STOP wasting your life (2019)

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019
  • Before You Waste Your Life Watch This. Time is limited and its Time to Go After the Life You Always Wanted.
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    Neema Sadeghi
    Make up:
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    Steadicam Operator: Chris Loh
    Set Design: Jessica Garrison
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  • Prince Ea
    Prince Ea  9 days ago +11313

    THANKS for Tuning in guys! Let me know in the comments...How did this video make you feel?!

  • Зеленый Огурец

    Thanks for subtitles :)

  • HAADi
    HAADi Day ago

    Look what youtube recommended me :((

  • Nugget Dino
    Nugget Dino Day ago

    Your voice is so calming (dont take it in a weird way) To the point where I use it to go to sleep -_- zZz

  • Natalie Tran
    Natalie Tran Day ago

    I’m here
    Watching this video
    I’m in yr 7
    I’m 12 yrs old now
    In high school
    I just want to say
    Thank you
    For telling me this stuff
    As I get older I didnt know what to do with my life. But you have made me want to achieve life, achieve what is better and Start Now

  • Frostyh
    Frostyh Day ago

    I would like all people to think like you
    Love form italy❤️🇮🇹

  • Ed Gob
    Ed Gob Day ago

    Love this Video So Much

  • Hope
    Hope Day ago

    I watched it youtube please STOP recomending this video.

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master Day ago

    If none job then who will save life's idiot

  • TheAceTutorials
    TheAceTutorials Day ago

    IM from the News generation thx for tips for later :)

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master Day ago

    Are u really that stupid

  • AhmadSaleem1992
    AhmadSaleem1992 Day ago

    Awesome video

  • joey 83
    joey 83 Day ago

    I love every video you are making, I'm 36 I am choosing to be happy every day. But now at this moment i feel troubled and sad. Because i am now financially struggling. All i can hope now is things change and miracle happen.

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago +1

    The problem is being happy is almost risky as in you have to quit your job or change your life for the worse just to get a small amount of happiness

  • memario 2136
    memario 2136 Day ago

    I like ur vid dude u make my life better

  • Can Kantarcı
    Can Kantarcı Day ago

    What a nice community. Greatings from Turkey.

  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes Day ago

    This man made history...

  • Constanze 14
    Constanze 14 Day ago

    I‘m from germany but if you will be president i will instantly come to America

  • Toasted toasterz Or Drboogiefuzz

    now I have an excuse to not work

  • Jasmin Sajulan
    Jasmin Sajulan Day ago

    I just want you to my teacher☹️

  • The Last D4rk
    The Last D4rk Day ago +1

    Why not German?

  • Kloy9
    Kloy9 Day ago

    Great video! Real inspiration, :) I'm glad I was able to send it to a friend who is struggling with getting the things she wants in terms of job opportunities.

  • arya wira kelana

    I Like Your Motivasion

  • J G
    J G Day ago

    What shit

  • BLAZEDENIS Asanovski

    🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 be happy no matter happend

    AFEN YT Day ago

    Get Well Soon 😥

  • Benyamin 100subs no video

    You tell me Im wasting my time?🖕

  • Vishakha Singh
    Vishakha Singh Day ago

    Mathematics is the first class I have Monday at school. And the classes start at 8. Well, that is terrifying.

  • DJ ERZ
    DJ ERZ Day ago

    Can you add indonesia subtiltle

  • New Message
    New Message Day ago +1

    nice polka dots

  • Kirsten Masefield
    Kirsten Masefield Day ago +1

    Your making me sad 😔

  • New Message
    New Message Day ago +1

    jae looks like a serial killer

  • Sheneider Gilles

    But how we can escape that rat race💁?

  • Agoston Emelieze


    JAR VIS Day ago

    The part of Jae so scary me u know

  • waheeb yasin
    waheeb yasin Day ago

    The problem is you think you have time.❤️

  • Vishal Bhosale
    Vishal Bhosale Day ago


  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz Day ago

    I can’t with high school it’s so hard I think it’s a waste of time u ain’t doing what u love

  • Nick
    Nick Day ago

    Man you're a legend

  • VersaceY ____
    VersaceY ____ Day ago

    Mi ha cambiato la vita ...

  • YahyaTheLad
    YahyaTheLad Day ago

    Jae would always say.. haha

  • christian gentiles

    im 22 rn graduated this year thankyou for motivating us im in the real life level rn looking for a job

  • kostix
    kostix Day ago

    You know, me and my friend (we are only 16 y.o) start recording a film about virtual reality and real life reality. While we were thinking about the plot, we actually realized that so many people waste their real lives doing things they don't need and things that aren't real. What I'm trying to say is that, our film idea is relative to your video message. And it feels so amazing... Good job, the video itself is made very very well. 👏👏👏

    PEPI DGE Day ago

    Dobreee siii

  • Davin Koy
    Davin Koy Day ago +1

    How the hell r u supposed to Pay ur bills, have a stable life, eat food, and keep and have cash overall if u aint working. its called taking risks. What has cancer have to do with work? Cancer is something u get from heritage or many other reasons, not overworking. Heart attack? for not being happy?! Do ur research before making such big claims like how we waste a majority of our life because of work, Having a heart attack bc ur heart isnt happy? Guys, he does make some important statements in this video but dont quit ur job bc this guy tells u too be more happy and that u have a risk of a heart attack bc u aint happy.

  • Careless beatz
    Careless beatz Day ago +1


    I think not

  • Magical_ Wolf
    Magical_ Wolf Day ago

    Made me tear up :^(

  • Mr S
    Mr S Day ago

    Whats the font u used on your thumbnail

  • where are the pizza?

    the ending was extremely super

  • ShadowBird
    ShadowBird Day ago

    Man your my inspiration

  • BimOke
    BimOke Day ago

    just true.

  • Heavenly An
    Heavenly An Day ago

    Was dat doctor pouring coffee in your uhh.. blood tube thing?

  • Deleted Account
    Deleted Account Day ago

    Okay so, for a few years I’ve been suicidal, wanting to kill my parents and always depressed, but for a while now, the thought is over. I’m starting high school like in any minute, and right now I’m in middle school. I’m always sad in class and all while waiting for my friend to ask to sit next to me and I was to scared to ask her, you actually made me me happy. I didn’t even stop the video like fr and ever since now, I just can’t stop thinking about your video!
    You have really inspired me to be the best that I can be xx

  • Aniket Wakade
    Aniket Wakade Day ago

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  • ITs Avast
    ITs Avast Day ago +1

    im a gamer with no life i keep playing games with my friends and trying to be a big youtuber and this is my dream so im i wasting my life please?

    • ITs Avast
      ITs Avast Day ago

      and im happy for doing this

  • Aneliarino 004
    Aneliarino 004 Day ago

    STOP wasting your life.

  • YRN_Juicy
    YRN_Juicy Day ago +1

    if you think about it live will never end you will always be in this world we’re u are stuck in.

  • Fatih Genc
    Fatih Genc Day ago

    Wow! Amazing work!!! Inspired me a lot.

  • Endri Ymeraj
    Endri Ymeraj Day ago

    I said Monday

  • New Zealand Lads

    Funny how this is what the school system try’s to teach you but when it suits them they ain’t want you to be happy. For example, when your at school sitting in a class that you hate and just sit there thinking about how useless the information is to your future plans you ain’t allowed to leave unless you wanna get punished. Your just stuck there to “waste your life”

  • Milan K
    Milan K Day ago

    Find a job you love AND THEN...... you’ll be happy ??

  • Nin Nal
    Nin Nal Day ago

    Good Vedio me love

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    Shaishav Gandhi Day ago

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    Game Over
    Restart Nothing


  • Lisa EditZX
    Lisa EditZX Day ago +1

    Thanks ^-^ I will not waste mah life ever again UwU

  • Hu Sa
    Hu Sa Day ago

    Thank you for the Arabic translation

  • Dark Mind
    Dark Mind Day ago

    That's how society works. If you don't like it, don't be a part of it.

  • Troy XDPlays
    Troy XDPlays Day ago


  • Антон Турунов


  • startriler
    startriler Day ago

    Oh, now I know if i want to be happy i should be happy. Thank you I'm happy man now?

  • Alp AKTER
    Alp AKTER Day ago

    Hey dont worry in Turkey %10 of people are unemployed so they are not working that much ;)

  • Vishwajeet Ukey
    Vishwajeet Ukey Day ago

    So..... true & motivational

  • Rickutterr
    Rickutterr Day ago +1

    Yesterday I checked this channel and it had 3 million subscribers.
    Now it's 4,1 million subscribers.
    Congrats! I love your videos 😁


    A person only will be happy when he or she will start remembering Allah (swt)

  • 3Z DEN
    3Z DEN Day ago +1

    I want to say that , hapiness comes finaly , in the religion side , you must decide to chose the right religion : because the real happiness is after the death , there is a god , a one god who will be our happiness , good luck to you all

  • Maians Nsnznsn
    Maians Nsnznsn Day ago

    I paused at 0:10 because my anxiety couldn't take it sorry >.

  • Stephanie Pallugna


  • Sarath Sankar
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    I think ab this all the time that you just work your life away and then die 🤦🏽‍♂️

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    My mom :

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    it touches me a lot it is deeply touching the center of each person. no to mention the music has been playing very well in some parts where it grabs you to the next level

    if you could please tell me what is the music name,,.


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    i am in depression.

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    YoFalc0n :/ Day ago

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