The Art of Spychecking [SFM]

  • Published on May 3, 2017
  • When your kids misbehave, the best course of action is to line them up and get to the bottom of things. The guns and violence are optional, but recommended.

    Music: The Sound of Warfare
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    Artist: Hasan Abdullah [HAcomposer]
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  • Tyson Lewis
    Tyson Lewis 3 hours ago


  • Play games
    Play games 7 hours ago

    I remember when I saw this video after 1h of being uploaded.

  • Camelia Stefanescu
    Camelia Stefanescu 10 hours ago +1

    How many Ammo they have with no reload? 4:18

  • rebekah brown
    rebekah brown Day ago

    source filmmaker (disconnect from user)

  • DDaviDD
    DDaviDD Day ago

    2:12 I cringed so hard for how many splinters he must have gotten

  • Honestly I Dislike Mushrooms

    It would have been hysterical if, when the soldier poked the spy, they just dismissed it because, I mean he WAS disguised as a spy.

  • EXcentriX
    EXcentriX 2 days ago

    The Medic's name is Fritz?

  • Decimating Bone pile

    Did the spy just kill his son?

  • SuperBendy Aldaz
    SuperBendy Aldaz 3 days ago

    why soldier is bad?

  • Matix 777
    Matix 777 3 days ago +3

    soilder: **rolls trought beer**
    demo: so you have chosen, death?

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    1:41 soldier has opened a portal between the real world and the pyro's world, he now knows everything...

  • Brownskikuca Garlic Bread

    Poor bob the builder

  • Abhijit Mukherjee
    Abhijit Mukherjee 4 days ago +1

    Uhhmmm that soldier is a spy and you are a fucking guy!!!!!

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson 4 days ago

    1:32 censorship is so fucking funny, I don't even know why! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Guardian Cagnazzo
    Guardian Cagnazzo 5 days ago

    Hold on...soldier made no sense. He could have been the spy because he did the phase test on himself, wouldn't that work for the disguised spy since he'd touch himself? He was supposed to have someone come do it for him, not sure how the other classes didn't realize this.

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 5 days ago

    Wait, so what was blu team doing the entire time?

  • OmegaChase1002
    OmegaChase1002 5 days ago

    wouldnt soldier touching himself play out the exact same way even if he was the spy?

  • Penny Crygor
    Penny Crygor 5 days ago

    Solider: Which Of You Numbnuts Let Us Down SNIPER If You Are Spy Your Are Wanted On My Beloved Battlefield Sniper: Sh##ed Cake Holding You Pickle Headed Dronego Solider: HEY YOU FIGHT LIKE A F### SON OF A B### F### Ing F###

  • Nichsa 444
    Nichsa 444 6 days ago

    But need a writing book health class team spy as not same are too extremely weakness internal

  • Yarimar Morales
    Yarimar Morales 6 days ago

    I like the way the the red team doesn’t care about red scout

  • Tikiko Dralimaki
    Tikiko Dralimaki 7 days ago

    1:36-he said the f-word before it went censored 😂😂😂

  • opal nick
    opal nick 7 days ago

    Tip: you can't shoot your own team xD

  • cqx useless
    cqx useless 7 days ago

    1. 2. 3. 4.

  • toriel dreemurr
    toriel dreemurr 7 days ago +1

    Three words: demoman is a spy

  • Теодор Найденов

    1:33 I left the game

  • UncensoredRoadRunner

    spy check original vibe check

  • Sqoosh
    Sqoosh 8 days ago

    The sniper's look of pure shock is hilarious as hell

  • Diego Grosso
    Diego Grosso 8 days ago

    you can walk trough your team mates but there is friendly fire

  • Penguin russian
    Penguin russian 8 days ago

    *N O O O O O O O O O O O O*

  • Michael Brian
    Michael Brian 8 days ago

    Why is no one talking about what pyro saw in his goggles XD. I mean, that poorly animated soldier is funny!!!!

  • Markball The powerful boi

    "I can't express How much i hate France right now!"
    America helped France in WWII.

  • dccojocaru
    dccojocaru 10 days ago

    1:41 look at the spy's mask

    Suprised pikachu face

  • Saab Rider
    Saab Rider 10 days ago


  • dbadm88
    dbadm88 10 days ago +1

    Moral of that story:


  • jm girl
    jm girl 11 days ago

    Be Nice to my Australian bean !

  • gnostic Chemist
    gnostic Chemist 11 days ago

    3:51 that was gay

  • No Face
    No Face 12 days ago

    2:31 medics face!!! Pause at 2:31 I beg you!!

  • Abdullahi Mohamed
    Abdullahi Mohamed 12 days ago


  • joy bacar
    joy bacar 13 days ago

    That soldier was a spy cause you hear him say ahem

  • poteytohead no
    poteytohead no 13 days ago

    Spy check>vibe check

  • Bryan Chavez
    Bryan Chavez 13 days ago +1

    Soldier: SPYYYY!!!!!

    MISTER :D 13 days ago

    4:17 when i playing whit my friends and one of they get diamonds

  • Ali_AhmeddIQ
    Ali_AhmeddIQ 14 days ago

    Does SFM Mean short fucking movie?

  • Nolan Heintz
    Nolan Heintz 14 days ago

    You missed a golden opportunity!
    Soldier: "SPY! I'LL BET YOU ARE A SPY!"
    Spy: "How observant of you"

  • Bass Bunny
    Bass Bunny 14 days ago

    Sniper fired a total of 189 rounds with his SMG....
    Engineer fired a total of 28.....

  • Sniper Forder
    Sniper Forder 15 days ago +1


  • Luffy Sensei
    Luffy Sensei 15 days ago +1

    Deh best

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard 15 days ago

    2:50 Pyro: "I don't know, sir. Am I?"

  • Jayben
    Jayben 15 days ago

    Soldier Main = Big Brain

  • Spooneru
    Spooneru 15 days ago

    *Red spy was in Paris with scouts mother*

  • SuperMandibleclaw
    SuperMandibleclaw 16 days ago

    *Shoot every teammate you see*

  • The Psycho-like gamer
    The Psycho-like gamer 17 days ago

    4:06 doesn't that a hem sound an awful lot like spy?

  • Vendy Bird Švadl
    Vendy Bird Švadl 17 days ago

    Found the same video on someone else Channel but IT hasnt in english

  • Casper Eye
    Casper Eye 18 days ago

    2:49 pyro says yes I am,soldier

  • Kurt Langberg
    Kurt Langberg 18 days ago

    When there’s no friendly fire, you check for spies by shooting everyone in sight. When there is friendly fire...oof!

  • Verp
    Verp 18 days ago

    but Demoman is alive...

  • Desiree Cortes
    Desiree Cortes 18 days ago +1

    ?wait a minute were is the spy of the red team?

  • work time to die
    work time to die 19 days ago

    2:15 brains :hmmm that was helmet like a stone
    3:20 brains :hmmm that was face

  • Duskie Kun
    Duskie Kun 19 days ago

    When heavy said the soldier may be spy, i thought the blu spy will try to touch him and everyone will kill the soldier

  • Cafferty
    Cafferty 19 days ago