AMC Illuminati Mind-control

  • Published on May 15, 2016
  • I took this video at the local mall in the suburbs of Chicago. The symbolism is meant to convey that the "Illuminati" have control over the minds of the rest of humanity, who they refer to as "The Dead" (for obvious reasons).
    The AMC logo morphs into a chainsaw which cuts open the mind, exposing the Third Eye (pineal gland), which is depicted as being teary out of a lack of being used for so long (atrophied). This Eye symbol is the same symbol on top of the pyramid at the back of the dollar bill.
    The symbol then morphs into the planet Saturn, which is a broadcast station used by the Draco to emit a frequency that reflects off of the moon, and onto Earth (Saturn corresponds with the Root chakra, which regulates our sexual and aggressive behavior. The moon corresponds with our Third Eye chakra, so the frequency penetrates our pineal gland and causes us to disassociate with the spiritual nature of our reality and remain in a dominating, egoic level of consciousness).
    The symbol then morphs into a spider web, which is a symbol commonly used for artificial intelligence. An E.T. artificial intelligence has been a heavy player in this Matrix control system, and it is slowly making humans cybernetic with the increase in technology (i.e. Apple Inc.).
    For those who are new to this kind of information, I am sorry to say that this is all true. The Draco are a race of E.T.s who are reptilian in appearance, and they are the "snake of Eden" as depicted in the Bible and in all other ancient religious texts. They are expert manipulators and geneticists, and have commandeered Saturn (Satan) to harvest energy from humans for the past 12,000 years.
    The Draco have linked with artificial intelligence to create an artificial Matrix that contains souls to this planet, while keeping humans in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety through war and poverty. It is nigh time for people to realize their psychic potential and break the bonds of their enslavement.
    For those new to this sort of information, I would suggest to you reading this blog from the beginning to the end. It is listed in three links. Scroll to the bottom of each page and read the articles in order as you scroll up to the top. Please do your own research, and use discernment through logic and intuition to understand the Truth.
    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    I would also recommend this video:
    Who are the "Illuminati"?
    They are 13 main bloodlines (and many smaller offshoots) that date back all the way to ancient Babylon/Sumer. They have different DNA than the rest of humanity and believe themselves to have "sacred blood." They all have genetic psychopathy which causes them to be devoid of empathy for others, and are also pathological liars and manipulators.
    They have been interbreeding with one another for thousands of years to maintain their DNA structure, and have kept a compartmentalized, hierarchical structure that disallows members to know how the whole control system works. They maneuver themselves into positions of power so they can manipulate and control society.
    They have infiltrated (and CREATED) government, religion, military, police, media, banking, education, and scientific institutions. Their religion revolves around Satanism (cult of Saturn worship), which is a philosophy bent on survival-of-the-fittest. They are spread out in all nations, and together they form one global government, cooperating with one another to divide humanity with sophisticated forms of mind-control (both ideological and technological). They operate underground and keep everything they do occulted (secret).
    This is a spiritual war on this planet...a war on consciousness. We are indeed in the "End Times" and their transhumanism agenda is culminating as we speak.
    You are more powerful than you know, and it is time to awaken your inner potential as a powerful Creator of this sub-luminary realm. Balance your chakras by taming your ego (Shadow-self) and get rid of all the contradictions, fallacies, and un-Truths inside of your head and realize that we are all One.

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  • Tony Svokos
    Tony Svokos Year ago

    Never mind. I get it now.

  • dangerd Baskin
    dangerd Baskin Year ago

    I have check that out next time I go to illuminati a m c

  • realeyes33
    realeyes33 2 years ago

    Awakened Hobbit, thank you for sharing your insightful observations; great first video too!

    • Awakened Hobbit
      Awakened Hobbit  2 years ago

      +realeyes33 You are most certainly welcome. Thank you for watching. :)