How to REALLY Survive High School + GIVEAWAY!

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Whether you're just starting or you're trying to finish High School, as a recent Graduate (barely lol), I feel I'm qualified to give my best High School Survival tips about Dating, Fashion, Friendships, and Confidence. What grade will you be in this year?
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  • cutiecaryn
    cutiecaryn  8 months ago +479

    so.. either you're starting high school or you're trying to escape it. either way, you're gonna need to know how to survive. what grade will you be in this year?

  • first last
    first last 16 days ago

    i want those nails

  • Shelby Israel
    Shelby Israel Month ago

    Gurl.. ur so pretty...🤧💗😁✨💞😇 u would be a great model... u literally look so perfect

  • Felix Hernandez
    Felix Hernandez 2 months ago

    your right, confidence is key in life. having a lot of friends can have you want to listen to all your friends point of view. this changes your idea. so if your working on being confident prepared to defend the confidence you have gained DAILY... even the teacher is capable of making you feel be prepared in your studies to give the best possible answer , ask any question, and challenge the teachers mind. you can't always believe the teacher is on your have to understand that in this present time the teacher is trying to protect their position in the school system. and also if you want to be a teacher , you can find other ways to teach your subject

  • Rawda Reim
    Rawda Reim 2 months ago

    4:11 linnell is mood😂😂

  • Rawda Reim
    Rawda Reim 2 months ago

    Her sister shouting don't date the Seniors😂😂😂😂

  • yo dude wassgud
    yo dude wassgud 2 months ago +1


  • OB White
    OB White 3 months ago


  • professional photograpy

    What is senior and freshman? '-'

  • Will Ferrell's Hair
    Will Ferrell's Hair 3 months ago

    Senior year rn and highschool has been the best time of my life you have to let it happen to you

  • Zoe Gerards
    Zoe Gerards 3 months ago

    imma sophomore. like ugh. like ... help me

  • Katherine Walter
    Katherine Walter 4 months ago


  • Madison Aquilar
    Madison Aquilar 4 months ago

    Ilysm and your videos so much I’ve never seen a TVclipr so genuine and kind

  • i am a pooo
    i am a pooo 4 months ago

    8:45 Relatable

  • ana thomazini
    ana thomazini 4 months ago


  • opeth dude
    opeth dude 4 months ago

    Don’t get me wrong this chick is hot but is her voice put on or is she takin the piss or what’s the go?
    G’day from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺

  • Klaudia Kladek
    Klaudia Kladek 5 months ago +1

    I tried those imPress Nails, and theyre soo BAD! And btw they only stay on your hands for 2 days!!

  • Nica Cansico
    Nica Cansico 6 months ago


    SNACHED GURL 7 months ago

    Please do more high scholl tipsss

  • Eve VonStrahl
    Eve VonStrahl 7 months ago


  • CSAbeauty
    CSAbeauty 7 months ago

    I’m going to high school next year and I’m very scared. So thanks for this video. Also, I like all of the colors, but mostly red

  • Hritika D
    Hritika D 7 months ago

    You're so beautiful and i truly love the way you are 😍, such a fun and amazing spirit 💕💖

  • tajrian ullah
    tajrian ullah 7 months ago

    You're so beautiful and I love watching your videos! And my favorite color is red

  • Ashley Lindsey
    Ashley Lindsey 7 months ago +4

    Does anyone know if the nails she used are actually any good?

  • Lama
    Lama 7 months ago

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    Yasmin Omar 7 months ago


  • Savanna Saintil
    Savanna Saintil 7 months ago

    out of all the colors my favorite is pink!

  • Dan Anderson
    Dan Anderson 7 months ago

    Lol lol Love and Respect Caryn. Sunday morning and your beautiful face to wake up to, what a beautiful and talented little goddess, can’t thank you enough for your tireless help of others. God bless you

  • Emilia Skonecka
    Emilia Skonecka 7 months ago

    Omg, the tips you gave are awesome, keep going cutie!
    And my absolute favorite colour is red.

  • Huinm
    Huinm 7 months ago

    Grade 12 BOYS LETS GO

  • Sophie Nash
    Sophie Nash 7 months ago

    Burgundy red,as it puts me in an autumn mood🍂🍁🌾🍁☺️

  • Tiffany Jamieson
    Tiffany Jamieson 7 months ago

    The red shade is my fav!!! 🤪 btw just subscribed to and you’re actually so pretty wow!! Can’t stop watching your vids! ❤️

  • Adisa Avdovic
    Adisa Avdovic 7 months ago

    red is my favorite color, so red. i love your personality omg 😍😍

  • Noor Fransen
    Noor Fransen 7 months ago


  • Gabbi Campisi
    Gabbi Campisi 7 months ago

    You’re literally so pretty and my fav color is the first pink one! also my instagram is @gabbicampisi (idk if you need that but ya)

  • Erika Šolcová
    Erika Šolcová 7 months ago

    I started high school today... and I absoloutly don't know how to start conversation with my classmates

  • bianca gizzelle
    bianca gizzelle 7 months ago

    blue 💙💙💙

  • Zoe Griffey
    Zoe Griffey 7 months ago

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  • Elda A
    Elda A 7 months ago

    My favorite is the teal one bc it's pretty

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    Macey Marshall 7 months ago


  • Sarah Alvarado
    Sarah Alvarado 7 months ago

    love you so much!!

  • Felicia Park
    Felicia Park 7 months ago

    color-wise blue, style-wise maroon(red?

  • Raissa Emerencio
    Raissa Emerencio 7 months ago

    the red beautiful one

  • sofia ospina
    sofia ospina 7 months ago

    I like the mint blue the middle color

  • taestheticly pleasing uwu

    I’m going to be a freshman ! I hope it’s going to be okay haha 😋 and my favorite color is the blue one 💓 btw I love your channel !

  • Clara Varela
    Clara Varela 8 months ago

    My fave colour is red❤️ Rlly loved this video, ur such an inspiration and cant wait for more vids like this😍

  • mide Ibk
    mide Ibk 8 months ago

    The red is calling me. Who am I to ignore?

  • mide Ibk
    mide Ibk 8 months ago +7

    These youtubers be tripping and thinking we don't know how to skip to the end--not like I did or anything.

  • Andrhea Vlogs
    Andrhea Vlogs 8 months ago

    Love you so much. This video definitely gave me so many tips since I'm a freshman this year! ❤💖

  • Viktorija
    Viktorija 8 months ago

    Pink 💓

  • Celine Macairan
    Celine Macairan 8 months ago

    going into junior year in less than 10 daysss! my fav color is red

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    Nancy Nnebe 8 months ago

    Maroon. 🙂

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    Faith Daniëllen 8 months ago

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    Miranda Joyce 8 months ago

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  • Soumya Rabhi
    Soumya Rabhi 8 months ago

    My favorite color is blue 💙, I never ever won a giveaway before 😂 like if you never did, we don't need to feel alone lol

    ᏞᎪᏌᎡYN. 8 months ago


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    enna platzky29 8 months ago

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    Gemma Record 8 months ago

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    Dragonwelfgirl 666 8 months ago


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    destiny9871 brown 8 months ago

    I be in the 11th garde this year

  • Lidia Przybylak
    Lidia Przybylak 8 months ago

    My favorite is PINK. This color makes me feel cute and comfortable. Just like u unicorn :)

  • Andrea f
    Andrea f 8 months ago

    Im going to be a sophomore this year and i looove the blueish color

  • Naveenachadran Saravanamuthu

    Red! I like red.

  • nur alomari
    nur alomari 8 months ago


  • nur alomari
    nur alomari 8 months ago


  • Gloria Alfaro
    Gloria Alfaro 8 months ago

    from the 3 colors my favorite color is red :) and I'm entering highschool really nervous. but yeaa i love your videos. and thank you for the advice😭☺💞

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    Dalila Constanza 8 months ago

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    Donya Kaveh 8 months ago

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  • Silvia Valido
    Silvia Valido 8 months ago +2

    Love the red. And in Spain is not that complicated lol you just go around and people talk to you. And even better you are in the same class with the same people 24/7 so you'll know someone who can be your friend and here we don't have clubs and that sucks. Hope I'll win yas (i don't really know if i wrote all of that ok (i'm spanish duh) but i've tried)

  • 12345678910 Tremendouslytremendous

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  • Grace Less
    Grace Less 8 months ago

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  • Babyvails
    Babyvails 8 months ago

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    * Favourite colour is pink💗
    Lots of Love,alex🌼

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    Lily Pagaduan 8 months ago

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    Alexis Saunders 8 months ago +1

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    Amy Kearns 8 months ago

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  • Cornelia Mathea
    Cornelia Mathea 8 months ago

    This actually motivates me and makes me WANT to go to school tommorow... I love your tips and videos Caryn, you always put me in a good mood

  • Favour Thegreatest
    Favour Thegreatest 8 months ago

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    Natalia Ortiz 8 months ago

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    Princess Pip 8 months ago +1

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