ASMR Relaxing Haircut Role Play (personal attention, camera touching)

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Welcome back to OUR channel everyone! If you’re new here, I’d like to welcome you to our family, and I encourage you to introduce yourself below. We sound like a cult, because we probably are.
    Tonight’s video is a nice, relaxing haircut RP, with an old friend who is ecstatic to see you. I added a ton of consistent sounds in this one, rather than wasting time with just one ASMR trigger. So with that being said - I REALLY enjoyed filming this one!! Please sit back, take some time, get comfy and cosy. Know I LOVE you, with ALL of my person, and I will see you tomorrow family!!
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  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 2 months ago +1170

    Hey karuna why do you always do a warning before bringing out the spray bottle?❤

    • Colombiana .95
      Colombiana .95 9 days ago

      Rapunzel ASMR and that would be amazing

    • Coolerz
      Coolerz 14 days ago

      Its when their parent use spray bottle to spray them

    • Majin Buu
      Majin Buu 15 days ago

      @alicia aranda ya I get that I've been trying to not be so hateful/negative lately sorry to everyone ♥️♥️

    • alicia aranda
      alicia aranda 16 days ago

      @Joan Thebombdiggity yep i agree

    • alicia aranda
      alicia aranda 16 days ago

      @Majin Buu but some people have different things

  • Samantha Akers 0
    Samantha Akers 0 2 hours ago

    I love you Karina but you have to do a short hair cut video cause it makes me feel left out 😭😭😭😭😭 I hate being left out

  • Samantha Akers 0
    Samantha Akers 0 2 hours ago

    Karina:look at that gorgeous long mane

    Me:my hair doesn't even touch my neck😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elisa Costas
    Elisa Costas 4 hours ago

    Karuna takes out the notebook
    She used the same book when she made the "lying artist cuts your hair video" and is using it in this other hair video after not using it for a while.
    Coincidence? I think not!

  • Annie Chervenska
    Annie Chervenska 10 days ago

    Anyone notice that she doesn’t fully whisper.

  • Eve Craven
    Eve Craven 10 days ago

    I love how she asks if she can touch and feel your hair and face and give yku a hug it makes yku feel relaxed and safe

  • Krystal Wagner
    Krystal Wagner 15 days ago

    6:45 shoukdkdkdk 🥺🥺

  • Laura Barros
    Laura Barros 16 days ago

    Ativa a Legenda em Português por Favor!!! amo seus Vídeos

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams 16 days ago

    I watch this video and only this video when I know I want a nap 😂😌

  • fluffle puff
    fluffle puff 17 days ago

    Oooh I love the way you fixed the lighting, super clewer ! 👍

  • anni delaney
    anni delaney 21 day ago

    karuna: customer has arrived at... what time is it?
    me: 1:48am
    karuna: good, thank you
    me: no problem :)

  • M Barrios
    M Barrios 21 day ago

    love this

  • Vianka Reyes
    Vianka Reyes 22 days ago


    My brain: Those glasses make her look like a peanut

  • Tahlia Schlatter
    Tahlia Schlatter 22 days ago

    after you asked if she could touch our hair and said “jeese” i thought she said “cheeeeseee” and i was like um ok 😐

  • Izzy Bruce
    Izzy Bruce 26 days ago +1

    I’m so ready for you to get a million subscribers you deserve it so much

  • Anna Gildea
    Anna Gildea 27 days ago +2

    Karuna you have made me feel so much better about myself and I wanna tell you that your a amazing human being 💖 keep up the good work! 😊

  • Rachel The ratty
    Rachel The ratty 28 days ago

    Me:watching a ASMR vid
    Ad comes on: AHHHHHH

  • Chris McShane
    Chris McShane 29 days ago

    I love this and how silly u are in this ASMR. Do this more. But keep doing ur thing gurl, LOVE YA ❤️

  • Superbray132
    Superbray132 Month ago

    Am I weird for HATING haircuts but loves haircut asmr rolplays

  • Goomaral Munkh-Ochir

    My Christmas party is tommorow merry Christmas karuna and family

  • Alessia •
    Alessia • Month ago

    🤩 07:56

  • mikayla sweeney
    mikayla sweeney Month ago +1

    Her: don’t take my advice

    Me: dead

  • Brandon Lynn
    Brandon Lynn Month ago

    This girl has that look to her like someone who would scream at you like a angry child if you said you voted for Trump

  • Ma ry
    Ma ry Month ago

    Why does her channel called Karuna Satori ASMR if her name is Sarah Dishong?

  • Ishi Boom
    Ishi Boom Month ago

    When your watching a cool ad and then your finger accidentally slips on the skip button and you know it will be awhile before you get the ad again : 😭🤬

  • Nicole Miller
    Nicole Miller Month ago

    Wow ....this is good like I love you karuna!!!

  • SHSL Memer
    SHSL Memer Month ago +1

    This video reminds me so much of a friend my mom had that is like an aunt to me. I visited her last month or so and she was so excited to see me. When i was younger and i would go visit her she would always act like this as in like talkative, excited, friendly, etc. You even kinda look like her so that is why I always come back to this video when I start missing her :)

  • Ruby Holt
    Ruby Holt Month ago

    i get tingles from other asmr-tists but karuna is the only one who makes me feel comfortable and safe enough to fall asleep❤️❤️

  • Gfa Cookie
    Gfa Cookie Month ago

    Is the pov of a boy or girl

  • ASMR ButtonsTheHamster

    This was on autoplay and I thought it would be asmr but out of nowhere:
    and i swear I jumped

  • Amazing Autumn Gacha
    Amazing Autumn Gacha Month ago +1

    Karuna saying bad things about her hair.

    Me: "but your hair is pretty"

  • Maisie Mears
    Maisie Mears Month ago +1

    2:33 wow that hit a new level

  • nici b
    nici b Month ago +1

    ah, um, i literally just got a haircut so um, nothing more to cut here but supporting mom is a priority, but also, guess what i have now. right, a bob

  • Destiny Dragoo
    Destiny Dragoo Month ago

    Oh dude I'm getting bad dandruff at my hairline too because I work with my hair pulled back in a bun every day and only wash it like once a week lol. Also, thank you for producing this content! You do an amazing job and your work is important to so many people 😘

  • Skye Blanco
    Skye Blanco Month ago

    3:41 🎶Wrapping around you Gonna bump you Scuse me🎶

  • Maya Clouse
    Maya Clouse Month ago

    If you were my stylist id give such a good tip for how kind and caring you are

  • Artsy Birb
    Artsy Birb Month ago

    So I haven't watched karuna for so long and I just clicked on this video and when she said that she hasn't seen me for so long, I was like HOW DID YOU KNOW

  • imreallyhungry
    imreallyhungry Month ago

    green is so your colour !!!

  • imreallyhungry
    imreallyhungry Month ago

    i like how her glasses make the one part of her face look smaller than the rest😂i love it it’s cute karuna ur just sooooooo beautiful btw i love you!!!

  • nat !!
    nat !! Month ago +1

    when she said that she was going to shave my baby hairs that caught me off guard,, do people shave them off?

  • smith33334444
    smith33334444 Month ago

    praise the "WD40" ^^

  • Galaxy Unicorn
    Galaxy Unicorn Month ago +1

    1000th comment

  • Casey ASMR
    Casey ASMR Month ago +2


  • Queen 0
    Queen 0 Month ago

    I have that same spray bottle from the Dollar Store

  • xxcleeabeaxx
    xxcleeabeaxx Month ago

    I love watching hair dressing videos by you but there always long hair I can't find a single hairdressing video for girls short hair it's always men barbers do you think you could do a pixie styled hairdressing video??

  • Delanie Lester
    Delanie Lester Month ago

    You should get a wig

  • OfficiallyAshley
    OfficiallyAshley Month ago

    Karuna: can I touch your hair and give you a hug
    Me: uhh no
    Karuna: still touches hair and gives hug
    My edit-->
    Karuna: you don't trust me tight?
    Me: no, no I do not
    My mom: *pays her with extra tip*

  • They call me Krissie.

    **me with my short ass hair**

    Karuna: *your hair is so long!*

  • rhean pascua
    rhean pascua Month ago +1

    Oh wow I never been treated like this before! Thank u!

    Like if u love her and her beautiful face!👍

  • cassi_chan 101
    cassi_chan 101 Month ago

    your are beautiful and I love your hair color it's so pretty

  • AD
    AD Month ago

    I think you’re confusing me with someone but I love the attention so lol.

  • mildred Martinez
    mildred Martinez Month ago

    Hi I love your videos keep the good work up

  • Natalie
    Natalie Month ago

    She is nice but I wish she didn’t talk to fast and do random sounds so fast. I can’t relax or get tingles because of everything going on at once. Slow down.

  • Melina Mata
    Melina Mata Month ago

    This completely saved my sleepless night ♥️

  • ailee RM
    ailee RM Month ago

    You're videos ara awesome and I feel comfortable with 😻😻

  • 落ち着いてアニメを続ける

    Your glasses make your head look smaller.. It doesnt bother me but i couldnt help but commenting about it

  • Kpopfan_boy Army squad

    Omg your so close to 1million subscribers 🥰😍

  • Mnera Zz
    Mnera Zz Month ago

    I really love your smile! I keep smiling all the video because of it

  • GrapeCloud
    GrapeCloud Month ago

    i give others this attention but when i need it they all leave

  • Jada Wilson
    Jada Wilson Month ago

    I literally hear your voice and get sleepy