I Did the “Baby Shark Ab Workout” for 30 Days (THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!)

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • There are ab workouts and then there are ridiculous ab workouts. In this video, Jesse shows what happened when he followed the “Baby Shark Ab Workout” for 30 days. This was the result of losing a bet with his buddies. Given that he works for a fitness company, they thought it would be funny if he followed this sequence of ab exercises as his punishment. The catch is, he didn’t wind up losing after all. In fact, after 30 days of doing this bodyweight ab routine Jesse had an even better looking set of 8 pack abs than before.
    The Baby Shark Ab Workout is something that was created for kids as a way to get them exercising. The problem is, it is certainly not easy. Utilizing some serious time under tension and a sequence of floor based v-sit ab exercises, it takes the user through a series of 8 moves without rest.
    See if you can keep up with the exercises before your ears burn out from listening to the song.
    Ab Workout:
    - Scissors
    - V Sit Hold
    - Alternating V-Sit Leg Raises
    - V Sit Hold
    - Double V-Sit Leg Raises
    - V Sit Hold
    - Alternating V-Sit Knee Tucks
    - V Sit Hold
    - Double V-Sit Knee Tucks
    - V Sit Hold
    - Mountain Climbers
    - V Sit Hold
    - V Sit Wipers
    - V Sit Hold
    - V Sit Backstroke
    Don’t let the ridiculousness of this ab workout fool you. Now, this certainly isn’t a song that I would recommend you work out to, but I can tell you this. Music has a way of distracting you from the burn that you might otherwise focus on too much when training your abs. If you can find something to listen to that will distract you in a good way from the difficulty of what you’re doing then you may find that it is easier to get through your ab workout.
    The other benefits to this type of training are that the exercises are being performed to a time rather than a rep count. For instance, ab routines that prescribe 10 reps of a certain exercise may be challenging for some and not even the slightest bit difficult for someone else. When you use time to failure as a metric of work you will find that it is much easier to equalize the workload despite the difference of ability.
    Here, you could perform the same exercise for multiple characters in the song rather than limit it to just one if you were more advanced.
    The next key is that the abs remain under constant tension from the first rep to the last. This is because even during the rest periods, the user is maintaining the v-sit hold position. This is an isometric ab exercise and one that definitely is not easy, especially as fatigue continues to set in and make each new task more difficult.
    Now, is this the ultimate ab workout for training like an athlete. Not at all. I’d much rather see you get on your feet and perform more rotational ab exercises if possible, but as far as something that may get more people trying it simply because of the novelty of the idea I think it could be a good thing. After all, the more times people will engage in fitness that otherwise wouldn’t we are doing something right.
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      ATHLEAN-X™ recently Sheamus had edge on Celtic worrier workout and edge ran him through what he calls the “aplankalypse” could you take a look at the workout then give us your feedback on how affective it is?

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      Any intense novice level workout/exorcise(s) for those of us with notable belly fat??

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      Im disappointed at jesse

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    Nathaniel Doyle 10 hours ago

    Did it since the day after this video and now have a 6 pack, no 8 pack unfortunately but yeah, doing it 7-8 times in a row a day really works!

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    I been working on my abs for about 2 months and finally cut a lot of fat off my stomach and have been looking for a way to up the ante. Ill report back in 30 days. Bbl

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    We do for 90 days an ultimate challenge, where we will
    -Wake up every morning at 4:30
    - one hour of mindfulness meditation
    - 30 min yoga
    - plant based O.M.A.D diet 23h fasting One Meal A Day
    - Insanity workout by Shaun T.
    - we quit smoking
    - Markus Aurelian’s night routine
    - 30 min evening meditation

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    I’ve officially done this for a month, and I want to say that it has worked really well for me, and that I have seen a lot of improvement everywhere, I recommend this for everyone

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