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  • Sergio Alba
    Sergio Alba 4 days ago


  • M. Lukaña
    M. Lukaña 10 days ago

    Por favor, un video en español ;) No porque no hablo el inglés, sino para aquellos que no hablen el inglés.

  • loser xing
    loser xing 15 days ago

    Most videos I have seen about living in the Netherlands were made by Europeans or Americans. As a Brazilian it is nice to see other Latin girl's perspective.

  • Jimmie Phillips
    Jimmie Phillips 24 days ago

    Let's start a Mexican cultural center/ club. Haha Saludos para todos!

  • Yasmina Y
    Yasmina Y 26 days ago

    Thanx for the videoo girl i love mexican people i hope i can go there one day😍

  • Dutch Bushcraft
    Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

    Many Latin Americans went to Spain because of the language and maybe because of the lifestyle that is more similar. But they are all coming here now because Spain has a bad economy. Portugal has a bad economy. Italy has a bad economy. Mexico has a bad economy. In fact no Latin country has a good economy. So maybe you should appreciate more this opportunity you have.

  • Dutch Bushcraft
    Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

    I don't think it's a problem for Mexicans or other Latin American people. It might be a problem for you, but that's you.

  • Mayra Bakboord
    Mayra Bakboord Month ago

    I love your accent

  • Pieter Stedehouder
    Pieter Stedehouder 2 months ago

    I like U, you are really funny and bubbly personality :)

  • Squeeze
    Squeeze 2 months ago

    So how does it feel to just be Human living in Amsterdam?

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  2 months ago

      Squeeze wouldn't know since I don't live in Asmterdam 😉

  • Berend Kuipers
    Berend Kuipers 2 months ago

    so, if you don't like it here, FUCK off to youriown third wordl country

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate 2 months ago

    Need more Latinas in northern europe. Great mix.

  • John Woodgate
    John Woodgate 2 months ago

    Birth a half dutch half mexican futbol player. Awesome combo.

  • Justin hvn
    Justin hvn 3 months ago

    just a tip.... ever tryed zuikerbrood from friesland? the best bread ever

  • Ricardo Avilés Sánchez

    You look like a turkish girl! Jajajaja era broma buen video bebé.
    Wish I could have a Dutch boyfriend :)

  • Oscar Rodrigo Hernández Panczenko

    Saludos de un Mexicano en Polinia =)

  • jeremy beau
    jeremy beau 4 months ago

    Mexico tristemente es un país bastante racista, clasista, desigual y machista.
    Si eres "güerit@" te suelen tratar bastante mejor, entre más "moreno" o "indigena" peor te tratan.
    Holanda, que bello pais. me gustaría vivir ahi al menos por un tiempo.
    México tiene los estandaras más altos de "America Latina" eso no es una bara muy alta y aun asi hay niveles de pobreza altisimos en México.

  • TheJusticeChannel
    TheJusticeChannel 4 months ago

    "Somos una errata que ha pasado inadvertida y que hace confuso un texto por lo demás muy claro; el trastocamiento de las líneas de un texto que nos hace cobrar vida de esta manera prodigiosa; o un texto que por estar reflejado en un espejo cobra un sentido totalmente diferente del que en realidad tiene." - Salvador Elizondo

  • SIG442
    SIG442 4 months ago

    Tip for the biking, you may find it useful to find a place you can just practice without bothering others. Like for example a empty parking lot if you can find one. You can also ask a company if you can use their parking lot in the weekend so you can practice in a save way. You manage to practice and everyone will be save, win-win situation for everyone. And don't be afraid to ask, you don't get crazy situations in the Netherlands.
    Time of day for eating doesn't matter, you just need to eat enough and not over eat. It's hard to find a fair balance with new food types but you can manage in that. Fries are good, but you are really shouldn't be eating it too often. Pinda saus (peanut sauce) is not really a bad fat so don't really have to worry about that. Kroket is actually a French thing that came to the Netherlands, even Japan has a variant of it. But again it isn't so bad for you. You don't visit a Burger King or any other variant every day either do you? You know it is bad for your body if you do. You may want to consume more dairy products, like cheese and milk.
    Mexicano is a Dutch invention:
    Your Dutch is a lot better then you think, keep practicing.
    Did you compare yourself to a Turkish woman perhaps? At least when you had the chance to see one without that darned headsman cloth around their heads? You actually do look a bit Turkish, eyebrows, skin color, they use often bright red lip colors too... Perhaps it's time to do a DNA test and see if you perhaps have indeed some Turkish blood hidden somewhere in you.

  • tokobot
    tokobot 4 months ago

    Se supone que estas explicando como es tu vida ahi y lo cuentas en ingles .... te pasas de hojaldre.

    • tokobot
      tokobot 4 months ago

      Lo se pero hay quien no entiende ingles ni una pestaña,a ellos me refiero pon caption para ellos.

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  4 months ago

      tokobot porque? El video no es solo para personas que hablan español sino para el publico en general :)

  • SilveradoNL
    SilveradoNL 5 months ago

    And we can hate on Spain together:)

  • pupupipichorro relief
    pupupipichorro relief 6 months ago

    im sure your an exotic person to see in that pale flavorless country.oh y cancun esta bien carbon ahorita.

  • TheMerkat55
    TheMerkat55 6 months ago

    We are skinny, because we bike everywhere.

  • Dr. DRE
    Dr. DRE 6 months ago

    No one in mexico os aware of being a minority cause mexicans are the majority in mexico! You are a minority over here becaise dutch people are the majority of the country. If i as a dutch guy would live in mexico i would be a minority!

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  6 months ago

      Dr. DRE A minority group refers to a category of people differentiated from the social majority, those who hold on to major positions of social power in a society. It may be defined by law. The differentiation can be based on one or more observable human characteristics, including: ethnicity, race, religion, disability, wealth or health orientation.[1] Usage of the term is applied to various situations and civilizations within history despite its popular misassociation with a numerical, statistical minority.[2] In the social sciences, the term "minority" is sometimes used to describe social power relations between dominant and subordinate groups, rather than simply indicating demographic variation within a population.[3]Furthermore, from an intersectional sociological perspective, any given individual may simultaneously occupy both a majority identity and a minority identity, depending on the intersection of different social categories (e.g. around age, religion, and so on).[4]
      The term "minority group" often occurs alongside a discourse of civil rights and collective rights which gained prominence in about the 20th century. Members of minority groups are prone to different treatment in the countries and societies in which they live. The discrimination may be directly based on an individual's perceived membership of a minority group, without consideration of that individual's personal achievement. It may also occur indirectly by social structures that are not equally accessible to all. Activists campaigning on a range of issues may use the language of minority rights, including child rights, student rights, consumer rights, and animal rights.

    • Dr. DRE
      Dr. DRE 6 months ago

      Karen Irinna well that's what it means being a minority. You said people in mexico don't think about being a minority, thats because they are not. Minority doesn't mean you live in a less developed country, or you have a different skin colour.

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  6 months ago

      Dr. DRE that's not what I mean with minority. I'm not talking about the number of Mexicans here

  • Bert Sw
    Bert Sw 6 months ago

    "de" is used for male and female words (La chica + El chico), we also have words that are neither male or female, those will get "het".

  • Esther Smith
    Esther Smith 7 months ago +4

    my boyfriend is from mexico and i live in the netherlands :)

  • Jack Lay
    Jack Lay 7 months ago

    Dutch ppl i don’t want you to feel offended but ppl in your country are literally skinny tall aliens or fat stinky short goblins you’re like a failed experiment of German genetic

  • Bert Nijhof
    Bert Nijhof 7 months ago

    We do not eat each day fried patat with pindasaus, that is why we don't gain weight.

  • Edwin Feliz
    Edwin Feliz 7 months ago


  • Wim V
    Wim V 7 months ago

    we are skinny....because we

  • Wim V
    Wim V 7 months ago

    in a city you do not need a car, you use your bike..

  • Wim V
    Wim V 7 months ago

    hold still your you try to immitate a windmill??

  • Wim V
    Wim V 7 months ago

    Most stable latin country is France, than maybe Portugal.. the rest of them...not so stable..

  • Wim V
    Wim V 7 months ago

    Move east...out of the slums of the randstad, it is horrible to have to live in Rotterdam or Amsterdam..

  • SietseTerpstra
    SietseTerpstra 8 months ago

    muy bienvenidos en holanda! tu videos eres muy bien :)))

  • MrJlin1982
    MrJlin1982 8 months ago

    Verlaat de stad en ga naar het platteland, daar kun je prima fietsen

  • Mark van Es
    Mark van Es 9 months ago

    combine early acces to bike and bike education + fun + safety+ cheap bikes= skinny dutch people

  • Tyler Colt
    Tyler Colt 9 months ago

    I traveled there also in 2006.similarly, our experiences are just about the same except I'm from Texas.I'm second generation btw. currently,I'm learning the language which is the most challenging yet.I only travel there once yearly, but wish it was more.I envy you staying there for longer periods of time. remember this: denk ik anders dan iedereen.

  • kaesser dizh
    kaesser dizh 9 months ago

    Saludos desde Wormer! :D Soy de Michoacán! Capital Mundial del Aguacate! (Uruapan)

  • hoi
    hoi 9 months ago

    i'm half Mexican and half Dutch, lived my whole life here, but i'm confused with Moroccan or Turkish people too LOL.. its probably because people just don't expect a Mexican girl here:)) And my mom came here when she was around 20.. She got used too the bikes after 20 years.. but making conversation and being on the same lane stays hard for her. Good luck girl!!

  • Darianne De Freitas
    Darianne De Freitas 10 months ago

    Apart from the work permit, how hard is it to get a job without much Dutch knowledge? What do you think?

  • Abi Garner
    Abi Garner 10 months ago +4

    You are so cute! I am inspired by your video to finalize my decision to go study abroad there. I hope I get lucky as you and meet cute Dutch guy! Haha. How did you and your boyfriend meet?

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  10 months ago +1

      Abi Garner thankyou 💖 you will never regret studying abroad 🤗💖

  • AvariceUntied
    AvariceUntied 10 months ago

    There are just not many Latin American people here. Most Dutch people only known the Queen as someone being from Latin America and most Spanish speaking people we meet are well from Spain.

  • Don Miata
    Don Miata 10 months ago

    im a Dutch guy that moved to the Philippines, i think i know what kind of culture shock you experience(d) especially the food. the things i miss most i make myself like kroketten also kroketten from chicken or shrimps, also pindasaus if you like to cook, i can get you the perfect recipe for pindasaus, let me know. Dutch cheeses are hard to find here but my number one delicasy is the salted hareng, even though i can sometimes buy raw hareng at the market and prepare them as good as i can possibly can and not bad at all.

  • Don Miata
    Don Miata 10 months ago +1

    You said you learned to appreciate potatoes, they original come from south america

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  10 months ago +1

      Don Miata but I never ate potatoes when I lived in Mexico because they are not an essential part /ingredient of our traditional cuisine,and in the Netherlands it's the main ingredient. That's why I learned to eat and appreciate them here in the Netherlands 😊

  • Don Miata
    Don Miata 10 months ago

    the biking is a good exercise

  • Germain Martel
    Germain Martel 10 months ago

    No darling, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, etc all are better off than Mexico.

  • Jesse Munoz
    Jesse Munoz 11 months ago

    Saludos desde el Estado de Coahuila y desde Texas USA!

  • stefy rosasblancas
    stefy rosasblancas 11 months ago +1

    HOI KAREN HOE GAAT HETMET JOU?:D me gusto mucho tu video y lo siento de la mala experiencia en sacar tu residencia. Yo tambien ando de novia con in holandes desde hace anos y es lo major que me ha pasado!

  • stefy rosasblancas
    stefy rosasblancas 11 months ago


  • ThereIsNoTry
    ThereIsNoTry 11 months ago

    Wow, do you have a sister?

  • palantir135
    palantir135 11 months ago

    Hoe gaat het is pronounced correctly. Only in the west of the Netherlands the g is pronounced very harshly.

  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron 11 months ago

    And you said you moved here 7 years ago and spent time at a Uni and yet you don't speak fluent Dutch? I know it's not an easy language, but 7 years?! I work with immigrants and refugees and I mostly see it take then 3 to 4 years to master C1, C2.1 level Dutch, 5 to 6 years for C2.2. And it's not like Farsi or Arabic have that much overlap with Dutch either. The way I see it you've been making other people speak their 2nd or 3rd (or 4th) language with you in your 2nd language. After 7 years I would think you stopped relying on the kindness of others.

  • Bara Robber Baron
    Bara Robber Baron 11 months ago

    To be fair, bicycling does help a lot with maintaining a healthy weight. If you don't take public transport or cars, but DO live an active lifestyle, you're burning so much a day. Plus, tall people in 'resting mode' still burn more calories simply to keep the body alive. So a larger body can consume more without it really being a massive problem.
    A lot of people I know have learned parking and bicycling in the IKEA parking lot when it's closed. You can practice as much as you need to feel confident.

  • Philomaan
    Philomaan 11 months ago +1

    Lovely woman, learn to ride a bike! And watch out for those tram rails ...! Or ride on the back with your BF.

  • Steef De waard
    Steef De waard 11 months ago

    Donde esta la leche?

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King 11 months ago

    Your "spider sense"

  • Ivy King
    Ivy King 11 months ago

    Haahahaha i just got back from mexico,
    That was an absolute culture shock!
    I loved it but at the same time had the very weird experience of bribing a police officer.
    And you re from cancun?
    My god, that "vegas" like strip called zona hoteleria, that is jus awfull.
    Mexican people were really friendly,
    Country was really beautifull.
    Food was good and cheap.
    Well what can i say, i was only there for two weeks.

  • Mark L.
    Mark L. 11 months ago +2

    Thank you for sharing your amazing personal perspective on living in the Netherlands :)
    I'm sorry we are super complicated regarding paperwork and documentation and sorts. We went a little over the top.
    What is your perspective on insurance? Has that made you laugh or cry? :)

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  11 months ago +2

      Mark L. I honestly can't complain about health insurance here :) I think it works really good. Then again, this is the first year that I have normal Dutch health insurance up until now ever since I arrived I had insurance for international students and that was pretty cheap :D

  • BeingJohnMalkowitz
    BeingJohnMalkowitz 11 months ago +4

    Hey , you have the same couch as me !
    By the way your Dutch is pretty good .

  • J M
    J M 11 months ago

    funny ha ha

  • pietkrijger
    pietkrijger 11 months ago +1

    can we build a wall pls ,. go back to your 3e world country ,. we dont need mexicans here ,. all mexicans do is fuck up country's by retarded ppl like you

    • pietkrijger
      pietkrijger 11 months ago +1

      an avarage poor 3e world mexican earns about 730 dollar per month ,. and avarage dutchman earns about 3000 dollar per month ,. mexico is below 3e world if u ask the statistics

    • pietkrijger
      pietkrijger 11 months ago +1

      hahaha you clearly are ,. why you think every mexican is a refugee ,. cozz its a 3e world shithole thats worth nothin ,. even northkorea has sum nice places ;) doesnt mean its not a 3e world shithole thats worth absolutly dogshit ;)

    • FM Medina
      FM Medina 11 months ago +1

      pietkrijger - so funny, you think Mexico is a 3rd world country... LOL!!! Who’s the RETARD??

  • Coleta van Dommelen
    Coleta van Dommelen 11 months ago +1

    I’m from the south, Eindhoven to be precise, but I just fell in love with Rotterdam. I’ve lived there for 5 years now, and I love it

  • Rob Voncken
    Rob Voncken 11 months ago

    lol interesting how you pronounce stuff pretty well when you are not paying attention to it

  • Riganthor
    Riganthor 11 months ago +2

    we keep skinny by using the bycycle to get everywhere, you know it helps with the weight

  • Jesse Munoz
    Jesse Munoz Year ago +7

    I live in Netherlands

  • Roosje Keizer
    Roosje Keizer Year ago

    It very much seems that if you're not suffering from severe case of ADHD you get no attention in the US.

    • Roosje Keizer
      Roosje Keizer 11 months ago

      Gek misschien, maar binnen mijn cirkel is er niemand die dat soort taal bezigt. En als ze dat wel zouden doen, zou ik me als Nederlander de ogen uit mijn hoofd schamen.

  • Arlene Leilani
    Arlene Leilani Year ago +14

    WE NEED TO HANG OUT! I'm Mexican American! I just moved to the Netherlands 8 months ago. It's been one of the best decisions I've made.

    • The Legendary Hit
      The Legendary Hit Month ago

      @Arlene Leilani Pinches Paisas

    • Klaske Janssens
      Klaske Janssens 4 months ago

      Wy ??? Iam dutch and i want to move out the Nederlands!!

    • Helen ooft
      Helen ooft 5 months ago

      all of you, welkom in the Netherlands

    • stefy rosasblancas
      stefy rosasblancas 11 months ago

      lol;p are you?

    • stefy rosasblancas
      stefy rosasblancas 11 months ago

      hellooo:p I am also a Mexican American girl dating a Dutch man. We have videos of our ldr on my channel..PLEASE check it out;D

  • Arjan Hamers
    Arjan Hamers Year ago +4

    Hoe gaat het? You speak it very well by now! And this is very difficult for Mexican speaking persons. So, be proud of yourself! Dit komt van een mede Rotterdammert...

  • johan Buggenum, van
    johan Buggenum, van Year ago +18

    You go girl. welkom! Ye, dutch people are bad at guessing ethnicity. We just have many different people from different places, but most people that are not 100% white caucasian are turkish. its not that you look turkish, its because statistically, odds are, you are turkish :P. Besides you talk about Rotterdam. This is probably 50% the reason, Rotterdam is not known for being the best representation of the netherlands. In fact, the opposite might be said. I guess 650.000 will disagree, but the rest of us think about it like this :D.

  • ricardo winterdal


    • FM Medina
      FM Medina 11 months ago

      ricardo winterdal -She’s telling her story. If you don’t want to hear it why are you clicking on this video. Who’s the dumbass??

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago +1

      ricardo winterdal

  • 1366solar
    1366solar Year ago +20

    You already have a Dutch accent xD

    • ThatDutchguy
      ThatDutchguy 5 months ago

      Hahahaha, inderdaad 👍-up.

    • David Sleiffer
      David Sleiffer 7 months ago +3

      iiits laaatiiiin. she sounds very Sofia vergara - ish.

  • Johan Sterk
    Johan Sterk Year ago +9

    Being a Mexican in The Netherlands makes it easier to be different because you can attribute different behavior to being Mexican, even when that behavior would be peculiar in Mexico too.

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    Funny, look at the Dutch border with Belgium in Baarle :-) It speaks more than words :-)

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago +1

    The Dutch have a bad reputation :-)

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago +2

    Allways when I go on a plane. I'm allways controlled by the national security. Only because I'm Dutch. Apperrently the think we all smuggel drugs :-)

    • Dutch Bushcraft
      Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

      They never check me so it must be the way you look.

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    cultaral differences are eaverywhehre

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    we have a song about mexico

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    I hope all people are welcome in this country :-)

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    I say this because when you are not from Amsterdam it's a complete other vision :-)

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    Yes, I'm Dutch, but not from Amsterdam :-). When you where in the Netherlands, have you been in the whole country?

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago

      Menno van Poecke I live in the Netherlands for 5 and a half years now. I lived 1 year in Vlaardingen and 4 and a half in rotterdam. I explained that in the video :)

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago

    het is for things who are no gender like child. De is for male and female.

  • Menno van Poecke
    Menno van Poecke Year ago +7

    Minority? Only 8% of the world populatian is"white" in the world.

    • Dutch Bushcraft
      Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

      White is not a race. Caucasian is. Mexicans and Latin Americans in general are Caucasian. Same race but different cultures.

    • dominic k
      dominic k 9 months ago

      Menno,ik denk dat je cijfers niet echt kloppen,500 miljoen Europeanen,200 miljoen blanke Amerikanen,minstens 300 miljoen blanke Zuid-Amerikanen,Canadezen,Australiers,New zealanders,Zuid Afrikanen.
      Ik denk persoonlijk dat het zo,n 20% is.

    • Menno van Poecke
      Menno van Poecke Year ago

      Guess your right. Great you make the move to this minor country

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago +4

      Menno van Poecke being a minority has nothing to do with percentages. Please read below.
      A minority group refers to a category of people differentiated from the social majority, those who hold the majority of positions of social power in a society, and it may be defined by law. Rather than a relational "social group", as the term would indicate, "minority group" refers to the above-described. The differentiation can be based on one or more observable human characteristics, including: ethnicity, race, religion, disability, gender, wealth, health or sexual orientation. Usage of the term is applied to various situations and civilizations within history despite its popular misassociation with a numerical, statistical minority.
      The term "minority group" often occurs alongside a discourse of civil rights and collective rights which gained prominence in the 20th century. Members of minority groups are prone to different treatment in the countries and societies in which they live. The discrimination may be directly based on an individual's perceived membership of a minority group, without consideration of that individual's personal achievement

  • Felipe's Adventures
    Felipe's Adventures Year ago +6

    I love this video! I can relate so much! My boyfriend is Dutch and I think you’d enjoy my channel a lot like I do yours :D

  • Peter Huisman
    Peter Huisman Year ago +2

    Karen, thank you for this one too. Yes, it can be a culture shock when you move to another country. I experienced it after moving to Arizona. Lived there for 5 years. And yes, I started missing The Netherlands more and more. But keep in mind: do not let that get in the way with your relationship. That can easily happen. Just finish your study and make up your mind.
    Another thing that I noticed also: the Dutch can be full frontal. Mixing you up with a Turkish girl is for me astonishing. On the other hand the Turkish guys (well, mainly Maroccan I think) can be very annoying. But let that never be a reason to generalize.

    • Dutch Bushcraft
      Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

      Why not generalize? All girls just walking on the streets know it's specific ethnic groups that harass them.

  • Allard Freichmann

    Live 1 day after 1 day. Take moments to think don't worry. You are only human.

  • Allard Freichmann


  • DrQuatsch
    DrQuatsch Year ago +14

    how do we stay skinny even though we eat a lot fries with peanut sauce? we jump on our bikes and burn the calories immediately :D but seriously, I think it's the genes. we are skinny and tall.

    • Bart de Jong
      Bart de Jong Year ago +7

      Also, most of us don't eat junkfood like that every day.

  • RoadRage
    RoadRage Year ago +2

    You can take bike lesson's, no joke!!
    1 or 2 group lessons of all noob cyclists and you know the rules a lot better and you learn to balance better.
    Consider it, stripping the option of biking for yourself will limit you a lot.

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago +1

      RoadRage I know when I first came here I found about the bike lessons hahaha but I never took them. I do know how to bike ...And in any other city that's not as busy as rotterdam I bike :) when we go on family trips to ouddorp and barendrecht which is where the parents of my boyfriend live I bike there :D

  • casadelosotte
    casadelosotte Year ago +2

    Funny, you come from Cancun and live in Holland....Rotterdam....but still Netherlands.....I come from Holland living in Cancun...even though i wonder if Cancun represents Mexico and for sure Rotterdam does not for Holland! Apart from you realize the huge differences between the two cultures. From most countries in the world, including all European countries, Holland is the most different one from Mexico. Of all the aspects of culture, Holland scores on the opposite sides of the scales! Even though you might speak each others is truly hard to understand what the other one truly feels!

    • Dutch Bushcraft
      Dutch Bushcraft Month ago

      How do you know if you only lived in Holland and Mexico?

    • Kurt.Dk-55
      Kurt.Dk-55 11 months ago

      gerard dekort. Yes, I agree. I passed through what was to become Cancun in 1980 on my way back from Guatemala to Yucatan. I only stayed a few hours "between busses". But I do not consider Cancun to be anything like the Yucatan and Chiapas, I got to know during my 6 month in Mexico.

  • Old Skool Gamer
    Old Skool Gamer Year ago +5

    You sound like your brains are left behind in Mexico

    • Dutch Bushcraft
      Dutch Bushcraft Month ago +1

      I can see why you say this. That's why I did not give this video a like. She got to come here as au pair, then study but still she's bitching. I think she needs to go back to Cancun really quick and make room for another Latina that does appreciate life in Holland.

    • Johan Sterk
      Johan Sterk Year ago +5

      To me she seems pretty smart and courageous.

    • Tripserpentine
      Tripserpentine Year ago +1

      Daar ben ik het dus niet mee eens, leuke video ;)

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago +6

      Old Skool Gamer my brains didn't make it through customs ..thanks for noticing :)

  • Socorro Sarmientomosa

    Hola Karen... me gustó tu video porque tus comentarios son en general muy positivos. Eso habla muy bien de ti como persona. Te felicito por ello. Yo también soy mexicana y vivo en Holanda desde hace 15 años (casada con holandés desde entonces). Los primeros años son épocas de adaptación en todos los sentidos... y es lo que estás viviendo. Al final, lo que yo he aprendido, es que todos al final de cuentas: holandeses, chinos, alemanes, franceses, etc etc etc... somos seres humanos... y a pesar de nuestras costumbres. religión o no religión, cultura... somos humanos. Lo que hablas de ver a nuestro país: como dándole un valor distinto, también es parte de un proceso... y el darle más valor a nuesrtros padres, hermanos, familia en general, etc... creo que nos ha pasado a casi todos... pero las cosas al pasar del tiempo se van compensando... al final... nos damos cuenta, que no somos ni "Chanas ni Juanas"... dejamos de ser parte de "un algo" y lo único que nos queda es ser parte de un mundo: somos seres humanos del planeta Tierra... that's it... no razas, no religiones, no culturas... todos vamos al baño y todos sentimos y todos buscamos el pertenecer o identificarnos con otros... ánimo paisana!... afortunadamente estás viviendo esta aventura, como tu le llamas (yo le llamo igual desde que llegué aquí)... El vivir esta aventura viviendo en otro país abre nuestras mentes y las perpectivas al ver la vida y a las personas. Un abrazo!

    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago

      Socorro Sarmientomosa wow que bonito comentario! Gracias por las palabras y felicidades por ya haber aguantado tantos años aqui y haber hecho una vida!!saludos y un abrazo

  • Akef Ibrahimi
    Akef Ibrahimi Year ago +3


    • Karen Irinna
      Karen Irinna  Year ago

      Akef Ibrahimi OMG yesss that's a great idea!!!! Will do 😁🤗💖

  • Akef Ibrahimi
    Akef Ibrahimi Year ago +7