Eminem Rips Donald Trump In BET Hip Hop Awards Freestyle Cypher

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  • Heyyou Inthedirt
    Heyyou Inthedirt 11 seconds ago

    Trump takes a $1 a year salary for being in office and I'm fairly confident that a billionaire does not need help paying for his own vacations. Pretty ironic that this was a "point" Em made. He is one of the super rich himself. LikeEminem doesnt have more of chance of surviving a "nuclear holocaust" than most of the public. Not a Trump fan either but that wasjust shallow and stupid.

  • Forsaken Individual
    Forsaken Individual 29 seconds ago

    He’s a sympathizer trying to stay relevant. He lost his skills after he quit doing drugs.

  • gonna be
    gonna be 30 seconds ago

    Fake all American white support Trumb

  • DutchWolf114
    DutchWolf114 Minute ago

    I expected better, and I'm not just saying that because I like Trump. Compared to some other freestyles he's done, this was pretty weak.

  • lord duck
    lord duck Minute ago

    Eminem doesn’t look like Eminem

  • Jari Pestelacci
    Jari Pestelacci 4 minutes ago

    help a start Up to grow;) THX

  • borkug
    borkug 4 minutes ago

    Cringeworthy. Give us a decent album for a change.

  • Gerald Bull
    Gerald Bull 4 minutes ago

    Eminem is flat. All you deniers out there will see the truth soon..

  • Young Collect
    Young Collect 5 minutes ago

    This is why we must pray. It will not be fixed. It's impossible. Look at the comments. You're all ignorant, except for those who see. Anyone who still doesn't get it is doomed to live in forever blindness .

  • Noah Sadat
    Noah Sadat 5 minutes ago +1


  • Heyyou Inthedirt
    Heyyou Inthedirt 6 minutes ago +1

    I miss the days when Eminem attacked all sides of society. Not just one.

  • Swiss Swiss
    Swiss Swiss 6 minutes ago

    tvclip.biz/video/zWPR5DWkNl0/ SONG

  • Here We Are
    Here We Are 7 minutes ago

    He looks different. Bit of weight on him... not so gaunt looking. New teeth??

  • Poets Pro
    Poets Pro 7 minutes ago

    Переведите на русский.

  • cedrict
    cedrict 7 minutes ago

    Mr. un-original...ripping off M&M's to get attention.....nothing sweet about you MTF. Stay out of politics,if you had any brains ,you'd be dangerous. Not a little lame your are- Real Lame!

  • Take Flight FPV
    Take Flight FPV 7 minutes ago

    I like you Marshal but telling people you have to choose sides is not cool. Why are you treating this like a war? There are more than 2 sides you know. There is the crazy ass left and then there is the crazy ass right. Go too far on either side and you find that they're psychotic and narcissistic well you went full left. The majority of people in this country agree with both sides on somethings and are not all in on one or the other. Stop being a follower Marital and have some free thoughts of your own. You are the last person I would have ever expected to conform to anything. Welcome to being more of the same.

  • Gauge Anton
    Gauge Anton 11 minutes ago +1

    "Who's going to pay for his extravagant trips back and forth to his golf resorts and his mansions". president Obama spent $98,000,000 dollars total, including his vacations to Hawaii and taking his daughters and his daughters friends around the world. I think palm beach is just a little bit closer than Hawaii from Washington. And did you know that president Trump gave his quarter one salary to the Department of the Interior, and his quarter two salary going to the Department of Education. I'm not saying he's perfect by any means, but he should be respected as he is our president.

    • Heyyou Inthedirt
      Heyyou Inthedirt 8 minutes ago +1

      Trump takes a $1 a year salary for being in office and I'm fairly confident that a billionaire does not need help paying for his own vacations. Pretty ironic that this was a "point" Em made. He is one of the super rich himself.

    XXXHAMSTERZ 11 minutes ago +1


  • Based_Demo
    Based_Demo 12 minutes ago +1

    Sounds like shit.

  • Craig Royce
    Craig Royce 15 minutes ago +1


  • max playne
    max playne 16 minutes ago

    Look at the like/dislike ratio. Not enough like or dislikes for the amount of views it got. Cause most people got no balls, they like to stay in sideline. Pussies!! If you like/hate trump, speak up!!

  • AnderssonArad
    AnderssonArad 16 minutes ago +2

    you idiots ,. this is not the Real Shady ,.. Shady's dead,.... he's locked in my basement

  • it taher
    it taher 19 minutes ago +1

    Pishrooo 😕

  • The Reynolds
    The Reynolds 20 minutes ago

    The best part is that in 2015-2016, every celebrity imaginable, including the news media, tried all they could to keep Trump from getting elected, yet here we are. No one gave a shit what they said then, and they surely don't give a shit now.

  • emine sadiki
    emine sadiki 20 minutes ago

    my boyyyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • MVP
    MVP 20 minutes ago

    TRUMP RESPOND tvclip.biz/video/3jFJTZkMc40/

  • Phil Makak
    Phil Makak 21 minute ago

    Only black people appreciate this white boy

  • Hem57i
    Hem57i 22 minutes ago

    I don't like trump. But this is bullshit. Lost all respect I had for Eminem

  • max playne
    max playne 22 minutes ago

    Trump do love to shift attention.. that's his whole act

  • Damjan Martinko
    Damjan Martinko 22 minutes ago

    White trash still talking shit

  • Heisnberg
    Heisnberg 23 minutes ago

    Oh look at what we have here Eminem dissing trump
    At least he won't call him an orange

  • Jack Conn
    Jack Conn 24 minutes ago

    Eminem was just in my town shooting a movie

  • max playne
    max playne 24 minutes ago

    Somebody add a beat

  • max playne
    max playne 25 minutes ago

    God daMN IT!! I feel the heat..

  • Golddozer
    Golddozer 26 minutes ago

    Eminem has lost his marbles, and a lot of fans

  • Hem57i
    Hem57i 27 minutes ago

    I now believe conspiracy theorist that say Eminem is dead and he was replaced with a lockalike. There is no way this is the real slim shady on any level.

  • Supreme
    Supreme 28 minutes ago +1

    slim shady was the best character in him too bad his dead

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 29 minutes ago

    But donald trump endorsed eminem in the 2000s at his shady convention...Im a fkin independant and i dont like Trump or killary...trump didnt slander hillary he spoke the truth...this is why she still under an investigation, and she has major ties with the KKK. give Obama Props huh?? the one who never made phone calls to the grieving military families? The one who Almost had us nuked by russia. the one who majorly fked our economy. dont yall mfkas realize these celebs like Eminem dont have pay taxes and this is why trump is enforcing it smh. it is wrong that trump is makin the Nfl kneel or stand it is their choice, u mind as well have school kids get exspelled next because alot of em dont stand and pledge of allegiance now a days. UR NOT ALLOWED TO SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS ANYMORE IN SCHOOL BECAUSE OF OBAMA SMH. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND RELIGION...GET YA FKIN FACTS STR8 EMINEM BEFORE PUTTIN A DISS TRACK OUT WITH YA ILLUMINATI LOVIN ASS

  • mabasa ntiyiso
    mabasa ntiyiso 29 minutes ago

    This has got to be confusing to Eminem fans who are Trump supporter.

  • Farhad Ghulamnabi
    Farhad Ghulamnabi 30 minutes ago

    Why are you guys hating on Eminem he's telling the truth

  • James Black
    James Black 31 minute ago

    I remember when he used to be the cool new guy in rap. Fresh and original, at least.
    It's come down to a shadow of his former self. Repeating almost one year old propaganda, with rhymes that don't surprise. They only make you cringe and hope for something new.
    He could choose to lead, and now he's just another follower.
    Seems like a desperate attempt to promote his new album coming up in November (i think).

  • Khyrell Russell
    Khyrell Russell 31 minute ago

    Trump needs to change or else

  • Me You
    Me You 31 minute ago

    Hollywood's lil Fkboy , what a make up wearing fake ass millionaire corporate tool. Feminist slam poetry has never been so mainstream way to go slim sellout

  • Mina Me
    Mina Me 34 minutes ago

    I love Eminem doesn't matter what the rap is it's the lyrics and how he puts shit together amazing !!

  • Robb Reed
    Robb Reed 34 minutes ago

    This is the line in the sand that this idiot can look back on and say "yep. That's where my career ended."

  • Bradley Lynn Morrison
    Bradley Lynn Morrison 35 minutes ago

    Isn't Eminem the one who raps about killing GenX, claims he's the leader of the new school, and was for George W. Bush?
    Now he's against trump?
    Doesn't make any sence. This is all about money, just like all that support the troops crap.
    He is just another crazy rapper.

  • Theo
    Theo 37 minutes ago

    Noch wer wegen Lefloid hier?xD

  • Lil Heli
    Lil Heli 39 minutes ago

    I thought 8 Mile was bad, this shit just top the list

  • Ben Mc Dermott
    Ben Mc Dermott 41 minute ago

    What is this

  • Abstractions
    Abstractions 41 minute ago

    Or do mean trying to relate to mainstream media since you're a dead rapper.

  • Purple Lariize
    Purple Lariize 43 minutes ago

    How can do lyrics, for russian translate please

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 43 minutes ago +1

    If you little fuckers that talk shit at Eminem and saying that "You're rap suck" First of all, this is not rap, it's a message. You know what is rap? Campain Speech by Eminem where he DESTROYED Trump, don't act like Trump really said something about that, he wouldn't ever

  • David Webb
    David Webb 45 minutes ago

    I used to be his fan. NOT ANYMORE!

  • Super01113
    Super01113 45 minutes ago

    this sucked tbh

  • Grine Raz
    Grine Raz 48 minutes ago +1

    Eminem for president.

    MILLER 48 minutes ago

    I miss it when Eminem didn’t kiss up to people

  • Jacob Vincent Bergendorff Høstbo

    magine Trump responding with a diss track

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 50 minutes ago

    Fukin used to like him but wot a fukin rat

  • Jillian Buntin
    Jillian Buntin 50 minutes ago

    I need to go meet my friends

  • viktor Hurst
    viktor Hurst 51 minute ago +1

    Like for donald Trump to clap back

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 51 minute ago

    When he said, "it's the calm before the storm right here", he sounded super gay. Then he proceeded to sound like he wanted to cry for the rest of the video hmm...

  • voorwaartsewind
    voorwaartsewind 51 minute ago

    Give Obama probs for what xD?

  • stoptalking shite
    stoptalking shite 53 minutes ago

    well said dude well said very brave .

  • blvck-hoax
    blvck-hoax 53 minutes ago

    This aint rap, this is beef shit. I dont call this spitting, shit flow and I dont get the point.

  • Olivia&Kayla The Amazing
    Olivia&Kayla The Amazing 53 minutes ago +1

    I love eminem so much

  • Techie Guy
    Techie Guy 54 minutes ago +2

    970k hate trump❤❤ Eminem Happy Birthday❤❤💎

  • Donald J Trump
    Donald J Trump 54 minutes ago

    The American people are wanting me to make a diss track on vanilla ice but I’m still waiting for an English version of this.

  • Olivia&Kayla The Amazing
    Olivia&Kayla The Amazing 55 minutes ago

    This is amazing

  • k butter
    k butter 56 minutes ago

    What a vile , stupid song.

  • Jessie Daniels
    Jessie Daniels 57 minutes ago

    Done with eminem!

  • PaulSpenc
    PaulSpenc 57 minutes ago

    Poor Punk -
    with thousands of the most extraordinarily beautiful and exclusive buildings, mansions, high-rise that Mr. Trump has built around the WORLD -
    Eminem >> You can;t even kiss Mr. Trumps bottoms of his feet, much less ridicule himself by what .... criticize, offend, disrespect ???
    Glad I never listened to you that far, fat chance most of us ever will.... so continue to make a poor freak of yourself........

  • John H
    John H 57 minutes ago +1

    This is epic.

  • asala2116
    asala2116 57 minutes ago

    I'm starting to realize one thing. Give every American a gun and they will all kill each other. There's so much division in the USA. Anyways Eminem is a fuckwit. His rap sucked and he thinks his black.

  • Ra://Ramón Patrique Vlogs

    wow what a cuck

  • Rob Allen
    Rob Allen 58 minutes ago


  • Ethan Moore
    Ethan Moore 58 minutes ago

    Parts of this don't make sense

  • Nong_Eye_Gong
    Nong_Eye_Gong 59 minutes ago

    mid-40s rich guy whitesplains & silences minority rappers in a parking garage with adolescent rhymes.

  • Olivia&Kayla The Amazing

    2nd best rapper off all time😎

  • I'm not a robot
    I'm not a robot Hour ago +1

    I can say with certainty that 70 percent of these views are from other countries.
    and why Eminen can separate people and not be racist?

  • Andre Cabezas
    Andre Cabezas Hour ago

    You know what it is... it is your blood boiling, it is your belly exploding. Choose your side. I chose mine.

  • cheapskatedamack
    cheapskatedamack Hour ago


  • Pier Lenci
    Pier Lenci Hour ago

    mainstream crap!

  • Ashish Thakur
    Ashish Thakur Hour ago

    I’m just back from cinema watching #Bladerunner most boring 2:40hrs of my life

  • Sewermonkey69
    Sewermonkey69 Hour ago

    Weak. Lol. So weak. Should've done another take.
    All those classic cars and he probably got in his Bentley and went home to his 10 million dollar mansion. Eminems a joke and a poser. Just another ignorant moron Selling Hilarys lies.

  • Grumpy Grilled Cheese

    Will the real Slim Shady please shut up!

  • band toland
    band toland Hour ago

    everyone check this amazing video please tvclip.biz/video/k3MQUHyX8ec/

  • S2DaM 00
    S2DaM 00 Hour ago

    Love eminem, but hate when artists and athletes talk about politics #stickwithwhatyouknow

  • Rikky Pancake
    Rikky Pancake Hour ago +1

    Yeah eshays BRAH where are all my Aussie cursor fans at?! Screw American rap brah they ain't got nothing on us from the land down under lad!

    • donkeys like potatos
      donkeys like potatos 31 minute ago

      Rikky Pancake YEAH CUZZY U FROM BANKS??

    • Rikky Pancake
      Rikky Pancake 34 minutes ago

      donkeys like potatos Wallah cuz idek know, I'm str8 outta Bankstown what do I know 😂

    • donkeys like potatos
      donkeys like potatos 57 minutes ago

      Rikky Pancake wallah bro can i ask wtf is eshay?😂

    • Rikky Pancake
      Rikky Pancake Hour ago

      donkeys like potatos YEAH THE BOYS!

  • Furdeh Lulz
    Furdeh Lulz Hour ago


  • Giki
    Giki Hour ago

    People saying this rap is shit...970 k people disagree :)

  • Marvi Rivera
    Marvi Rivera Hour ago

    Eminems face looks wider, he looks so different

  • Fearless
    Fearless Hour ago +1

    Look at these trump supporters crying LMAO😂😂😂

  • Europe isdying
    Europe isdying Hour ago

    ....Trump forever

  • Tyler Niessing
    Tyler Niessing Hour ago


  • Cole Hilkey
    Cole Hilkey Hour ago

    I loved your music, now I think your just a POS.... Its shit like this the world doesnt need right now. <-- War vet, Go Fu#$ yourself dude instead of using your popularity for a negative influence how about you use it to motivate people in coming together. God i would love to face off with you right now..... YOU of all people have the ability to literally bring MILLIONS together and you waste it in a parking garage acting like a fucking thug. YOU ARE FOREVER DEAD TO ME NOW.

  • Jason Russell
    Jason Russell Hour ago

    Heaps of people hate donald trump

  • Jillian Buntin
    Jillian Buntin Hour ago

    I told u I'll be bk

  • AidosTheMan
    AidosTheMan Hour ago +2


  • Jillian Buntin
    Jillian Buntin Hour ago


  • IateAllTheBlueberries

    He´s still the best.