Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

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  • Manuel lll
    Manuel lll 4 minutes ago

    Eminem triggered so many white privileged people with this😂

  • Brookie Julissa
    Brookie Julissa 25 minutes ago

    Eminem is speaking on his own views and isn't afraid to do so. You're calling him a sellout? Really?

  • Nathan Gartin
    Nathan Gartin 52 minutes ago

    Whatever happened to "white america, I could be one of your kids?"

  • Malik DeBow
    Malik DeBow 55 minutes ago

    Honestly, lyrically he is really good. Especially for a free style. He may not rap the same style he used to but he is still dope nonetheless

  • Amzy
    Amzy 55 minutes ago +1

    I’m never gonna forget that I was the 40,100 viewer for this

  • Douglas Douglas
    Douglas Douglas Hour ago

    i never got to comment on this things,
    but damn,! Em was solid!

  • AcidHouse -
    AcidHouse - Hour ago

    You shouldn’t believe anything that any artist in mainstream chart music today says about trump, they are all puppets doing the work for the higher ups, trying to get you to have negative opinions on trump because he’s the only president in 25years to actually make a difference and tell the truth, look it up, please be awake

  • Randy Church
    Randy Church Hour ago

    At first I thought someone was joking around doing a parody of Eminem hating on Trump. Not because I wouldn't think he would do something like that, but with the way he did it. He had a beard on walking around like he was delusional. Like he was in a tragic panic. Then the Free style seemed forced. It just goes against the image he created for himself. As a collected killer/gangster

  • Owen Aten
    Owen Aten 2 hours ago +1

    Hey Eminem i think you need to listen to yourself so you can actually realize how ignorant you sound, plus i don't think it should matter that you don't like Donald Trump he is your president, and no matter how you feel you can't change that, plus i used to be a fan but i will respect my authority and side with Donald before some white trash black boy wanna be overused rapper with no respect for anything anymore. count that as one less fan and one more enemy. Pound that!

  • Sarang Rawat
    Sarang Rawat 2 hours ago +1

    Love Eminem, hate trump.

  • Saad Fallah
    Saad Fallah 2 hours ago

    I feel like at this point every American knows that voting Trump was not the right thing to do. You can all can say this and say that... "He just cares about America and wants best for it" but deep down. Really deep in your hearts you know that Donald Trump has no capacity for love, no capacity of empathy or sympathy. The only thing he cares about is what he wants, he may paint over a facade labelling his motives as best for America. His motives aren't best for America, they're best for the hateful, selfish and arrogant America that he has his mind set on turning the current USA into.

  • ER LEONE Official
    ER LEONE Official 2 hours ago +1

    I made a dissing to marijuana!! tvclip.biz/video/NkxB41NsKic/

  • El Tauro Music
    El Tauro Music 2 hours ago


  • bilal kadri
    bilal kadri 2 hours ago +1

    This was trash

  • even sherman
    even sherman 3 hours ago +1

    fk trump thats why six people in office want his dumb ass out he the worst president ever in the history he should just end himslef

  • Jennifer Tvigunov
    Jennifer Tvigunov 3 hours ago +1

    Lame none rapping ass. Should have retired with dignity! If you want to hate somebody fine your choice at least use some relativity. Baby talk! Nursery rhyming is the new rap style I guess. I would love to get raw in rap battle with this clown. My freestyle voice to text was deleted from this video under user name ThatHoodGirl81 and all my Google accounts are deactivated. What's up with that? Not implicating this was the cause but odd it all happened after my freestyle was posted. Good thing I made a copy. Also can't access my Twitter account under the same user name where I also posted the freestyle. Anytime any place Em. Just sayin'!

  • Scott Burk
    Scott Burk 4 hours ago +1

    "Muslim, Muslim, Terrorist, Obama, Extremist, Child Molester, Predator, Angry Indians, Street Gang, Drug Lord...there if I keep working with them so Scott can't be who is in them I will be America in me" -Chibi

    • Scott Burk
      Scott Burk Hour ago

      Eminem, you need to get hurt or sex change...

    • Scott Burk
      Scott Burk Hour ago


    • Scott Burk
      Scott Burk 2 hours ago

      You know how? Because people who have to act like something against their nature exist and are a need because being other people to someone's life is criminal and sinful, unnatural, inhuman, and for the sake of sin in everything I am saying.

  • Jackson McCall
    Jackson McCall 4 hours ago +1

    I can’t doubt that Donald factually is orange 😂

  • Acura X
    Acura X 4 hours ago +1

    So cringe

  • x d
    x d 5 hours ago

    wish em would be anti-pc again cuz we need more anti-pc people in this day and age more than we need anti-trump figures. Even if em had not made this freestyle, things would be the same i feel but if he were to stand up against the pc bs we have today, he could have made a difference.

  • Puski
    Puski 5 hours ago +1

    I can summarize the comments and save you time:
    -"Sellout bitch"
    -"trump is bitch"
    -"you are a brainwashed bitch"
    -"irrelevant bitch"
    -"liberal agenda sheep bitch"
    -"very cringe"

  • Headshotz jr.
    Headshotz jr. 5 hours ago

    Trumpy wumpy meanie with my token black people in the backround

  • Crystal Przasnyski
    Crystal Przasnyski 6 hours ago +1

    Ioved Eminem but really this is just sad lots of respect for trump

  • AtomicBomberMan
    AtomicBomberMan 7 hours ago +1

    eminem had too many retarded fans. im glad hes pissing a lot of them off.

  • Edsta 101
    Edsta 101 8 hours ago +1


  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 8 hours ago +1

    Had to dislike because oh yea I love trump sorry shaddy bitch no reason to go off on him trumps misunderstood he only wants to make America great not bring it down.

  • Gustavo Amador
    Gustavo Amador 9 hours ago +2

    Rip Donald trump

  • Amadeus Garcia
    Amadeus Garcia 9 hours ago +1

    This was a really good freestyle. Though drawing that line at the end to pick sides was a bit much, overall a strong message.

  • Xtreme Performance
    Xtreme Performance 9 hours ago +1

    Doesn't even look like eminem

  • shirliangel greene
    shirliangel greene 9 hours ago +1

    I will always stand by Eminem

  • George Sanger
    George Sanger 9 hours ago +1

    Dam he has changed (we want real rap)

  • fourtyfourmag
    fourtyfourmag 9 hours ago

    Its the "beard" making him behave this way.

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 10 hours ago +1

    Fake fans can just suck it

  • xXL3G3NDURYxx BG
    xXL3G3NDURYxx BG 10 hours ago

    I'm crying...

  • ? ?
    ? ? 10 hours ago

    You not a real fan of eminem if you don't know that em always been political.So stop saying em do this freestyle to stay relevant.Bitch plz,go check out his other song like White America,Mosh and more.

  • Josue Santi
    Josue Santi 11 hours ago

    Digital album -&- stream

  • Erased My Giraffe
    Erased My Giraffe 11 hours ago

    So bad LOL. C'mon em

  • Orlando daily videos
    Orlando daily videos 11 hours ago

    Guys I just cringed so hard my face hurts.

  • Shadow Hawk
    Shadow Hawk 12 hours ago

    “What we got in office now is a kamikaze that will probably cause a clear Holocaust” 😂😂😂 Im dead

  • Cameron Johnson
    Cameron Johnson 12 hours ago

    this is horrible

  • Nate Hendo
    Nate Hendo 12 hours ago

    I dont get why people are saying its cringey, its a freestyle, tentacion does this too, and no one says anything

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 12 hours ago

    This comment section is so stupid.

  • Trina Wagner
    Trina Wagner 12 hours ago

    I guess he got his soul back

  • Singing R.D.
    Singing R.D. 12 hours ago

    all you people saying "cringe" I know the truth hurts!😂😂

  • Dylan Kinney
    Dylan Kinney 12 hours ago

    You people hatin on em are just stupid fucks and lack any sense

  • D smi
    D smi 12 hours ago

    Giving the tolerant left a voice.

  • Dante rodriguez
    Dante rodriguez 12 hours ago

    is better raper valles t camilo ballesteros

  • MysTic Surrox
    MysTic Surrox 13 hours ago

    The founding fathers ADVISED us to not split into two political parties so the country would not split and become divided.
    250 years later, eminem said it.

    Nearly 300 yeara

  • Dakaria Smith
    Dakaria Smith 13 hours ago

    Damn !! You're still fine😂😍

  • TheAllTime Gamer
    TheAllTime Gamer 13 hours ago

    Damn, Eminen with a beard.

  • Carl Knotts
    Carl Knotts 14 hours ago

    Clown. His stuff was and always will be garbage.

  • Jackson Barinowski
    Jackson Barinowski 14 hours ago

    But... Donald Trump doesn't support the KKK...

  • Edward Foreman
    Edward Foreman 14 hours ago +1

    Must been High and missed all the good trump has done

    • Edward Foreman
      Edward Foreman 14 hours ago

      See when he jumped up with hand hi ho Hitler

  • Edward Combs
    Edward Combs 15 hours ago

    Hillary wanted nuke war watch grade a under a vud on her

  • Spirit Thomas
    Spirit Thomas 15 hours ago

    Anyone else notice Marshall doesn't look like him

  • Patty Apple
    Patty Apple 15 hours ago

    Token White Boy! Fat Druggy! What The Crap Have You Ever Sacrificed For This Country? DID YOU EVEN VOTE? Middle Aged Wannabe Nothing.

  • casandra sandoz
    casandra sandoz 15 hours ago

    Good job

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 15 hours ago

    I love Trump so I guess I'm not a fan anymore. But political views aside this is just an awful, horrible, terrible rap. I used to be a huuuuuuuuge fan but this was trash. I mean shit how did you get this bad man, you used to be a rap god. The cringe was overwhelming AF.

  • Sad core
    Sad core 15 hours ago

    eminem is still the rap god!

  • Ursula Martins
    Ursula Martins 15 hours ago

    This trash should find another line of work already.

  • Dirty Vizions
    Dirty Vizions 15 hours ago

    a WANNA be eminem , he just sounds dumb, and eminem would chew this dood up and spit him out like he’s nothing

  • Dirty Vizions
    Dirty Vizions 15 hours ago

    if you guys thinks this is really eminem, your on crack,
    it’s click bait and auto tune, this shit isn’t eminem at all, look at eminem and look at this dood, he a clown

  • Jordyn Heal
    Jordyn Heal 15 hours ago

    he should make this a song

  • Jordyn Heal
    Jordyn Heal 15 hours ago

    hell ya

  • Ilio Duke
    Ilio Duke 15 hours ago

    F**k Eminem, stupid bitch.

  • Fish Slayer
    Fish Slayer 16 hours ago

    Eminem is the best plus he is so ballsy for doing this

  • Invidious
    Invidious 16 hours ago

    At some point, M&M confused his ability to rhyme with actual intelligence. He is counsel is of no more value than your average street pimp. Watching him strut with such self-importance is utterly, gloriously laughable.

  • Invidious
    Invidious 16 hours ago

    The screeching of a cognitively-challenged wigger will have no effect. Bleat elsewhere sir.

  • Pod Cats
    Pod Cats 16 hours ago

    that's not even eminem

  • wy Wy
    wy Wy 16 hours ago

    You now I am guna say what is on my mind did you now that his dad had cancer and died if you can sleep at night I am suprized

  • wy Wy
    wy Wy 16 hours ago

    Eminem you where my role model now you are making me sick PS loos the beard

  • Tommy Fresh
    Tommy Fresh 16 hours ago

    Will the real slim shady please sit down.

  • Corey Writes
    Corey Writes 16 hours ago

    the first bit was awful to take in but then he comes through with the real slim shady

  • Mane Lew
    Mane Lew 16 hours ago

    this is horrible. politics aside. sounds like crap. losing his breath. you old and slow.

  • Dima Mkhitariani
    Dima Mkhitariani 16 hours ago

    Is this actually Eminem 😂

  • Lokir From Rorikstead
    Lokir From Rorikstead 16 hours ago

    Awesome Eminem!!
    Now you stand with the media that called you a sexist homophobe at the start of your career, all so you can please the almighty left
    😒😒 Oh well, still love your music

  • Aemiliea Rhodes
    Aemiliea Rhodes 16 hours ago

    Dam. Can't wait 4 new album.

  • KidIrish 1
    KidIrish 1 16 hours ago

    Stick it to the man

  • afajka01
    afajka01 17 hours ago

    EM ....wracaj.....MEGA freestyle !!! U nas Kaczyński też porażka !!!!!

  • Julian Anna
    Julian Anna 17 hours ago

    Beauty and sexy girls: goo.gl/Htiwoa

  • Mr. Phister
    Mr. Phister 17 hours ago

    EnimaM is a complete moron that smokes too much crack!

  • Jorel Duncan
    Jorel Duncan 17 hours ago


  • Jorel Duncan
    Jorel Duncan 17 hours ago

    Someone post this on Trump's twitter

  • Wave
    Wave 17 hours ago

    I like what hes supporting but his lyrics are not as good as before

  • Los Buratinos
    Los Buratinos 17 hours ago

    C'mon Eminem, snap back to reality

  • Hailey Rae
    Hailey Rae 17 hours ago

    A real American will stand up for what they believe in at all costs this is us

  • Garry Goodwin
    Garry Goodwin 18 hours ago

    John Sidney McCain III - one love)

  • King Kanyon
    King Kanyon 18 hours ago +1

    41 million views people, Em is on point. Ya'll just too dumb to understand or you know and don't care witch speaks to his point.

  • Helen Kat
    Helen Kat 18 hours ago +1

    No Marshall, the black NFL players "took a knee" because they were stupid enough to DISRESPECT OUR country, and OUR countries ANTHEM. Don't think that will go well with the military who you tried to hide behind.

  • 09cansucancan
    09cansucancan 18 hours ago +1

    I have nothing but RESPECT for this man.

  • Helen Kat
    Helen Kat 18 hours ago +1

    Great job in absolutely RUINING my image of you Em. Thanks

  • Vin Denap
    Vin Denap 18 hours ago

    All Eminem did in his first 3 albums is make fun of women, gay people and the Clintons. Now he has the guts to hate Trump because everyone claims Trump's a sexist, racist and hates gays. If that's the case sounds like from his first 3 albums Trump should be his best friend. What a hypocrite, fake, phony bastard.

  • TheWalkingBritt
    TheWalkingBritt 18 hours ago +1

    lol at the Trump supporters saying that Eminem "sold out" because you found out he doesn't share your regressive views.

  • Grant Sturdivant
    Grant Sturdivant 18 hours ago +2

    Who wanna see a comeback from Em then leave a like

  • Mack Halliday-Edge
    Mack Halliday-Edge 18 hours ago

    This was real good but when he did that stereotypical white Bible Belt impressions died

  • AJ Paulz
    AJ Paulz 19 hours ago +1

    America is blind, i won't stand by while people decide, cuz trumps master plan is genocide. I side with slim, my mind is his & now the revolution begins

  • Gotskllz Gaming
    Gotskllz Gaming 19 hours ago +1

    All you trump lovers are triggered and offended about the truth

  • Dash Riprock
    Dash Riprock 19 hours ago

    Are people really entertained by this?

  • bouazzaoui haroune
    bouazzaoui haroune 19 hours ago +1

    Every one in this comment section seems like they don't know what freestyle is . And dont forget he is the greatest of all time

  • Hayden Riscky
    Hayden Riscky 19 hours ago

    This shits ass