Jeezy Addresses Retirement Rumors, Jay-Z, Tech Ventures & New Relationship

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • Our guy Jeezy sat down with Ebro in the Morning to have a great conversation about his new album, how he feels about Jay-Z's partnership with the NFL, and more.
    Is TM:104 his last album? What does he think about his new relationship becoming public? He also speaks on giving free WiFi and some of his current technology ventures.
    'TM104: The Legend Of The Snowman' is available now.
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  • Raheem Bosley
    Raheem Bosley 3 days ago

    If you're readin' this, I wish you a healthy, wealthy & successful life!! ♥️🌍🌎🌏♥️

  • Logical Eye
    Logical Eye 9 days ago


  • Matt Stevens
    Matt Stevens 13 days ago

    You're a bloody legend look up to you as a person motivate me to do more in life we both have the same concept Came From Nothing now we got to make it 🙏Love what Jeezy does gc

  • Délcio Nhanisse
    Délcio Nhanisse 17 days ago

    My man JEEZY!!! 🌐

  • Lavonda Deadwiler
    Lavonda Deadwiler 20 days ago

    Jeezy let's do a SNOW Productions!!!

  • Mary Goore
    Mary Goore 26 days ago

    Did Ebro finally realize how sexist Laura's intro used 2 be?

  • michel battles
    michel battles Month ago

    Jeezy the jayz of Detroit

  • boss trap
    boss trap Month ago

    Detroit stand up snow we rockn with cha

  • Dee Simmons
    Dee Simmons Month ago

    He rapped r city hard Detroit snow land

  • EastWarren Yon
    EastWarren Yon Month ago

    Stay reppin for Detroit 💯💯💯

  • bosshogg v
    bosshogg v Month ago

    Napoleon hill... i see u cuz!!!

  • sixsense foundation
    sixsense foundation Month ago +1


  • SirMelanin
    SirMelanin Month ago

    The album is....fill in the blank...that's all I'm going to say

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez Month ago

    Young Jeezy came a long way

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez Month ago

    Young Jeezy came a long way

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen Month ago +1

    Shamar young jeezy Raymond Washington max b biggavelli wingates beamon Jackson September 26 2000 i was born atl Savannah Georgia i was born owwww cte cmg Memphis Tennessee rare view court Berkley terrace apts bash n terrace 794 and 3 floor amg east orange original Amherst owww i was living there oww beamon block 1985 buy the block owww grapestreet crips from 21 street wvg owwww

  • The Critical Thinker
    The Critical Thinker Month ago +2

    The album is just okay. Definitely not his greatest. Still love snowman though. Very nostalgic

  • The Hated Cypher
    The Hated Cypher Month ago

    A Legend in the Flesh!

  • Charnita Gordon
    Charnita Gordon Month ago +4

    Dope Interview!! A lot of wisdom‼️

  • Michael Cobbs
    Michael Cobbs Month ago

    Good interview. #ATL

  • Turtle looklike Urkel

    Her Va Jay Jay be so wet during these interviews 💦

  • Turtle looklike Urkel


  • Logical Eye
    Logical Eye Month ago

    Jeezy ✊🏻

  • MDJ
    MDJ Month ago +1

    jay and jeezy two steps ahead of the game.

  • Terry Biles
    Terry Biles Month ago +3

    Every Jeezy video somebody will spell "Jeezy" wrong‼ Its not "Jezzy"‼

  • Sarai Saija
    Sarai Saija Month ago

    But whooo is that person behind 😂😍

  • TheJuice401
    TheJuice401 Month ago +1

    fav rapper for the past 10-15 years keep it grindin snowman!

  • grenada veiws
    grenada veiws Month ago

    She coming up off of some of that hair store money snow man 😂?

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson Month ago +2

    I just wish some black people understood that dating outside of your race doesn't mean you hate YOUR race.

  • Terrance Smith
    Terrance Smith Month ago +7

    I support Jeezy for wearing Detroit Jersey shirt ❤😊 because Detroit will always gonna be my city my hometown forever

  • Sterling Lawrence
    Sterling Lawrence Month ago

    Booooiii!!!! Jeezy lookin like Shawty Lo!! 😂😂😂 R.I.P Carlos Walker 💯💯💯

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez Month ago

    NYC radio just box you in... fuckin lame. They can't even motivate artists ever. Just Blah Blah Blah Blah. Pick them apart, they feel shittier leaving HOT 97.

  • Leo Warren
    Leo Warren Month ago +1

    This man read a page from master p book. Got the hook up 1 chapter

  • Thurman Merman
    Thurman Merman Month ago

    Young cheesy.

  • Eflowery Harris
    Eflowery Harris Month ago +4

    Detroit 7 Mile in the building

  • Shady 80's
    Shady 80's Month ago


  • Charles Rivers
    Charles Rivers Month ago

    Smart business man , ✊🏾

  • David Jackson
    David Jackson Month ago +2

    Big bro with the Detroit on 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • M Drew
    M Drew Month ago

    So says the black man with a Chinese white woman.. Black dollar bill lost

  • Jamal Wilson
    Jamal Wilson Month ago +11

    That Detroit gear looking swaggy D-town represent 😎

  • Timur Zavidov
    Timur Zavidov Month ago

    Jeezy looking healthy.
    Could barely recognize him. Good for him

  • Robyn M
    Robyn M Month ago +3

    I see you leveling up Jeezy, " I'm a hustler by heart, I have to keep things moving" that should hit home for alot of street cats!! the deflection on his relationship lol that man was dropping gems $$$ I could careless who hes with.

  • Elite Clinical Research

    I love seeing black men dating women of other races. You don’t see black and Asian that much and I love it.

  • Dee Griggs
    Dee Griggs Month ago


  • Akemahs E
    Akemahs E Month ago +3

    JEEZY IS A LEGEND! 🎤🎶🔥💪🏾

  • Thomas Bryant
    Thomas Bryant Month ago

    Ross and Jeezy must got the same diet

    POLO GROUNDS Month ago

    His new album is 🔥

  • TenTwenty 8
    TenTwenty 8 Month ago +1

    I seen a whole different interview...

  • Thump 272
    Thump 272 Month ago +2

    Jeezy been killing these interviews lately, that what's up👍

  • Jeffrey Ducan
    Jeffrey Ducan Month ago +2

    He got that Detroit Jersey on his second home reppin hard. Payroll Giovanni where u at boy.! BYLUG

    • Mack Wayne
      Mack Wayne Month ago

      Jeffrey Ducan in LA we play Payroll and Peezy. S/O to the D

    • Alfred Hicks
      Alfred Hicks Month ago +1


  • M DUBB
    M DUBB Month ago

    Think and Grow Rich...NAPOLEON HILL.....Classic

  • WOLF Pack
    WOLF Pack Month ago

    Good promotion 😂😂

    THE INTERVIEW HD T.V Month ago +1

    Hometown is really South Carolina jezzy

  • Greatlaker City
    Greatlaker City Month ago

    Y he always jacking my city

  • Dylan Isaac
    Dylan Isaac Month ago +2

    Laura lowkey got that fine older woman who was finer back then look, I like it 😍😍

  • marcus simmons
    marcus simmons Month ago


  • Swagkashi Hatake
    Swagkashi Hatake Month ago

    “I’m richer than all my opps!” -Gucci mane

  • Color Blind Entertainment

    When are y’all gonna interview Tobe Nwigwe?

  • MRulerrr
    MRulerrr Month ago

    Support da snowman!

  • NoHeater
    NoHeater Month ago

    Man when these dudes get healthy they start talking all different, righteous and stuff.... I prefer old jezzy, this guy here looking all proper, not typical for a rapper

    • Brandon Singleton
      Brandon Singleton Month ago +2

      the internet really hate seeing people doing better lol

    • Jarvis Rice
      Jarvis Rice Month ago +1

      He not a typical rapper

    • pedro gates
      pedro gates Month ago +2

      NoHeater it’s called growing up my man