Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Unboxing! (PS4/Xbox One)

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
  • Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Unboxing! (PS4/Xbox One)
    Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle Unboxing! (PS4/Xbox One)
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  • Chef PeePee
    Chef PeePee Month ago

    Everyone please please please PLEASE answer my question. When you put the disc of deep freeze bundle in a xbox one do you need xbox live when you put in the disc

  • S2K Omix
    S2K Omix Month ago

    i figured out the deep freeze bundle for xbox one is not the physical disk it only allows u to play battle royale

  • Phsyco Gaming
    Phsyco Gaming 2 months ago

    30 dollars. For a fucking bundle that is piss poor for a game that is shit and NOT phenomenal whatsoever.

  • CenCal Stang
    CenCal Stang 8 months ago

    So the disc is the actual game ?? Why doesn’t the ps4 have a disc lol ??

  • YTWJ424 Funny vids and gaming

    want 1 for xbox plz

  • kyle quijencio
    kyle quijencio 8 months ago

    i bought an xbox one s and it came with fortnite and fortnite is better

  • Emilio Gonzales
    Emilio Gonzales 8 months ago

    They should have put a disc than add the deep freeze bundle on the disc

  • Alan Y
    Alan Y 9 months ago

    i dont even play fortnite or plan on doing so but this pissing me off somehow

  • OfficialSk8er_ _brubsyx

    Its kinda fair we ps4 users get free stuff with ps plus they should get something free aswell

  • fortnite2018epicgames ps4

    i have that skin 36 doller

  • Nelsonthedon
    Nelsonthedon 9 months ago +2

    Was gonna get the ps4 version if it had a disk in it :(

  • Lulx Tay
    Lulx Tay 9 months ago +1

    Am i the only one who thinks he look like mighty duck

  • Michael He
    Michael He 9 months ago

    Kid why you mad ps4 gets everything even free skins so shut up xbox hater i dont even know why the xbox one edition

  • Playing Calm
    Playing Calm 10 months ago +1

    Xbox gets a disc, Deep Freeze card, and a bp/stw ad card.
    Ps4 gets Xbox without a disk.
    Switch gets Deep Freeze card and a free battle pass?
    What is going on here.

  • Sophia Criollo
    Sophia Criollo 10 months ago

    For the nintendo switch fortnite deep freeze bundle I got the vbucks and the deep freeze set. But on the fortnite battle pass one I fliped it and I didnt get like the save the world ad I got a code instead.

  • Michael Baca Cooper
    Michael Baca Cooper 10 months ago

    how to put that fortnite on ps4 i have it but dont understand it

  • Jaydenallen123456 Allen
    Jaydenallen123456 Allen 10 months ago


  • Aidan Petty
    Aidan Petty 10 months ago

    Dude chill. They probably gave Xbox players the disc because they haven't gotten anything like free skins so chill.

  • TaeMoney 740
    TaeMoney 740 10 months ago

    Pls bro I want a iPhone I been subbed for a very long time I still have a andriod😳😳😳😳😳

  • Drum Inc.
    Drum Inc. 10 months ago

    Been watching him for years still don’t know what he says in his intro

  • GuH The BesT
    GuH The BesT 10 months ago

    Very nice mam.

  • Nick Figures
    Nick Figures 10 months ago


  • Nick Figures
    Nick Figures 10 months ago


  • Bru 116
    Bru 116 10 months ago

    Don’t no what b-bucks

  • Alex Is Kinessa
    Alex Is Kinessa 10 months ago

    It's weird cuz more ps4 players play Fortnite to get a disk

  • Asher Haas
    Asher Haas 10 months ago

    I have xbox with fortnite

    KILLER 60 GFX 10 months ago +1

    Bro what a shit!! man I play on ps4 and I order it thinking I was going to get the game and the code OMG!!

  • Theo Schofield
    Theo Schofield 10 months ago

    What did you say at the start

  • Brax Water
    Brax Water 10 months ago +1

    1000 b bucks

  • Th3 KiNg iS CoMinG
    Th3 KiNg iS CoMinG 10 months ago +6

    PS4 no disc 🤨🤔 was the point of even buying empty box just download it from the ps store 🤣

    • KevinCrazy0825
      KevinCrazy0825 10 months ago

      Th3 KiNg iS CoMinG in the ps store is more than that one the ps store one has taxes this one has less

  • Sonu03785
    Sonu03785 10 months ago

    mother fucker Fortnite

  • valentin perez
    valentin perez 10 months ago

    The PS4 has no disc what

  • Bankrollinjayy
    Bankrollinjayy 10 months ago

    How much did u pay for that?? Because you could of downloaded it for free

  • jay 99
    jay 99 10 months ago +1

    Waste of money for this shit game even tho it's a free game why not buy a 60 dollar game and you'll be satisfied like RDR2 spider man or god of war

  • Vivid Gamer
    Vivid Gamer 10 months ago

    Sony's a cheapass. 😑✌😏🤙

  • Arvy BlackOps
    Arvy BlackOps 10 months ago

    Lol noob fortnite, blackops 4 anyone?

  • Mohaned SIFER
    Mohaned SIFER 10 months ago

    Its free for crying out loud 🤫

  • Khriz116
    Khriz116 10 months ago +4

    It kinda makes sense. Fortnite on Ps4 is F2P and no need of Plus. For Xbox you need live to play. Maybe having the disc will let you play without Live

  • naveen bhambhani
    naveen bhambhani 10 months ago

    If you wish to giveaway please give it to me i have a ps4

  • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
    Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 10 months ago +1

    I have no idea why it’s still alive fortnite it supposed to be dead cause we got rdr2 and other good games are coming in the future like last of us 2 and etc

    • Aj Torres
      Aj Torres 9 months ago

      @Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo not defending fortnite but all the games you mentioned you have to pay for while fortnite is free. Also this may look like a run on sentence

    • Imdontai’s broke Headphones
      Imdontai’s broke Headphones 9 months ago

      You know how rdr2 had a fanbase? Beleive it or doea fortnite. You would defend a game you like if anybody trash talked it, so don't trash talk a game that others enjoy

    • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
      Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 9 months ago

      shafiq Shafiq plus the fan base is toxic so why would you want to talk to kids that are being mean and don’t understand anyone so it’s bad

    • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
      Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 9 months ago

      shafiq Shafiq listen there other games than fortnite I know my experiences because I played video games my whole life so it’s better to play other games than that I seen reviews about games

    • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
      Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 9 months ago

      shafiq Shafiq there are other games to play than this like gta 5,last of us,cod,Tom Clancy,Watch Dogs,it’s better than this game so it’s kind of dead

  • Mac. Gamer
    Mac. Gamer 10 months ago

    not one's cup of tea

  • Hashtag Follow
    Hashtag Follow 10 months ago

    or maybe a shoutout for triple dean

  • Hashtag Follow
    Hashtag Follow 10 months ago

    from you

  • Hashtag Follow
    Hashtag Follow 10 months ago

    can i get an old game

  • New 77 Era
    New 77 Era 10 months ago

    This nigga thought it was a new fortnite game HAHAHA

  • Why Fear Maths?
    Why Fear Maths? 10 months ago

    When will u announce the winner of iPhone XR

  • Hanzo Oda
    Hanzo Oda 10 months ago

    Ewww wtf why are you unboxing garbage?

  • Gerardo Barrios
    Gerardo Barrios 10 months ago


  • Company for Learning
    Company for Learning 10 months ago

    ThePapiGfunk review hello l a youtuber with a loll of followers and would like to promote this produce Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle PS4

  • Abdul Rafay
    Abdul Rafay 10 months ago

    Please can u give me i have no skin since season 4

  • Isaia Flores
    Isaia Flores 10 months ago

    Nice Video

  • Xcaliburz Storm
    Xcaliburz Storm 10 months ago

    i like the disc code thing pc games are doing this allot they did it with mass effect andromeda and bf1 and black ops 4 on pc . and destiny 2 on pc i think ?also you can now merging your account on ps4 to xbox one i have my xbox one pc and ps4 i did not care about losing skins i had nothing on my ps4 so i can see the xbox one copy being rare

    • Danny Wrong
      Danny Wrong 6 months ago

      Nope. Only the First Editon of fortnite is rare.

  • ordinary gabe
    ordinary gabe 10 months ago

    Epic games is racist

  • UndeadProdigy
    UndeadProdigy 10 months ago +25

    Who made the call to put codes in a physical game box for PS4? That makes 0 sense for any reason

    • SkyCyberGod69
      SkyCyberGod69 10 months ago

      @Stefan Dakovski well if u lost a case

    • XeoFalcon Shields
      XeoFalcon Shields 10 months ago

      UndeadProdigy The only thing I can think of is artwork for a collector. Like to show off game library with physical proof.

    • Stefan Dakovski
      Stefan Dakovski 10 months ago +4

      UndeadProdigy having the disc space is even worse. At least don’t include it like someone stole your disc LMAO

  • Hhurnis Wang
    Hhurnis Wang 10 months ago

    So they're selling cases for PS4 with codes....and a disc for xbox so you can download a game from it that you can download from market for free..... you dont even get that "save the world" mode.... EPIC & everyone else on this dumb.

  • The Mean Arena
    The Mean Arena 10 months ago

    The absolute lamest shit I've ever seen a company do.

  • Andrew ́s Games Room
    Andrew ́s Games Room 10 months ago +2

    That videogame is stupid!!! I want Unreal Tournament back!!!

  • Owen Davee
    Owen Davee 10 months ago

    When is the iPhone xr giveaway


    It’s dumb they just wasted plastic

  • RangelArts
    RangelArts 10 months ago +18

    Fortnite is gay

    • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
      Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 9 months ago

      LispyLeo pubg is a legend it’s better

    • Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo
      Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo 9 months ago

      Rip X long live the king I am not gay or a crybaby stop that’s really rude

    • LispyLeo
      LispyLeo 9 months ago


    • Marcus
      Marcus 10 months ago

      @Masterluciano_ Miaxoxo seriously crybaby what are u gay and 5 gosh some people never know how to grow up

    • Marcus
      Marcus 10 months ago

      @RangelArts nah it's no nut November