Black Panther Teaser Trailer Reaction & Review with Bailey


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  • Alisa Zelyonaya
    Alisa Zelyonaya Year ago

    Hi please react to Tiger Zinda Hai trailer it's a Bollywood action movie 🎥

  • Stephen Robert
    Stephen Robert Year ago

    Bailey you are just so attractive and cute to me and you are a movie lover and an intelligent one also... you are a keeper 😍.

  • lorenzo belanz
    lorenzo belanz Year ago

    It's a blackwash. Not enough white on the cast.

  • Aksumite Tower
    Aksumite Tower Year ago

    Great reaction bro!

  • Jake up TNT MINECRAFT You trash

    Great review

  • Anthony J. Sloan
    Anthony J. Sloan Year ago

    Ok...i have just seen so many stunning African Centered themes in this trailer....
    I want so much to join the Marketing Department on this, (the) *Black Panther* juggernaut....
    The First thing i would do is get Big Al and Deadpool to do a ReactionTrailer; that would be a blast.
    Deadpool could bitch about how is his coming trailer are going to beat this...
    Big Al could talk about how she can "feel" this is beyond Deadpool awesome; she could also comment on how smokin' the (Run the Jewels) music is....
    Deadpool could comment on how the trailer doesn't say exactly when it is coming out while Big Al says it is obviously gonna come out during Black History month next year...
    I could go on and on....
    Some body tweet this as i don't do the twitter.

  • IC Henry
    IC Henry Year ago

    Ryan Coogler is so young but he is emerging as one of the directors to watch! I wish he was more active on social media, but he seems like such a shy man who is obsessed with his craft! I can't wait to see this movie. I have a feeling Coogler will create a epic masterpiece with Black Panther. Also the cast is on another level. It is dripping with award winners from Kenya to the UK and from Ghana to the US. Have a strong feeling this film will break records globally and push Ryan Coogler to another level!

  • Jen Laance
    Jen Laance Year ago


  • InnerRise
    InnerRise Year ago

    how come he lists all the black actors EXCEPT the woman mother too?!
    She's the most famous!
    I can't remember her name, darnit!

    • E Bay
      E Bay Year ago

      InnerRise angela basset

  • Ukweli Mmoja
    Ukweli Mmoja Year ago

    'KIng of the jungle'? Really?!! Jesus, every time it seems you sons-of-bitches are turning a corner, you come right back to racist Main Street. There is no hope for you

    • Breaking Banter
      Breaking Banter  Year ago +3

      +Ukweli Mmoja What the fuck are you on mate. Get off your cooked unit high horse and watch the video

  • Nun Pilo
    Nun Pilo Year ago

    Awesome reaction bro big thumbs up !!!

  • SecretInvasion
    SecretInvasion Year ago

    great reaction and review total like on your video

  • Quazire Jones
    Quazire Jones Year ago +2

    Marvel treats Black Panther like DC treats Aquaman. Most of the time he gets treated like an afterthought in spite of an industrious history. The TV cartoon is a prime example. First Marvel only makes five episodes. But then BET puts the show on at 3 a.m. 3a.m.! This is the respect given to the first solo TV project for the first-ever black superhero? Not cool BET not cool. And as you Marvel, I expected better of you.

  • Wayne Hill, Sr.
    Wayne Hill, Sr. Year ago +1

    Enjoyed your reaction, especially you not being a super hero film fan. I agree with everything you said, Ryan Coogler is incredible! The poster sucks. And, the cinematography is on point.

  • eon001
    eon001 Year ago +8

    I've been watching a lot of Black people react to this and get pumped, and it's exciting to see a white Australian get just as excited to see the movie but the different reasons. The movie is going to work on many levels.

  • Magegg
    Magegg Year ago +1

    What kind of Jeremy Jahns is this?! D:

  • Rogelio Legaspi
    Rogelio Legaspi Year ago

    Keep up the good work, nice reactiob

  • richiexp2
    richiexp2 Year ago

    Wow! people are actually going crazy over this trailer can't wait to see there reaction when the movie is released.

  • Dilly Dilly
    Dilly Dilly Year ago

    Angela basset is in this too !??????!?!

  • Wilbur Walwyn
    Wilbur Walwyn Year ago

    am I the only one who thinks that might be a cameo of storm who in the comics became his wife ?

    • Fireangellc
      Fireangellc Year ago +1

      Unfortunately the MCU can't get rights to x-men so that probably won't happen anytime soon. That woman is T'Challa's stepmother, Ramonda.

  • I'mThatOne Ok
    I'mThatOne Ok Year ago +1

    Your adorable

  • Steven Dunn
    Steven Dunn Year ago +1

    You said EVERYTHING I was thinking!

  • J Turner
    J Turner Year ago +4

    Lol dont worry. Every reaction I've seen is replaying 2xs.

  • Oniffe White
    Oniffe White Year ago +1

    I enjoyed your review. Had to subscribe.

  • Nella J
    Nella J Year ago +1

    Love your reaction. Lol ❤️❤️❤️

  • sylvester01ful
    sylvester01ful Year ago +5

    Yep, it's all about Coogler. Watching him is like watching a sculptor sensuously glide his hand over every curve and angle. I'm not normally sophisticated enough to have an eye for what happens behind the scenes, but with Coogler I can feel his brain at work as it makes each moment by moment decision, leaving nothing to chance.

  • Ronald Lim
    Ronald Lim Year ago +1

    I can't believe that neither you nor Jay talked about the Gollum and Bilbo reunion at the start.

  • Kate Lattey
    Kate Lattey Year ago +7

    First saw Michael B. Jordan in Friday Night Lights, thought he was great. Then he turned up in Parenthood, and one of his scenes, where he breaks up with his girlfriend, was freakin' Oscar-worthy. It had me in tears, and I had very little investment in that relationship, but his portrayal was just ... awesome. He was of course awesome as well in Fruitvale Station and Creed, he's a superb talent and I have faith that Ryan Coogler won't squander him here :)

  • Patrick Adams
    Patrick Adams Year ago +8

    I'm kinda hoping that this storyline is about Black Panther/T'Chala leading Wakanda into the world from the events of the opening scenes of Civil War and having other Wakandans not wanting this and actually wanting to stay away from the rest of the world...two opposing dynamics that could really work well with the leads of Boseman and Jordan

  • palkesh
    palkesh Year ago +11

    Having someone like coogler on board gives me such high hopes for this movie
    and dont get me started on the cast, can this get any better

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes Year ago +3

    Round 2!

  • Burt Macklin
    Burt Macklin Year ago +52

    FYI, it's 100% okay to lose your shit about superheroes doing crazy things on screen. That's not something to hide or feel weird about. It's natural.

    • SecretInvasion
      SecretInvasion Year ago +6

      totally hahahaha i also do it in the theatre

  • GoliathWarfare
    GoliathWarfare Year ago +9

    You guys being fans of Run The Jewels earned you a subscription from me.

  • Jae Rell
    Jae Rell Year ago +16

    Liking the camera shots, the cinematography, the color palate, the costume design...I think we're in for a treat. I'm more than happy with Coogler directing, but I wonder why Ava Duvernay passed on this.

    • Curtis006
      Curtis006 Year ago

      Michele King well I imagine she's kinda right on that. I'm sure marvel keeps a relatively tight leash on these films, more than what some directors are used to. Although she's doing A Wrinkle In Time and I think that's Disney so idk

    • Michele King
      Michele King Year ago +7

      Curtis006 Ava Duvernay said she didn't think she would have enough creative control in Black Panther. And thought is was better to pass. I believe she did suggest Ryan Coogler to be the director

    • Curtis006
      Curtis006 Year ago +2

      Maybe Ava Duvernay was busy at the time? She's doing A Wrinkle In Time which I'm also pretty hype for

  • Alicia Ke_reviews
    Alicia Ke_reviews Year ago +4

    Enjoyed this reaction!!! It is a spectacular teaser trailer ✔💯.

  • winsron shelley
    winsron shelley Year ago +15

    forest whitiker is there in the waterfall view

  • Colman Zhong
    Colman Zhong Year ago +31

    i just hope ryan coogler has full control over this

    • A Somewhat Decent Person
      A Somewhat Decent Person Year ago

      I think Jon Watts (Director of Spider-Man Homecoming) was allowed to bring a couple of his friends who worked with him on the movie. Most notable with the TVclip channel Waverlyflams. As far as I know. Jon Watts is probably the only director at Marvel who got in through his work on the internet.
      That also helps that Jon Watts is probably the youngest director Marvel has for Spider-Man. Who actually knows how to direct teenagers. And actually read a sh*t-ton of comics before he made the movie.

    • SuperPunch76
      SuperPunch76 Year ago

      Carls Junior thanks for explaining this. I was wondering how much control he has and if he wrote the script of if Marvel already had a team of writers and Coogler was only allowed to add a certain amount of input to it.

    • DrakeFZX3
      DrakeFZX3 Year ago +17

      From what we've heard, Coogler was allowed by Disney to bring in his own team and production crew, something they don't always allow for their films because they want a specific, unifying look.
      The woman in charge of Production Design is Hannah Beachler who owns filmography credits for Moonlight, Creed, Fruitvale Station, and Beyonce's Lemonade. Four beautifully cool works, each in a different way. Excited to see he finished product in a pure action genre. Beachler seems to have captured that MCU look while also giving the film something very unique.I really liked the aesthetic so I looked up who's on Production Design.

    • Y P
      Y P Year ago

      We might be able to get a gauge of things when Taika Waititi's Thor comes out. We'll see how whimsical or absurd he was able to take the film. The Russo Brothers will have the toughest job of all, needing to tie all the franchises together, as well as be set-up for the next few films.

    • Burt Macklin
      Burt Macklin Year ago +3

      Colman Zhong yeah... no. But, it does seem like he has as much as they're willing to give. After the fiasco's with Whedon and Wright I imagine they've become a bit more relaxed.

  • Josh Wilson
    Josh Wilson Year ago +44

    Seeing yours and Jay's reaction to this makes me even more excited.
    This could be the best MCU movie to date, thanks to the talent on board.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown Year ago +7

    I want to see the alternate take of that opening scene with the 2 as Bilbo and Gollum

    • Y P
      Y P Year ago +2

      Yes please! I hadn't even realised...

  • Viktoria Katlynn
    Viktoria Katlynn Year ago +109

    Black excellence at its finest. This movie will make history opening weekend because this enhances Black History Month by 1000x! There's so much more power in being Nigerian 🇳🇬

    • A Chz90
      A Chz90 Year ago

      I'm actually very happy for Africans (not Black Americans) because Africa deserves to be glorified. I will definitely see this movie on opening day (from canada and mixed-race). Making all them African dress and garb look EXCELLENT!!! Not dissing black-Americans...I'm only saying that Africans deserve to be recognized on their OWN platform.

    • Viktoria Katlynn
      Viktoria Katlynn Year ago

      17sunnyhour Well people will just have to realize that the movie is still in post production with a February 16, 2018 release, so CGI on the Black Panther suit and the city itself will still have some work to be done. We are still 7 months out, so give it time. The editing room sends some of the edits from the movie to a trailer producing company, and they pick the certain shots to use. And that's when most trailers get spoiled or show to much footage. So you win some and lose some, but you can't make every person happy!

    • Viktoria Katlynn
      Viktoria Katlynn Year ago +4

      chaos lord I can obvious respect your thoughts and opinions on what you hope to see from the movie. At the same time, Marvel is great for taking a character from the comics and changing some bits and pieces. I know that their taking the adaptation of the recent comics and not the 1960's when it originated from. I am a proud African woman that appreciates any ethnic representation of the clothing, dialect, culture, and food that comes along with it all. This movie is made for us but also includes anyone that loves the comics and want a refreshing look from the movies like Coming to America. I can see the whole "social justice warrior" have acquired a negative connotation but I am proud woman of color and can't wait to see a stellar mostly African American cast, writer, director, costume designer, etc. It's will come out in Black History Month and for once we would like to see a black man be bulletproof. But thank you, I will take it all in!

    • chaos lord
      chaos lord Year ago

      i respect on what this movie intend.but pleassseee don't put such an objective and biased sjw values and ideologies.Black panther was a merely fiction comic fantasy and not a propaganda!
      in the comics,black panther was a political story about princes fighting each other.I really hope the movie nails it instead of adding stuff that is out of the comic book context