How to Cook Fish Without a Recipe


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  • Blue Lemonade
    Blue Lemonade 3 months ago

    But isn’t it still a recipe lol but anyways WHY ARE THERE ONLY 4K VIEWS

  • Kimberly Tonka Jenkins
    Kimberly Tonka Jenkins 6 months ago

    In Australia fish is quite expensive and we are always told how easy it is to over cook it

  • Alex Allen Show
    Alex Allen Show Year ago

    how is here so little views? impossible

  • Delphini Goldstein

    Thank you for making this video, it was realy fun to watch!

  • Matt Duckor
    Matt Duckor Year ago

    Delicious 😋

  • YankeeSlayer69
    YankeeSlayer69 Year ago +6

    Why you ruin a good piece of fresh fish with cheap mayonaise? :( you suck