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  • Una Rayers
    Una Rayers Hour ago

    12 mins without ads😍

  • The Tie-dye pig
    The Tie-dye pig 2 hours ago

    Did you ever think about melting the outside of A sculpture you made,to make the outside look Smooth?

  • can i get 10,00 subscribers with no video?

    me: Dad what can we watch today?
    Dad: car...
    me: dont say it.
    dad: car parts
    me: o.O i sead dont f@#$@ say it 👹👹👹

  • Anu Amir
    Anu Amir 3 hours ago

    Is there nothing this guy can't do!? This is freaking amazing!

  • rilly rob joe
    rilly rob joe 4 hours ago

    A way to make 3d pen statues better is to get a lighter and lightly set it the lighter under statue and rub the hot part with your thumb and it makes it smoother so it's more realistic

    • rilly rob joe
      rilly rob joe 4 hours ago

      Plus I Love this vid my favorite marvel character made in my favorite art 3d by my favorite artist

  • Tristan Vu
    Tristan Vu 5 hours ago


  • Stephanie Stevens
    Stephanie Stevens 5 hours ago

    Ok could u make bumblebee or Optimus prime from transformers any of the movies.

  • Genesis Carmona
    Genesis Carmona 6 hours ago

    Wow that really really really amazing 😉. wow 3 days wow! lol again

  • Cat85 Lol
    Cat85 Lol 6 hours ago

    I like the black web or what ever it is behind him

  • Crookshanks
    Crookshanks 12 hours ago

    I saw the movie Venom. It’s SO good!!

  • Injigo [ インジゴ ]

    This art work is amazing!

  • CloudyCat 16
    CloudyCat 16 13 hours ago

    Omg! Everything you create turns out incredible, you have such amazing creativity but.... your puns aren’t the greatest. Still love all your artwork though!

  • TrailmixXmaddie GACHA
    TrailmixXmaddie GACHA 15 hours ago

    The lighting is perfect 👌🏻

  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson 15 hours ago

    Love it!

  • Michael Renzulli
    Michael Renzulli 17 hours ago +1

    Make you, mini Jazza, and Mrs. Jazza a 3D pen sculpture! Like if u think so too.

  • Michael Renzulli
    Michael Renzulli 17 hours ago

    If he said he made a square with squares in it and it took 5 minutes... how long did it take him to make this!? Do the math!

  • Soy Yo
    Soy Yo 20 hours ago

    Make detective pikachu

  • Brent Kurtz
    Brent Kurtz 21 hour ago

    This was posted on my birthday!!! 😝

  • Azure Infinity
    Azure Infinity 23 hours ago

    I think its a lie because Jazzas Venom doesn’t have the right amount of teeth

  • Çřàżý Ãŕțįšť

    That noise at the beginning killed me! XD


    The look itself just alone looks like a symbiote

  • KITTY 101
    KITTY 101 Day ago

    By the way the movie is AMAZING!!!!!

    NIKI MINAAJ Day ago +1

    I love how much time u spent and it came it grate... kids toys you did the JOB WELL DONE

  • Bryant Yu
    Bryant Yu Day ago

    That was amazing!

  • Random Gacha
    Random Gacha Day ago

    The eyes seem a bit large, but o.v this was so cool venom is my favorite marvel character you better not break him

    KAMIKAZIXD Day ago

    rip stan lee

  • TweetyDude owo
    TweetyDude owo Day ago


  • jason Smith
    jason Smith Day ago

    Your the best jazza

  • ElmoPlays
    ElmoPlays Day ago

    Could you make slenderman with your 3D pen? That would be cool

  • Xtreme videos XV

    Who have liked art for years like me

  • I just want some milk.

    But, how? :'D

  • Laurel Johnson
    Laurel Johnson Day ago

    I also, need an adult.

    ZULFA DAROJAT Day ago +1

    Awesome result

  • Rishi Bhardwaj
    Rishi Bhardwaj Day ago +1

    Holy Shit Jaz! It looks like it is going 5o charge towards you and nom nom!
    This was just amazing!!! And the end card was venomous (in a good way😹)

  • Lea Russell
    Lea Russell Day ago

    Cool but terrifying

  • WolfDen 997
    WolfDen 997 Day ago

    Make riot next

  • Death Bite
    Death Bite Day ago +1

    I wish i can do those stuff......but i cant cause im lazy....very lazy,all i do is play video games on my phone😌😭😂

  • Nitro The Husky
    Nitro The Husky Day ago +3

    You're my favorite artist!
    - looks at artist of the monolisa -
    Oh please. Your painting is just popular because your art work was stolen!

  • Venom
    Venom Day ago +1

    Like if he is always inspiration to everyone because to me he is😀😁

  • claire salama
    claire salama Day ago

    You should make groot!!!

  • Dr.manatee The capybara

    I loVe vEnOm

  • Dylan Browning
    Dylan Browning Day ago +1


  • Dylan Browning
    Dylan Browning Day ago

    Hi jaza I love watching your videos and your artwork always inspires me

  • Fluffy Dragon
    Fluffy Dragon Day ago

    Do a demagorgan or a xenomorph

  • Rowan Coccimiglio

    Everyone give him sharp objects


    It is so cool whit the base its self.

  • Monica
    Monica Day ago

    do u sell these artworks?


    *jazza holds knife* i need an adult

  • Miya QwQ
    Miya QwQ Day ago

    *Shut up and take my money!!!*

  • kujo man
    kujo man Day ago

    Breaks venom

  • E Bry
    E Bry Day ago

    Imagine if Mrs. Jazza (Kate) was just supervising this whole video off-screen.

  • Auston Rivers
    Auston Rivers 2 days ago


  • slime world
    slime world 2 days ago

    My aunt worked on venom her name is audrey doyle and she is amazing she is so kind and if you want to meet up with her i could talk with her cause you are amzing to and amazing plus amazing makes to to to to to to to to to to to to to good so yyeehhhhh

  • Nymrodet
    Nymrodet 2 days ago

    Someone stole his tatortots

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 2 days ago

    sooo LIT

  • Nika Nika
    Nika Nika 2 days ago

    The Venom and Spiderman Homecoming movie were my favorite movies from Marvel

  • lol surpise famely 123!

    I love venom so much

  • Ghostyy Gamer
    Ghostyy Gamer 2 days ago +1

    I bought the 3D pen and played like a moron for 7 hours straight...I didn't make anything good beileve me.

  • Hay’s Life
    Hay’s Life 2 days ago

    This is soooooo cool!

    DAILE CHANNEL 2 days ago


  • Lavigne Munsayac
    Lavigne Munsayac 2 days ago

    The funny part for me was when he said "i need an adult!!"😂

  • Anni -Manni
    Anni -Manni 2 days ago

    I subscribed your channel, awesome content thank you so much Jazza! 😍💜🙏👍😊

  • Sammypop05
    Sammypop05 2 days ago


  • The Forgotten Belly Button

    10.1/10 this is such a badass drawing jazza. honestly wish i had this skill level.

  • June Logigian
    June Logigian 2 days ago

    I can’t imagine how much time this actually took like dangggg

  • Maslinah Sulaiman
    Maslinah Sulaiman 2 days ago +1

    venom has no spider in the new movie

  • the bomb santiago
    the bomb santiago 2 days ago +1


  • Septi Lania
    Septi Lania 2 days ago

    2:30 *opens box cutter* *WHO GAVE ME THIS*

  • AnimalWild 1 0 0
    AnimalWild 1 0 0 2 days ago +1

    Venom is hot

  • Aldrie Nico Agnote
    Aldrie Nico Agnote 2 days ago


    GRACE CALLAHAN 2 days ago +1

    Thanos boutton

  • Laila
    Laila 2 days ago

    Eddie: parasite..

  • Laila
    Laila 2 days ago

    Venom was amazing (:

  • The Guy
    The Guy 2 days ago

    "g'day and welcome to drou with jazzo, oim jazzo"

  • Jacob Fisher
    Jacob Fisher 2 days ago

    Can you make a 3D slender man nex

  • Steven Paige
    Steven Paige 3 days ago

    For your guy you should make him a black shadow attached to his feet to hold himself up

  • Microscopic E
    Microscopic E 3 days ago

    When you realize he spent a good 10 minutes creating the butt.


  • Deanna Kolendo
    Deanna Kolendo 3 days ago +1

    The first time I tried to make something with a 3D pen it broke before I was even done with the skeleton of it.


    II6LACCII 3 days ago

    Subbed after this one 🤟🏼

  • jaki foxy
    jaki foxy 3 days ago

    Your so f**king clumsy it's funny Luv u jazza!

  • Adel Adrin
    Adel Adrin 3 days ago

    I like your 3d venom sculpture .My favourite is the 3d venom sculpture

  • jaymee holic
    jaymee holic 3 days ago +1

    Cool thumbs up everybody#Jazza is the best

  • Tyler Lane
    Tyler Lane 3 days ago

    venom is the best movie ever i saw it with a friend

  • Super ded Banana
    Super ded Banana 3 days ago +3

    Imagine if this was the plot to the venom movie. Someone just makes him with a 3D pen and he comes to life

  • Mistie F.
    Mistie F. 3 days ago

    Make me a knight.my son said this.

  • flisco Kitty
    flisco Kitty 3 days ago

    I need an adult!!!!

  • Pyro The Dragon
    Pyro The Dragon 3 days ago

    The style matches the anatomy of what venom really is. I see no problem in it

  • Emily Collins
    Emily Collins 3 days ago

    said the gd word hope ur son does not watch it

  • Pay and Bri Gaming
    Pay and Bri Gaming 3 days ago

    Ooooohhhh wow

  • Xx_LunarWolf_xX
    Xx_LunarWolf_xX 3 days ago

    Rip Stan lee

  • Snow_ Wolf
    Snow_ Wolf 3 days ago

    All your art looks AMAZING

  • Emily Cobb
    Emily Cobb 3 days ago

    How do you clean that thing

  • gaby young
    gaby young 4 days ago +5

    "Hopefully it'll hold for a few more years of my horrible coordination..."
    **5 Minutes later**
    Jazza: (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

  • Maria Telford
    Maria Telford 4 days ago

    did not like the music

  • Kaas Broek
    Kaas Broek 4 days ago

    I dig it, but the teeth aren't random and jagged enough. The eyes need more jagged outlines as well. Other than that, it's awesome.

  • Doge Prince
    Doge Prince 4 days ago +1

    Please, PLEASE could you make this?!!

    • Doge Prince
      Doge Prince 4 days ago

      Everyone who likes this is closer to seeing it IN REAL LIFE!!!

    • Doge Prince
      Doge Prince 4 days ago


  • kiro melani
    kiro melani 4 days ago

    I guess you could call him your 3d penom
    Yes i am aware that he says that in the end but still...

  • Pause The Wolf
    Pause The Wolf 4 days ago

    WOAH!!!!! DANG!!!!

  • pokémon youtuber
    pokémon youtuber 4 days ago

    You did the old venom the new one has no spider or cool with thing on the hant

  • Albert Fan
    Albert Fan 4 days ago

    Imagine being Venom's dentist.