Adam Savage Visits the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2016
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    After making its way around the world, the incredible exhibition of Stanley Kubrick's work has arrived in San Francisco. Adam Savage tours the exhibit to show you some of his favorite items. From rare camera equipment to pre-production artwork and film props, these objects connect us to one of cinema's greatest minds.
    Learn more about the Stanley Kubrick exhibition here:
    Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
    Music by Jinglepunks
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Comments • 697

  • Adam Savage’s Tested
    Adam Savage’s Tested  27 days ago +1

    Learn more about the Stanley Kubrick exhibition here:

    • Jacob Cacho
      Jacob Cacho 11 days ago

      This video was posted over 2 years ago, why comment this now

  • Julien Lanoo
    Julien Lanoo 11 days ago

    It's my Team and I !!! gosh, stop saying Me and my Team, or " Me and my friends" it's extreamly unpolite, and egocentric :)

  • BeckyWuff
    BeckyWuff 13 days ago

    1:38 The lenses were not made by NASA. They were made FOR NASA by the German optic company Carl Zeiss (Zeiss Planar 50mm F0.7)

  • sevi lou
    sevi lou Month ago

    anyone know whether the exhibition will tour in Europe? I believe right now it's in Barcelona, so I'm hoping I'll be able to catch it in my country sometime

  • Matt Hewitt
    Matt Hewitt Month ago

    My wife said she hated Kubrick. So I left her and the kids.

  • vvv777vvv777
    vvv777vvv777 Month ago

    This is not what I want to see!

  • Sean Heaney
    Sean Heaney Month ago

    MORE MATTER, LESS NARRAToR; Good Job, Though. X.

  • thelucky luke
    thelucky luke Month ago

    I love how Kubrick made some controversial movies now every one loves them

  • Larry Stevens
    Larry Stevens 2 months ago +1

    Apollo Missions 8 through 17 were directed by Kubrick on a sound stage in a studio in Burbank, California. Missions 18 through 21 actually took place and involved astronauts traveling to the Moon to confirm that the earth is flat and to meet with Lunar Munchkins who live in craters to discuss the dangers of vaccinations. However, these missions were kept secret from the public. Also, Paul McCartney died and was replaced by a doppelganger shortly after joining the Quarrymen in 1956, the Pythagorean Theorem is "Fake Math" and Donald Trump is a very stable genius. I am grateful that the internet provides a worldwide forum through which I can impart knowledge and share information.

  • Micheal Currie
    Micheal Currie 2 months ago

    Life is short, Kubrick's work is long.

  • Alan Currie
    Alan Currie 2 months ago

    That helmet is the double of the head of Zippy from Rainbow, UK children's tv show in the seventies

  • Richard Rootless
    Richard Rootless 2 months ago

    ((( adam )))

  • GPBX01B
    GPBX01B 2 months ago

    Holy shit! I'll be sure to see this if it ever comes near me.

  • Glen DeKoker
    Glen DeKoker 2 months ago

    Like Apollo 11 and room 232 NASA room for Moon mission was fake.

  • MrJohnluvit
    MrJohnluvit 2 months ago +1

    Why is it at a Jewish Museum can you still go in if you don't like Jews ? what if you don't believe in the Holocaust ? .... Trump 2020 MAGA !

  • Matsuoka Shun
    Matsuoka Shun 2 months ago

    I got the chance to see this exhibition at Museo MARCO (Monterrey, Mexico) back in 2015, and it was mesmerising, breathtaking, incredible... it was, Kubrick!

  • Luxi Turna
    Luxi Turna 2 months ago +1

    And it was right next to the ape mask that he DID talk about! What a rip, man man!

  • kenny anders
    kenny anders 2 months ago

    should someone make the Napoleon movie according to Kubrick's research

  • nikshmenga
    nikshmenga 3 months ago

    Considering the preparation for Napoleon it's easy to see why Stan made so few films.

  • AncientAbsWisdom
    AncientAbsWisdom 3 months ago

    When we were kids we had one of the helmet badges apparently. but it went missing years ago.

  • Rafael Marcos
    Rafael Marcos 3 months ago

    I want Dave's helmet.

    BOOK PILE 4 months ago

    Not as much amazingness, talent, or, art, in filmmaking today. Nothing is as impressive if all you have to have is a finger to press buttons. It required actual skill back in the day.

  • Nessie Andrew
    Nessie Andrew 4 months ago

    I just saw 2001. Pretty, pretty good.

  • Neil Aspinall
    Neil Aspinall 5 months ago

    Saw this Kubrick exhibition in Melbourne Australia a few years ago. Mesmerizing!

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh 5 months ago

    Bring this exhibition to Europe for fuck sake!

  • Wrongway346
    Wrongway346 5 months ago

    Dam... I would have love to see David Bowman helmet..from 2001. but only showed the monkey mask,,, it was right there beside it..

  • red
    red 5 months ago

    what is 4:57 from?

  • Kenton Clarkson
    Kenton Clarkson 5 months ago

    Thank you Stanley. And thank you Christianne for being the best wife a man ever had. Stanley could not have done it without her.

  • TheOldManEric
    TheOldManEric 5 months ago

    How in heavens name do you build an f0.7 lense, wow.

  • TheTukTuk2008
    TheTukTuk2008 5 months ago

    Thank you for the focus on the lenses!!!🙏

  • kliveo
    kliveo 5 months ago

    I wasn't lucky enough to go to this Kubrick exhibition, but really enjoyed Adam's coverage and guide. Is there a longer version of this video?

  • The Reverend Jim Jones
    The Reverend Jim Jones 5 months ago

    Wow I didn’t know this was in California 2 years ago 😭

  • A Deep Fried Rat 🐀
    A Deep Fried Rat 🐀 5 months ago

    9:01 I’m not poking fun at the curator’s accent, but I do enjoy how he pronounced “rivals”. English is a silly language to read at times.
    I really hope they utilize all of those notes for a film of Napoleon in the near future

  • What, me worry?
    What, me worry? 6 months ago

    At 6:17 , be surprising to make it move!

  • Dr m
    Dr m 6 months ago

    Love Barry Lyndon, 3+ hours, but pure gold

  • Kevin Morrison
    Kevin Morrison 6 months ago

    Cool that they would have the exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, given that Stanley Kubrick's family are Jewish immigrants.

  • nadja rocha
    nadja rocha 6 months ago

    Lamentável não ter ganho um OSCAR como melhor filme.Vexatório para academia.

  • LKLM Media
    LKLM Media 6 months ago

    "Hhhh...Shining Maze...That looks pretty good..." followed by a fresh air walk away...CLASSIC - question is, was it the Kube's or the Savage version...

  • Xeric
    Xeric 6 months ago

    0:45 ya boi thicc

  • Carol Kewley
    Carol Kewley 6 months ago

    You worked on A.I.? Fantastic.

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 7 months ago +2

    The one film missing at 10:18 - 1969 Faking the Apollo 11 Moon Landings, his greatest work. He really was a Cinematic genius and very much missed.

  • moist chip
    moist chip 7 months ago

    It's so cool Adam got to put his maze in the exhibit. He deserves it for sure, after all that work he put into it

  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald 7 months ago

    Why is he always so proud to wear nasa emblems when it’s such a corrupt establishment that suppresses information that could benefit humankind. booooo 👎

  • Hip48Xn3
    Hip48Xn3 7 months ago +1

    who else was waiting for adam to bust a nut over frickin lenses?

  • _Texas_Pete_ Beats_The_Meat_

    Sudden Benedict Cumberbatch fetus replica @ 5:33 😆😆😆😆!

  • Wlad Yarosh
    Wlad Yarosh 8 months ago

    5:20 Soviet Rubles

  • droan999
    droan999 8 months ago

    Viddy well Adam viddy well

  • Sergeant Savage
    Sergeant Savage 8 months ago

    We are still fooling them Stan.

  • Fat Acrobat
    Fat Acrobat 8 months ago

    Kinda funny seeing Adam wear that NASA jacket and knowing how people say Kubrick filmed the moon landing..

  • Nelis m
    Nelis m 8 months ago

    not going to lie but the movie whas pretty bad

  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 8 months ago

    “Moon walking rip Stanley Kubrick”

    FR35H_BOXX_PODCAST 8 months ago

    And that's why Barry Lyndon is my top 3. A Clockwork/Barry Lyndon/2001

  • OakMountain Entertainment

    Godfather of cinma

  • mangaka08
    mangaka08 8 months ago

    Kubrick was what you get when a highly intelligent individual is also highly creative.

  • Mike Heinicke
    Mike Heinicke 8 months ago

    Adam thinks we landed on the moon.... lol.

  • J Masked
    J Masked 8 months ago

    I've always wondered what was meant to be so groundbreaking about that scene in Barry Lyndon. All of the lens manufacturers at the time could have made a lens as fast as the one from NASA, however, when a lens is that wide open it is very poor quality, it wouldn't have passed their quality standards for consumer use at the time, hence why only NASA had one, because they simply needed it for their low light applications, whether the result would be quality or not. Whenever I see the scenes in Barry Lyndon, it's all good and nice, but it is so soft and lacking sharpness I just don't get the big deal about it and why it's such enduring trivia. Plus, the triple wick candles have an over-the-top appearance in the scenes.

  • jilly G
    jilly G 8 months ago

    It is in Germany just now and then Spain....I hope it will come back to the US at some point I absolutely have to see this exhibition #BucketList

  • Ulrik Falkenberg
    Ulrik Falkenberg 8 months ago

    Where can I buy that jacket!!! is it alpha inc. or?

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts 8 months ago

    this was a cool ass video

  • marty one
    marty one 8 months ago

    I bet SK would never do CGI

  • morganfreemanwannabe
    morganfreemanwannabe 9 months ago

    5:05 *unimpressedly* Oh, nice. Shining Maze- that looks pretty good. Fucking Adam, lol.

  • Dale Rockwell
    Dale Rockwell 9 months ago +1

    kubrick and nasa cameras i feel a conspiracy

    • Joe Cool
      Joe Cool 5 months ago

      Dale Rockwell except actual proof it was fake, funny about that

    • Dale Rockwell
      Dale Rockwell 8 months ago +1

      Tisbonus oh I wouldn’t doubt it every time someone says it can’t be they dig something else up

    • Tisbonus
      Tisbonus 8 months ago +1

      Dale Rockwell there are pictures of Stanley and NASA heads at MGM UK in the early to mid 60's. Fact.

  • ash man
    ash man 9 months ago

    A fake "scientist" visits a faker directors fake museum.

  • KenRaw
    KenRaw 9 months ago

    My god, this dude is german level 100

  • Kevin Carter
    Kevin Carter 9 months ago

    Why o why is there nothing from the fantastic The Killing

  • adamgh0
    adamgh0 9 months ago

    If only they had Nicole Kidman's panties from Eyes Wide Shut.

  • Dr Strangelove
    Dr Strangelove 9 months ago

    Why is a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at the Jewish Contemporary museum?

  • Damian Knight
    Damian Knight 10 months ago

    when is this coming to the UK?

  • muscampro
    muscampro 10 months ago

    ...minute 1:18....this is Mitchell 35 mm cinema camera ?!?! ....I think he was wrong... 65 mm Mitchell camera !

  • Dis jointed
    Dis jointed 10 months ago

    is this the myth busters guy

  • kh40yr
    kh40yr 10 months ago

    The full moon rising balloon,,used by the bounty hunters in A.I. The "Mr Know" framed sketch at 4:04,,look at that and tell me what you see. Naughty, Naughty Stanley!!

  • Fidel
    Fidel 10 months ago

    Assorted 35mm focal lengths, amazing.

  • VoxelGaming
    VoxelGaming 10 months ago +2

    Would have been cool to see some more Full Metal Jacket stuff.

  • Joe Brumfield
    Joe Brumfield 10 months ago

    Brilliant stuff. Thanks for sharing Adam. I'll look for this collection on display.

  • Owen Harris
    Owen Harris 10 months ago

    Adam is fucking lair...

  • moeshickenyay
    moeshickenyay 10 months ago

    Great Exhibit, saw it in Toronto as well. Remember seeing the huge fish eye lens for the Hal 9000 memory core scene in this display, which was particularly huge and impressive. Upstairs they had a whole collection of his lens that I was drooling over, and his modified 35mm cinema camera, just sitting there with little to no supervisions I thought about taking a bolt off the camera assembly as a souvenir. No one was around at all, zilch security, i probably could have rolled the whole camera out the with no one noticing. Also had his research files, and mock up pictures, the man was fastidious and consistent about his research. Yah, the real interesting part of the exhibition was upstairs being totally ignored by the public, staff, and security and this was the real peek behind curtains of the mans creative process, people just wanted to see the bling and completely ignored this treasure trove of his real genius.

  • Bradley8936
    Bradley8936 10 months ago

    doesnt kubrick look kinda like Dan Harmon?

  • LifeofBenji
    LifeofBenji 10 months ago

    My grandpa personally knows the man who acquired the penis sculpture way back to anyone asking.

  • Rilakuma cake roll Amy
    Rilakuma cake roll Amy 10 months ago +1

    Heard about NASA lens did specific job for Kubrick. Your explanation is really comprehensive. Thanks Adam. Thanks Tested.

  • Fuzzyscarfandmittens
    Fuzzyscarfandmittens 11 months ago

    I'm jealous. I would have loved to have seen this thing but it never came by anywhere close to where I was.
    I've always loved Kubrick's work. He's one of the greatest directors that ever lived. One part genius. One part obsessed creep. One part utter madman all rolled up into one.

  • KipperBill
    KipperBill 11 months ago

    My hands were in my mouthy when I saw HAL

  • hal900x
    hal900x 11 months ago

    My all-time favorite director. Some day, another perfectionist will come along, when the time is right and historical biopics have a resurgence. They will use all his research to recreate Napoleon. Perhaps, maybe, will enough passion and dedication, that person may be me.

  • Cold Fito
    Cold Fito 11 months ago

    Adam geeking out makes me happy

  • existe_mas
    existe_mas 11 months ago

    At 4:12 those buildings shaped like women remind me a lot of the girl statues in Blade runner 2049 I wonder if that inspired the concept art of the film!

  • Jeffrey Allen
    Jeffrey Allen 11 months ago

    For the record - The "Fast Lenses" were designed and made by "Zeiss" for NASA (they were not made by NASA)

  • renzorco
    renzorco 11 months ago

    5:04 looooool

  • TheJagjr4450
    TheJagjr4450 11 months ago

    A Zeiss .7 would be tens of thousands at the time if not more... hell a 1.2 50mm is currently over $1200 which is about half as fast.

  • CLKnight 200
    CLKnight 200 11 months ago +1

    What is the music playing in the first minute of the video?

  • Deep Theory
    Deep Theory 11 months ago

    I just uploaded part one of a three-part series that tries to explain 2001 Space Odyssey. You're welcome to check it out, and tell me if it makes any sense. Cheers!

  • Rodrigo Olvera
    Rodrigo Olvera 11 months ago

    The best exhibition of Kubrick was on Mexico City, at Cineteca Nacional.

  • Matías Infante Melloni
    Matías Infante Melloni 11 months ago


  • Javier Diaz
    Javier Diaz 11 months ago

    When is the exhibit coming to New York?

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 11 months ago

    This zooming is anoying, did you changed the camera man? 😕

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 11 months ago

    Please start shooting in 60 fps, these stuttering 24 fps with the fast shutter speed looks awful

  • Claude Smoot
    Claude Smoot 11 months ago

    I'd burn ants with those lenses.

  • Funk Enstein
    Funk Enstein Year ago

    He could have made this video several hours longer and I'd have watched it all.

  • michaelmisanthrope

    Really cool insider POV. Thanks.

  • Rhys Bond
    Rhys Bond Year ago

    Fyi. I grow up in elstree, my family home was short distance from MGM backlot, a close family friend had the female ape costume from 2001 a space Odyssey. I belief he still has it.

  • Rem Acu Tetigisti

    Why did they hold this at a Jew museum? This city has two other first rate modern museums with top facilities.
    Just asking.

    • UserLMH
      UserLMH 5 days ago

      Rem Acu Tetigisti what difference does it make

  • mike .D
    mike .D Year ago

    Cover up artist !