2-Hours Epic Music Mix | THE POWER OF EPIC MUSIC - Full Mix Vol.1

  • Published on Apr 4, 2014
  • Best Of Compilation: tvclip.biz/video/YyZO-pnfhTs/video.html
    Volume 5 : tvclip.biz/video/nEUJJ3vFEnY/video.html
    Volume 4 : tvclip.biz/video/rJ8sLgHxa88/video.html
    Volume 3: tvclip.biz/video/3TAUnYZpMbA/video.html
    Volume 2 : tvclip.biz/video/DeXoACwOT1o/video.html
    00:03 Godzilla (2014)
    00:24 Noah (2014)
    00:37 Godzilla (2014)
    01:25 300:ROE (2014)
    01:35 Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction (2014)
    02:14 Robocop (2014)
    02:18 Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction (2014)
    02:23 Noah (2014)
    02:34 Godzilla (2014)
    02:55 Robocop (2014)
    03:19 300:ROE (2014)
    04:01 Robocop (2014)
    00:01 Phantom Power Music - Never Surrender
    04:00 Silver Screen - Dark Hero
    06:36 PostHaste Music - Legendary Quest
    08:31 Epic Score - Strength To Believe
    10:31 Jasper Blunk - Heart Of Gold
    12:00 ATLAS - Mistress of The Burning Light
    15:11 Silver Screen - Rise From The Ashes
    20:45 Ivan Torrent - One Of Us (feat. Julie Elven)
    25:03 Silver Screen - Born Of Fire
    26:49 ATLAS - Termination
    29:36 Epic Score - Journey Beyond the Sky
    32:10 Theron Kay - Remember Us
    34:10 Ivan Torrent - Supernova
    36:56 Silver Screen - The Gates
    38:24 Xiphon Audio - Look to the Sky
    40:13 RipTide Music - Death & Rebirth
    42:49 Devesh Sodha - Through The Shadows (ft. Aeralie Brighton)
    46:38 Position Music - Resolution
    49:50 Epic Score - You Were Born For This
    53:15 Hundred Days Music - Exodus
    58:11 Ivan Torrent - Dandelion
    01:02:11 Epic Score - Nothing Can Stop Us Now
    01:04:23 switch. Trailer Music - Between Oceans (ft. Juliet Lyons)
    01:07:49 Position Music - Emerge
    01:10:29 Immediate Music - Solarity
    01:12:38 Axl Rosenberg - Ascendance
    01:15:26 SIG Music - The Eagles Are Coming
    01:18:17 Kari Sigurdsson - Sequence Of Events
    01:21:32 Clarence Yapp - Human1zati0n
    01:24:44 1 Revolution Music - Salute To The Brave
    01:33:13 1 Revolution Music - Pursuit Of Justice - Tom DiMartino
    01:34:59 Liquid Cinema - Soldier Of Fortune
    01:36:51 CueFonix - Beyond
    01:39:22 Phil Rey - Sword of Justice
    01:43:43 Future World Music - Quest for Freedom
    01:47:01 Position Music - Imperatrix Mundi [Pandora Extended]
    01:50:57 Two Steps From Hell - Starfall
    01:54:09 Switch. Trailer Music - Existence (ft. Juliet Lyons)
    01:56:28 ICON Trailer Music - Luminous Rumination
    01:58:44 Switch. Trailer Music - Interstellar
    02:01:04 Vindsvept - Forsaken
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  • Pandora Journey
    Pandora Journey  2 years ago +70

    new year new mix! feast your ears on my latest best of epic music collection!

    • Brisebois Tree Removal
      Brisebois Tree Removal Year ago

      My third eye getting lots of light Force!

    • lionitist
      lionitist Year ago +1

      Pandora Journey every day I still listen to this sir, how can I get a audio copy before you delete it one day ?

      MARIAN ROZKYDAL Year ago


      MARIAN ROZKYDAL Year ago


  • Siegwald.
    Siegwald. 18 hours ago

    Muitas propagandas!!!!

  • Monika R
    Monika R 21 hour ago

    5 years ... I listen this list again and again. Why? Because it's f*king Goood 😍 Thanks ❤

  • Ainsley Clarke
    Ainsley Clarke Day ago

    The poster of the warrior monk meditating displayed during 'You Were Born For This' listed at 49:50 on your tracklist. What is the name of the artist who did the artwork and where can I purchase a copy of that particular poster please?

  • Rob Mongar
    Rob Mongar 8 days ago

    Beautiful Music... but interrupted every 3 minutes by advertisements...

  • Andriy  Pavlyshyn
    Andriy Pavlyshyn 8 days ago

    Поціновувачам епіка сюди!!! Лайк і підписка, я у захваті!!!

  • Andriy  Pavlyshyn
    Andriy Pavlyshyn 8 days ago

    Перед історія, просто супер!

  • Andriy  Pavlyshyn
    Andriy Pavlyshyn 8 days ago

    Дякую за роботу - божествено!

  • Gamer TEN
    Gamer TEN 9 days ago +2

    my fav part "and you defind me?!" "im not alone.."

  • hai bui quy
    hai bui quy 20 days ago

    WAR is human nature, absolutely

  • lionitist
    lionitist 21 day ago


    • lionitist
      lionitist 20 days ago

      Vampire_elder_ 1 f*cking Crazy liberals

    • Vampire_elder_ 1
      Vampire_elder_ 1 20 days ago

      I I just thought you should calm down...
      excitement can kill, you know...😌
      You should try meditation...

    • lionitist
      lionitist 20 days ago

      Vampire_elder_ 1 wtf?

    • Vampire_elder_ 1
      Vampire_elder_ 1 21 day ago

      lionitist what’s with the capitals, calm down...

  • Rick Hunter
    Rick Hunter 22 days ago

    I'm a high school teacher and I play this in the background while I'm teaching. It's amazing how this keeps some of the recalcitrant kids more focused on their academics. Outstanding work and thank you!

  • Rafael Mejia
    Rafael Mejia 23 days ago

    Música épica mi favorita junto con el trance

  • PewBunny
    PewBunny 24 days ago

    Yo wtf why so many ads TVclip!!!

  • Emyr
    Emyr 26 days ago

    by far my favorite

  • Hans Dudart
    Hans Dudart 26 days ago

    asome vid but whats the name of the movie from the beginning

  • qweloo
    qweloo 29 days ago

    Can we get a correct tracklist with correct times ? and thanks was looking for this kind of epic music !

  • Yuri
    Yuri Month ago


    No more words.

  • Patrick Maggart
    Patrick Maggart Month ago +1

    Thanks so much for this back.

  • zellez xelece
    zellez xelece Month ago

    thx god it is back

  • Yudax Posax
    Yudax Posax Month ago +1


  • Peev Reaper
    Peev Reaper 4 months ago

    One of the best of the BEST epic music vol mixes out there. Still listens to it since 2014, kicks back lots of memories every time. Love it and always will : )

  • Michael W
    Michael W 4 months ago

    Ffs adds now you wankers just such a spoil for a bit of money you nob head no longer viewing this again mate

  • masterson25
    masterson25 4 months ago

    Super muzyka przyjemnie się słucha :)

  • Paradigm Arson
    Paradigm Arson 5 months ago

    Sublime transport, epic narratives: my self dissolves and re-emerges amidst the flames.

  • Alex Ines
    Alex Ines 5 months ago +1

    I am super excited for Godzilla: King of the Monsters!!!!!!

  • Ziah N
    Ziah N 5 months ago

    gonna start with epic music vol.1 and work my way through them all. By that time my thesis should be written :)

  • Bima Tirta
    Bima Tirta 6 months ago

    My dele heard this, now it's a tempe

  • Julien Müller
    Julien Müller 7 months ago

    What's your favorite song?

  • Alberto Miranda
    Alberto Miranda 7 months ago

    First 40 seconds defines all our births.....the king is life....

  • Odd Sigve Tengesdal
    Odd Sigve Tengesdal 7 months ago

    So much epic!

  • ben p
    ben p 7 months ago

    Thanks for the mix. I always come back to it for epic writting sessions!

  • Kevin James
    Kevin James 8 months ago

    this type of music is awesome!!

  • Trazi Cocoa
    Trazi Cocoa 8 months ago

  • Christopher Nolan
    Christopher Nolan 8 months ago

    I listened to this while I was writing my book and I didn't even realize that I had finish five whole page of it!

  • Specter US ARMY
    Specter US ARMY 8 months ago


  • Anastasia Cook
    Anastasia Cook 8 months ago

    It was a bloody war and lots of people had died.Humans and animals were furious with all of their own personal rights.......

  • Dozerfleet Studios
    Dozerfleet Studios 8 months ago

    1:59:08 sounds like the opening to Beauty and the Beast.

  • Sanad Amasha
    Sanad Amasha 9 months ago

    Pandora Journey for great music

  • Useless Channel
    Useless Channel 9 months ago

    u all talk about making ur pets listen this
    me I listened to this....

    I got 2 hours older ._.

  • Sparx Cross The Writer
    Sparx Cross The Writer 9 months ago

    Whoever disliked this must've meant Dis-I-Like

  • Nikolay Tekuchev
    Nikolay Tekuchev 9 months ago

    The thumbnail is Goblin Slayer, but it's Dragon Slayer.

  • Kuro
    Kuro 9 months ago

    Good for playing LoL as supp

  • TheEszement82
    TheEszement82 10 months ago

    Megunhatatlan :)

  • Diman Komissarov
    Diman Komissarov 10 months ago

    Like on BloodBorne feat Dark/Demon^s souls))

  • Mario Travellingman
    Mario Travellingman 10 months ago

    Is this music from 2 steps from hell the group?

  • The Pink Nightmare
    The Pink Nightmare 10 months ago


  • Metatron Omega
    Metatron Omega 11 months ago

    I want my suite Please!

  • Metatron Omega
    Metatron Omega 11 months ago

    Please help me at the last step Universe. Please!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 11 months ago

    Who clicked on this just because Ornstein was on the thumbnail?

  • Belal Ehrari
    Belal Ehrari 11 months ago +2

    Best epic music ever I heard!
    Keep uploading!

  • Michael Parapunski
    Michael Parapunski 11 months ago

    When I listen to this music nothing can come in my way

  • Rathish Mishra
    Rathish Mishra 11 months ago

    Nice compilation. Thanks. For sharing. 👌 👍

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Xưa nay ai giám trộm vật trấn giữ chưa...tưởng tq nó ngu như bọn mày chắc

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Đi đào đi...ta chỉ cho rất nhiều nơi có kho báu rồi ak

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Đồ ngu

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Vì sao lại có hiện tượng người âm đi đòi nợ...đòi vật...đòi của hả

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Vật trấn quốc cũng như bảy vị tinh tú hạ thế kia vậy...Mấy đi thì ma quỷ sẽ hoành hành không yên

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Không cần phải đi đâu xa đâu...Anh mang cả vũ trụ về làm thành trái đất này đó...khám phá ở đây!

  • Vy Phạm Tuấn
    Vy Phạm Tuấn 11 months ago

    Điên là vì khác nhau hay vì mất kiểm soát với cuộc sống?