St John BOSCO VS Don BOSCO! #1 California Team VS #3 in New Jersey Gets UGLY QUICK!

  • Published on Aug 31, 2019
  • Current #1 team in California St John Bosco goes up against #3 team in New Jersey DON Bosco! Things get ugly QUICK!
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Comments • 72

  • Celly
    Celly 4 months ago +30

    Any opinions on the angle from the stands? Shooting up top shows the play much better but its not as close to the action as the field view... I like up top but let me know what yall think

    • Evan Barnes
      Evan Barnes 4 months ago

      Nah, the field angle is way better. It’s immersive, and you can see the action way better. It’s a BV trademark.

    • M
      M 4 months ago +4

      By the way the distance at 10:08 is perfect because it’s not too far but you can still view all the lineman and receivers clearly.

    • M
      M 4 months ago

      Can y’all have two cameras rolling at the same time to catch both angles? Maybe not for every game and every play but at least for the big ones.
      These highlight videos hit different when you can view certain plays from both angles.

    • Sam Sampson
      Sam Sampson 4 months ago +5

      Celly I like up top better but not too far up top later in the video I kinda liked that camera angle

  • Track is a sport kinda
    Track is a sport kinda 3 months ago

    St. Joe's Montvale is ten times better than Bosco

  • Pete B
    Pete B 4 months ago

    Bruh #1 for Don Bosco big lackin

  • kiano collie
    kiano collie 4 months ago

    Whats the track in the intro?

  • teddy bruckshot
    teddy bruckshot 4 months ago

    St john bosco
    qb is a fucken man..

  • Angel Borreli
    Angel Borreli 4 months ago

    Can’t wait to see them play mater dei

  • Xavier Angulo
    Xavier Angulo 4 months ago +1

    Which is NJ? Which is Cali?

    • Hamoanese
      Hamoanese 4 months ago

      White uniforms is Don Bosco from New Jersey, dark blue uniforms is SJB from Cali

    • MawTH
      MawTH 4 months ago

      Xavier Angulo don bosco is NJ and SJB is Cali

  • Josh Leftnut
    Josh Leftnut 4 months ago

    I’m lost how can mater dei be #1 in the country but according to u St. John’s bosco is #1 in cali but mater dei is in Cali so just explain

    • K Will
      K Will 4 months ago

      Its like one of those things like Texas claiming they have the #1 team in the country even though Mater Dei was #2 two years in a row...and played SIX nationally ranked teams...its one of those deals

    • Aaron Velasco
      Aaron Velasco 4 months ago

      Max preps had bosco ranked 1 in Cali (that’s where he got BV got it from)

  • Stärke
    Stärke 4 months ago

    The "bruh" at 2:13 😂😂😂😂

  • tez vibez
    tez vibez 4 months ago +4

    2:15 the funniest shit ong.💀🤣🤣

  • Burnabarian
    Burnabarian 4 months ago +5


    • ShootCheese Youngn
      ShootCheese Youngn 4 months ago

      Last time Bosco came to the east coast and played St Thomas aquinas they lost Florida #1

  • Kyle G
    Kyle G 4 months ago

    Number 2 needs help

  • Obeykidk
    Obeykidk 4 months ago

    I liked the up close angle better, still liked the video tho

  • Patrick Tria
    Patrick Tria 4 months ago

    Dat beat lit 🔥!

  • Kala & Bo
    Kala & Bo 4 months ago +3

    Wth 2:40 offensive lineman was in a 4 point stance lol

  • Ray
    Ray 4 months ago +2

    I'm glad i stayed home.

  • Jesuslover 78
    Jesuslover 78 4 months ago

    John Bosco and Don Bosco are the same person

  • boricuafrican
    boricuafrican 4 months ago

    Don Bosco is #5 in NJ right now...#1 St Joe's Regional, #2 St Peter's, #3 Bergen Catholic, #4 Piscataway, #5 Don Bosco...

  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner 4 months ago

    I like the angle from the stands more than the angle from the field. Good video tho

  • Jalesia
    Jalesia 4 months ago

    😂them sound get me every time YAEEET

  • Lil Ballas
    Lil Ballas 4 months ago

    Finna go to mater dei vs villa park today

    • Ray
      Ray 4 months ago


  • King kai
    King kai 4 months ago +1

    3:40 was that sound perfect timing or an edit😂

  • nemthedancer
    nemthedancer 4 months ago

    I pray whoever sees this become successful 🖤

  • Jon
    Jon 4 months ago +7

    The announcer laughing at the punt is the best highlight

  • Lewis Baker
    Lewis Baker 4 months ago +2

    Mater dei are number 1

  • One Love
    One Love 4 months ago +3

    Not gay at all no homo but I have a man crush on Logan Loya number 17 for SJB he's in my class I'm too shy to say anything to him no homo ;)

    • One Love
      One Love 4 months ago

      @裏切られた Lol you guys don't have a manfriend who you are close to ? Whats gay about that. I talked to Logan lol worked up the courage

    • Sharks17
      Sharks17 4 months ago +2

      Definitely homo

    • 裏切られた
      裏切られた 4 months ago +2

      Most homo shit I’ve ever heard

    • Notorious JJ Hdzz
      Notorious JJ Hdzz 4 months ago +3

      that's full homo gay ass

    • One Love
      One Love 4 months ago

      @jiggeromes too shy

  • Berleezy DaGoat
    Berleezy DaGoat 4 months ago +7

    I don’t even watch football and this stuff is some heat!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • AnotherSKYWALKR
    AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago +7

    The announcer laughed at the Jersey team after the shanked punt!!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • AnotherSKYWALKR
    AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago +17

    Damn this shit ain’t fair. They’re doing back shoulder fades in high school now!?! Then follow it up with actual fades!?! This team is a problem!

  • B J
    B J 4 months ago +6

    3:40 Everybody's tough with a helmet and lots of zebras around! LOL!

  • AnotherSKYWALKR
    AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago +24

    44 made a business decision at the end of that play with the lineman! 😂 He was about to go back at him and he realized how big he was! 🤣🤣🤣

    • AnotherSKYWALKR
      AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago

      裏切られた the lineman?

    • 裏切られた
      裏切られた 4 months ago

      That’s Maximus Gibbs 🏆

    • AnotherSKYWALKR
      AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago

      Carter Laughman LOL! Naw he backed down. The refs didn’t have to separate him. The lineman was walking towards 44 and 44’s life was flashing before his eyes! 😂 He looked happy as shit the refs were there!

  • Unorthodox Mando
    Unorthodox Mando 4 months ago +3

    Oh shit you guys post football highlights too? Keep it up!!

  • StepBack
    StepBack 4 months ago +11

    Mater Dei is not the #1 team ? Ok see you Bosco

    • StepBack
      StepBack 4 months ago

      @BallerVisions okok

    • BallerVisions
      BallerVisions  4 months ago +2

      According to max prepssss

    • StepBack
      StepBack 4 months ago +1

      @AnotherSKYWALKR yeeeee

    • AnotherSKYWALKR
      AnotherSKYWALKR 4 months ago +2

      StepBack I heard some MD players say they were gonna smack Bosco! No cap!!!

    • StepBack
      StepBack 4 months ago

      @Abel Duah okok

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 4 months ago +1

    Mater dei would say they sre countries number one team

  • Tyler Pinkston
    Tyler Pinkston 4 months ago +4

    We don’t watch UTR only BallerVisions

  • Ty ZoSo
    Ty ZoSo 4 months ago +2

    Battle of the BOSCOs

    • BallerVisions
      BallerVisions  4 months ago +1

      i was gon say that but it was really enough of a battle lmao

  • Aj Olivier
    Aj Olivier 4 months ago +1

    Go to Louisiana for football plz

    • Aj Olivier
      Aj Olivier 4 months ago

      No st Thomas more or catholic high school in new Iberia

    • Ray
      Ray 4 months ago

      University Lab??

  • j t
    j t 4 months ago +3

    You know what you want me and I want you doing something

  • Chris Valenzuela
    Chris Valenzuela 4 months ago +1

    Fire vid 🔥🔥

  • KamCapalot
    KamCapalot 4 months ago +4

    NJ GANG 🤙🏾

  • Taite
    Taite 4 months ago +4

    Aye nj gang