Vegetarian Meatballs | Happy Pear & Tim Shieff | #FoodRevolutionDay

  • Published on May 14, 2015
  • Irish twins The Happy Pear treat vegan free runner Tim Shieff to tasty Veggie Meatballs in a Sweet Tomato Sauce - the perfect recipe to mark Food Revolution Day. #FoodRevolutionDay aims to get kids excited and involved in food and cooking and this year Jamie has launched a petition to run alongside it. Join his fight to get practical food education on the curriculum in schools worldwide. Go to SIGN IT. SHARE IT. FIGHTING FOR FOOD EDUCATION FOR EVERY CHILD.
    And once you’ve signed and shared celebrate by making this fantastic dish. Couscous, lemon, veg and spices rolled into balls, oven baked and served in a sweet tomato homemade sauce. Delicious AND Dairy-Free.
    To find out more about this year’s Food Revolution Day go to You’ll find loads more tasty and healthy recipes there as well.
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  • Movie News
    Movie News 4 months ago


  • Rahul G Ramnani
    Rahul G Ramnani 6 months ago

    More than half of the food was eaten before plating😂

  • cassl14
    cassl14 Year ago

    I'm going to manifest a healthy chef bf lol. You guys rock :D

  • mattswanfilms
    mattswanfilms Year ago

    Are they meant to be gooey in the middle as mine are? YES!
    But seriously, are they? Or have I made them wrong? Even though I followed their recipe

  • Nikki Fennel BabySteps Vlog

    Learn the spanish word ALBÓNDIGAS and you'll never need "meat" on your "meatballs" name... :D

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang 2 years ago

    Loving this!!!

  • clarence spencer
    clarence spencer 2 years ago

    ok, my dudes, doNT miss using seitan (wheat glutten/protein). that is THE thing for meat substitute. the rest fades in comparison

  • Soumil Sahu
    Soumil Sahu 2 years ago

    today we're making white coloured red

  • FlickerFlame
    FlickerFlame 2 years ago

    Loving the vegetarian recipes. Thanks.

  • DeLinda Williams
    DeLinda Williams 2 years ago

    Thanks guys.👍 I just made these meatballs and they are delicious.

  • Vilma Bock
    Vilma Bock 2 years ago

    you guys are the BESTEST!!!! 💮😀😁💮

  • Rasmus Hansen
    Rasmus Hansen 2 years ago

    ok first of to all plant killing idiots called veggiefreaks. plants are living things to they have feelings to if u must eat something eat rocks. being vegan has nothing to do with being healthy. eating healthy has to do with being healthy morons.
    and these veggieballs seems dry to me. might as making falafel.

  • Vetters22 Vetters22
    Vetters22 Vetters22 2 years ago

    You read through the comments and it's a joke.
    Vegans give themself the "bad" vibe by their ridiculous comments.

  • Le'Onto P
    Le'Onto P 3 years ago +1


  • 0000000Lara
    0000000Lara 3 years ago +1

    the gay twins

  • jimmy Ryan
    jimmy Ryan 3 years ago

    pasta and bread blended together, very carby!

  • Chris D
    Chris D 3 years ago

    Really tasty recipe!! These are great served on their own as a snack/side or party food with some sweet chilli dipping sauce. The lemon and sweet chilli flavours are great together.

  • eizhowa
    eizhowa 3 years ago

    Will lime do instead of lemon? I can't stand lemon.

  • Karl Karlov
    Karl Karlov 3 years ago

    Those guys can try and be a little bit more hygienic, the food processor does not look very appetizing. I am a fan but still, a little effort can make a difference.:)

  • Vegan In Chic
    Vegan In Chic 3 years ago

    This video makes me soooo hungry....

  • sahaji akanksha
    sahaji akanksha 3 years ago

    loved it.. it was fun cooking and eating....

  • Tra My Dang
    Tra My Dang 3 years ago

    i made this today it was soo good

  • Pøny
    Pøny 3 years ago +1

    4:15 troll the world

  • Pøny
    Pøny 3 years ago +3

    OMG LOL I DIED WHEN HE SAID "Ma play Siy rup"!!!!!!!!!!!! :') :D LOL (4:15)

  • Petter Östergren
    Petter Östergren 3 years ago

    How do you spel cyum cyum want to find out whats its called in swedish ✌🏻️🐻

  • Lorena Salas
    Lorena Salas 3 years ago +1

    they look a little like falafel balls, i'll deff have to try this recipe!

  • Natalia Baage-Lord
    Natalia Baage-Lord 4 years ago

    I wanna hang out and cook with you three. This looks delicious! :)

  • Chels Appiah
    Chels Appiah 4 years ago

    LOOOL five minutes into the video I'm like wait are they twins omg.....

  • Ann McDermott
    Ann McDermott 4 years ago

    How much rye bread is used in the recipe?

  • Tyrzi
    Tyrzi 4 years ago

    I tried these. Wasn't for me.

  • Jacinta Franco
    Jacinta Franco 4 years ago

    that looks amazinggggg! i really struggle to find yummy vegan recipes that dont cost me a fortune to make however this looks relatively inexpensive.
    i think im going to make this for dinner tomorrow night! but with a few slices of fried eggplant (aubergine) on the side lol.

  • Van
    Van 4 years ago

    Awesome collab guys, love you all. Please do a vegan cookbook together. ;) I would be the first to buy a few of them and give them to all my friends.

  • Mick
    Mick 4 years ago

    I just made this and actually ended up eating the entire lot by myself, absolutely unreal.

  • Azucena Sarahi
    Azucena Sarahi 4 years ago

    More 😋💕

  • Benjamin Turner
    Benjamin Turner 4 years ago

    Just made these, awesome!! Thanks for the recipe, guys! :)

  • shinebright
    shinebright 4 years ago

    Yay for vegan recipes!😄

  • geckos
    geckos 4 years ago

    Always happy to find a new vegan recipeeeee! Nice to find the happy pear, never seen any of your stuff before but I'm totally getting this. Tim just looks healthier and healthier as time goes on. I've gone from pescatarian to vegetarian in one year and gradually finding enough vegan recipes to start to transition to vegan now. I'm not going to go raw though. Yum yum, trying these 'meatballs' today. X

  • ania gg
    ania gg 4 years ago

    nice :)

  • Atmomsphere
    Atmomsphere 4 years ago

    Drool! All these recipes are heavenly

  • Bakun Fase
    Bakun Fase 4 years ago

    Those guys are annoying. Plus these are just gluten balls. Fuck this channel

  • Amy O'Carroll
    Amy O'Carroll 4 years ago

    Are the cashew nuts essential in this recipe, I have everything else at home but them :/

  • Jess Mooney
    Jess Mooney 4 years ago

    They think that they are so funny but they're not

  • Cooking Lessons for Dad

    I am glad to have another recipe using couscous. I think couscous is such a fun and delicious food. Thanks for the new recipe!

  • jackass123491
    jackass123491 4 years ago

    "When you're down to your fingertips you just eat the rest." I have that same philosophy XD Awesome collab between the guys from TheHappyPear and Tim Shieff!

  • Kakko Wojtylla
    Kakko Wojtylla 4 years ago

    nice recipe =) but why call it vegetarian "meat"balls? whay not cuzcuz-falafel or something like that?

  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 4 years ago

    Vegetarian Meatballs are impossible. There's a clue in the name: MEATballs.

  • Rasha Burhanuldeen
    Rasha Burhanuldeen 4 years ago

    Are they Scottish?

  • Isabella e Felipe
    Isabella e Felipe 4 years ago +2

    This looks magical!!! Thank you for the recipe! :)

  • Egwos
    Egwos 4 years ago

    ok vegetarian meatballs is a lie... just call it something else... they are veggieballs... but why do you call them meatballs if there is no meat in it...

  • Gus Byers
    Gus Byers 4 years ago

    where can i find the full recipe?

  • adela
    adela 4 years ago

    maple syrup?! HAHA

  • Joao Paulo
    Joao Paulo 4 years ago

    Vegetarian food is so boring!

    • Minoesch S
      Minoesch S 4 years ago

      Just as boring as you make it.

  • yogurt0531
    yogurt0531 4 years ago

    I would really like to try this, but couldn't make out what the first ingredient is. Could you guys spell it out for me?😝

  • Marine Jorio
    Marine Jorio 4 years ago

    Did they say cooked or uncooked quinoa ?

  • MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ
    MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ 4 years ago

    Could these veggieballs hold their shape in a soup or would they kind of crumble apart?

    • The Happy Pear
      The Happy Pear 4 years ago +1

      @MsWannabeGamer If you cook them for long enough in the oven the crunchy outside will hold up well in a soup. :D

  • AlexthegreatofGreece
    AlexthegreatofGreece 4 years ago +1

    great a colaboration between the happy pear and tim shieff... excellent, thank you very much, my favorite youtubers :D

  • Zara Erismann
    Zara Erismann 4 years ago

    More more more veggie recepies please

    • The Happy Pear
      The Happy Pear 4 years ago

      @Zara Erismann We have loads of our channel, we'll get as many as possible onto FoodTube though. :D

  • hotdogsvin
    hotdogsvin 4 years ago +1

    The two guys on the left should never be on camera. Ever. The guy on the right seems cool. It's food. Relax.

  • Arron Ngo
    Arron Ngo 4 years ago

    Meat balls 0.o? More like vegetaballs

  • Natsuko Pierce
    Natsuko Pierce 4 years ago

    Great recipe! I would use mushed chickpeas instead of bread though... I think it would be more nutritious :)