Volvo XC60 (2018) Crash Tests

  • Published on Mar 17, 2017
  • The new 2018 Volvo XC60, one of the safest cars ever made, is fully-loaded with new technology. Steer Assist has been added to the ground-breaking City Safety system. A new safety system called Oncoming Lane Mitigation uses steer assist to help mitigate head-on collisions, while Volvo’s Blind Spot Indication System (BLIS) now uses Steer Assist functionality to reduce the risk of lane-changing collisions.
    Pilot Assist, Volvo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which takes care of steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 130 km/h, is available in the new XC60 as an option.
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Comments • 150

  • Tom Fuller
    Tom Fuller 2 months ago

    Some Volvos were harmed in the making of this video.

  • Shao Dell
    Shao Dell 2 months ago

    O M F G,that's volvo!

  • Javi Habi
    Javi Habi 2 months ago

    I touched a Volvo once and then it broke my hand.

  • Ghibin Kim
    Ghibin Kim 2 months ago


  • Mark Johnston
    Mark Johnston 3 months ago +1

    No safer than just about any other SUV. Just a publicity stunt.

  • svtzeater
    svtzeater 3 months ago +1

    Wife ordered one few moths ago. Still waiting but I bet it’s worth it.

  • Astrid Bennett
    Astrid Bennett 4 months ago


  • King
    King 4 months ago

    Useless job

    ANAK WATAN 5 months ago

    Amazin car

  • VS Gaming
    VS Gaming 5 months ago

    0:33 he got so mad because his new car crashed that he hit his mirror

  • samet başdoğan
    samet başdoğan 5 months ago

    Ayna önemli :)

  • 李云杰
    李云杰 6 months ago +4

    secretely made by nokia

  • Michael toomey
    Michael toomey 6 months ago

    A crash is amazing

  • hotwheelscarvids 001
    hotwheelscarvids 001 6 months ago

    And I bet it will still drive

  • Matthew FLK
    Matthew FLK 6 months ago

    Dab at 0:39

  • susumu hashimoto
    susumu hashimoto 7 months ago


  • inostricarimodellini
    inostricarimodellini 7 months ago

    How it is possible? A fiat panda in the same impact... RIP panda.

  • Go succ An egg
    Go succ An egg 7 months ago

    This car has arbaigs even for the knes!

  • mike glaser
    mike glaser 7 months ago +1

    This is a XC90.... not 60

  • anonim uzay
    anonim uzay 7 months ago

    antenden birşey fırladı

  • E Biosca
    E Biosca 7 months ago

    Best car

  • Jernej Petek
    Jernej Petek 9 months ago


  • doruk uzun
    doruk uzun 9 months ago

    For life

  • Ramiro Saldaña
    Ramiro Saldaña 10 months ago


  • Affan Khan
    Affan Khan 10 months ago +3

    What the hell is that thing? A tank?

  • Luigi Riccardi
    Luigi Riccardi 10 months ago +38

    if you ever feel useless, think about volvo crash testers...

  • Volvo Emil
    Volvo Emil 10 months ago +13

    When they smach it in the front it locks like a bugatti😂😂😂😂

  • Elias Chayeb
    Elias Chayeb 10 months ago

    yo siempre e dicho que deberian reforzar el avitaculo de los pasajeros porque en un choque frontal el motor o el tablero termina mantado a los pasajero...

  • GS
    GS 10 months ago +7

    I'd love to see a normal car do the rollover in comparison. Pancake.

  • JohnNeal619
    JohnNeal619 10 months ago

    that is the shit right there

  • Sukurov Xaliq
    Sukurov Xaliq 10 months ago


  • erdazz
    erdazz 10 months ago +1

    Volvo = innovation and security

    RAMON MEJIA 10 months ago


  • Lucky Anthonny
    Lucky Anthonny 10 months ago +10

    The grille on frontal crash test doesn't even broke :O

  • shafeeq pv
    shafeeq pv 10 months ago

    so safe

  • terryyouth
    terryyouth 10 months ago

    2.1 that is new angle

  • terryyouth
    terryyouth 10 months ago +16

    0.35 that dummy is saying - oh no the windscreen cracked

  • Sabia Carmela
    Sabia Carmela 10 months ago

    Grande volvo la n1

  • Kameron James
    Kameron James 10 months ago

    what a safe mutha fucka

  • TheDerinmesele
    TheDerinmesele 10 months ago


  • Sid Siddu
    Sid Siddu 10 months ago +4

    I have a volov S90

  • Sid Siddu
    Sid Siddu 10 months ago

    which model is that

  • ipadize
    ipadize 10 months ago

    What are these explosives on the top of the car for?

    • Donovan Tompkins
      Donovan Tompkins 10 months ago +1

      ipadize i think its to see when certain sensors go off. so just like how theres sensors to tell the airbags to deploy, they probably have the 'fireworks' to go off when the airbags are told to go off to see how fast the sensors react and/or see the time between the sensors reaction and airbag deployment.

  • Anirudh P
    Anirudh P 10 months ago +4

    that's an XC90 NOT XC60!!!!

    • Anirudh P
      Anirudh P 9 months ago

      thanks a lot guys

    • Victor K
      Victor K 10 months ago

      Matias Exequiel Fernandez "An xc60"

    • Victor K
      Victor K 10 months ago

      Anirudh P wrong. It is the xc60. It is identical to the xc90 but just smaller

    • ati sunjawiharti
      ati sunjawiharti 10 months ago

      Anirudh P it was the newer XC60 they change it to a litlle SUV

    • Volvo Cub
      Volvo Cub 10 months ago +3

      Anirudh P
      Yes it's the NEW look of the XC60. It growded up and became a little less feminine and much more aggressive masculine look.


    2017 aq

  • Goldfinchwoods Столярная мастерская

    Диски потом восстановят и на ближний восток повезут (+1000 км ) Уйдут как пирожки )

  • acidambientnoise acidambientnoise


  • SwedishMindwacker
    SwedishMindwacker 10 months ago +35

    It is nice to see how the seat belt tightens the driver to the seat as soon as the car makes contact. 3:15

    • kaptinkeiff
      kaptinkeiff 2 months ago

      Seatbelt pretensioners, they've actually been around since 1986~(?). However, that seems like they deploy BEFORE the car actually has an impact, which is definitely better than the first ever employment of the tech (Mercedes).

    • DarthLion
      DarthLion 8 months ago +4

      SwedishMindwacker my volvo tightend my seat belt as soon as I hit gas too fast.

  • Witt L
    Witt L 10 months ago

    Airbag pop out looks like slower

    • Witt L
      Witt L 10 months ago

      Genius u look at Audi...the moment the wall touch the bumper, it comes out

    • Epic Yellow Friend
      Epic Yellow Friend 10 months ago +7

      It happens in milliseconds you idiot

  • Iñaki  Zurbano
    Iñaki Zurbano 10 months ago +1

    Con ese coche da hasta gusto chocarse

  • rochester3
    rochester3 10 months ago

    side airbags are shit

    • Matt McPherson
      Matt McPherson 10 months ago +3

      rochester3 they saved me from a smashed skull so no they're not

  • Yudha Bagaskara
    Yudha Bagaskara 10 months ago

    we still need to wait euro ncap results

    • Faiz Syed
      Faiz Syed 10 months ago +1

      Yudha Bagaskara 5/5 no doubt

  • Rsex
    Rsex 10 months ago

    Damm I'm really impressed by how good the windshield held up 👍🏻

  • Gabbar Reacts
    Gabbar Reacts 10 months ago +48

    I'm gonna buy it for my parents if they give the same product in India.

    • creative planet
      creative planet 9 months ago

      redruM in that amount we can buy in total 3 cars that's how expensive it will be xD !

    • redruM
      redruM 9 months ago +3

      you can always import the car - it will be more expensive but if you buy cars for your parents you're maybe not short on money :)

    • K F
      K F 10 months ago +2

      Gabbar Reacts You get the same safety except for some sensor passive safety equipment, due to local Indian regulations.

    • Gabbar Reacts
      Gabbar Reacts 10 months ago +11

      creative planet yeah as if life in populated countries are of no worth.

    • creative planet
      creative planet 10 months ago +4

      Gabbar Reacts yay, most them come with half of the safety features striped down :(

  • Albert Cervera
    Albert Cervera 10 months ago

    I really enjoy this videos!

  • Vinay Patil
    Vinay Patil 10 months ago


  • DimachkaS
    DimachkaS 10 months ago


  • JZA80 98' Supra
    JZA80 98' Supra 10 months ago +3

    holy crap man this is good

  • alexsa122
    alexsa122 10 months ago +156

    Well, you can see that Volvo is still the most safiest car on the world.

    • Twin Fun
      Twin Fun 6 months ago +2

      NewYork City Mazda doesn't have much quality

    • Plane Master
      Plane Master 6 months ago

      imko oozzz what about Mazda Mazda makes nice cars like Mercedes

    • Emile flora Diadhiou
      Emile flora Diadhiou 8 months ago

      Three Tree jkfthgujhj no jbjk

    • imko oozzz
      imko oozzz 9 months ago +7

      I am a Bmw and Mercedes fan but still I agree that volvo is the safest car

    • YouTube is going to shit
      YouTube is going to shit 10 months ago +1

      +Three Tree fanboy

  • Mahmoud Shehata
    Mahmoud Shehata 10 months ago +6

    @0:55 what's with the guy at the back?

    • robswede88
      robswede88 7 months ago

      No, my co-worker. :)

    • Mahmoud Shehata
      Mahmoud Shehata 7 months ago

      Was that you??

    • robswede88
      robswede88 7 months ago +1

      He hoped the car would land on its wheels wich it almost did.

    • Gleberry
      Gleberry 10 months ago +2

      Mahmoud Shehata Probably that was his car)

    • Gert Jan Harmsen
      Gert Jan Harmsen 10 months ago +2

      Mahmoud Shehata just watching I guess

  • hakanimre
    hakanimre 10 months ago +73

    Is that a tank ?

    • Samuel Lee
      Samuel Lee 10 months ago

      hakanimre seems like new prototype of Sweden army tank

    • Volc323
      Volc323 10 months ago +8

      im not sure

  • bolacka
    bolacka 10 months ago +40

    why the fireworks on top of the volvo?

    • Mountkosiosko
      Mountkosiosko 6 months ago +1

      bolacka its celebrating its safety rating

    • robswede88
      robswede88 7 months ago +3

      Its called a squib board. Every pyro represents a different airbag in the car so you can see the exact time when it goes off.

    • 5sos fanboy
      5sos fanboy 9 months ago

      its to tell exactly when it colides with the wall i believe

    • vishal thapa
      vishal thapa 10 months ago +1

      bolacka i guess that is for throwing air outside when the vehicle hits the wall the cabin is also squeezed the pressure of tht air can blow the ear drum......i am just guessing

    • Warp Space Drone
      Warp Space Drone 10 months ago +26

      It is to celebrate the awesome safety of Volvo

  • MrMagnificentMedia
    MrMagnificentMedia 10 months ago +52

    Why are Volvo so good at this?

  • |〉 TARIQ k. 〈|
    |〉 TARIQ k. 〈| 10 months ago +42

    Volvo, The world's only road legal tanks manufacturer since 1927

  • Vuk Mrakic
    Vuk Mrakic 10 months ago +7

    Tipical Volvo. Superb job Swedish guys.

  • Vlad Cristian
    Vlad Cristian 10 months ago +1

    Bro 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gunduz Yusifzade
    Gunduz Yusifzade 10 months ago +1


  • Богдан Ковальчук

    6 Stars

  • raguoliotv
    raguoliotv 10 months ago +2

    looks like safe car what about xc90 s90 v70 v30 v40

    • Ck Loh
      Ck Loh 10 months ago

      RB26DETT ok I got it

    • RB26DETT
      RB26DETT 10 months ago

      +Ck Loh I know, I mean it is now replaced by the V90

    • Ck Loh
      Ck Loh 10 months ago

      RB26DETT there is a v70 IIHS did test a family mpv

    • RB26DETT
      RB26DETT 10 months ago

      usbneto There's no v30 and v70

  • Eng Persoun reesend Y
    Eng Persoun reesend Y 10 months ago


  • Carlito
    Carlito 10 months ago +1

    Re upload .... this is old

    • Hariz Nurhakim
      Hariz Nurhakim 10 months ago


    • Carlito
      Carlito 10 months ago

      +Hariz Nurhakim ohh this is a new vehicle and video nevermind

    • Hariz Nurhakim
      Hariz Nurhakim 10 months ago

      Carlito what do you mean

    • Freddyy28292
      Freddyy28292 10 months ago +5

      The new *2018 Volvo XC60*, one of the safest cars ever made

  • Rick James
    Rick James 10 months ago +1

    damn 35 mph cars rekts cars. why dont they have cars that can it walls at 65 and still be drivable?

      GOPALAKRISHNAN UK 10 months ago


      GOPALAKRISHNAN UK 10 months ago

      Xabier GG sexvideoxnxxx

    • Xabier G.
      Xabier G. 10 months ago +1

      +Rick James because another method would be much more complex and expensive tan buying a new one. Anyway, if you have a 65mph crash, the last thing that should worry you is the reusability of the car. Be thankfull if you keep both legs, even "with all of our tech today".

    • Rick James
      Rick James 10 months ago

      +Xabier GG but with all of our tech today, why cant the car absorb the impact but still be useable after ward?

    • Xabier G.
      Xabier G. 10 months ago +5

      Rick James car structural safety is a complex balance between maintaining the passengers compartment intact and the external parts deformable, so most of the impact energy is dissipated before reaching passengers body, as Dan dd said.