Jon Hallur - Love,Honour And Obey


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  • Светлана Эйденберг

    Maybe obedience? Love honour and obedience?

    • siZeDcuBe
      siZeDcuBe Year ago

      Светлана Эйденберг love, and honour, can also be used as verbs. Like obey

    • 63Limar
      63Limar 2 years ago

  • siZeDcuBe
    siZeDcuBe 3 years ago +1

    Best eve music

  • starshyne25678
    starshyne25678 5 years ago

    is it a problem to listen to fast music in deep space and space travel it could be boring you know !!

  • kol2upt3d
    kol2upt3d 5 years ago +1

    Fucking pisses me off to no end that they REMOVED the jukebox from the game entirely

  • sirthomas1
    sirthomas1 7 years ago

    Haha youngturx112 is one of bigest retard on youtube :D

  • Joey Lin
    Joey Lin 7 years ago +1

    This is the song for Heroes
    just like Nouvelle Rouvenor Hero

  • AutumnGracy
    AutumnGracy 8 years ago

    You know what I love about Jon's music? It doesn't matter what language you speak, you understand it the exact same way everone else does. It speaks to your soul, and the soul knows no tongue.

  • arktikgraywolf
    arktikgraywolf 9 years ago +1

    epic shit i wish i could too

  • braorius
    braorius 9 years ago

    wish i could truly go in space listening to this song....

  • endOsS1
    endOsS1 9 years ago +1

    yea one of me favorties .. for me the Main theme for the amarrian empire.
    in the beginning when i started with Amarrian and listed to this soundtrack i was very impressed .. impressed my lifetime..
    eve ftw
    see ya in space!

  • sudiin
    sudiin 10 years ago

    Wow dude! Where do you get these great backgrounds to go with the great music? :)
    Are they downloadable somewhere, they look terrific?

  • arktikgraywolf
    arktikgraywolf 10 years ago

    eve online music is amazing

  • Galen Lisse
    Galen Lisse 10 years ago

    I used to listen to this song alot...was amazing to play this game may play it again...

  • nemisisbeta
    nemisisbeta 10 years ago +1

    the beauty of space is truly visualized with the music of eve. But there is more to be captured.

  • gordon tian
    gordon tian 10 years ago

    if only eve is real, but for now it only exists in our minds T-^

  • staffsargemobuto
    staffsargemobuto 10 years ago

    whoa buddy chill on the caffeine

  • Crackbagged
    Crackbagged 10 years ago

    its just a slideshow :}

  • VicariousReality7
    VicariousReality7 11 years ago


  • Zyamaman
    Zyamaman 11 years ago

    You rock, man!
    Thanks for the link!

  • Mithat Çelik
    Mithat Çelik 11 years ago

    can someone tell me what is this? i ve never seen video like this! what is the aim? what is the subject? i dont no! though pretty cool! ama i ve 2 say,this music is like grave music!