Lobster and champagne: French minister in hot water for living lavishly on public funds

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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    France's energy and ecology minister, François de Rugy, is in hot water after French media revealed he spent taxpayer money on lavish dinners and renovations to his official residence. The government has announced an inquiry into the matter.
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Comments • 13

  • hafiz norhashim
    hafiz norhashim 4 months ago

    so ironic that the environment minister doing all this while the people getting charge insane environment taxes

  • We The People
    We The People 5 months ago +1

    Off with their heads. The elites on the rise again in France. Revolution is required again, dust off the Guillotines, your going to need them. The Yellow Jackets can round the Elites up.

  • Tired AF
    Tired AF 5 months ago

    So like a royal but not legal

  • Ameer
    Ameer 5 months ago

    *Frenchies sharpening their guillotines*

  • Symbolic Living
    Symbolic Living 5 months ago +2

    They all live the high life off tax payers money and many have "Foundations" to pass around tax payer money to their friends in high places to live it up!

    • koukla mou
      koukla mou 4 months ago

      well : i'm a fr people , and followed all this : it's a seculary think : a dick story . His ex-wife sended this pictures on twitter but their is no changement on the fact . ( not only food and wine but other too like an appartment with 65k€ for "some renovation" . )

  • Cosmo Ray
    Cosmo Ray 5 months ago +1

    Politician has been dinning on tax payers for decades. They've been living like Kings and Queens. Fancy trips, expensive hotels etc. Wasting tax payers hard earned currencies. These assholes should be fired and be given some jail time in the big house.

  • Alessandro Dastamio
    Alessandro Dastamio 5 months ago

    Must be a brother to natenyahu's wife...of Israel

  • lithgrapher
    lithgrapher 5 months ago +2

    Typical French.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 5 months ago +2

    Another parasite living off the tax payers, Europe is infested with them .

  • Light York
    Light York 5 months ago +5

    the French politicians are still a step behind the ones in Asia,here some of them occupy two government houses for the two posts they held in the past and retain it for decades after leaving that post and it gets passed onto their children after death

    • Jean Bourdil
      Jean Bourdil 4 months ago +1

      Yes, but Asian countries do not make it a specialty to teach lessons to the world. An African proverb says that to climb trees one needs a clean panty.

    • Cosmo Ray
      Cosmo Ray 5 months ago +2

      Wow. Talk about milking the system. That's called fraud.