Will Food GO BAD in a Vacuum Chamber?


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  • ProGiDY X
    ProGiDY X 15 hours ago

    Rip lays

  • Danielle Hawker
    Danielle Hawker 17 hours ago

    2 possible prompts;
    what happens to ash if you place it on molten aluminum? will it just sit there or will it burn?
    what happens to molten aluminum in a vacuum chamber? will it stay as a liquid or will it solidify?

  • George Virrueta
    George Virrueta 18 hours ago

    "The Jews seem to be pulled out by our apple"

  • matias albornoz
    matias albornoz 18 hours ago

    could you try in a pyramid shape container,? it cant be metal.

  • David Withey
    David Withey 18 hours ago

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  • Yes Right
    Yes Right 19 hours ago

    Can you freeze things in a vacuum

  • Jake Curtis
    Jake Curtis 20 hours ago

    Pasteur did it first my dood

  • Bob Nugget
    Bob Nugget 21 hour ago

    Did anybody else get hungry watching him eating the chips at the beginning 😆😆😆

  • Kendra N
    Kendra N 21 hour ago


  • jhorn1992
    jhorn1992 23 hours ago

    Does food go bad when it is placed in a sealed ziploc bag?

  • 13orrax
    13orrax Day ago

    you know how your blood boils in space? same thing happens al water evaporates

  • hi48403
    hi48403 Day ago

    If you put Halloween candy in a vacuum chamber and extract the air

  • Andy Web
    Andy Web Day ago

    So mould can grow in a vacuum !?

  • See What I Did There?

    I guess just a simple yes or no would've been fine by me.

  • SirPano85
    SirPano85 Day ago

    I think you had a glove finger that wasn't so clean and it contaminated the food with mold spores.....

  • Nidhi Sharma
    Nidhi Sharma Day ago

    What if we freeze food from liquid nitrogen for a week

  • Rishav Murmu
    Rishav Murmu Day ago

    Can you make cakes of emoji desin:😱😨😵

  • Rishav Murmu
    Rishav Murmu Day ago

    Where Grant Thompson went??

  • Konstantinos Nte lira bakas

    ummm most organic foods have humidity(water) in them so even if you vacuum the foods,they will go bad cause you can take the water out o the gheto but u cant take the gheto outta the water :P

  • Umatsu Obossa
    Umatsu Obossa Day ago

    After watching it, it's clear you didn't maintain a vacuum seal for the 4 weeks, none of them made the seal breaking sound.

  • Ellen Stechschulte

    Maybe repeat the experiment but put the foods in the fridge

  • Umatsu Obossa
    Umatsu Obossa Day ago

    Even before watching I know the chips and bread should be fine. Bread and chips go stale from changes in moisture. In a vaccuum there won't be any changes, though perhaps if it's warm and there's light, the bread may mold.

    • Umatsu Obossa
      Umatsu Obossa Day ago

      Also, protip...anything CRUNCHY can just be kept in the fridge to prevent it from going stale. Refrigerators are dry environments and will keep things from getting soft, and can even UNSTALE chips and such that have already gone stale!

  • Swan Donovan
    Swan Donovan Day ago

    Should get a vacuum pump that can pull an actual full vacuum

  • Marina Larios
    Marina Larios Day ago

    Do drinks go rotten in a vacuum

  • Chancler Mannor
    Chancler Mannor Day ago

    i like how everything your saying your eating

  • Rapture Z
    Rapture Z Day ago

    wait what happened to grant

  • MaximusRex
    MaximusRex Day ago


  • Sam Messervy
    Sam Messervy Day ago

    man i can't do nothing in this house...

  • Molly Iris
    Molly Iris Day ago

    Freeze dry gummie candy !

  • melinda marshall

    How do you make a heater

  • Jerry Lange
    Jerry Lange Day ago

    you could tell right away when you bit into the gram cracker. i heard it crunch when you bit on it.

  • vermiman
    vermiman Day ago

    The King of Random, How about testing the different remedies on taming the heat of the ghost pepper?

  • Steve Adyonge
    Steve Adyonge Day ago +1

    Hey try Someone😂😂.

  • Mlađen Nedić
    Mlađen Nedić 2 days ago

    Moisture is the problem i think, so the food has to be demoisturized (like astronaut food and hydrated before opening). That's why the food with less water are more easy to preserve.

  • James Heal
    James Heal 2 days ago

    Super scientific ( a shitload of sarcasm implied)

  • Yvng Raj
    Yvng Raj 2 days ago

    “Lay’s that would be one million dollars. Lay’s?” 😂😂😂

  • Gerald Njuguna
    Gerald Njuguna 2 days ago

    Minute 5:29 the vacuum machine is made from...? Make sure Trump doesn't see this video 😂😂

  • DeftElm
    DeftElm 2 days ago

    Put food in liquid nitrogen

  • madjimms
    madjimms 2 days ago

    You didn't put food in a vacuum chamber, you put food in VERY light vacuum "sealed" jars. Some didn't look like they even had a vacuum.

    DEBBIRLA1 2 days ago

    this isn't possible....You haven't vaccumm sealed it properly....what you just did defies laws of science

  • Eshan Playz
    Eshan Playz 2 days ago

    What happens if you put a batteries inside the vacuum chamber?

  • Fridge
    Fridge 2 days ago

    the way you said lays, lays? reminds me of how they go snake? snaaaaaake - in metal gear solid

  • thedankens
    thedankens 2 days ago

    The thing of most interest to me in this is that mold can still grow in a vacuum.

  • Etakeh Oh
    Etakeh Oh 2 days ago

    All I've learned is that I need a vacuum sealer to make marshmallows like that.

  • Alley Wolf
    Alley Wolf 2 days ago

    The king of random later dies of food poisoning...

  • Tiger Gaming
    Tiger Gaming 2 days ago

    What would happen if u put clothes is vacuuming chamber?

  • CapTrainT
    CapTrainT 2 days ago

    Anyone else get worried for him after he touched the moldy bread then used the same gloves to pick up other food and eat it?

  • Aiden Pearce
    Aiden Pearce 2 days ago

    Just think about the iss then you might have the answer...

  • Michael Vilabrera
    Michael Vilabrera 2 days ago

    I heard that the taste disappears when food is vacuum sealed for a long period of time (like orange juice). Did you experience that?

  • olafpayne
    olafpayne 2 days ago

    What I've learnt is that drying things is more effective.

  • The Dark Binzky
    The Dark Binzky 2 days ago


  • Soul Fodah
    Soul Fodah 3 days ago

    Video begins at 4:50

  • Emma Robbie Us
    Emma Robbie Us 3 days ago

    Can you do tests on food you get from food pantry? I've never tried it, I Can Only Imagine?

  • OnlyAirKicks
    OnlyAirKicks 3 days ago +3

    Try molten metal in a vacuum

  • 14598175
    14598175 3 days ago

    more research needed, this was awful.

  • Renz Aaron
    Renz Aaron 3 days ago

    What if u put a banana peel inside it?

  • Archmage Madara
    Archmage Madara 3 days ago

    Lmao, apparently everyone in this comment section is a PhD certified doctor

  • David
    David 3 days ago

    You can get counter-sinking drill bits to deburr a hole after you drill it. Saves some time.

  • Zandemonium
    Zandemonium 3 days ago

    if you can do this put a fly in a jar for 3 days

  • Ama Malik
    Ama Malik 3 days ago

    What happens to natural things like leaves or wood or things like that in the Vacuum? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 3 days ago

    He should have put one marshmallow per jar

  • Cielo Greene
    Cielo Greene 3 days ago

    Wears gloves but eat the food anyway😅

  • Aryan Bhargav
    Aryan Bhargav 3 days ago

    what happens when water is in vacum chamber

  • Damon Albarn
    Damon Albarn 3 days ago

    Well, there are anaerobic bacteria, that's why we have fermentation process... If food has enough water content plus little carbs in it then it's all bacteria needs to grow...

  • Uta
    Uta 3 days ago

    before watching the video, I know that the food won't go bad

  • Duke
    Duke 3 days ago

    Anaerobic processes should still be able to happen, right?

  • Kieno
    Kieno 3 days ago

    Why did you cut the apples?

  • Wilbur Bednaroski!
    Wilbur Bednaroski! 3 days ago

    You should do a better test with the vacuum jars

  • Dylan
    Dylan 3 days ago

    Why does mold occur in a vaccum

  • Erika エリカ Plays


  • Kenn Tollens
    Kenn Tollens 3 days ago

    Can you hatch an egg in a vaccum chamber?

  • John Yu
    John Yu 3 days ago

    Eating the stale chips after touching the moldy bread made me nervous.

  • Brayden Cromar
    Brayden Cromar 3 days ago

    I got half-way through this and realized, “wait, you can just buy a vacuum sealer.”

  • Meriah Smith
    Meriah Smith 3 days ago

    This was an interesting video. Thanks for sharing. If you want another science idea, to try, how about this one:
    I've long had an engineering idea where a car's axels could be fitted with a kind of turbine and an alternating battery system. As in, when one battery is being used, another is being charged by the turbine as the car drives down the road. If my idea works, the car can just keep recharging itself and just keep going indefinitely. It would be interesting to see if my idea works.

  • Ash Ginsberg
    Ash Ginsberg 3 days ago

    Ok but like you're so adorable im

  • aaron beristain
    aaron beristain 3 days ago

    what happen if you put ooblek in vacuum

  • JK 2627
    JK 2627 3 days ago

    All the negative comments aside I was just wondering if you would get the same result with the chips if you used unflavored regular chips as opposed to the flavored chips you used

  • Soviet Scoot
    Soviet Scoot 3 days ago

    Hey I just had some of those gram crackers for s'mores.

  • Jackson Zaza
    Jackson Zaza 3 days ago

    If my theory is correct you can take a glass jar Port lithium in it then cooking oil then pour isopropyl alcohol into it and the isopropyl alcohol in the lithium would react under the layer of oil preventing oxygen from interacting and removing oxygen from the isopropyl molecule turning it into propane bubbles propane actually is a gas which sinks if this works the propane will stay inside the jar and some of the hydrogen from the water in the isopropyl alcohol will float up into the air I do not have the ability to test this on myself can you do it for me please and thank you

  • D. Jones
    D. Jones 3 days ago

    Chips are hard and get soft as they stale, bread is soft and gets hard as it stales, gram crackers are hard and get soft as they stale... WTF???

  • Oliver Eales
    Oliver Eales 4 days ago

    if its in a vacum the moisure inside the food regardless of how dry it looks will get drawn out into the lower pressure surroundings.

  • Yujin Wonyoung kan
    Yujin Wonyoung kan 4 days ago

    When he start eating😥

  • Saidul Alam
    Saidul Alam 4 days ago

    if one of the jar exploded you'd been fked.

  • alfheib
    alfheib 4 days ago

    should have bleach the jars and lids you might of not had mold ..

  • Melvin Alcuizar
    Melvin Alcuizar 4 days ago

    You still used the same gloves! After poking the molded bread. Then eated the chips. Omg!

  • Mateowable
    Mateowable 4 days ago

    a pink lady apple

  • joe goecke
    joe goecke 4 days ago

    Food has oxygen in it's composition, so I'm guessing a vacuum alone won't do much. Now to watch!

  • Mas Ekel
    Mas Ekel 4 days ago

    You ate the chips after you touched the mold

  • Dharamvir Singh
    Dharamvir Singh 4 days ago

    What happen when you put dry ice on lava

  • LPS Believer
    LPS Believer 4 days ago

    Is slime going to stick on a dog

  • nitin kumar khera
    nitin kumar khera 4 days ago

    What will happen with an egg placed in vacuum...

  • Gucci Burger
    Gucci Burger 4 days ago

    What would molten metal do in a vacuum chamber?

  • Mediaboon
    Mediaboon 4 days ago

    This kind of mold does not grow in the absence of oxygen.

    PEPSI JAZZ 4 days ago

    The porous nature of the jar and rubber valve make extended non-continuous vacuum applications impractical. You are going to gradually lose whatever vacuum you have and after 4 weeks enough air will have seeped in that you will have virtually no vacuum. There is a reason why scientist continuously pump out air during vacuum experiments. Not to mention you are using canning jars. They are literally designed to create a vacuum without the need of making a rubber valve on top.

  • Alex Hauser
    Alex Hauser 4 days ago

    Terrible science lol a better control would've been sealed jars, no vacuum.

  • John Power
    John Power 4 days ago

    What does ammo do in a vacuum chamber

  • Chris Schoenthaler
    Chris Schoenthaler 4 days ago

    It’s kind of odd that mold seems to grow BETTER in the vacuum jars than the open ones,

  • Primal Crypt
    Primal Crypt 4 days ago

    How to make croutons

  • Adam Eastment
    Adam Eastment 4 days ago

    Could you potentially use a large enough vacuum chamber to juice apples?

  • Bernhard Jordan
    Bernhard Jordan 4 days ago

    If there is water there is no vacuum