Obstruction of justice questions over Trump

  • Published on Dec 4, 2017
  • President Donald Trump's personal attorney, John Dowd, said that the President cannot be guilty of obstructing justice, according to an interview with Axios. CNN's Jake Tapper looks at the latest developments in this story.

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  • Releta Ortiz
    Releta Ortiz Month ago

    Lock Hilary up along with Bill, the O bamas, Omar Harris Pelosi & the rest of the leftist obstructionist. CNN is the dirtiest non news channel ABC, NBC, CBS & the rest are in league with them.

  • Nevermore
    Nevermore 11 months ago

    Interesting how long CNN has been chanting "obstruction of justice" and now coincidentally FBI director makes questions to match that theme. Very interesting narrative that is being followed here.

  • Mt. Zion
    Mt. Zion Year ago +1

    The only obstruction that I see is the obstruction of not telling the truth. BS news!

  • Tony V
    Tony V Year ago

    you fucking shitheads voted for him so were you on drugs :( wtf

  • J. Muller
    J. Muller Year ago

    You don't see Mueller going after Hillary Clinton for selling our uranium to Russia and she got $145,000,00 in that deal.

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams Year ago

    Fake news.constantly

  • DR Dubois
    DR Dubois Year ago

    Trumplethinskin is not above the law. Everything he just accused Clinton of in that rant, is a perfect description of Trumplethinskin's current presidential administration.

  • arron holland
    arron holland Year ago

    some dumb fuck comments posted here

  • dicemanace
    dicemanace Year ago

    Maybe it's time to clear the government of both Dems and Rep and start over with some less greedy people.

  • Reuel T
    Reuel T Year ago

    The POTUS has the right to pardon even criminals without question. So he cannot be accused of obstruction of Justice. It is his prerogative to HIRE or FIRE.

  • Walden Smith
    Walden Smith Year ago

    Jake Tapper. Pres Trump not obstruct justice but displayed sound leadershlp in firing Gen Flynn for lying to the FBI. The pres should be applauded for this and for the boomlng economy.

  • Resto Worx
    Resto Worx Year ago


  • Rosie O’Donnell
    Rosie O’Donnell Year ago +1

    Merry Christmas! God bless everyone! White babies are cute ! Trump 2020

    ART DRISCOLL Year ago

    Hillary for Prison

  • Wigwam dot57
    Wigwam dot57 Year ago

    TRUMP again in 2020 !! Fuck you CNN -- socialist leftist cry baby liberals.

  • WeeabooTraplord
    WeeabooTraplord Year ago +1

    FAKE NEWS!!!!

  • wesley baker
    wesley baker Year ago


  • alex johnson
    alex johnson Year ago


  • Lance Morrison
    Lance Morrison Year ago

    Jake, I love to hear your messages but,What does it ever get us? We need a movement that makes this fuckstick go away. Anything, Anything. We the people need to end this experimental nightmare.

  • Lance Morrison
    Lance Morrison Year ago

    They have taken our country hostage. For now.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan Year ago +1

    I wish CNN fake news would pack up and move to Mexico or Colombia- they would be very happy with all their elite globalists there

  • Frank Bootleg
    Frank Bootleg Year ago

    Oh Clapper. So literal all the sudden. Trump is under your skin bigly.

  • Frank Bootleg
    Frank Bootleg Year ago

    Maybe he just amalgamated information. I'd love to see you prove that considering you media types have never believed anything Trump has tweeted before lol.

  • Philip Morphew
    Philip Morphew Year ago

    Looking like Trump will be out soon! Has Pence chosen a VP yet!

  • enntense
    enntense Year ago

    Evidently exercising the powers granted to the head of the executive branch of the government by the constitution...is obstructing justice...If you live on the other side of the looking glass.

  • Jackob Hall
    Jackob Hall Year ago

    Lock him up!

  • Carlos Morrison
    Carlos Morrison Year ago

    Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

  • sir robert
    sir robert Year ago

    hillary lied multiple time no investigation , flynn lie and they hang him out to dry wtf justice where

  • sir robert
    sir robert Year ago

    lol question over not even close cnn grasping at straws

    AGWRATH3 Year ago

    Impossible to charge President. FAKE NEWS

  • florian eimer
    florian eimer Year ago

    CNN should put Trumps "nobody is above the law" on the air for 24 hours nonstop.

  • Not A RealPresident

    The Bottom Line is This : Make America Great . .. .IMPEACH #45 And His Entire Administration .

  • CrazyLegs
    CrazyLegs Year ago

    3:30 America, what are we going to do about this? Call repeatedly your Republican senator and governor's phones. Let them know how you really feel about your taxes going up by 30%, let them know that they have shown you who they truly work for. Demand they start representing the people who elected them and not their special interests.

  • Gus McKnight
    Gus McKnight Year ago

    ​Leftists Love Buttons, first the "Russian Reset" next "Lauer's Locked Office".

    THIS IS OUR TIME Year ago +1


  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin Year ago


  • Bakpade
    Bakpade Year ago


  • The things We know

    The clown lies constantly and his other stupid personality throws him under the bus.

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago +1

      Sesom Age "you can keep your insurance and doctor and save 2500$ a yr.."..another lie

  • Nicky sue Lund
    Nicky sue Lund Year ago

    Make the lie big, make it simple, tell it over and over again until they believe it : Adolf Hitler / Donald Trump.

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago

      Nicky sue Lund very true.." it was a you tube video"

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. Year ago +1

    Hey! President Stupid just shot himself in the foot AGAIN! What a moron. What an embarrassing LOSER Trump is!

    • Joe S.
      Joe S. Year ago +1

      Steve Xyz.... you sound like Trumpster white trash...classless inbred.

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago

      Joe S. Trump is prez...a billionaire...has a smokin hot First Lady...and beat hillarie and her rat press like a rented mule...dude is smart... hilly is the LOSER

  • mfriedrich2012
    mfriedrich2012 Year ago

    They got nothing on him!
    Brian Cross idiocy and fake news. That's all they will ever have.
    Trump 2020!

  • mvcorse1
    mvcorse1 Year ago

    Fake news

  • Tristan Oliver
    Tristan Oliver Year ago

    *Impeachment is all we need*
    At this point, I don't care if Trump can't be charged or go to jail.
    I just need him and his family to pack up and get the f_ck out of the White House and go back to their old shallow lives.
    This nightmarish tear in the fabric of the universe, will only begin to mend when he no longer has any governmental authority.
    It sickens me that he will always be recognized as President Trump, no matter how he leaves the White House - whether he is impeached, stays 4 or 8 years, heart-attack, mental breakdown......(I don't wish any ill-will on him, I'm just covering the bases)
    But impeachment before his 4 year term is up would be monumentally satisfying.
    I can even live with a rat like Pence or one of the other robots, at least until a true anti-establishment, liberal Progressive moves into the White House. : )
    And even though you will likely never find it in a poll, at least while he is still in office, my non-scientific guess is that a good 75%+ of Reps/Indies would prefer having someone else in his seat, if they could make it happen with the snap of a finger.
    Every day is an episode of Twilight Zone - and only die-hard Trump supporters do not realize it, or do not care.

  • Al Frankenstein
    Al Frankenstein Year ago +1

    No collusion now it's on to obstruction. Liberal lunacy! Trump spins the media like a kid playing with a toy.

  • George Foster
    George Foster Year ago

    Where is CNN finding the ass clowns claiming to be Republicans on talking points of being disgusted with Republican morality standards? How can one be offended by a man groping pussy yet find that a man sucking a dick is okay?

  • frieza
    frieza Year ago

    and trump said, " YOU ARE VERY FAKE NEWS!"

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago +1

      frieza trump is right..rule of thumb...if it's on cnn..it's fake

  • Manuel Avalos
    Manuel Avalos Year ago +1

    Fake News!

  • Greg True
    Greg True Year ago

    All y'all that wants impeachment up for Trump maybe I can understand that but it's not going to happen. He cannot be convicted of crimes while in office they have to impeach they have to have 2/3 majority it's not going to happen so anybody that's hoping for impeachment might as well just hope for the lottery. Don't do that to yourself it's not going to happen. The realistic attitude is to look for a good candidate in 20 20. I understand how you feel because I could see through bill Clinton's fake personality .

    • Greg True
      Greg True Year ago

      Michael Rae I like trump but I'm not attached to him and i am not going to freak out or anything if he is kicked out. Life will go on no matter what. Ther are people on both sides that take him personally. Everything is Twisted to someone's point of view. They said even collusion is not a crime. Again I think it's all a waste of time.

    • Mikey70F
      Mikey70F Year ago

      Greg True he was the one on the campaign trail on many occasions and shouted “no on is above the law” you cannot have it both ways, Answer me this, if he strangled Melania in a fit of pique, nothing would be done about it because he’s President. Are you having a laugh?

  • mperies
    mperies Year ago

    It's good news. The media & the AG's office have a moral duty to expose all serious, (not minor) infractions in a non-partisan manner. If General Flynn is indicted, many more members of the swamp will be found guilty of many more counts & will be sure to follow suit.

  • SR Ghost
    SR Ghost Year ago +1

    Fake news

    FREEBORNMAN Year ago


  • Rafael Vazquez
    Rafael Vazquez Year ago

    Obstructing of justice is obvious!! Why Trump is not impeachment at this point??

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago

      Rafael Vazquez send your evidence to CNN..they need something, anything to keep the Russian fairy tale going...

  • S. P. L.
    S. P. L. Year ago

    Justice is his middle name: donald “justice” trump.

  • Centurion
    Centurion Year ago +1

    Crap News Network

  • Rapid Revolt
    Rapid Revolt Year ago +1

    All the americans supporting Trump are just as bad as him since anything he does wrong is okay in their eyes. Its funny whenever you bring up a good argument of how Trump sucks which is obvious to any sane person, they reply "fake news" "lock up hillary" blah blah blah. If North Korea bombs us, I hope they hit you first you fucken morons

    • Steve Xyz
      Steve Xyz Year ago

      Rapid Revolt the alternative was an insufferable liar and her rapist husband ... America decided MAGA was better.

  • Nationalist
    Nationalist Year ago +4

    eat a dick CNN assclowns

    • RoadKillzine
      RoadKillzine Year ago

      jazz live
      was that you saying something intelligent and countering the point?.. yeah you definitely support Trump

    • RoadKillzine
      RoadKillzine Year ago

      why dont you say something relevant and intelligent to counter the points made?... oh because *eat a dick CNN assclowns* WAS you being intelligent... yeah figures why you like Trump.

    • hollow ashen one
      hollow ashen one Year ago +1

      jazz live you mad they still reporting accurate new on our dividing president

  • Holy Harlot
    Holy Harlot Year ago +2

    Tapper would be the biggest dumbass on the network if it weren't for Cuomo and Lemon.

  • Holy Harlot
    Holy Harlot Year ago +2

    It's cool that the mentally challenged can have their own news channel in America.

  • I Am George
    I Am George Year ago +2

    You guys at cnn kill me hahahahahaha

    • Michael Farmer
      Michael Farmer Year ago

      I Am George it might be the facts are killing you.

  • Diof J
    Diof J Year ago +26

    This fuckin clown should be impeached long time ago.

    • Frank Bootleg
      Frank Bootleg Year ago

      For what again? Oh, for slapping the dog shit out of hilla the Hut.

    • Sebastian Lac
      Sebastian Lac Year ago +1

      With all the Republicans ruling in House and Senate you will be dissapointed. There won‘t be any impeachment. Heck, they are carrying and cheering a phedophile into the Senate.

    • Diof J
      Diof J Year ago +2

      thepsychologistvjdj@bla bla bla...I mean that Clown who got elected with foreign help..doh

  • whitetrash Abdulla
    whitetrash Abdulla Year ago +1

    The trumpanzzes are traitors.
    Send them to Siberia.

  • j wagner
    j wagner Year ago +1

    Report real news and stop this cry wolf1

    • RoadKillzine
      RoadKillzine Year ago

      Trump just admitted he lied.. thats the wolf actually crying wolf?..no.. thats Trump admitting he lied, Russian bot troll

    • Holy Harlot
      Holy Harlot Year ago

      Real News? hahahaha
      This is CNN, where apples are bananas

    • whitetrash Abdulla
      whitetrash Abdulla Year ago +1

      LOCK HIM UP!

  • Mutra muniz
    Mutra muniz Year ago +1

    Why are so many right wingers pedophiles?

  • turkssom hall
    turkssom hall Year ago +3

    Trumptards are traitors.

  • Gury Nils
    Gury Nils Year ago +5


  • Anita Bordlemay
    Anita Bordlemay Year ago

    i ned help in Lancaster ca with this

  • annoyboyPictures
    annoyboyPictures Year ago +2

    JAKE CRAPPER is so PATHETIC... have you ever seen SPIN and PROPAGANDA like this? I think GOEBBELS would SCRATCH his head in Bewilderment as to how a TV CHANNEL can get away with such BLATANT BUFFOONISH LIES...

    • annoyboyPictures
      annoyboyPictures Year ago +1

      LOL ! No FAGGOT... I'm laughing at you POOR PATHETIC PANSIES who cling so desperately to HOPE that they will IMPEACH TRUMP on some Fake BS Procedural crime... Good Luck LIBTARDS... its going to be a LONG 7 Years... LOL!

    • turkssom hall
      turkssom hall Year ago +3

      Still Crying pedophile supporter :)

  • Mauel Thomas
    Mauel Thomas Year ago +2

    Jake Tapper you have nothing. Stop this anti Russian nonsense. If you or any of your reporters have a shred of evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential election bring that evidence forward. When will the corporate media get with reality.

    • WritersOnTheWall
      WritersOnTheWall Year ago

      Mueller had Flynn and his son in a conspiracy to kidnap a person on American soil for the country of Turkey. Flynn got a sweet deal so Mueller could get someone higher up the ladder. The only people between Flynn and Trump are his kids, Kushner is the next to get indicted

    • Mauel Thomas
      Mauel Thomas Year ago

      I voted for Sanders and don't agree with Trump on one issue but this Russia collusion is ridiculous. Not one shred of evidence has emerged in 18 months of investigation except the fact that Russia was not the source of the DNC emails as Assange has said repeatedly. Former CIA analyst William Binney has the forensic evidence that proves the DNC emails were downloaded to a thumb drive not on a slower internet connection.

    • Mauel Thomas
      Mauel Thomas Year ago

      For what?

    • Jaget santos
      Jaget santos Year ago +6

      LOCK HIM UP!

  • Rosa Lynn
    Rosa Lynn Year ago +1

    Former President Nixon was charged with obstruction of justice, and the same law goes with President Donald Trump and Trump will be charged as well.

  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua Year ago +2

    Umm, ok! This is complete ridiculousness. Liberals are scary. They only see what they want to. What makes them so much better than anyone else?? Can someone please tell me without being biased? Anyone!!!?? Oh, before one of you " morally superior" liberals assume that I voted for Trump... I didn't.

    • Farmer G
      Farmer G Year ago

      Joshua it is not my fault that you ask something and then choose to ignore the answer. Apparently THE moot point was me thinking you were serious and replying. Good day to you Mr. Ignorant...

    • Mutra muniz
      Mutra muniz Year ago +4

      I was a trump supporter and I agree.
      He needs to go to jail.

    • Mr. Joshua
      Mr. Joshua Year ago

      Jackob Hall well, Hillary does look like a male...

    • Jackob Hall
      Jackob Hall Year ago +4

      LOCK HIM UP!

    • Mr. Joshua
      Mr. Joshua Year ago

      Farmer G M
      Moot point or debate the point. I asked for an unbiased response, you sir, are the reason behind your so called " moot point". Good day to you...

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones Year ago +14

    Well this is just peachy...impeachy actually.

    • Patrick Sulley
      Patrick Sulley Year ago

      ...and since I now realize you have to be spoken to as though you are 3...I will explain this further. The Pres can order the FBI, CIA, DOJ or any intelligence agencies or federal law enforcement agency to do a myriad of things...most importantly he can ORDER them to START or (this is key) STOP any ongoing investigation they are conducting. So if he wanted to really obstruct (and if he is stunningly charged with obstruction his argument would be as follows) he would simply order them to stop. They would have no choice but to pack up and go home. Since he has the power to do it and has not...is evidence he DOES NOT WANT TO OBSTRUCT. Damn you guys CANT be this stupid.

    • Patrick Sulley
      Patrick Sulley Year ago

      Do you know the difference between "criminal Defense lawyers" and lawyers for real estate, advice of constitutional law and definitions etc etc etc. I apologize for not speaking to you as though you are a 3 year old. I will make sure to do this in the future. "He will not need a 'defense' attorney"

    • misterfunnybones
      misterfunnybones Year ago

      "The president is surrounded by lawyers for a reason: to prevent him from making mistakes." So he does need lawyers...?

    • Patrick Sulley
      Patrick Sulley Year ago

      ...and no his lawyers will not argue anything. He will not need lawyers. He committed no crimes. Sorry to disappoint

    • Patrick Sulley
      Patrick Sulley Year ago

      Not if that action is constitutionally protected. He has every right for what EVER reason to fire anyone in the DOJ with ot without cause. They serve at his pleasure protected by not only article II of the USC but by several supreme court decisions.

  • dollybatam
    dollybatam Year ago +1

    so did you wet the bed yet? these month jerking but yet, no climax.. may be you do not have any sperm at all?? lol

  • Rosa Lynn
    Rosa Lynn Year ago +14

    Trump was crooked from the get-go

  • cupera1
    cupera1 Year ago +2

    This Trump /Russia story has all the same ear marks of the TEA Party racism story. When Obamacare was passed and there was a TEA Party rally in front of the House a fake story was created when one of the congressmen said he was spat on and called a nigg**. Breitbart offered a $100K+ reward for ANY audio or video of that happening and it has gone unclaimed ever since. ALL the video from multiple angles showed that it never happened but it is still referenced to this day of the racism of the TEA party. There has been ZERO evidence that ONE VOTE that was changed in the election. So when the democrats bring this up they must be asked what evidence they have that it happened. All the Obama wire taps and spying on Trump has not found any evidence of collusion with the Russians. If there was anything to the democrat’s claims the relevant transcripts and audio tape would have come out during the campaign to help Hillary.

  • hidn gaming
    hidn gaming Year ago +1

    If if's and but's were candy and nuts.. cnn get over it

  • Door Mouse
    Door Mouse Year ago

    Next time vote straight FBI ticket.

  • Jimmy V
    Jimmy V Year ago +5

    Jake Tapper Triggered Again! LOL MAGA 2020. I fucking love Trump! This is so GD Awesome!!!

    • Jaget santos
      Jaget santos Year ago +7

      Trump is next :)

  • Jazzy Jazz
    Jazzy Jazz Year ago +5

    So impeachment?

  • DJ 2011
    DJ 2011 Year ago +2

    Trump is a dictator, not a man of the people, as his nazi followers like to think. He's a pawn of the oligarchs and he's destroying democracy and the rule of law. Like all fascists he wants rule by force. Like all sex predators he gets off on force. Like all pedophiles. I wonder how many times he went on Lolita Express with Epstein and Clinton? And you Trumpistas suck up to him thinking he's some sort of great man. Your daddy-fuhrer doesn't give a shit about you. You are sheep to him, and you exist only to be fleeced or fucked or killed. Trump should be removed from power by any means necessary.

    • David Durant
      David Durant Year ago

      DJ 2011 Progressivism is the opposite of rule of law.

  • Frank Pereira
    Frank Pereira Year ago +3

    Fake news

  • sun dial
    sun dial Year ago +2

    Looks like Jake is having an orgasm !!! Non Stop Trump hate by these CNN buffoons

  • TmanTitan
    TmanTitan Year ago +5

    Fake news

  • Antonio Delfino
    Antonio Delfino Year ago +2

    All you far leftists and far rightists are cancerous to society

  • Franklin Randall
    Franklin Randall Year ago +5

    These people are traitors...

  • Alan Hanglin
    Alan Hanglin Year ago +1

    All hail king Trump

  • Will pitt
    Will pitt Year ago +2

    Trump wasn't the sitting president...this case started when he was pres elect at the latest

  • 690 KTM Adventure rides SOUTH AUSTRALIA

    TRUMPS going to FUCK YOU UP oneday cnn, you pieces of SHIT.

    • Virginia Ryno
      Virginia Ryno Year ago +3

      690 KTM Adventure rides SOUTH AUSTRALIA - why, You dumpsters allergic to the truth? Your hernia is gonna be the death of you. Hehe

  • jason blake
    jason blake Year ago

    Scared capability sorry grade customer sandwich stop palm continuous appearance.

  • Abe Sorian
    Abe Sorian Year ago

    Why is Russia so retarded

  • Ryan B.
    Ryan B. Year ago +4

    Liberals need to be purged from society

    • DJ 2011
      DJ 2011 Year ago

      Fascists need to be hung from the lampposts.

    • Ryan B.
      Ryan B. Year ago

      Hows senator stuart smalley doin? Conyers? Bill Clinton?

    • Mas Dragnil
      Mas Dragnil Year ago +2

      No, Republicans don't grope women who are past the age of consent. Maybe his little cousin?

  • Dean River
    Dean River Year ago +3

    You guys make up the dumbest crap. Is this a Saturday night live skit.

  • Kirk Crawford
    Kirk Crawford Year ago +2

    Keep making yourself look like an ass tapeworm. Your comparisons are way off. You hope your ignorant libatard watchers are to stupid to catch them. All you libatards tapeworm is making asses of you.

    • Kirk Crawford
      Kirk Crawford Year ago

      Joshua Jones we are the only ones making sense. Your side is too busy molesting each other and treating women like shit. You should be ashamed of backing that scum instead of telling me to shut up.

    • Joshua Jones
      Joshua Jones Year ago +1

      Kirk Crawford shut up, we know to ignore all Trump supporters now. You're all Russian sympathizers, you lost your citizenship in the eyes of real Americans, you're traitors

  • Kirk Crawford
    Kirk Crawford Year ago +2

    Again just bullshit news. CNN please educate yourself. Tapeworm your just bad. Trump just keeps winning and winning. Comey sucked at his job ,protecting hellary. Trump said if you could see your way. Please quote correctly fake news! Poor little tapeworm go wipe your tears.

    • Farmer G
      Farmer G Year ago

      I'm not running and I'm not name calling. If you believe half the crap that you type, then I'm just stating facts.

    • Kirk Crawford
      Kirk Crawford Year ago

      Farmer G there it is all you libatard demarats end with nothing but name calling. So sad your demarat party used to know how to fight now you just cry and run.

    • Farmer G
      Farmer G Year ago

      My, you ARE an idiot

    • Kirk Crawford
      Kirk Crawford Year ago

      Icecoldx932 you still haven’t answered what the demarats have won. It’s like Trump 25 demarats 2. Prove me wrong.

    • Kirk Crawford
      Kirk Crawford Year ago

      Icecoldx932 your comments are pointless. So if demarats are hitting you smashing your possessions burning your business you should stand by and do nothing. Is that what you are saying Icecold. You don’t think people have the right to protect yourself and property?

  • Denise Eugene
    Denise Eugene Year ago +12

    This is insane . They are breaking the law in front of our eyes ...

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Year ago

      vshah1010 Trumps entire White House uses personal email servers lol . No wrong doing ! No arrests or grand jury . Why didn’t Comey arrest her ? Due to running for office ? Trump was under investigation for the trump university scam he settled for 20 million lol. No one cares about Hillary anymore . Keep focusing on Hillary for 2020. She won’t run again hopefully . Should pray for Trump though and his lying cabinet and family . Mueller is not fake . Indictments and Plea deals are not fake . I know it’s hard to accept . Trump is a joke ....

    • vshah1010
      vshah1010 Year ago

      There is no proof so far of Trump/Russia collusion. It is a fishing expedition. You can only use and abuse resources so much without finding anything. Mueller must face criminal charges.
      I don't like Trump. I want Trump to be impeached. The Russia investigation is not the way to impeach Trump. May be in Trump's taxes, but not the Russia investigation.
      It's been long exhausted, and there's no "collusion". Simply meeting, and spreading information is NOT collusion. It's freedom of the press.

    • vshah1010
      vshah1010 Year ago

      Listen to July 5 2016 Comey Press Conference. Comey states the crimes Hillary Clinton did. Comey says that Hillary Clinton had 2 private email servers.
      Comey says that Hillary Clinton and her lawyers deleted emails while Comey watched. This is deleting emails during an investigation, which is obstruction of justice. This makes Hillary Clinton and Comey criminals.
      IG stated that Hillary Clinton broke rules.
      You can't deny what Comey said. But, Comey lied and said there was no "intent", which is wrong. No - these are crimes.
      Comey lied in testimonies. He later says that Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to call the investigation a "matter". Comey went along willingly and enthusiastically to collude with Hillary Clinton.
      Comey didn't record FBI interview. Comey offers everyone immunity. Comey wrote statement that Hillary Clinton was innocent, even before interviewing everyone. Seems like Comey is protecting Hillary Clinton.
      You can't get any more criminal that Hillary Clinton, Comey, and Loretta Lynch. 10+ years in prison for each of these people.

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Year ago

      vshah1010 Ugh! Clinton underwent 9 Benghazi investigations . No special counsel or grand jury . Clinton testified for over 12 hours under oath . They say that she was reckless with the email server but nothing criminal. I don’t care for Hillary. Trump is so knee deep in all of the lying . If no russia involvement why all of the lies ? I just learned that Mueller is subpoenaing Trumps financial records . He has hi taxes

    • vshah1010
      vshah1010 Year ago

      Yes, Hillary Clinton broke the law in front of everyone. And, she did get charged because of corrupt Comey. Comey even stated her crimes. How much clearer can it get? Hillary Clinton and James Comey should be in prison.

  • D Me
    D Me Year ago +6

    Melania is like, "Zis haz been kind of fun, even zo he disgusts me, but fuck zis ..I am.packing my shit!"

  • GOLDENEYE 1124
    GOLDENEYE 1124 Year ago +2

    Eat shit tapper!!

  • David Schlessinger
    David Schlessinger Year ago +15

    Fox = Fake News. Trump = Fake President. Ivanka = Whore for rent. Melania = Cunt marrying for money.

    • David Schlessinger
      David Schlessinger Year ago

      Fox = Fake News. Trump = Fake President. Ivanka = Whore for rent. Melania = Cunt marrying for money.

  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones Year ago

    The problem is that the GOP has a majority in congress. As much as they've let trump get away with til now? All the Republicans turning a blind eye to sexual assault allegations against the president, all the outright hypocrisy and proven lies he tells, all the erosion of their moral standards in favor of partisan power, the nefarious and shady russian connections they all got caught in a lie saying didn't exist, the now all but confirmed ,blatant obstruction of justice, don't expect them to hang Trump and admit that they put a total traitor to the country in office. There's no limit to how low the GOP will go and everyone knows it all across the world now.

    • Farmer G
      Farmer G Year ago +1

      Most republicans chose to put party over country in order to pass the agenda of the Koch brothers and their fellow .1%ers. It'll take years to undo the damage this administration has done to this country. History will show that they did more damage to this country than 9/11 did.

    • MrButtlettuce
      MrButtlettuce Year ago

      Joshua Jones

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Year ago +1

      Joshua Jones Exactly ! The republicans will always be associated with Trump...

  • Carl Capps
    Carl Capps Year ago +1

    Divide to conquer is very old tactic but it obviously still works.

  • Carl Capps
    Carl Capps Year ago

    A word wizard having fun.

    • David Schlessinger
      David Schlessinger Year ago

      Too bad Trump can't do it without index cards, squinting his eyes and 40 minutes of prep. And he STILL fucks it up everyday.