UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB (2018) Endings Explained

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • Digging into the darkest corners of the internet in the techno horror sequel UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB, which features TWO different endings. Learn all about the story and what happens in both endings.
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Comments • 5 233

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 6 days ago +1

    can u please explain o me why the ending in the movie that I watched was only car accident and not the buried alive???

  • Nur Fatihin
    Nur Fatihin 8 days ago

    What if the one who took the laptop chooses to erase it first before using it.

  • Mr.M1Garand 25
    Mr.M1Garand 25 9 days ago

    I think it's dumb how the police killed the TVclip guy even tho he wasn't visibly armed and the sound would have been further away from him not making sense if someone was at the top of the stairs lol

  • Jasmin breaking bad sopranos

    you like the dude that wanted the computer back.

  • Mark Angelo Valdejueza

    Bitch, if we have software designers as good as them, I wouldn't be here typing manually every old progams I need to 5s and update.

  • societies
    societies 18 days ago

    Unfriended 3: I’m john quinones and this is what would you do?

  • The Most Original Gamer

    Really just finished watching and thank god I didn't watched the trailer earlier, I saw comments there of people talking how that trailer ruined the experience of the whole movie, thank god I'm not from on one them

    and I suggest, if you haven't watched the movie yet then what are you doing here, go watch it, it's totally worth it, from me 10/10 you'll sure enjoy it, just like I did :D

  • Cheyenne Gebo
    Cheyenne Gebo 18 days ago

    Just??? Don’t steal???? Or at least give it back????? Don’t drain another persons money???

  • Venus Reyes
    Venus Reyes 19 days ago

    I see a lot of comments that are not a fan of the movie, but this movie is def 10/10 for me :D

  • Aarav only
    Aarav only 19 days ago

    Hey I didn't knew FBI would shoot someone (with a shotgun) on the basis of a call

  • Michael Gonzan
    Michael Gonzan 20 days ago

    Rosemary’s baby

  • The Finesse King
    The Finesse King 23 days ago

    My question is, was the Circle global? It is strange how some of the members happen to be in the UK to murder one of his friends

  • Just a little Dawg
    Just a little Dawg 26 days ago

    Unfriended 1036679-

  • Atom_Alchemist
    Atom_Alchemist Month ago

    typed dark web into google
    Got instructions to access dark web

  • animebangtan squad
    animebangtan squad Month ago

    I guess they are done with happy endings these days

  • Tank Coffee
    Tank Coffee Month ago

    This movie pissed me off 😂 all the mf has to do was gtfo Skype with his friend n go to his gf

  • troblezgaming
    troblezgaming Month ago

    God I want to punch the cake add girl in her throat.

  • truthseeker
    truthseeker Month ago

    1:17 Oh, that's so white ppl lmfao! xD

  • Dakota Glenn
    Dakota Glenn Month ago

    The movie hostel scares me, at least the concept does, people paying to torture or see you tortured. Oof.

  • kolder123
    kolder123 Month ago

    Stop going to see found footage films

  • ZaphGaming
    ZaphGaming Month ago +2

    Unfriended 4: Blocked

  • Stacey Fews
    Stacey Fews Month ago

    Hitchcock Shirt is so dope 🥵🥴

  • Richard Tucker
    Richard Tucker Month ago

    There's actually a third ending where Tobias and his girl meet. And the Charon members surround them with cameras. Bit one of the online Charon members remembers how Tobias stole their money for "insurance purposes". The Charon community had a vote for sparring or killing the couple. The online community actually votes to let them live because of the " insurance policy" Tobias took out.

  • Sima Halder
    Sima Halder Month ago

    Unfriended 3: DANK WEB

  • Slade951
    Slade951 Month ago

    Next one should be ghost hacker vs super hackers.

  • RpG galaxyslayer
    RpG galaxyslayer Month ago

    all he had to do is just give back the laptop and his friends dont die. So stupid smh

    • Moon River Baby
      Moon River Baby Month ago

      That was a lie bc Kelly wouldn't have died. Also the laptop was in lost and found for a month.Enough time to retrace your steps.

  • Cayden Smith
    Cayden Smith Month ago +2

    There was another ending where matias and his gf do survive due to one of the voters pointing out that he played well and earned it

  • SylverWebSurfer
    SylverWebSurfer Month ago

    So...is Katie good?

  • John_ Wicked
    John_ Wicked Month ago

    Unfriended 3 : Trump falls for it again !

  • John_ Wicked
    John_ Wicked Month ago +2

    How to get away from a hacker??

  • Pedro Brambila
    Pedro Brambila Month ago

    Dumb ass people I swear

  • RedDragonsRme
    RedDragonsRme 2 months ago

    I knew a girl names Eric Dunn, bruuh lol

  • S P E D G R A V I T Y
    S P E D G R A V I T Y 2 months ago

    The World Can Win Against This Underground base

  • FateNut
    FateNut 2 months ago +1

    Unfriended 666: his Password was p*rn 😱

  • Metaphysics
    Metaphysics 2 months ago

    "Dark Web" 😅🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? 2 months ago

    This dude "And play cards of humanity uhhh this is the future ladies and gentlemen"
    The whole internet in 2019:and I oop sksksksks

  • The idiots are Winning
    The idiots are Winning 2 months ago +3

    There is no murder for hire on the dark web. There are scams advertising hitmen which just try and take money from idiots. However, the hacking in this movie is not improbable and totally doable, apart from glitching out the bad guys so perfectly.

  • One Fat Kitten
    One Fat Kitten 2 months ago

    Sad that the girl from Purge and GetOut died

  • BritishEcho
    BritishEcho 2 months ago

    Lol this movie makes it seem hackers are like these godly beings while in real life they are nothing but script kiddies downloading dodgy software off the internet...

    • Batman
      Batman 2 months ago

      Haha yeah. The game represented them like supernatural beings lmao.

  • Kewl ADEL
    Kewl ADEL 2 months ago

    The story is absolutely shiiiiiit

  • jon snipe
    jon snipe 2 months ago

    it shows u how powerful dark web is in real life... this movie was a documentary

  • xXMr0LinkXx
    xXMr0LinkXx 2 months ago

    The very concept of the Dark/Deep Web honestly terrifies me.

  • Massive God of a man
    Massive God of a man 2 months ago

    This isn't the dark web, its the Mariana web which is much worse. Criminals (like killers, not low level drugs and stuff) use. It's also where people go to red rooms ect

  • kartell 66
    kartell 66 2 months ago

    Damn should've Just gave em the laptop

  • DJ Does Dumb Stuff
    DJ Does Dumb Stuff 2 months ago

    Finally, lesbians in a movie not strictly about being gay!

    Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddd of course they die.

  • doggo mckitten
    doggo mckitten 2 months ago

    If i was asked to answer the skype call id just not answer because i dont like talking to people.

  • Futcho Bishh
    Futcho Bishh 2 months ago

    It’s really not that difficult.
    1. Download a VPN
    2. Download Tor
    That’s it. If you wanna be extra secure, connect to your neighbors WiFi, and watch a TVclip deep web tutorial video. Unless you have some level of hacking skills and put them to use on the wrong websites, you typically have nothing to worry about.

  • Futcho Bishh
    Futcho Bishh 2 months ago

    Murder for hire isn’t really that easy to come by on the dark web... most of the “hitmen” are scammers. A friend told me

  • Playd0h
    Playd0h 2 months ago

    unfriended dark web just teaches you a lesson


  • BestofBadminton
    BestofBadminton 2 months ago

    3 for 1 special

  • Red0x KineMaster
    Red0x KineMaster 2 months ago +1

    Unfriend 3: wrong password

  • Caleb Burkholder
    Caleb Burkholder 2 months ago

    Cards AGAINST humanity

  • C. Sand.
    C. Sand. 2 months ago

    I enjoyed it. Would've been cool if Amaya was part of it all. I thought she was at first. Or Lexx couldve been in one it.

  • Religious Otaku
    Religious Otaku 2 months ago

    I watched it. I didn’t think it was too bad. It was actually kinda enjoyable

  • im weird
    im weird 2 months ago

    in oppra you can go to the darkus webus

    WANNABETREELAND :v 2 months ago +1

    Ok, y’all now you know if you find a laptop or whatever leave it alone if not look in it if it has weird shit fucking mash it into millions of little pieces with a fucking hammer!!!

  • ILikeCHEEZ9
    ILikeCHEEZ9 2 months ago

    Interesting, He didn't realize that there's actually 4 endings. Welp, I stop watching here because i am sadly more informed

  • Nia Weaver
    Nia Weaver 3 months ago +1

    Got me scared to comment XD

  • Sana -
    Sana - 3 months ago +4

    “Laura Barns, the girl that pooped her pants and became a vengeful spirit.”

  • JP Nerf
    JP Nerf 3 months ago +1

    You look like one of my friends from 5th grade if he was an adult