*George St Pierre vs Nick Diaz* Best Highlights HD

  • Published on Aug 8, 2018
  • George St Pierre vs Nick Diaz HD

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  • Enneite Samud
    Enneite Samud 11 hours ago

    For all the fat and jealous bitch who claiming GSP is on roids:
    he is the one who brought/fought for more accurate test in ufc... and by the way when you eat good and train hard you can easily look like gsp. In the past when was boxing I looked like him whit no weird stuff, no protein shake, no pill: just heathly food and steady training. so instead of claiming everyone who look more fit then you is on roids get your fat ass to the gym ask a trainer you wanna look fit as gsp and whitting 3 mouth (if you dosent cheat and you look like an average dude / your not obese) your gonna look like him.
    (no i am not a gsp fanboy i respect both fighther in fact I would say i prefer the diaz brothers: the way they dont give a f"$k is amazing haha i dont like it when a dude play the nice boy just to be tv friendly)

  • gregory castro
    gregory castro 11 hours ago

    These are the clash of titans.........they are both legends.

  • Artem Lube
    Artem Lube 16 hours ago

    Gsp was full juiced roid

  • AJ Constantine
    AJ Constantine Day ago

    Jebus! Standing O for whoever cut this video! THIS is how ALL fight highlights should be edited! Perfect contiguous blend of all salient moments. 👏👏👏👏
    This is like the “Condensed Game” replays on MLB AtBat. 🤘🤘 Huge kudos here.
    (Excuse the effusive compliments-I don’t ever get to see highlights this good. ✌️)

  • Jac Giv
    Jac Giv Day ago

    Also gsp was on steroids

  • Jac Giv
    Jac Giv Day ago +2

    Nick lost this fight cuz he didnt catch the headlock or knee when he tried to spear 100 times

  • Vic Price
    Vic Price 2 days ago

    His style is similar to Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.Strike strike strike then takedown all the champions do this except for Izzy ,Stipe and Max Holloway they actually stand up fight

  • Vic Price
    Vic Price 2 days ago

    His style is similar to Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington.Strike strike strike then takedown all the champions do this except for Izzy ,Stipe and Max Holloway they actually stand up fight

  • Alfredo Mendoza
    Alfredo Mendoza 2 days ago

    Gsp aka the master of crotch sniffing

  • Nate Haji
    Nate Haji 2 days ago +1

    Huge Diaz fan, this was painful to watch but he got outclassed , fair & square

  • danny vilailath
    danny vilailath 3 days ago +5

    Nick Diaz, "I didn't know how George know I was going for a Kimura attempt when he was taking me down, they must be a spy in his camp." Hmmm. I think Rory body slammed Nate with that same strategy. 👍

    MARTINLOCZ 4 days ago +1

    Gsp on steroids

    • Name less
      Name less 51 minute ago

      MARTINLOCZ fuck you haters

    MARTINLOCZ 4 days ago +1

    Im the 420th like 😝😂

  • Saitoki Myshkin
    Saitoki Myshkin 4 days ago +6

    I see what Nick means when he says guys try to turn it into a wrestling match, but hey it's mma. Feel bad for George, looks like he doesn't want Nick to hate him

  • FireBirdd
    FireBirdd 5 days ago

    Nick went to the end in this fight and busted up GSP face...big props!

    • furiousmat
      furiousmat 3 days ago

      don't think anyone expected GSP to finish Diaz though... GSP is a notorious non-finisher and Diaz is famous for his durability.

  • Daniel Mejia
    Daniel Mejia 5 days ago

    I just farted and it was wet

  • Izzy rod
    Izzy rod 5 days ago

    Back when the beefs was real

  • Mohammad Abujassar
    Mohammad Abujassar 6 days ago +2

    I’m a big fan of Nick but he definitely lost that fight

  • scgamerd
    scgamerd 6 days ago +2

    GSP Dey humping Nick, stalling and avoiding a fight

    • Jeffrey Tackett
      Jeffrey Tackett Day ago

      If Nick wanted the fight to stay standing up, why didn't he just stop the takedowns? Oh that's right ... because he couldn't.

    • Zenthils
      Zenthils Day ago

      Avoiding a match while outboxing him. Gotcha.

  • Cloyd Moore
    Cloyd Moore 6 days ago

    No freaking way they were the same weight class

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 6 days ago +3

    If nick took steroids he would’ve killed Gsp

  • G C
    G C 6 days ago

    this was hard to watch because I'm French Canadian but I also love the Diaz brothers

  • eric lessard
    eric lessard 7 days ago +4

    And that the moment when nick felt in alcool and drud to never fight in ufc ever.

  • Tammy Rogne
    Tammy Rogne 7 days ago


  • Jasaja Lagrene
    Jasaja Lagrene 8 days ago

    Gap is a bitch stand UP abd box bitch

  • xStaman
    xStaman 9 days ago

    The best highlight was Nick whining like a bitch after the fight. Making excuses, says he's quitting, then says he's gonna be a professional boxer. LMAO

  • Jonathan Boyles
    Jonathan Boyles 9 days ago +2

    Nick did not look like a black belt in bjj during this fight. Then again, if I'm not mistaken GSP also has a black belt in bjj.

    • Pop Team JoJo
      Pop Team JoJo 6 days ago

      Daniel Rodriguez is this bait?

    • Daniel Rodriguez
      Daniel Rodriguez 9 days ago

      Gsp was way heavier cuz he didn't make weight n he was roided tf out look at the size difference. All he did was take Nick n lay on him like he wanted to butt fuck him instead of fight him. Gsp is a fag.

  • Milwaukee Brewers
    Milwaukee Brewers 9 days ago +2

    Nick was poisoned that night

    • Dave Evans
      Dave Evans 7 days ago +1

      and GSP had concrete mixed with glass in those gloves :p

  • Marcus Mccall
    Marcus Mccall 9 days ago +26

    Gsp is a real class act.. He never trash talks.. He is there to do one thing...

  • Meyr Kim
    Meyr Kim 10 days ago

    Him and his fukn brother are some azz fighters always have been

  • Lester Nugent
    Lester Nugent 10 days ago +9

    Nick can take a punch but GSP ruined him in both stand up and on the ground !!!!!!!!!

    • Pop Team JoJo
      Pop Team JoJo 6 days ago +3

      Damn Man no he definitely won in every aspect

    • Lester Nugent
      Lester Nugent 7 days ago +2

      @Damn Man ....Guess you were watching a different fight !!!!!

    • Damn Man
      Damn Man 7 days ago +1

      He ruined him only on the ground did,nt do much in the stand up.

  • Dylan Mounsey
    Dylan Mounsey 12 days ago

    Fuck off with the one sided highlights

  • A B
    A B 15 days ago +2

    Nick won if they were to fight to the death I think nick would win straight up yeah he took him down and all that but nick wasn’t hurt for a second. Gsp I’m the other hand it seemed like he knew he had to win by score card fuck the score card they should just fight to the death

    • kuya49z
      kuya49z 4 days ago

      @A B sure boy come to santa barbara if you ever wanna test that out

    • A B
      A B 9 days ago

      kuya49z no you just probably fight like a bitch to. Straight up

    • kuya49z
      kuya49z 10 days ago +2

      Why do diaz fans have to make excuses about every loss? Its a sport if you wanted fight to the death go watch fist of fury or something lol.

  • mj Lopez
    mj Lopez 15 days ago +3

    Ill tell you what tho. If its fight to the death. The Diaz brothers will always come out alive.

    • furiousmat
      furiousmat 3 days ago

      @mj Lopez Problem is that Diaz bros train and fight like they haven't realized that there's a time limit.
      Nobody cares what would happen if it was a fight to the death, because it's not. Smart guys train to win within the rules. Bums train like the rules don't exist and then blame the game and everyone in the universe when they lose. Still haven't figured out there's a score card.
      Besides, the other problem with this statement is that being an endurance based fighter is terrible for self-defense situations. What you want is to be explosive and be able to get rid of the opponent as quickly as possible. So even for a real life situation their style isn't the best at all. Only setup that's good for them is still a sporting competition but somehow there's no clock and it keeps going until one of the fighters is finished.
      I still respect their style. Their ability to take punishment and recover is ridiculous. Either they have crazy genetic or they're onto something with their triathlon training. But they're no more suited for real combat than the guys they keep losing to.

    • mj Lopez
      mj Lopez 8 days ago

      @C Jay lol. You just dont see it. Masdival was getting tired. Thats why he had his hands up after 2nd and 3rd round.

    • Unddo Zahaz
      Unddo Zahaz 8 days ago

      How so

    • C Jay
      C Jay 10 days ago +2

      Yeh, probably not.

  • Home stead
    Home stead 16 days ago

    GSP was juiced the fuck out

  • Rakan AlSalat
    Rakan AlSalat 18 days ago


    • ColdFusionNinja
      ColdFusionNinja 16 days ago

      If he were humbled he wouldn't be pissing and moaning about losing lol

  • Your Father
    Your Father 20 days ago +18

    Gsp dominated a bjj fighter on the ground and grappling.

    • JR Thomas
      JR Thomas Day ago

      @HenryDavidT It's called punch drunk. I don't know what you're talking about as far as damage, Nick took little damage and GSP was dominant, but took lots of damage. That's how it was for his last 3 title defenses and decision for retirement. He was taking too much damage.

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 5 days ago +3

      HenryDavidT not reading all of that suck my dick

    • HenryDavidT
      HenryDavidT 5 days ago +2

      @Waylin C. Nick's face was better? He had a badly mauled, twisted face face, from around round 2 onward. GSP simply had a clean cut by the nose; & GSP gets cuts & bruised up easily; that he's also very pales hides nothing, unlike the darker guys. I admire the Diaz brothers for their iron chin, but if you use yourself as a punching bag like that, no matter how tough you are, your brain will deteriorate. Neither brother could speak coherently; part of the problem is from those constant fist-to-the-head they've endured. Review Floyd Mayweather Sr. Ali, Shane Mosley et al who've endured years of head punching...

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 9 days ago +1

      Your Father not dominanted on the ground he didn’t really do much, nicks face was better than gsp’s lol but grappling yeah he was taking him down whenever he wanted basically

  • Golgy
    Golgy 20 days ago +6

    gsp was juiced af, just look at the physique

    • Not Visible
      Not Visible 14 days ago +2

      I literally can’t stand how people think its impossible to have a good physique and be a fighter without steroids. His physique could easily be attained naturally with a little time and consistency.

    • old wrestler
      old wrestler 16 days ago

      Just looks like someone who took their training and conditioning seriously.

    • born free
      born free 18 days ago

      You are retarded and dont know anything about the sport. He literally quit, in his prime, because people were not being tested. He only came back after the drug test came in.

    BURCHDOG 20 days ago +30

    Diaz fan girls: omg Nick won that fight he got robbed

  • Sydney Rooster
    Sydney Rooster 20 days ago +6

    Diaz bros are the most overrated fighters of all time.

    • Eazy 117
      Eazy 117 11 days ago +2

      @ColdFusionNinja bruhhhh lmfao

    • ColdFusionNinja
      ColdFusionNinja 16 days ago +4

      @Sydney Rooster completely underrated. Did you see how Nate's face beat the shit out of Masvidal's fists? He definitely didn't get exposed for the hype train that he is lol Diaz bros never make excuses! Lmfao!!

    • Sydney Rooster
      Sydney Rooster 20 days ago +2

      @peter avery. How the fuck can they be underrated with 21 losses between them 🤣

    • peter avery
      peter avery 20 days ago +2

      You mean they are the most underrated. You know nothing

  • Albert Walter
    Albert Walter 21 day ago +9

    Joe "Unable to generate off his back" Rogan

  • Gzup505 505
    Gzup505 505 21 day ago


  • Darkasknightfall
    Darkasknightfall 21 day ago +117

    If Nick didn’t lose this fight he could’ve been the winner.

    • AJ Constantine
      AJ Constantine Day ago

      Darkasknightfall ...
      Nothing new to add, just 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 God damn I needed that cheap laugh.

    • Steve Austin
      Steve Austin 3 days ago

      Darkasknightfall why your comment killed the fuck outtaa me 😂😂😂

    • danny vilailath
      danny vilailath 3 days ago

      Lol I wonder what the excuse will be when he loses to masvidal

    • joe-b-one kenobi
      joe-b-one kenobi 10 days ago +3

      Woah i never thought about it like that..

    • Darkasknightfall
      Darkasknightfall 12 days ago +3

      dack YT that’s what I’m saying. It’s crazy.

  • Johnny VHL
    Johnny VHL 22 days ago +4

    If Nick didn’t showboating he could have won😂

  • TandCEveryDay
    TandCEveryDay 22 days ago

    Nick got fucked up

  • Marcos The Great
    Marcos The Great 22 days ago

    Masvidal will slaughter Nick. Nick 's standup game is disgusting.

  • peter paramo
    peter paramo 23 days ago

    How tf are they in the same fucking weight class nick wasn't LYINGG when he said they're all on steroids

  • Patrick McCabe
    Patrick McCabe 23 days ago +1

    Gsp definitely has better takedowns but idk if he can keep somebody down better than khabib

      BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS 20 days ago +2

      GSP would destroy khabib if I had to bet all my money I would bet on GSP , khabib has only 1 game plan and that game plan would not work on GSP because:
      1- GSP is a very strong motherfucker
      2- GSP is better in striking and could beat him up standing
      3- GSP has an excellent take downs defense
      4- GSP is very good in the ground and as I said he's very strong anyways so even if khabib wins technically GSP will use his strength to turn the situation and ground and pound him like a little sissy.

    • ChrisSmooth24
      ChrisSmooth24 22 days ago +4

      Patrick McCabe Gsp would make khabib his bottom boy.

  • Jason-doc- Holiday
    Jason-doc- Holiday 24 days ago +24

    So obvious the roids GSP WAS ON

    • Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter 8 hours ago

      Salty fanboys are salty. Turns out smoking copious amounts of weed, not eating meat, doing massive amounts of cardio whilst doing no significant weight training will make you look like a skinny bitch when standing next to a real athlete.

    • Lester Nugent
      Lester Nugent 10 days ago +1

      You've got hemorrhoids of the brain!!!! GSP actually has muscles from working out. Running triathlons doesen't build and kind of bulk !!!!!!!!

    • Gavin Watkins
      Gavin Watkins 11 days ago

      Y’all hate him cuz you ain’t him. Have fun sitting on your ass watching him succeed

    • Ribéry SZN
      Ribéry SZN 11 days ago

      ben once you actually train to do mma even if it’s ametur mma you appricate him so much more he is a clear goat and he has never cheated go watch boxing if you want punches

    • the African mask guy
      the African mask guy 13 days ago

      @ben yeah would like to see you fight him jesus man haters gonna hate...

  • Jasaja Lagrene
    Jasaja Lagrene 25 days ago +1

    Gps booooooooooooring!!!!!!!!

  • Hanad Axmed
    Hanad Axmed 25 days ago +1

    Diaz won the 3rd round

  • Hanad Axmed
    Hanad Axmed 25 days ago +12


    • Pop Team JoJo
      Pop Team JoJo 6 days ago

      Antony Fitzgerald LMAOOOO hilarious bait my friend

    • Musicme
      Musicme 18 days ago

      Good shot indeed, but still did no shit to George

    • Antony Fitzgerald
      Antony Fitzgerald 23 days ago

      @Ricardo Raigoza do you not agree casual

    • Antony Fitzgerald
      Antony Fitzgerald 23 days ago +4

      That shot would normally stun someone but the roids kept gsp going.

    • Ricardo Raigoza
      Ricardo Raigoza 24 days ago

      Hanad Axmed smh

  • Patriot Guru
    Patriot Guru 25 days ago +8

    khabib wrestling wont even come close to GSP

    • Jayo uowantnosmoke
      Jayo uowantnosmoke 16 days ago

      Different weight classes dummy

    • Nafija
      Nafija 18 days ago

      @Patriot Guru You're a sore loser a Khabib hater, bottom line. 28-0 and soon 29-0 you son of a bitch, eat your heart out.

      ZMIJUSH 19 days ago

      @Stfu Very positive vibes from you lol

    • Stfu
      Stfu 24 days ago +1

      TraGicLife we can’t have a dominant muslim ufc fighter right? Internet wankster. Pussy

    • Patriot Guru
      Patriot Guru 24 days ago

      @Cureston Mckay yup

  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins 25 days ago +3

    As good as George is. I think ufc needs to do something about ground stalling. With only 5 minute rounds it is too easy to do. Not saying he did it in this fight, but if people are going to go for takedowns, they should always be busy looking for submissions. Like mighty mouse or khabib.

    • captain insanity
      captain insanity 13 days ago

      @collin russell oh would you look at this s Collin knows who Ed is

    • collin russell
      collin russell 14 days ago

      @captain insanity shut up kid you've been watching too much edsbassmaster

    • captain insanity
      captain insanity 14 days ago

      @collin russell just go look at it
      It's all you can do is look at it

    • collin russell
      collin russell 14 days ago

      @captain insanity what the hell does that have to do with anything I said

    • captain insanity
      captain insanity 14 days ago

      @collin russell go watch Ali Frazier 1 and Ali Frazier 3

  • rocky balboa
    rocky balboa 25 days ago

    2:44.. Georg like, it's going to be a long night! GSP looked more fucked up!

  • Steve Schmidt
    Steve Schmidt 25 days ago +5

    I forgot about this. I grew up with this. so khabib light years before khabib. gsp is 38 we all think he is older than he is. Chal right #1 wrestler all time

  • King ZomB
    King ZomB 26 days ago


  • Wilfred Fernandez
    Wilfred Fernandez 27 days ago +35

    6:46 When your girl has been too clingy

    BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS 28 days ago +22

    Diaz brothers always lose to "nice educated boys" like GSP , Anderson Silva or Rory McDonald type of guys it's mental . If you want to break them just be a good sportsman and teach them a lesson they lose their skills and look awkward, both of them.

    • 23
      23 6 days ago

      BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS just cuz someone wins a fight, doesn’t mean it proves any of your weird theories lmao. It’s not a fight strategy 😂😂😂 it’s just them being them. Not everything is a strategy lol what is them drinking water during a press conference, strategy?

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 9 days ago +1

      BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS I mean you literally contradicted your own statement “they lose their skill” while Silva fight was a draw and nick said he was poisoned before this fight as well and still took it to a decision with a better face then gsp

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 9 days ago

      Daniel Rodriguez exactly lol he’s one of those idiots whose never had any proper martial arts training and still feels like he knows better than the fighters

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 9 days ago

      BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS you’re in idiot who I bet has no real life experience in any martial art while I do bjj and boxing, yeah it’s a mind game but it’s not so you lose your temper that’s only part of it it’s so you can fight their fight and not be a bitch who just runs away or takes you to the ground

    • Waylin C.
      Waylin C. 9 days ago +1

      BE HUMAN NOTHING LESS So he was technical over diaz ? because he was too much of a bitch to go after him and was making Diaz chase him the whole fight so he can play his game while he was on PEDs LMAO and it was still a draw if you call that domination you’re obviously a causal Diaz hater

  • King Tshilobo
    King Tshilobo 28 days ago +11

    GSP is just stronger and well conditioned. Nick and Nate are known for their stamina, but not for their skills or strength or physique

    • ChrisSmooth24
      ChrisSmooth24 22 days ago

      Tris Matu Nate has the most ugly and awkward physique ever lol. His shoulders are sound damn rounded, that he could be probably make the touch. That’s why he has no chest muscles because they’re not being used.