Why WE ALL STOPPED watching the Dolan Twins + Merch reveal

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
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    In this video i talk about all the reasons why i stopped watching the dolan twins. These are all my opinions please form yours below.
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  • ItzKeisha
    ItzKeisha  Month ago +61

    buy my merch here !!

  • Jaclyn M
    Jaclyn M 2 days ago

    hey girl where'd u get your wig?

  • Anna hoo-
    Anna hoo- 6 days ago

    I still watch them get a liffeeee

  • Jocelyn Leggett
    Jocelyn Leggett 11 days ago

    I stopped watching them cuz they just became unfunny

  • Alyssa Jones
    Alyssa Jones 12 days ago

    Somebody had to say it... thank you keisha💗

  • Betrix F
    Betrix F 13 days ago

    i used to be a dolan twins fan back in 2017/18, i didn't have a stan acc or sth but i was really close to make one, so i don't really know exactly what used to happen in the fandom, i just watched their content. ngl, their videos helped me through hard times, they never failed to make me laugh and they always spread a positive message which i appreciate but idk what happened.. when they moved to a new house and started making a different type of content, i slowly stopped watching.. i'm not sure if i just naturally stopped being interested or their content stopped being as interesting to me. after some time, i watched their videos here and there to see what they were up to and i still think they're pretty funny but i just don't feel as connected to them. i think they just grew as ppl and changed, ofc but their videos don't interest me as much. to me it also seems a lot of times that they are forcing themselves to post content when they don't want to. i know they often take breaks and all but after everything they went through, they need some time off without the pressure of needing to post. theyve been doing yt since they were teens so maybe yt just isn't as interesting to them, it kinda seems like they wanna do other things but can't bc of youtube.

  • Melissa O’Brien
    Melissa O’Brien 13 days ago

    The Shane Dawson video he’s been through a lot of things and done a lot of things nobody thought. The q&a would be to happy and try to make it good when they really had to address things such as their dad. Shane kept its very real and kept the emotion that they needed to be honest and nearly cry

  • julia
    julia 13 days ago +1

    *I sooOO agree about the Shane thing!! He is not the president of TVclip, is is not the "fixer-upper" of TVclip. Being in a video with him does not make you absolved of everything.. (not specifically the Dolans, but everyone who does a Shane "series")*

  • keeley seabright
    keeley seabright 14 days ago +1

    They have been thru a lot tho tbh with there dad and family and a lot of fan issues so I guess it’s kinda fair ...there own fandom has pushed them to be people that they aren’t ...🤷‍♀️

  • MrsPenPal
    MrsPenPal 14 days ago +2

    Your Thumbnail hun🔥. I thought he was in the room with you!

  • se009 58
    se009 58 14 days ago

    Agree wiith everything, and i mean EVERYTHING! u got urself a new sub honey

  • Tan Yanita
    Tan Yanita 15 days ago

    Most of this video is in support of the dolan twins (imo), which was unexpected. If anything, I hear you saying they don’t have to make a big deal out of minor “announcements,” and they need to directly address the negative aspects of their fandom. Fair points.

  • Beezie Jay
    Beezie Jay 15 days ago +1

    this is everything omg

  • dolans lvst
    dolans lvst 15 days ago

    i see where you're coming from 100%, however if i may shed some light on it i'd just like to say most of the fans who have been with them for awhile don't watch their videos for 'enjoyment' or whatever. we watch them because we want them to be happy and we want to support them after all of the shit they went through to create content for us over the past five years. they walked through hell to make us happy, least we can do in return is get them that adsense :)

  • natasha aziz
    natasha aziz 15 days ago +1

    this is the most accurate video on youtube.

  • Hajar Chahboune
    Hajar Chahboune 15 days ago

    You spoke facts a 💯

  • NASHAE Moore
    NASHAE Moore 16 days ago +1

    I’m so confused on your accent. I just can’t figure you out 😂

  • Unicorn Bling
    Unicorn Bling 16 days ago +1

    I happened to watch one of their videos and now they have camera man and editors. So they don’t edit and have a team to record themselves. And they take breaks all the time, their content became boring, seems like they lost their love for video making. I also used to be a Stan too.

  • Hannah O'Brien
    Hannah O'Brien 16 days ago

    I don’t like you for some reasons (NOT RACE) but you do have some good points-

  • Elyse Benge
    Elyse Benge 16 days ago

    why do people think they don’t like doing videos anymore?

  • Alo Mulero
    Alo Mulero 16 days ago

    My honest opinion about the dolan twins: (if you easily get offended with dolan opinions because you "Stan" them alot then dont read this keep scrolling)
    There honestly rly good guys. There respectful and rly love their fans. But like, there content is so boring. I'm just gonna flat out say it. Now that they post whenever they want they create shit. But when they were creating once a week videos they were more entertaining. Likee they better fix something or else they'd lose all the followers they have over the course of 5 freaking years !!

  • Forever KJ
    Forever KJ 17 days ago

    The K-pop fans comment was facts!!

  • Катерина Белчева

    I am in this fandom for couple of months already and I can say that it is full of sweet people (or at least I've found good people). I am sorry that you felt unaccepted. That is awful but the twins have nothing to do with that. Throughout the months, I've been watching their videos. I like their old ones and new ones and ofc they don't want to quit TVclip (as many people claim here) because that's been their passion since really early age. Everyone takes his own decisions but for me unstanning is one of the ugliest things a fan can do (with the exception of the idol doing toxic things or becoming a bad person). The twins are super cute on the inside and on the outside. I am sorry for the people who can't see it. They don't deserve to be hated and they've showed numerous times that they are really open-minded and acceptable people who don't judge people (even less fans) by their skin colour, sexuality, religion, gender, etc. I love them and the things they do and will continue to do.

  • αriαnαtordolαntwin αngєl

    U were right in everything u said💜

  • Swtnrbby
    Swtnrbby 17 days ago +1

    After the sister squad died... they became very boring to me like there was nothing to look forward to for them... now they’re doing this off week uploading with videos.. i am so glad they are in a better state mentally and I love that now they take their time with their videos... I mean you can do the vast weeks just not with a series though.. you can’t start a series and upload part 2 literally 2 weeks later which has yet to happen in the AUS survival stuff. Idk

  • Canora Hepburn
    Canora Hepburn 17 days ago

    Who’s “we all”?

  • Lee Cur
    Lee Cur 17 days ago

    I used to watch the Dolan twins 247 but now I don’t at all😭

  • Britney Franquiz
    Britney Franquiz 17 days ago

    I wanted to be in the Dolan fandom but like their so toxic and annoying that I can’t I’m also Afro Cuban so I not trying to catch any racial slurs when I come at them for being toxic. I been watching the twins for a year now and it breaks my heart knowing they straight up ignore the poc thing I wish they would address this more

  • Lu GioF
    Lu GioF 18 days ago

    Teen the prime of life? Lol
    This is so wrong to do many level...
    you should be the one to Sit down and read more books ... maybe!

  • Raeanne Joseph
    Raeanne Joseph 18 days ago +1

    i always hated that whole "grethan ship" because ewwww
    there are literally so many fan fictions and fan edits that promote it and i could never wrap my head around why

  • Nana A Fosuah Dadzie
    Nana A Fosuah Dadzie 20 days ago +1

    Am not thick but i've got skin 😀😀

  • Mrs Dolan 2908
    Mrs Dolan 2908 20 days ago +2

    The twins are great people with awesome personalities and I'm very proud that they finally got to do what they love. I understand you don't completely love their content anymore and it okays. You shouldn't get hate for it but theirs a lot out there that still love them and appreciate them for growing up because their not teens anymore and we all can see that now. As a fandom we appreciate your opinion and you deserve no hate what so ever. But yeah be gone then be gone

  • Eh Whatever
    Eh Whatever 21 day ago +1

    “Even if they wanna be in a relationship close you mouth you breath stands first of all”

  • Louise Tell
    Louise Tell 21 day ago

    I went to a concert recently and met one of my friends I made on a fan account and we were bashing how toxic fandoms are and how we all have to live our own lives I gave up on fandoms cause it’s exhausting and it’s all bandwagon jumping. I enjoy watching the Dolan twins and used to stan but TVclip just ain’t that good anymore 🤔

  • Rana McGill
    Rana McGill 22 days ago +1

    People shouldn’t attack you for your skin color that’s one of the most disgusting thing someone can do! Like it’s 2019 almost 2020 lets get over the race thing!

  • Rana McGill
    Rana McGill 22 days ago +6

    The Dolan twins content isn’t the same because they are growing up! No one stays the same! They clearly wasn’t happy with the way things where going and they said that they weren’t happy with most of their videos! Everyone grows up now their happy with what they are posting now then that’s all that matters! They are still goofs just not the 14 year old goofs! That’s all

  • Roya Zaki
    Roya Zaki 24 days ago

    I totally relate to what you said I have been watching them since 2014 and now I just don't want to anymore. I don't want to have this connection to someone that I can't meet. I had such a huge crush on Grayson since 2014 so, I honestly can't indulge myself in that. I can't keep watching them when I can't even meet them.

  • Roya Zaki
    Roya Zaki 24 days ago

    I feel like they always push certain things to the side. It's important to address issues and if you are seeing someone being racist towards someone say something. Why are they always acting oblivious. I don't know I just don't like youtube anymore. For average people like me I don't want to waste my time watching dumb videos when I can study and do other things.

  • Roya Zaki
    Roya Zaki 24 days ago

    I don't watch anymore because I am growing up and I want to focus on my own goals and aspirations. I barely have time for youtube. I watch all of your videos cause why not. I just dont feel like watching them anymore they aren't as entertaining anymore. I am outgrowing their content.

    BTS R KINGS 24 days ago

    Every fandom has toxic fans. The bigger the fandom, the more toxic people. Especially, in kpop. The saesangs (Stalker fans) are very extreme in the kpop industry. BUT, please don't generalise a whole fandom. I'm an AMRY and the amount of abuse I've had just by being a fan is absurd. People seem to ignore the good ARMY has actually done around the world.

  • Mercedes Grimmer
    Mercedes Grimmer 24 days ago

    Girl!! Yes!!
    My problem with them is ... There Stan's CONSTANTLY go in on every girl there seen talking too, around, associated with. And when I say go in I mean I've read some of the nastiest shit towards these girls for no fucking reason it's disgusting🤮. I agree with the Meredith situation as she still receives countless shit from the today, years fucking after her and Ethan broke up. But yet these are the same Stans who talk about nothing but how their mental state and mind is so important? But they can cause anybody's mental health to go downhill fast and that's okay?? I've seen many people talking about EXACTLY what you spoke on in the video, they get bashed and that's it.
    I also agree with the racism in the fandom. I am a white British female and i remember being on twitter and Grayson liked a girls comment on Instagram (the girl was African American) I saw people calling her the N word, gorilla, black bastard everything. I defended her, and guess what? Woke up to 380 messages 6 hours later, with the worst abuse I've seen in my life.
    The Dolan twins are definitely the type of "too nice" image which I just think is fake, all they do is sell way overpriced merch and all that shit I said above.
    I was a fan girl in the vine girls because they were cute but now I just think because they know girls thinking there god's gift they think there everything when there not😂
    I would respect them as creators and human beings if they atleast addressed EVERYTHING. There allowing there fans to control their love lives. There allowing there fans to destroy people. And there allowing there fans to be racist. Anyway, I'm off to buy your merch, love your videos ❤️

  • AprilFrostt
    AprilFrostt 24 days ago

    Hey! I just stumbled upon your channel and I think it's great! While I don't agree exactly with everything you're saying I respect your opinions because you have valid reasons on why you may not like a certain person or a situation. But I totally understand how it feels to be apart of a majority white fandom and have the other fans be racists and say rude things about black people because they get jealous or upset over stupid things. I don't join fandoms either because of that and it shows that the person you're supporting doesn't even care when they don't do anything about it. I guess that kind of gave me a slap in the face and got me out of that stan sheep mentality. We are strong, beautiful, and talented and we don't have time to deal with bullshit like that. Be an independent fan.

  • s. vftdolans
    s. vftdolans 25 days ago +1

    I like the twins' old and new content but they really went through a lot, so I feel like people started judging them a little too much.

  • s. vftdolans
    s. vftdolans 25 days ago

    Ethan and Grayson are the most selfless people ever and they don't deserve any of the hate they got lately. People talking about how unhappy they looked in their videos and how they should take a break but when they finally opened up about their mental health and their dad, people called them overdramatic. Wtf people? People also say they don't care about their fans but would they post weekly for us even tho they weren't happy doing it if they didn't care about us? I don't think so. Oh, and about the "boring content" - just don't watch them anymore, it's simple. And I'm talking to anyone who thinks so, not to the girl in the video.

  • s. vftdolans
    s. vftdolans 25 days ago

    I think people just need to leave them alone. They went through a lot this year and people say they've changed. What did you expect? No one would stay exactly the same after their father, their best friend died.

  • JJWSVTK abi
    JJWSVTK abi 26 days ago

    I also stopped watching them after they came back that time damn

  • JJWSVTK abi
    JJWSVTK abi 26 days ago

    you and your hair looks good ma'am!

  • Shanie
    Shanie 26 days ago +3

    damn ur merch is actually so cute

  • chantellek sweetie
    chantellek sweetie 26 days ago +1

    I stopped watching in 2018. The Sister Squad ruined everything and got mad annoying. Then in multiple videos, Ethan would be unnecessarily rude to Grayson (not even in a joking manner) and had this try hard "iM sO eDgy" attitude that I hated. So I just left and started watching other TVcliprs.

  • pip pop
    pip pop 26 days ago

    maybe if u stanned loona u would know what kpop stans were not the ones to say such disgusting comments

    • Peach. gguk
      Peach. gguk 25 days ago

      pip pop if you say “stan ______ you would blah blah blah blah” it gets annoying and people won’t actually want to search them at all.

  • Sarah Whiteford
    Sarah Whiteford 26 days ago

    you’re genuinely such a good person. you go girl 💖

  • Sangita Gajbe
    Sangita Gajbe 27 days ago

    You are so raw and true. I love you for that. Thank you you bought me back to reality. ♥️

  • Jenn Garcia
    Jenn Garcia 28 days ago

    I have been in the fandom since 2015 I think I do remember you in the fandom and everything you are saying is 100% facts the fandom is toxic, every other day there is new drama. The twins really do need to speak up and put some fans in their place I am tired of getting hated on for being older, I am tired of seeing fans hate on other races in the fandom there is no reason for it. I do remember when fans were getting hate for being a poc it was ridiculous and I remember tweeting Ethan and Grayson and saying why don't you guys say something about it and acknowledge it. I love being a fan but the twins are 20 now it is time for them to just say what they need to say and at times tell the fandom off. Loved the video and how truthful you were and I am sorry for the way you're were treated it was not okay. 💗

  • Mia Carter
    Mia Carter 28 days ago

    Im a kpop fan and I think the fans who say all that weird ish are like 12 years old or younger. Either way they need mental help.

  • Kimmie Howard
    Kimmie Howard 28 days ago

    I used to like BTS, but I was never a Stan, and I was also treated badly by other fans. They were racist and just rude, so I just stopped dealing with BTS. And the more fans they have, the crazier the fandom is getting. The group members of BTS and other kpop group members can't even date anyone, and that's just crazy to me 😂

  • miykael forbes
    miykael forbes 28 days ago

    You’re so messy but I love it😂

  • Morgan Marshall
    Morgan Marshall 29 days ago +3

    I feel that they are sick of TVclip and youtubers all together

    • S O
      S O 26 days ago

      Morgan Marshall yeah but their forcing themselves cos they have nothing else going for them other than TVclip and that’s how they pay the rent and buy their designer shit

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K 29 days ago

    As an old-school K-pop fan, I am tired of current K-pop fans (mostly the ones who are loud and wrong on Twitter). I just don't know why they feel the need to be giant trolls. Like can we just all go back to collecting group merch and streaming music videos on TVclip?

  • Monimon
    Monimon 29 days ago

    most of the poeple who say "maybe if they staned so and so" are trolls who dont actually like kpop

  • vanessa selena
    vanessa selena 29 days ago

    I left the Dolan twin fandom too, I saw all the racist tweets, and idk why they actually became popular in a good way. It took months for G&E to say something, and tbh it wasn’t even all that.
    I did meet some nice people but tbh I grew out of them, I’m the same age as them and ppl who have grown up with them are getting too busy with life