Introducing the OnePlus 7 Pro

  • Published on May 14, 2019
  • Introducing the OnePlus 7 Pro, the most immersive smartphone experience we have ever created. Get ready for an unrivaled viewing experience, thanks to an industry-leading QHD+ Fluid AMOLED Display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Powerful hardware and smooth software work together to realize our most powerful flagship ever.
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Comments • 1 984

  • Henry Sanchez
    Henry Sanchez 2 hours ago +1

    Watching this on my 1+ 7P

  • Thabo Qwabe
    Thabo Qwabe 7 hours ago

    Wow their comment section isn't disabled , unlike other phone companies ➡️🍎

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Samsung IS THE BEST :)

  • Vinamra Agnihotri
    Vinamra Agnihotri 2 days ago +1

    I want same phone with 4.8 inch baselless screen.Hit like on my comment..if u wnat the same bazelless feature like this on a small phone..with less width

  • just a random Crusader

    One plus 7 is 8

  • Piero Conte
    Piero Conte 2 days ago

    Fuck one plus ,flagship ki... NO WAY . where is the 250$ price mdfk?

  • Rhuthu Jith
    Rhuthu Jith 3 days ago +1

    Who Noticed The Phones Moving in the Thumbnail While Swiping!!??

  • Wing Lau
    Wing Lau 3 days ago

    Not into this cuz no sd card slot

  • Naved Rana
    Naved Rana 4 days ago

    I have taken the one plus 7 but the quality of the camera is so bad that it will break

  • Hilal CCC
    Hilal CCC 5 days ago

    Oneplus 7 or vivo ıq00

  • Ganesh chaurasiya
    Ganesh chaurasiya 5 days ago

    Nice Snapdragon 855 phone

    MUSHFIQUE RAHMAN 6 days ago

    How price in Bangladesh

  • Nishaanthan 1997
    Nishaanthan 1997 6 days ago

    Here in some markets Both OnePlus 7pro and s10+ prices are equal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Be clear with that
    After the launch it doesn't get the right price point path 😫

  • Tarun Gupta
    Tarun Gupta 7 days ago

    How can i get it for free?


    No sé dónde conseguirlo en Colombia 🥺

  • Satheesh Kumar
    Satheesh Kumar 7 days ago #admin see this why should u try this creativity

  • protekyerneck
    protekyerneck 8 days ago

    Send me a video lol

  • riozero96
    riozero96 8 days ago

    Still watch it on my 5T

  • satyam singh
    satyam singh 8 days ago

  • reddy
    reddy 8 days ago

    I am joining ur family 😊 one plus 7 pro 12 gb ram

  • Prathamesh Dhadankar
    Prathamesh Dhadankar 8 days ago +2

    Yes in future I'll buy this cool phone . Best product . Great job Oneplus team

  • B. Anjanna
    B. Anjanna 8 days ago

    Yes, power full sound

  • Damian Ramirez
    Damian Ramirez 9 days ago

    Oppo Find X on Steroids...

  • GardenData61371
    GardenData61371 9 days ago +1

    Goodbye Samsung. Hello Oneplus!

  • Zulkifli Zul
    Zulkifli Zul 9 days ago

    friend, why do I have one plus6, it can no longer make full screen, in the app (pubg)

  • Gunday Jiya
    Gunday Jiya 9 days ago +1

    check this video
    Oneplus 7 Pro Problems.
    [ ]

  • Chiranjit Biswas
    Chiranjit Biswas 10 days ago

    Congratulations 1+ team and thanks...for such a amazing phone...

  • Tracy Brooks
    Tracy Brooks 10 days ago +1

    Hope they ditch the 90hrz curved panel. Curved screens are a crap gimmick. Just makes the phone more fragile and reduce the viewing angles. That refresh rate will murder the battery too. Should switch to gorilla glass 6 too. GG5 isn't durable enough for a phone that size it will not survive any kind of drop. Too bad, I have a 5t and it's great. Wanted to upgrade this year.

  • madhusudhan reddy
    madhusudhan reddy 10 days ago

    Please give updates to one plus one plz 😥😥☹️☹️🙁🙁🙁

  • GanandoSiempre
    GanandoSiempre 10 days ago

    the best f... phone i have ever had.. thanks!!!

  • Lukas Jarka
    Lukas Jarka 11 days ago

    I live it but it is way too HUUGE. Maybe a smaller version with a pop up camera?

  • Elias Hornshoej Skovoe

    i am watching this on the oneplus 7 pro...

  • Bhavin gr8
    Bhavin gr8 11 days ago

    Year 2019 *#OnePlus #downfall has started??? #NoInnovation #HierPrice #OnlyMarketing #PoorAftersaleService
    Dear OnePlus customers are not full*..!!!

  • Beats By Bm Xu
    Beats By Bm Xu 13 days ago +3

    Almond colour is available to order in NA!

  • Yang Z.
    Yang Z. 13 days ago +1


  • Salman Zain
    Salman Zain 13 days ago


  • soap231
    soap231 14 days ago

    90 Hz is useless

  • soap231
    soap231 14 days ago

    No onePlus 7 in U.S.

  • Frank the Ant
    Frank the Ant 14 days ago

    Too expensive. Not a fan of the UI either as it's done poorly. Oxygen OS looks like it was designed by a developer rather than a designer. If I had the option to buy a flagship it would be Pixel, iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, LG and then your phone...
    I was just struck by your ad which is why I'm commenting. I used to own a One Plus One, but no longer like the releases you've put out lately. Your best phone was the 5t... After that I've hated all of them... I miss the bamboo backs and things like that...

  • MS MX
    MS MX 14 days ago

    Oneplus might be the phones of the future.

  • Sri Suresh
    Sri Suresh 14 days ago

    very very bad performance 1+7 pro audio futer....why technical team done a very bad job in audio futures...recording video quality is very good...But audio very very low bit rate like compressed audi bellow 96 kbps....very worst experience....while recording the video There is no digital audio...why.....?

  • liam annan
    liam annan 14 days ago

    Love this phone but you guy got to fix the bugs asap. U spent alot of money for this phone.

  • bahhaziz
    bahhaziz 14 days ago

    We want the 7 to come to the US

  • Frank Martin
    Frank Martin 15 days ago +1

    We exist in a world which already has a 120hz display.😊

  • Abhishek Arora
    Abhishek Arora 16 days ago

    I wish you guys had kicked in the wireless charging too.

  • Hamlick
    Hamlick 16 days ago

    Who watches from OnePlus 5t

  • sharvesh mahadeo
    sharvesh mahadeo 16 days ago

    Please, it would be much better if you could include the sd card storage slot for your next phone

  • Dillon Halim
    Dillon Halim 16 days ago

    Are you guys planning to come to Indonesia? Because I really like you guys😝

  • Der kohle boi 08
    Der kohle boi 08 17 days ago +2

    watching this on 7 pro👌

  • Kedar Somnathe
    Kedar Somnathe 17 days ago +1

    I wanted wireless charging
    Otherwise the phone is the best phone in world

    • klen sal
      klen sal 17 days ago +1

      I completly agreee. Idon't use wirless charging anyway but a lot of people might find it usefull!

  • adtc
    adtc 17 days ago

    why sell only the most expensive phone in Philippines? Why not sell the non-pro version also? It doesn't make sense. Maybe digital Walker and Lazada are too greedy?

  • Anish Masih
    Anish Masih 17 days ago

    Slow motion video was not good improve slow motion recoding

  • A7a YT
    A7a YT 18 days ago

    i love oneplus phones

  • han c
    han c 18 days ago

    apple left the chat

  • volcanic
    volcanic 18 days ago

    damn the 8 pro looks really cool

  • Sugendran M V
    Sugendran M V 18 days ago

    I will buy this one ... Sooon

  • Himmileeni
    Himmileeni 18 days ago

    When a phone has more RAM than your PC

  • h e a lDETOX
    h e a lDETOX 18 days ago

    I hope some day I will get back smaller phones that I can use with one hand.
    Yes there are but it’s always the low spech models. I’ve always to renounce to something when I look for the smallest ones.
    I’m really impressed by this phone, pretty much everything in this phone amaze me and make me want it.
    Everything except the size, that’s why I’m not gonna buy it for sure.
    Thank you One +, for removing the notch, the worst thing that happened to phones design till now since smartphone came out.

  • Wirawan WO
    Wirawan WO 18 days ago

    Hi guys, can you check this os original promotion platform of one plus?

  • sourav ray
    sourav ray 19 days ago

    When will be the 12 GB variant back in stock

  • Mehul B Mithapara Mehul B Mithapara

    You should take a solar charge battry

  • Rigon Berishaj
    Rigon Berishaj 20 days ago +28

    Laptop: Haha i have 8gb ram
    Oneplus 7 pro: hold my beer

  • Riipan Ghosh
    Riipan Ghosh 20 days ago

    I want to bye oppo reno because its camera is to better. oneplus 7 pro is very bad ,l dont like oneplus

  • Riipan Ghosh
    Riipan Ghosh 20 days ago

    Oneplus 7 pro camera not a good camera.yours camera is only 0 ana oppo reno camera is 10 of 10.l am not bye oneplus becuase it is a so bad.

  • Tamil arasu
    Tamil arasu 21 day ago

    The phone performance was very good but the camera is not good that much I expected, so pls give a big 📷 camera update for this oneplus 7 pro, we are eagerly waiting for the camera update to complete with other smartphones.....🤩😍

  • Pratik Sapkota
    Pratik Sapkota 21 day ago

    Then why u didnot gave telephoto lens and ultrawide angle lens on one plus 7😡

  • harshal bhosale
    harshal bhosale 21 day ago

    What about the special pack

  • Monty Ben
    Monty Ben 21 day ago +6

    Meanwhile apple selling a stand for 1000$

  • mohammad sazit
    mohammad sazit 21 day ago

    Screen size should be between 5.5 to 6.0 then it will be a good

  • Soultan
    Soultan 22 days ago

    Oneplus, as much as I love dash charging, please add wireless charging on the next pro..

  • Dr.Shivam Passi
    Dr.Shivam Passi 22 days ago +2

    Watching on my own Oneplus 7 pro ♥️

    • Obay Rafi
      Obay Rafi 20 days ago

      How is the battery and the charge?
      And does it come with wireless headphones?

  • manja manju
    manja manju 22 days ago

    I am big fan OnePlus

  • African Twin
    African Twin 23 days ago

    If it is available in a 4.2 inches , then yes . But i hate larger phones. Please ma a smaller one. No need for big expensive tablet phones.

  • Adam
    Adam 23 days ago

    Can you help me? Is this the perfect phone for students?

    • Dasha Alexandrova
      Dasha Alexandrova 22 days ago

      From what I can tell, it's a good phone! You can definitely write something in Google Docs, it has quite a lot of battery, good camera, etc. I think that this phone is near perfect!

  • Bhavin gr8
    Bhavin gr8 23 days ago

    Two real flagship Samsung s10 & Asus ZenFone 6 is much better option than OnePlus this price range.

  • Emirhan timurkutluğ
    Emirhan timurkutluğ 23 days ago


  • ashur
    ashur 23 days ago

    That's bcuz Samsung made the screen for you and you don't need to make fun of Samsung for that full screen you lost your water proof and it dose matter for people soooo don't make fun of that punch hole it's the best and it's cool

  • NOVA Deathstar
    NOVA Deathstar 23 days ago +8

    Me, 3 weeks ago, getting a new phone after 6 years of having 5s and have no knowledge on any other types of phone : let's get the galaxy s9
    OnePlus: *released oneplus 7*
    Me: God damn it

    • XaviorPrime
      XaviorPrime 7 days ago

      @Bofista honestly i would too if its just between these two. But id say the xiaomi k20 pro is better than the op7 pro

    • Bofista
      Bofista 7 days ago

      @XaviorPrime i'd pick the op7 pro over the samsung s9 anyday, it came in yesterday and its literally the best phone ever

    • XaviorPrime
      XaviorPrime 12 days ago +1

      You made a good choice honestly just to be honest. I would pick the s9 over this phone just because of the design and its durability and handfeel. So just know that youre not missing out

  • Joshua Verbo
    Joshua Verbo 23 days ago

    I’m really gonna buy this phone if only it’s really ip68 certified

  • Eleutherios
    Eleutherios 23 days ago


  • harshal bhosale
    harshal bhosale 23 days ago

    What will be available with this phone

  • Sandi Hermana
    Sandi Hermana 23 days ago +1

    Onplus 7 pro really Doesn't do a good job with the Audio, so the microphone sounds a little bit tiny🤗

    • klen sal
      klen sal 17 days ago +1

      Yes, but they have done good job with the speakers this time

  • Sumita Roy
    Sumita Roy 23 days ago

    Why ppl are saying this phn has ghost touching experience I need clarification? #oneplus

    • Master Drakthorian
      Master Drakthorian 22 days ago +1

      There is an issue on some of them where it acts like it's being touched wheb it's not. Oneplus is working on a bug fix atm

  • Keepinitt 1000
    Keepinitt 1000 23 days ago

    Way to go one plus. That right give these competitors a run for their money. Love the spec's and os features. I always use a otterbox defender on all my phones but otterbox don't make curve screen protectors. So if you guys can make your own full body defender case that would also help put you guys on top.

  • Musammil Muchu
    Musammil Muchu 24 days ago

    Op 7pro
    5G or not

  • mohammed basith
    mohammed basith 24 days ago

    How many hours can you play pubg with it?

  • Pankaj Kr Rawat
    Pankaj Kr Rawat 24 days ago

    12gb 256gb jhaant available nahi ho rha... Na offline na online.... Yaha ham khade hain paisa leke... Bhosdiwaalo jab utne mobile bana nahi paate ho bechne ke liye... To itni jaldi launching kyu krte ho ... Laudey ki

  • Super GamerPro
    Super GamerPro 24 days ago

    Who is watching this in One Plus 7 Pro

    DDD SSS 24 days ago +2

    Please sell OP7 pro to Indonesia 🇮🇩 we wait for it 🙂 thanks

    • Adhesimol
      Adhesimol 24 days ago +1

      You can order it at tokopedia now

  • Adrian Proniewicz
    Adrian Proniewicz 25 days ago +10


  • Vinay mehla
    Vinay mehla 25 days ago

    When sale starts of one plus 7 in india

  • Usha Prajapati
    Usha Prajapati 25 days ago +2

    I am gonna get this cell in one week
    But a TVclip channel (GREATOR) says theres problem in op7 plz dont buy
    So can u plz put a video for clearing our doubts
    Plz oneplus

  • Ashwini Agarwal
    Ashwini Agarwal 25 days ago

    What about special edition?

  • Abir Hasan
    Abir Hasan 25 days ago

    The music player name please?

  • Pascal Speerhart
    Pascal Speerhart 26 days ago

    No jack connection...

  • Tech Support Conn0
    Tech Support Conn0 26 days ago


  • Mustapha's TV
    Mustapha's TV 26 days ago +3

    What happened to students that doing everything whit there one plus phone except studying

  • polo
    polo 26 days ago

    Appareil photo à revoir je suis déçu du résultat des photos même en mode pro

  • ardhendu panda
    ardhendu panda 27 days ago +1

    When nebula blue 6gb variant come

  • Vinay Jain
    Vinay Jain 27 days ago

    When OnePlus 7 is launching