I Thought The Longest Yard Would Change My Life | Joey Diaz

  • Published on Jul 13, 2019
  • TCOWHN# 700 - Ian Edwards
    Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt
    #JoeyDiaz #LeeSyatt #Madflavor

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  • Vault Dweller
    Vault Dweller 4 hours ago

    who the fuck is the squeaker off camera?

  • Dion Robertson
    Dion Robertson Day ago

    Joey Diaz was one of my favorite parts of longest yard

  • TheThunderer
    TheThunderer 2 days ago

    14:01 please someone help me what episode was this I laughed my ass off just listening to it 😂😂😂😂

  • Eric Forret
    Eric Forret 4 days ago

    OMG...was listening to Joey on Rogan this week (1/15/20). Flipped on the longest yard on - seen it a dozen times, but I never realized Diaz was in it. Crazy!!! Just like Joey said, we just got crushed by a snow storm in IA...it’s how I discovered he was in the movie (I.e. culture comes full circle)!

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV 4 days ago

    Joey sounds bitter.......Hollywood owes you nothing

  • Geffry Garcia
    Geffry Garcia 4 days ago

    Dont feel bad Joey .I watched the movie not to long ago just cuz your in it. I watch ur podcast and follow u not Adam sandler or any one else on that movie.

  • Scourgelord Nathreim
    Scourgelord Nathreim 4 days ago +1

    Stone Cold and Goldberg got screwed as well.

    • jeepkid92
      jeepkid92 3 days ago

      Scourgelord Nathreim not really one was the top star in front of hundreds of thousands in the 90s when wwf was the biggest thing on tv and the other was the same except he’s still making appearances today.

  • Zach Chungus
    Zach Chungus 6 days ago

    looking real healthy congrats! Love you Joey!

  • BillsCards 86
    BillsCards 86 8 days ago

    "Can of corn and I'll be fine, can of corn" funniest line on the longest yard! "you assholes better not cut me"

  • Knowledge Variable
    Knowledge Variable 8 days ago


  • JR
    JR 10 days ago +1

    It aint easy being cheesy

  • Ricky Huerta
    Ricky Huerta 11 days ago

    Joey WAs my favorite part of the longest yard.

  • Andy Drew
    Andy Drew 11 days ago +1

    I love how joey always shouts out Montreal

  • SkyWalker Thom
    SkyWalker Thom 13 days ago

    Bro I always quote you “someone get me a can of corn and a Diet Coke” you’re the 🐐🐐

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 13 days ago +1

    " somebody get me a diet coke "

  • GZA036
    GZA036 15 days ago

    maybe because you're a fat disgusting goomba monster

  • Mighty WhiteE
    Mighty WhiteE 18 days ago

    Joey you looked good in Longest Yard.Big Ups to you Bro...I wish you were in more movies,but God has a plan.Maybe if you made all that money, you may be different. Maybe Dead..I enjoy ya Mad Flavor Big Uncle Joey!!!

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 19 days ago +1

    I loved him in the longest yard

  • A M
    A M 21 day ago

    I used to think joey was big puss bonpensiero from the sopronos

  • Joseph Myers
    Joseph Myers 21 day ago +1

    Wait, that's NOT Chad Johnson?
    The lightning makes him look hella different.

  • adam t
    adam t 21 day ago

    the reason the phone didnt ring is cause hollywood had no roles for fat guys with heavy accents. plus hes annoying. he can play no characters. its most likely aswell hes got such a bad attitude, he talks like hes a wiseman an the reallity is. hes just a guy who opens his mouth an some ppl laugh cause hes spewing shit and some ppl find that funny,80% of the world DONT

  • Damion Otteman
    Damion Otteman 22 days ago

    Honest to god uncle Joey you made longest yard for me.
    "Can of corn a can of corn and I'll be fine."
    You motha fuckers better not cut me I'm still on this team."
    " I played at Kansas State." Oh for coach Snyder? " nah Kansas State Mental Institution." I loved you in that movie.

  • Chicken Speed
    Chicken Speed 22 days ago

    that movie needed you tbh

  • User Name
    User Name 23 days ago +4

    “Football tree outs... what the hells a tree out”

  • I Kried A Cederlund
    I Kried A Cederlund 24 days ago

    My name is earl was the best show idek why till this day.

  • Sheila Blische
    Sheila Blische 24 days ago

    I never heard of this guy but why is he talking about himself & not the guest?

    • Queens 88
      Queens 88 22 days ago +1

      Sheila Blische ha there’s no reason for an apology I just found about Joey Diaz last week I was thinking the same thing

    • Sheila Blische
      Sheila Blische 23 days ago

      Queens 88 Sorry 😐 just stumbled on this started listening he is entertaining just never heard of him before. Getting old & uncool I guess. 😊

    • Queens 88
      Queens 88 23 days ago

      Sheila Blische this is what he does it’s great

  • NotoriousLife
    NotoriousLife 24 days ago +1


  • HWAN
    HWAN 25 days ago

    Id watch it again. Which is more than can be said for movies nowndays. N for joey. Jeez brotha you have a bit where you say you were wired the entire time. So idk loss opportunity should be the thumbnail.

  • Quaty d
    Quaty d 27 days ago

    Who’s the guy that keeps saying what he “don’t remember “ get him the fuck outta there!!!

  • Cindy Shell
    Cindy Shell 28 days ago

    I thank it's a shot Lee

  • Perry the corpse Flower

    What’s up with the toilet flush at 4:40. Someone taking a hot dump in the background

  • Chef Boyardee
    Chef Boyardee Month ago +2

    Think of the office. It got popular years after the release.

  • Jesus Rios
    Jesus Rios Month ago +4

    My favorite line from Joey was can of corn and I’ll be alright lol

  • Matthew Danczak
    Matthew Danczak Month ago

    Steve reeves lmao

  • Our changing times colon

    Honestly I didn't know who you was, though I got a bad memory but I love hearing and watching you now!
    I fell for who you are and what you have been through.

  • Rhaegar Snow
    Rhaegar Snow Month ago +12

    I was digging this until Lee started talking/crying...idk what he's doing

  • Stacy seale news
    Stacy seale news Month ago

    Great advice

  • zucxys xx
    zucxys xx Month ago

    Yo I did not know that was joey in that back when I watched it

  • Michael Colombo
    Michael Colombo Month ago

    3:10 "There's a snow snore..."

  • DJ Myers
    DJ Myers Month ago

    A can of corn is all I need ;) I loved you in that !

  • Daniel Dimino
    Daniel Dimino Month ago

    Steve Reeves lol Joeys to much i think he does that shit on purpose at this point he just has to do it on purpose

  • Tex Le Dank
    Tex Le Dank Month ago +2

    CAN OF CREAMED CORN lmao priceless. I wonder if Joey remembers being in a referre in BASEketball lol (Matt and Treys first feature length movie

  • Kazanova Capone
    Kazanova Capone Month ago

    4:55 lol who the fuck speaking you a nobody on Joey podcast who the fuck you think you are disrupting our show. Go fix the lights.

  • Jimbles Notronbo
    Jimbles Notronbo Month ago +15

    Joeys character was wasted in The Longest yard. He’s not a “hey look I’m fat that’s so funny” kind of guy. He’s best when he’s telling crazy stories

    • Buddie Adkins
      Buddie Adkins Month ago +1

      @Jimbles Notronbo it's an Adam Sandler movie. Almost every joke is at the expense of someone else or shouting.

    • Jimbles Notronbo
      Jimbles Notronbo Month ago

      Johny Reyes they could’ve fit it in and made it have something to do with the movie. All it would’ve taken

    • Johny Reyes
      Johny Reyes Month ago

      What are they gonna do? Give him a scene of him telling a story? He was a side character

    • Eddie R
      Eddie R Month ago

      I agree with that

  • beanelover69
    beanelover69 Month ago

    Fucken lee and his pillsbury doughboy laugh cracks me up

  • Dank The Gank
    Dank The Gank Month ago

    Plus he was hardly in it... I doubt anyone remembers him from that movie

  • Dank The Gank
    Dank The Gank Month ago +18

    Joey is JUST like my Dad except my Dad's black.

  • Mason Matthews
    Mason Matthews Month ago

    You assholes better now cut me

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia Month ago +46

    “You guys better not cut me I’m still on this team!”

  • Donk
    Donk Month ago +1

    You should have atleast got in the Irishman or any mob movie off that

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Month ago +76

    First time i saw him was in SpiderMan 2 i think when he fought Doctor Octavius on the train. Joey steps up and tells doc "you gotta go through me" or something like that lol

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton Month ago


  • Varsity Yuppie
    Varsity Yuppie Month ago +2

    Joey was in The Longest Yard? Get out.

    THE WOAT Month ago

    is that LUKE CAGE?!

  • Jeff English
    Jeff English Month ago

    The crazy thing is Joey that is where I know you from! Lol love ya brother!

  • Jesus Martinez
    Jesus Martinez Month ago

    Big ol bullshitter Joey Diaz

  • The Maineiac
    The Maineiac Month ago

    They knew about your coke problem... it's obvious, exspecially when you call out numerous times the day of...

  • Jack Sadaka
    Jack Sadaka 2 months ago

    I fuckin love Uncle Joey

  • Johnson21 21
    Johnson21 21 2 months ago

    Stow snorm

  • ryan olson
    ryan olson 2 months ago

    Lol Lee has 2 years in, and thinks he's ready to do Caroline's or the store and blow up! Lol he needs to follow ask Ari shaffir to mentor him, cause lee isn't a storyteller like Joey. He should stick to one liners.