Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Vegetarian Lunch

  • Published on Jan 15, 2017
  • Vegetarian food is on the up, and here’s a brilliant recipe to get the absolute maximum flavour out of your vegetables. Herb, courgette and halloumi cakes with a watercress and roast tomato salad. Delicious.
    Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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Comments • 3 940

  • soham chavan
    soham chavan Day ago

    Wait eggs in a vegetarian dish?

  • Himadri Chakraborty
    Himadri Chakraborty 2 days ago

    Hi Gordon, you used Garlic, Egg and Onion.... how come is it a Veg recipe ????????

  • Ishan  Gopalka
    Ishan Gopalka 3 days ago

    That's not ultimate. Not even close to ultimate.

  • Samuel Davidson
    Samuel Davidson 4 days ago

    Eating raw eggs? Someone has never heard of salmonella.
    Not surprising from a guy who's attempt at Veganuary was mediocre.

  • Ameer pasha
    Ameer pasha 5 days ago

    Govinda ramaswamy sutes u in india

  • Dane Cats
    Dane Cats 10 days ago

    vegetarians= eggs
    vegans= no eggs

  • Jamie Roberts
    Jamie Roberts 10 days ago

    This isn’t vegan it contains eggs

    A LADY FINGER 12 days ago

    very testi lunch gorden

  • Alua Sugralimova
    Alua Sugralimova 12 days ago

    It's a really nice recipe of halloumi cakes! Very tasty!

  • Sahana Das
    Sahana Das 15 days ago

    Eggs are not vegetarian food. God!

  • sneha
    sneha 16 days ago

    He puts eggs in vegetarian food??

  • Sharmistha Bagchi
    Sharmistha Bagchi 16 days ago

    can i use soyabean or tofu instead of cheese as for heavy weight peoples cheese were never good and its not vegetarian lunch sir is adding eggs and eggs dont come under veg

  • Jain Bhaveek
    Jain Bhaveek 17 days ago

    Egg is not vegetarian ingredient

  • yadilene vallejo
    yadilene vallejo 17 days ago

    Will make but without the whole table salt..

  • suraj shetty
    suraj shetty 17 days ago

    Egg in vegetarian dish?

  • Busyboy 42
    Busyboy 42 18 days ago

    What would happen if i accidentally left the cakes in the fridge for 25 and a half minutes?

  • Puskar wagle
    Puskar wagle 18 days ago +1

    Eggs are not vegetarian

  • Weirdn't Retard
    Weirdn't Retard 19 days ago

    I search "Jersey tomatoes burger"
    And damn i see this video

  • Jibitesh Saha
    Jibitesh Saha 20 days ago

    Brown eggs??

  • Callum Haslam
    Callum Haslam 21 day ago

    6:26 of Gordon showing us how to correctly arrange and display a salad.

  • dynamicyadav
    dynamicyadav 24 days ago +4

    He just mixed eggs on a veggie lunch lol

    • dynamicyadav
      dynamicyadav 5 days ago +1

      @Oscar vL ha ha... what comes from the egg?? Eggplant is it??

    • Oscar vL
      Oscar vL 9 days ago

      Eggs are vegetarian...

  • Locrian 995
    Locrian 995 25 days ago

    Salt, sugar, oil and oil and oil and salt and sugar and oil.....

  • Talitor
    Talitor 25 days ago

    Can anyone elaborate on why Ramsay always rolls chili in between his hands? Is it to "break down" chili to get some of the seeds out to prevent it from being too hot, or am I missing something else?

  • Candy Crush Saga No Booster

    Start making lunch, leave tomatoes in the oven overnight...

  • CosmicAppleJack
    CosmicAppleJack 25 days ago +20

    low key wish he made a cookbook for university students

  • Rakesh Khulem
    Rakesh Khulem 26 days ago

    Um why egg in veggies.

  • Kris Wu Yifan
    Kris Wu Yifan 27 days ago +1

    Can gordon please just kill himself already? He was so quick to shit on vegetarians/vegans back a few years ago when it was edgy and cool, but now that most of his customers are demanding a vegetarian option, he's embracing it. Transparent, ugly, mediocre hack.

  • Soham Deshpande
    Soham Deshpande 28 days ago +1

    Eggs : vegeterian????🧐🤨🤔

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 29 days ago +1

    How can you add eggs in a vegetarian diet? It's Criminal.

    • Abhishek Sharma
      Abhishek Sharma 27 days ago +1

      @Narendra Singh These are the same people that will eat cow, cock, fish, sheep, Buffalo, even cockroaches & insects but will say they love animals such as dogs & cats. Bloody hypocrites

    • Narendra Singh
      Narendra Singh 28 days ago

      Lot of people consider eggs as vegetarian. That's why.

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 29 days ago +4

    I have never eaten high quality food in my life. Hopefully, I won't die without eating it.

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar Month ago

    Olive oil and salt with a little tomato looks quite nice

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Month ago

    Today I learnt that egg is vegetarian

  • Joe Blogs
    Joe Blogs Month ago

    Was that for one person

  • Slimey Annihilation

    Tbh i like cherry tomatoes more than a normal tomato

  • shantie ganga
    shantie ganga Month ago

    Wauw, he is so relaxed, i once saw him scolding on vegetarians, really did not like him, but, since he made travel programs, i watched a lot of Ramsey, i will try to make the roasted tomatoes, it looks delicious.

  • Amarthya Chandar
    Amarthya Chandar Month ago

    Bruh Imma get a heart attack with all that olive oil in it. So much cholesterol.

  • Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen Month ago

    My English not good , some resources used but I don’t now what’s this.

  • Angel Mende
    Angel Mende Month ago

    Vegan Recipe? Check this out :) tinyurl.com/y6xjp76a

  • Dhaval Baxi
    Dhaval Baxi Month ago

    Vegetarian means no eggs but can have dairy - Gordon do something without eggs please

    • Dhaval Baxi
      Dhaval Baxi Month ago

      I’m a vegetarian by religion - as most people in india are - for us vegetarian means no meat no eggs

    • Emery_stan
      Emery_stan Month ago

      Nope we can have eggs. Eggs aren't meat.

  • jazzflutist
    jazzflutist Month ago

    Those herb cakes remind me of what I do with hamburgers. I mix the ground beef with herbs then fry (or grill). Thyme, parsely, chives, garlic, chipotle pepper (mix into the ground beef). I call them Herbie Burgers (for lack of a better name).

  • CYBER BOB 1973
    CYBER BOB 1973 Month ago

    Very nice Very nice food végétariennes...!!!👍😃

  • Noshima Rao
    Noshima Rao Month ago

    instead of the egg yolks what is the other option that can be used

  • Robert Tucker
    Robert Tucker Month ago

    Vegans are truly evil

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 Month ago


  • Karthik Ammayappan
    Karthik Ammayappan Month ago

    Egg is veg 🤫

  • sena koçovali
    sena koçovali Month ago +1

    Can vegetarians eat eggs?

  • Laughing Foodie
    Laughing Foodie Month ago

    Check our this Vegan fine dining restaurant in Singapore tvclip.biz/video/M3noke_1do4/video.html

  • Nirman Bag
    Nirman Bag Month ago

    Instead of eggs can we add something else

  • Prathamesh joshi
    Prathamesh joshi Month ago

    Sir wt if we r not using eggs

  • Sakshi Arora
    Sakshi Arora 2 months ago


  • 宋怡瑾
    宋怡瑾 2 months ago +2

    Too much salt,i think and it's not good for healthy!!!
    It accrues blood pressure!😕😕😕😕

    • MrKravmagadude
      MrKravmagadude Month ago

      Nonsense. Do your research. There’s no link to salt intake in the non-hypertensive individual that correlates to high blood pressure. Excess salt intake exacerbates pre-existing hypertension.

  • Palos Sebastian
    Palos Sebastian 2 months ago +1

    this comment section is full of unpopular untalented loser cancer toxic retarded people

  • nobudget show
    nobudget show 2 months ago

    This is late but what do you think of this tvclip.biz/video/6_schhJRDnQ/video.html ?

  • jidapa snidvongs
    jidapa snidvongs 2 months ago +74

    americans: to-may-toes
    brits: to-mah-toes
    gordon ramsay: tah-mah-tahs

  • Subodh Chavan
    Subodh Chavan 2 months ago

    Can you please make Misal pav it spicy

  • Surya Jha
    Surya Jha 2 months ago

    If you don’t eat egg, use 1 tablespoon chia seeds mixed with 3 tablespoons water. Let that sit for 5 min and it’s the equivalent of one egg for binding.

  • Rahul Choudhary
    Rahul Choudhary 2 months ago

    Egg vegetarian...fuck offff

  • Livvy Grimmer
    Livvy Grimmer 2 months ago

    Is the recipe for this online somewhere?

  • Zhihan Pan
    Zhihan Pan 2 months ago +1

    tried making this recipe.. my halloumi cake turned out salty af...

    • Oscar vL
      Oscar vL 9 days ago

      Halloumi is already a very salty cheese, so if you add much more seasoning they're going to be very salty.

  • Alby The Great
    Alby The Great 2 months ago

    I wonder if Gordon sometimes accidentally add his fingernails when cooking

  • Mega Charizard
    Mega Charizard 2 months ago

    You added egg that's not vegetarian food 😒😒

    • Emery_stan
      Emery_stan Month ago +1

      Eggs are vegetarian.

    • PGraveDigger1
      PGraveDigger1 2 months ago +2

      Eggs are vegetarian as long as they aren't fertilized. Vegetarians don't eat meat, eggs aren't meat.

  • Dannysubliminal
    Dannysubliminal 2 months ago

    "Light drizzle of olive Oil" gets heart disease afterwards

  • Fancy_Pantsy_:D T
    Fancy_Pantsy_:D T 2 months ago

    Is this vegan also?

    • Emery_stan
      Emery_stan Month ago +1

      If you can find an alternative for the eggs, then yes.

  • Pvl Lkka
    Pvl Lkka 2 months ago +2

    Egg alternative chickpea flour

  • Ero Senin
    Ero Senin 2 months ago

    This is cute in front of Indian food!

  • Brennan Cleveland
    Brennan Cleveland 2 months ago +1

    I’m vegetarian and this makes me soooo happy! Thanks Gordon. I will make this dish this week.

  • Kevin Aylward
    Kevin Aylward 2 months ago

    eggs aren't vegetarian bro....

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins 2 months ago

    We could also fix climate change by just reducing the amount of people on the planet you know... we don't have to go vegan...!

    (if we go vegetarian, cows will still be around because we want milk and cheese, and hen will exist to provide eggs, which doesn't entirely solve the problem)

    • Dufffaaa93
      Dufffaaa93 2 months ago +2

      Great idea. You can start first by killing yourself.
      Do it, and help the environment!

  • Errin Rowland
    Errin Rowland 3 months ago

    Doesn't he hate, vegans, vegetarians and anyone who has a different lifestyle to him.
    He knows there is money in us.

  • M G
    M G 3 months ago

    Remember him talkin shit about vegetarians :))) what a cock

  • Rohan Gosavi
    Rohan Gosavi 3 months ago

    Any replacement for eggs?

  • mel1340
    mel1340 3 months ago

    j adore

  • Vigo Kovačić
    Vigo Kovačić 3 months ago

    I like that feeling when you forget about the memes He’s in and realize what a FANTASTIC chef he is.

  • mamta N
    mamta N 3 months ago +1

    In India eggs are also counted as a non vegetarian food

  • TheDorianTube
    TheDorianTube 3 months ago

    'Sprinkle of salt'' apparently means niagara falls simulation with salt. So many times he added salt I start to fear for poisoning ahahah

  • offer nev
    offer nev 3 months ago +2

    Thanx 4 ur recipes.my son always tell when he'll b a rich man Gordon Ramsay will cook 4 him

  • MetalizedButt
    MetalizedButt 3 months ago +1

    2:10 that’s what my dad always tells me before I eat my gf’s pussy

  • هاجس آلموت
    هاجس آلموت 3 months ago

    so ..so nice😍

    SAMWISE GAMING 3 months ago

    Vegetarian lunch...proceed to crack an egg😂

  • Astha Billore
    Astha Billore 3 months ago

    I liked this recipe of yours very much Sir. I would like to use besan(chickpea flour) instead of the egg and maybe some boiled grated potatoes. Also some grated cabbage to add to the flavour. Seasoning and salad just wow ! We Indorians (central india) also use the combo of salt n sugar both to many dishes. Simple to make and healthy and tasty to eat 😊🙏✨

  • My Littlehomeinparis
    My Littlehomeinparis 3 months ago

    Why dont all the people doing video cooking give recipe in writing ?
    How are we supposed to print it out so we can use it in the kitchen ?
    This is a real shame

    • PGraveDigger1
      PGraveDigger1 2 months ago

      These videos are parts of a television show that was broadcast in the UK years ago. At the time, there was a website where you could get the written recipe, it might still be there, so you could try searching for that.

  • MAD Revengers
    MAD Revengers 3 months ago

    It isn't vegetarian Gordan Ramsy is a laier

    • Emery_stan
      Emery_stan Month ago

      Do you see any meat in this dish? Cause I don't.

  • C A
    C A 3 months ago

    I love the end shot of a huge chunk of dead bloody animal for the vegetarian video... Lol

  • Petras Patronas
    Petras Patronas 3 months ago

    Brilliant as always :)

  • rounak agar
    rounak agar 3 months ago

    Egg for vegetarians 😂

    • Lina J
      Lina J 3 months ago +1

      Vegetarians don't eat meat but still consume milk & eggs

  • Kashish Jawed
    Kashish Jawed 3 months ago

    Woah, egg is part of vegetarian food 😐

  • Achintya Sagar
    Achintya Sagar 3 months ago

    Hallumi cake or whatever we call it vegetable cutlet

  • samia quadri
    samia quadri 3 months ago

    How is it vegetarian if you add an egg in??

    • Emery_stan
      Emery_stan Month ago

      @samia quadri you're thinking of vegans. Vegetarians we eat not meat while vegans don't eat any animal products.

    • samia quadri
      samia quadri 3 months ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl pretty sure vegetarians do not eat eggs, but thanks anyway Mr etiquette!!

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago +1

      samia quadri vegetarians eat eggs and can drink milk, you're a vegan you moron

    • samia quadri
      samia quadri 3 months ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl I come from the land in vegetarians I know what it means!!

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago +1

      samia quadri do you know what a vegetarian is?

  • Tapan Sharma
    Tapan Sharma 3 months ago

    Egg in Vegetarian food??!!

    • Tapan Sharma
      Tapan Sharma 26 days ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl for those we have a term ie The Eggitarians..😊

    • Choose Goose
      Choose Goose 26 days ago

      @Tapan Sharma Well in the rest of the entire world someone who is "vegetarian" can eat eggs.

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago +1

      Tapan Sharma you're a moron my dude
      You're a vegan,not a vegetarian
      Get your facts straight

    • Tapan Sharma
      Tapan Sharma 3 months ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl fucking research....ha ha....calm down buddy....

    • Tapan Sharma
      Tapan Sharma 3 months ago

      I don't know ur definition but in India vegetarian don't eat eggs

  • Estiaqe Evan
    Estiaqe Evan 3 months ago

    Didn't knew egg can be added in a vegetarian dish 2:55

    • Estiaqe Evan
      Estiaqe Evan 3 months ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl I think you've not understood what I've said...first go to school and then reply Mr.no name

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago

      Estiaqe Evan vegetarians eat eggs,are you dense?

  • son
    son 3 months ago

    why the fuck do you destroy food, never ever put sugar on you´re food

    • son
      son 3 months ago

      @Just A Dumbass Fangirl I know a lot more than you will ever know.

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago

      seppo nurmi you don't know much about cooking do you?

  • Richard Dono
    Richard Dono 3 months ago

    I have made it to the very detail today. If you use proper farming tomatoes, vegetables and herbs the taste is very intense. This is a very nice dish , tasty and looks great on the plate.

  • Akash Aki
    Akash Aki 3 months ago

    Is it technically vegetarian if u put in eggs??

    KANISHK KAVDIA 3 months ago

    Says veg but put eggs later on

  • Unggul Prabowo
    Unggul Prabowo 3 months ago

    Hey. You must try indonesian salad called gado2. It’s healthier, tastier than gordon’s dish. It’s also best salad in the world.

  • Bluestone Green
    Bluestone Green 3 months ago

    A a a no egg please! Remember you're making vegetarian recipe?

    • Just A Dumbass Fangirl
      Just A Dumbass Fangirl 3 months ago +1

      Bluestone Green you fucking moron,eggs are vegetarian, do your research

  • Sheyda.nabavizadeh Nabavizadeh

    can anyone tell me what is the name of vegtable in the salad? thanks

  • Augusta Septemberova
    Augusta Septemberova 4 months ago +7

    Works also great with tofu instead of halumi and flax seeds instead of egg ;)

    • Shane's Book Corner
      Shane's Book Corner Day ago

      Benjamin Fisher the whole salmonella in egg seems to be mostly just an issue in North America, this fear really doesn’t exist in a lot of other parts of the world... mass production of stuff like that really fucks stuff up.

    • Benjamin Fisher
      Benjamin Fisher 2 months ago +2

      Ya and you won't risk salmonella having to taste raw egg. Surprised Gordon didn't mention that

  • Naigh-naigh Why
    Naigh-naigh Why 4 months ago

    OK so Gordon is addicted to salt and Jamie Oliver to is addicted to Olive oil

  • ǟռɨʍɛ ʄʀɛǟӄ
    ǟռɨʍɛ ʄʀɛǟӄ 4 months ago

    Wow... I dont see butthurt whites talking about Hand gloves