The BEST Baked Meatballs!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2017
  • I'm gonna go out there and see these are THE best homemade meatballs- Italian American style- you will ever taste! Get the recipe here:
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Comments • 462

  • 50hellkat2
    50hellkat2 14 days ago

    OR....EGG.....A...NO. Nice video

  • Marty Robson
    Marty Robson 23 days ago

    Donal; as a fellow Irishman; ima gonna trust you and make this tonite for the missus; if I don’t get rewarded for my efforts, you better look out, I will find you, Lol 😂 but seriously; I will find you

  • Mother's Way
    Mother's Way Month ago

    Ok you had me at cheese!! For our friends who are lactose try these!

  • lennyp18
    lennyp18 Month ago

    Made these and added a couple of finely chopped habaneros for that “spicy meatball” effect. End result were the best meatballs I’ve ever eaten - delicious! The overall preparation time took longer than the recipe indicates, so bank on a further 30 mins or so.

  • Andrew Boulton
    Andrew Boulton Month ago +1

    Ohh Donal you are sooo funny

  • Carmella
    Carmella Month ago +1

    You had me at “Rolled ma balls”. Subscribed ! Thx !!!

  • dougie g
    dougie g 2 months ago

    Where do you get a D Apron from??? :)

  • Khaddouj Afiri
    Khaddouj Afiri 2 months ago +1

    I've tired this recipe today and it came it so gooood

  • Bobbie Jackson
    Bobbie Jackson 2 months ago

    Well second thought i will try them

  • Bobbie Jackson
    Bobbie Jackson 2 months ago

    No thanks.

  • antoine wahl
    antoine wahl 2 months ago

    Cant wait to make This Saturday looks amazing thank you for the video

  • Delfina S
    Delfina S 3 months ago


  • Tiah Rei
    Tiah Rei 3 months ago +1

    I’ve tried this recipe and my flatmates all loved it!! It tastes AMAZING

  • elisa peregrino
    elisa peregrino 3 months ago

    I'm sure my husband will love this meat ball

  • Sylvie Lessard
    Sylvie Lessard 4 months ago


  • Adjmb B
    Adjmb B 4 months ago

    Never keep a sharp knife next to the chopping board. Instead put it behind it.

  • Ann Miller
    Ann Miller 4 months ago


  • zam200864
    zam200864 4 months ago

    Excellent recipe, tried it this aft, thank-you

  • DeanMrsteele Steele
    DeanMrsteele Steele 4 months ago +2

    an Irish lad cooking Italian.. ffs

  • FAKE and REAL
    FAKE and REAL 4 months ago

    Are the meatballs not dry from the inside?

  • Michaela Halton
    Michaela Halton 4 months ago +1

    Super delicious, great instruction
    , thank you for the recipe Donald

  • silfurstjarna
    silfurstjarna 4 months ago

    these are amazing! Love everything about it. It's the perfect comfort dish

  • Akanksha Sonkar
    Akanksha Sonkar 4 months ago

    I was searching for Polpette piccante recipe, but my search ends here. Will try it for sure!

  • Akanksha Sonkar
    Akanksha Sonkar 4 months ago

    Can we substitute it with minced chicken??

  • Brenda Sollers
    Brenda Sollers 5 months ago

    What type of sauce your using?

  • Brenda Sollers
    Brenda Sollers 5 months ago

    Lord this calling my name, looking great for my belly great video.

  • PePe Frog
    PePe Frog 5 months ago

    Ive made this recipe a few times and i always can just watch the whole thing and not skip. You’re so funny and entertaining to watch- oh and a great teaching cook! Thanks again! Cheers

  • Pago's Place
    Pago's Place 5 months ago

    I went to the Cheesecake Factory in Doha, Qatar last night and had the absolute worst spagetti and meatball dish ever made, in the history of this earth. I love to make my own Italian sauces and I decided to look up a great meatball recipe. This seems to be it and I am trying it a bit later today. Unfortunately, no pork here but I will use veal.

  • Zack Jankelson
    Zack Jankelson 5 months ago +2

    90 minutes at 300 degrees f (equal to 150 degrees c as suggested) is way too long. Came out hard as a rock.

  • Catherine Eckstein
    Catherine Eckstein 5 months ago +2

    I just discovered your these bad boys in the fridge...prepping for the next step, I’ve got bread dough rising & homemade pasta hanging up drying getting ready for the pot-this could be a kick ‘arse’ meal if all goes well 🤞🏾(pasta & bread I’m seasoned at, I’ll let you know how these come out)!-I get so bored when it snows & I can’t get out of my neighborhood because the roads are a straight drop down the mountains with no guard rails-all I can do is cook, so thanks for the new ideas!

  • Markel A.
    Markel A. 6 months ago

    This is good but my fathers from italy and he makes it totally different.

  • Max Gamer
    Max Gamer 6 months ago

    I just want to eat that hard!

  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski 6 months ago

    Try lightly coating in seasoned bread crumbs before frying. Sauce + breading = incredibly delicious improvement in texture and adhesion of tomato sauce.

  • Marsha Dawkins
    Marsha Dawkins 6 months ago +1

    I've made several versions of mozzarella meatballs. This is the best one I've done so far!

  • ken cohagen
    ken cohagen 6 months ago +1

    Ok, I almost got it, but can you say the ingredients in English? What's tomato posata?

  • Mildred Carr
    Mildred Carr 7 months ago

    Looks great I’m getting ready to make them

  • Mrs.
    Mrs. 7 months ago

    looks amazing

  • Sid S
    Sid S 7 months ago

    The things I would do to those meat balls.

  • Lamourlady
    Lamourlady 7 months ago

    Look good, but don't have half those ingredients and the measurements are not worth the time. Gonna just make them best I can with what I have. :P

  • Sid D
    Sid D 7 months ago +1

    I agree. These are the best meatballs I’ve ever made. I followed this recipe to the letter except the parmesan cheese at the end and they were delicious. Even my kids loved them! Thank you Donal!

  • Eman Rafea
    Eman Rafea 8 months ago

    I wonder if this works just as well without the pork

  • Chasing the Horizon
    Chasing the Horizon 9 months ago

    Hour and a half? Really?

  • Mimi Julien
    Mimi Julien 9 months ago

    Made something similar in my channel but i fried it. 😊

  • Black Jack
    Black Jack 9 months ago +1

    I got meatballs :)

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 9 months ago

    nothing i hate more than pre cut pre fucked put in loads of bowls ingredience ... dafuq... dod... just makeing like 90x more dishes to wash up than u need to /./@ fucking

  • Amimmika
    Amimmika 9 months ago +1

    I just made it for a big group! I tasted one already and I have to say your meatballs are better than Ramsay’s that I made a few times already.

  • Robin D. Phillips
    Robin D. Phillips 10 months ago

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your meat ball recipe! Now I know what to do with my frozen Vegan meat balls. Bake them off with some nut parm, and some Daiya vegan mozzarella. Thanks again. 👍

  • Mary Mendez
    Mary Mendez 10 months ago

    Trying this recipe tomorrow; I can not wait!!!!!!!!!! Looks so yummy

  • madonna816
    madonna816 10 months ago

    Not food.

  • Chris s
    Chris s 10 months ago

    Dumbest opening statement I've ever heard

  • Juanita Dudley
    Juanita Dudley 11 months ago

    What can I use as a substitute for red wine?

  • Susan H.
    Susan H. 11 months ago

    Oh, I will be making these for dinner. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • BobCoxUK
    BobCoxUK Year ago +1

    pass a plateful my way please!!!!!! YUM!!!!!

  • Veena Rafi
    Veena Rafi Year ago

    Hello Donal! Can i make a variation of sauce & use white sauce?

  • Bob Fisher
    Bob Fisher Year ago

    What does rage g and ml stand for ? Thank you.

  • Cacti Goddess
    Cacti Goddess Year ago +1

    Vid is great, I have a question what are the measurements because I went on the website to make it but all it says is combine all the ingredients for the meatballs. Season with salt and pepper and mix until completely and evenly combined.

  • Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw Year ago

    You should be very gentle with the minced meat and not whip it around. Just fingertips and to season them you can also Skin three Italian sausages some parsley an extra guy like if you want but they will give you all the flavor that you need. I make them with mock mince as I am vegan now but I would put my meatballs up against anybody's and my sauce! I'm the only one I know and see on here who makes Real and True marinara sauce 6 ingredients no wine and nothing green. :-)

  • Bruce Burns
    Bruce Burns Year ago

    Perfect .

  • Beca Nae
    Beca Nae Year ago +2

    Aww I wish I had all the ingredients for this🤤so delish. Great job my kind of recipe. Simple 😊

  • Mimi ibrahim
    Mimi ibrahim Year ago

    Can’t wait to try it 😋😋

  • Alicia Ndlovu
    Alicia Ndlovu Year ago

    I loved the taste

  • Quiller Taylor
    Quiller Taylor Year ago

    Going to the shops right now for the ingredients, looks fantastic!

  • the One Within
    the One Within Year ago

    Gonna try this out

  • Preston Van Buren

    I hate an under seasoned meatball 😩

  • Bob Jordan
    Bob Jordan Year ago

    90 minutes in a 300-degree oven? Sounds like overkill to me.

  • xZenith _
    xZenith _ Year ago

    Sub to me

  • Jeannette Gonzalez Vega


  • Tony Savelli
    Tony Savelli Year ago

    Excellent recipe Donald I will need to try it this weekend thanks for the recipe.

  • Aries One
    Aries One Year ago

    Thank you. I made this today. It came out marvelous.

  • Eve M
    Eve M Year ago

    Wow they look amazingly delicious ...tfs