We Tried The 24K Celebrity Gold Facial (feat. Gaby Dunn) 💰


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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +477

    Happy Tuesday y'all! What did you guys think of this crazy treatment?! Would you do this? :O

  • Player Me
    Player Me Day ago

    Cheap bitches got money.

  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 3 days ago

    please tell me u guys are lesbians...

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 4 days ago

    The masks looks like mustard and icing haha

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam 4 days ago

    I have never had a facial but I have also never done a skin mask, a black strip, etc. I clean, exfoliate, moisturize, and sometime tone ( not in that order) but what I notices in this video was that the masseuse Gabby had was blunt as can be which was funny b/c I know Gabby is funny and witty and blunt herself. Michelle's seemed more personal and whispering and completely different

  • Juliet Salve
    Juliet Salve 4 days ago

    lol, it is wired to say but you both look the same as before facial.

  • Toaa moni
    Toaa moni 5 days ago

    You look like indian

  • MooperSlooper
    MooperSlooper 6 days ago

    The gold mask looks like mustard

  • Lillian B.
    Lillian B. 6 days ago

    LMAO... "It stingles because it's pulling dirt out?" Sure, whatever sells expensive treatments. ;)

  • Shoaib Khan
    Shoaib Khan 6 days ago

    You look bitch

  • Shannon Brownsell
    Shannon Brownsell 7 days ago

    How much

  • Soundar raju
    Soundar raju 7 days ago

    I don't find any difference before nd after the facial

  • Gianna Hayes
    Gianna Hayes 11 days ago

    Oh my god Satan disliked this video as of September 10th 2018 there are 666 dislikes 👿

  • aishwary Thidhula
    aishwary Thidhula 11 days ago


  • CuteOnces
    CuteOnces 14 days ago

    I dont think gold has any benifit for skin

  • Mike S
    Mike S 25 days ago

    Yea for those who don't know gold is a very low reactive substance, basically it reacts with nothing unless you use a super powerful acid to dissolve it will sit there and do nothing, it won't absorb into your skin, it won't absorb toxins, its a complete lie and they are using about $10 of gold there at most . this is like telling someone the glass of tap water they gave you is rare glacier water and you believe it

  • Sienna-Rose R.
    Sienna-Rose R. 26 days ago

    Omg no gold does not get absorbed by skin. No “toxins” are going to be extracted. Why are you promoting these scam artists??

  • A.X. R.M.
    A.X. R.M. 29 days ago

    I’ve never tried anything out of the ordinary of what I already do.I am a basic person doing the same things everyday of my own life.Same routine and Same lifestyle.So it’s not really a kept secret from anyone.

  • A.X. R.M.
    A.X. R.M. 29 days ago

    I’ve never had any kind of facial before.Because it’s so pricey and expensive to get it done.I’m cheap though,but I got to save my money where I can.

  • Apple Joos
    Apple Joos Month ago

    pineapple enzymes dissolve flesh

  • Sandy Roy
    Sandy Roy Month ago

    Please Can you tell me products name ?

  • Amanda Lilly
    Amanda Lilly Month ago

    8:46 I thought they were gonna put mustard on her face....

    TAYLOR SWIFT13 Month ago +1

    How much money

  • DibbySwimmer
    DibbySwimmer Month ago

    I just can’t seem to like Michelle 😕

  • frafryg92
    frafryg92 Month ago

    Oh...now I know how I've lost my gold ring....my finger has absorbed it!! -_-'''''

  • Philip Philipson Of 1773

    Has everyone left buzzfeed or something

  • Random account
    Random account Month ago


  • Kie_.
    Kie_. Month ago

    And how much did she pay?

  • I love Romee
    I love Romee Month ago

    I had my first facial in ibiza 6 months ago, i love it but it is so expensive for a student

  • rbaleksandar
    rbaleksandar Month ago

    What a rip-off. LOL

  • Reagan Butrum
    Reagan Butrum Month ago

    Y'all got scammed

  • zubnasty
    zubnasty Month ago

    Dirt on ya face! big disgrace! Kicking yo boot all ova da place! We will! We will! ROCK YOU!

  • Devi Prass
    Devi Prass Month ago

    Is that girl is an Indian

  • Dominus Ghaul
    Dominus Ghaul Month ago

    This is 100% woo-woo bullshit. Anytime, EVERY time, someone tells you that something cleanses or removes "toxins", put your fucking money away and walk out the door. What are these mystical imaginary "toxins" you speak of? You may as well believe in psychics if you believe in shit like this doing anything. Sorry to rain on anyone's woo-woo parade, but it's all absolutely bullshit. End of story.

  • Eniza Gutierrez
    Eniza Gutierrez Month ago

    7:30 that scream 😭💀

    PINK ROCK Month ago

    I had my first facial in May and I'm 17. Am I the only one

  • Emma Grace
    Emma Grace Month ago

    The lymphatic system shit was wrong.

  • FuryFusion
    FuryFusion Month ago

    Disgusting, pointless, for brainwashed retards.

  • Kyle Andrews
    Kyle Andrews Month ago

    dave is dead

  • ShadowKitty XOX
    ShadowKitty XOX Month ago

    Am I the only one who’s dying by the fact that the towels are getting all dirty… just me okay then

  • Karla Yount
    Karla Yount Month ago

    It’s not real gold 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Natalia Figueroa
    Natalia Figueroa Month ago

    "She knew that I drink coffee from my skin" Me: almost everyone drinks coffee 😑; just a coincidence.

  • Suzie Karen
    Suzie Karen Month ago

    how much time did it take

  • Nikky K
    Nikky K Month ago

    detoxing is a total scam😂 and if there were some "toxins" in your body, they won't get out through your skin, that's why your liver and kidneys are for😂

  • Isha Thakor
    Isha Thakor Month ago

    this is such a scam wtf gold doesnt do anything for your face

  • BunnyOfDeath !
    BunnyOfDeath ! Month ago

    Guys so
    #1. You don’t need a facial that often. You should get extractions every 4-6 weeks which is completely doable at home.
    #2. The fact that they don’t define “toxins” is mysterious. That brown stuff was the mask, not the dirt.

  • Ali Heydari
    Ali Heydari 2 months ago

    So how much does this cost?

  • Little Bacchus
    Little Bacchus 2 months ago

    Oh this one gave me a laugh today. No problem with Michelle trying it out and showing us and made for an interesting video but the notion that gold a metal valued for the very fact it is nonreactive could do anything on the skin made me chuckle.

  • ineffect
    ineffect 2 months ago

    I've never had a facial, still hoping to get one. You know damn well I can't get one every 4-6 weeks lmfao

  • Sophie Hill
    Sophie Hill 2 months ago

    She looks like Natalie’s outlet

  • •it’s Jane•
    •it’s Jane• 2 months ago

    The people who are doing the masks had asmr-ey voices

  • Jewli
    Jewli 2 months ago

    Oh man holy *SHEEP!*

  • Cpt.AirWolf
    Cpt.AirWolf 2 months ago

    I can rub balls all over your face for a fraction of what you paid for this massage. I also guarantee a nice healthy glow once I'm done.

  • Niuall
    Niuall 2 months ago

    I feel like it’s not even legit lol, I feel like what they rubbed off is the gold and serum they used jsss and Michelle you cannot handle pain girl 😂

  • LayDIY
    LayDIY 2 months ago

    The first piece of gold on Michelle face kind of looked like a cat lol

  • Zain Fanik
    Zain Fanik 2 months ago


  • Ivory Kay
    Ivory Kay 2 months ago

    anyone else think the first piece of gold on michelle’s face looked like the shape of new york

  • Yvonne FIRTH
    Yvonne FIRTH 2 months ago

    Toxins are fake. You are wasting your money. If you do some research proper articles state that toxins in fact are not real.what you saw was probably colour changing towels.

  • Star Jyoti
    Star Jyoti 2 months ago

    laughing unnecessarily,

  • Melba Peach
    Melba Peach 2 months ago

    Wow the barefaced lies of these woman, you need a facial every four to six weeks? Your skin absorbs gold?? Crummy scaming Mcfraudsters.

  • Nekkie Feathers
    Nekkie Feathers 2 months ago

    How tf does your face absorb the gold
    Like no I'd more easily believe the gold would absorb your face

    AKSHAY 2 months ago

    This is first time i am watching you and I think you are Indian or your parents could be Indian. The surname Khare ❤️

  • Issac Rudio
    Issac Rudio 2 months ago

    Green Goblin laughs 3:56

  • Julie Cobb
    Julie Cobb 2 months ago

    I think they got sick of them

  • Aysia Unicorn
    Aysia Unicorn 2 months ago

    That mask looks like mustard

  • - -
    - - 2 months ago

    The spa also offers vaginal steaming
    I didn't know that was a thing but they do it, for a place offering gold facials I'm still surprised

  • Bea Arturi
    Bea Arturi 2 months ago

    “It stingles”

  • alexandria nguyen
    alexandria nguyen 2 months ago

    good video. checkout our channel : Brilliance New York -Irvine Spectrum California 2014-2018

  • Ranga Ranga
    Ranga Ranga 2 months ago

    how much cost mam

  • J H
    J H 2 months ago

    But the brown on the sheets are just the gold coming off??

  • w i l l o w s i m e r
    w i l l o w s i m e r 2 months ago

    the mention of david bowie, just yes

  • suja s
    suja s 3 months ago

    I have read that gold is toxic to the body

  • fucking kill me
    fucking kill me 3 months ago

    If they think her skin is terrible, well then they'd probably reject me

  • Intan Iqbal
    Intan Iqbal 3 months ago


  • Steven Adrian
    Steven Adrian 3 months ago

    How can a solid metal absorb to your skin? wow. it's a scam guys

  • Kausalya Advocate
    Kausalya Advocate 3 months ago

    You shouldn't talk or laugh so much when you're getting a facial

  • Virginia Macalindol
    Virginia Macalindol 3 months ago

    Why the one girl is look like natalies outlet? ?

  • Golden Sone
    Golden Sone 3 months ago

    I wanna try this though😕

  • Humaira J
    Humaira J 3 months ago

    Wish I could afford thiss 😢😢💔

  • Margo
    Margo 3 months ago

    The “stingnling” isn’t because the mask was pulling out dirt; pineapple enzymes break down meat which is why when you eat it your mouth feels weird. The mask was literally just eating your face. Fun facts!

  • Mohd. Aasif.
    Mohd. Aasif. 3 months ago

    Lymph doesnt drain itself ? Someone give these people a refresher course.

  • ravi mishra
    ravi mishra 3 months ago

    Did not see much difference after the facial....

  • Prishey Zeas
    Prishey Zeas 3 months ago

    Wearing just gold jewellery all over your body can do that. The gold metal radiation regulates your toxins to get out of your body. Like the different stones affect your body. So we arab women mostly prefer gold jewellery. This might help you all. ♥

  • Ferra Therina
    Ferra Therina 3 months ago

    im so annoyed by the fact tht the lady pushed out the blackhead BY USING FINGERS???? i thought you are not supposed to do that. There is an equipment to do that which is more sanitary.

  • Sanatombi Maimom
    Sanatombi Maimom 3 months ago

    Why do they act like a child .. can't they be a little more serious??🤔🤔

  • azeema banu
    azeema banu 3 months ago

    Gold faciyal ket name tell me

  • Presila Subra
    Presila Subra 3 months ago

    I don't think your skin can absorb gold. It's marketing trick. Never really tell what product they were applying on the face.Very noisy video. The 2girls giggling n talking all the way, never shut their mouth. So ugly it looked they talk with their mouth opened so big. Finally the facial was done.

  • Prosenjit Ghosh
    Prosenjit Ghosh 3 months ago

    Ab platinum facial kab hoga

  • hammer s
    hammer s 3 months ago

    Golden facial just Goldens ur facial hair... Dats ALl😩😩

  • brittney harvey
    brittney harvey 4 months ago

    I say facials are for deep cleanings and more problematic skin.

  • Pewdiepie Pewdiepie
    Pewdiepie Pewdiepie 4 months ago

    Can you do a list of products used in this video like what was used and what brands thankyou

  • Khaja Badruddin
    Khaja Badruddin 4 months ago

    Is that a real gold if yes i think ypu should give it to the poor

  • Emaan Ali
    Emaan Ali 4 months ago

    Yor smile i m scare

  • Naughty Girl
    Naughty Girl 4 months ago

    Natural beauty needs no ornaments...

  • Valak Demon
    Valak Demon 4 months ago

    A simple sperm facial would give the same benefits

  • Gianna Goos
    Gianna Goos 4 months ago

    I love them but I wish they would stop talking and just enjoy

  • Qe2
    Qe2 4 months ago

    Just another fad gimmick lol

  • shaireen Imran
    shaireen Imran 4 months ago

    these are not toxins these are makeup layers under skin😂😂

  • Vinita Meel
    Vinita Meel 4 months ago

    okay i was done when the lady made that 'snakes-indians' statement. fuck off with your scam and stereotypes.