
    Did you see AT ATs? Saw an Ice Planet.
    Did you see ewoks? Saw a planet similar to Endor.
    Did you see all those spaceships? I saw the same amount of ships in Return of the Jedi.
    Well, did you see the new characters and the horses?
    Made me wish I saw Tantans, and some of the original cast. Hell at this point, I will take the resurrection of Jar Jar Binks.

  • Marcel OnePlus
    Marcel OnePlus 25 days ago

    Jason Steele is that you?

  • Chris Bauer
    Chris Bauer 25 days ago

    Star Wars episode 9: The Rise of C-3P0

  • Darth Monkey Ballz
    Darth Monkey Ballz 25 days ago +3

    This is an abortion in a dumpster fire!
    E9 the final nail in the coffin!
    I'm waiting for ur pitch meeting vid lmao👍

  • Bryan West
    Bryan West 25 days ago

    Didn’t you guys just post an article talking about how the trailer was disappointing? So which is it? Hype or let down? Just trying to understand how I should feel

  • kam ridley
    kam ridley 25 days ago

    Why in the hell would you not want to watch a football game

    • lonster3000
      lonster3000 25 days ago

      kam ridley cause it’s boring AF?

  • Samuel Stevens
    Samuel Stevens 25 days ago

    It is the Skywalker SAGA, not the Skywalker Trilogy.

  • Jacqueline Robinson
    Jacqueline Robinson 25 days ago

    im 12 today

  • vilod
    vilod 25 days ago

    I hear Ron Howard was also hired to direct the reshoots...

  • Professor Thascalos
    Professor Thascalos 25 days ago

    Boycott this total garbage turd of movie!

  • occ77
    occ77 25 days ago

    The Ghost, man. The frckn Ghost!!!!!!!!

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 25 days ago +1

    Boycotted af. Maybe next time they'll make an actually watchable film.

  • occ77
    occ77 25 days ago

    Hearing 3PO saying those words is not easy and it sure is an inconvenience...