Breezango vs. Forgotten Sons: WWE NXT, Aug. 14, 2019

  • Published on Aug 15, 2019
  • The reunited team of Fandango & Prince Pretty battle The Forgotten Sons’ Wesley Blake & Steve Cutler. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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Comments • 249

  • Dante Lipschits
    Dante Lipschits 26 days ago

    Now this is the only reason I am watching NXT

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 29 days ago

    1:57 that kick off the ropes😂😂

  • ssian5678
    ssian5678 Month ago

    I feel like I can breathe again, as if cosmic balance has been restored. Breeze & Fandango are together as they should be.
    That breath was stolen once again by Fandango's beautiful ringwork here, though. I knew he could fly but not on this ascended level.

  • Bobby
    Bobby Month ago +1

    Glad to see this great team together once again! Crowd loves them

  • deadpoolnerd
    deadpoolnerd Month ago +1

    Nice to see Fandango in action again I just think he seemed more badass the other week I think he should change the name slightly maybe alter outfit a bit and he'd be awesome

  • Gamer dude 98993
    Gamer dude 98993 Month ago

    After the undisputed era wins the nxt tag titles by the end of this year breezango should challenge them and win the titles it would really elevate their career actually

  • dinoza
    dinoza Month ago +2

    "Malfunction at the junction!"
    NXT commentary >>> Raw & Smackdown commentary. ♥️

  • Lance Snead
    Lance Snead Month ago +1

    I am so sick of people -- especially the commentators and ring announcers --- mispronouncing Fandango's name. >:-(
    His name is supposed to be spoken with soft-A sounds! The man had a whole gimmick about properly pronouncing his name, for crying out loud!!!

  • Ricky Witte
    Ricky Witte Month ago

    lol Gunner got kicked out

  • Matthew Capuano
    Matthew Capuano Month ago +1

    Guys in all seriousness breezango is pretty good

  • radiculous
    radiculous Month ago +1

    If Breeze and Fandango can go back, please let Zayn and Owens or Sane and Asuka go back too.

  • kevin lin
    kevin lin Month ago

    NXT Takeover was boring

  • Eleven Williams
    Eleven Williams Month ago +2

    Nice to see Breezango finally on the Main roster

  • Eric Gale
    Eric Gale Month ago

    Breezango in NXT >>> Breezango in WWE

  • Aljaž Božnar
    Aljaž Božnar Month ago

    Forgotten talent vs. Forgotten sons

  • اكش افلام صينيه مصارعه بنات

    عمل ممتاز😍😍😍😍 روعهههههههه💪💪💪💪💪 _________🌺

  • The Legend
    The Legend Month ago

    I want fandango without dancing

  • Brandon Dollar
    Brandon Dollar Month ago +1

    'Dango's back, baby!!

  • jmissle
    jmissle Month ago +1

    Wesley Blake really is the Bobby Eaton of the NXT roster....Great worker but has the personality that just doesn’t come across on tv

  • DW X
    DW X Month ago +1

    When Fashion Police oozes ferocity

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Month ago

    Fandango seems to be in top form since his return...good on him. Curious as to how long it will last though. Because I have this sneaky suspicion that Tyler is liable to turn on him. Then you'll have to wonder where would this leave Fandango?

  • A WrestlingFan
    A WrestlingFan Month ago

    Breezango forgotten no more. Thanks Triple H!

  • Shadowed Viper
    Shadowed Viper Month ago

    It's just a matter of time before they job again. Don't hold your breath!

  • Ahmed Ayub
    Ahmed Ayub Month ago

    Only Triple H knows how to use the talent that is present in the company Vince knows how to waste and ruin their careers

  • Thug Life
    Thug Life Month ago +2

    Breezango's real place is SmackDown Live

  • Charles Weston
    Charles Weston Month ago

    forgotten sons are fun to watch..

  • Danny Casserly
    Danny Casserly Month ago +2

    1:06 the ref was so excited for that lmao

  • Snygil Braganza
    Snygil Braganza Month ago +1

    Management took the name Forgotten Sons too seriously

  • Maroguel soerodikromo

    Where jobbers become hard hitters

  • Deryl
    Deryl Month ago +3

    Just let Fandango be himself. I love his tank top shirt and jeans style it's reminds me of dean ambrose :(

  • kushagra network
    kushagra network Month ago

    Please undertaker vs sting in Saudi Arabia

  • Craig Neils
    Craig Neils Month ago +1

    A whole episode of replays!?!
    Man I'm glad I didn't already watch this the first time!!!
    WTH WWE?

  • TheIrishMessiah
    TheIrishMessiah Month ago

    I just really hate Fandango, I just hate those cringey poses he does. Tyler Breeze on the other should be north American champion

  • Fire GK Highlights
    Fire GK Highlights Month ago +6

    Breezango on SDLive-Trash booking
    Breezango in NXT-Golden booking!

  • Raimon Ivan
    Raimon Ivan Month ago +4

    Breezango always deserved better on the Main Roster. Anyway, i'm glad they are back

  • Technical Earning
    Technical Earning Month ago

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    Aapko aapki ma ki kasam

  • Technical Earning
    Technical Earning Month ago +1

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    Aapko aapki ma ki kasam

  • Technical Earning
    Technical Earning Month ago +1

    Jo bhai india mai independence day india me clcebrate karta hai uskne agar ye comment padhi hogi to mere profile pe clcik karke mere channel ko SUBCRIBE karo.
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  • sick tunes
    sick tunes Month ago +1

    Fandango is best

  • Botman der Dritte
    Botman der Dritte Month ago +1

    that tornado ddt tho. BEAUTIFUL

    SIZZLE MCFIZZLE Month ago +2

    Is the girl commentator Beth Phoenix??

  • Beerus On Drugs
    Beerus On Drugs Month ago

    Who ended up winning?

    • F4LL3N H3R0
      F4LL3N H3R0 Month ago

      You should search "wwe NXT highlights" you will find the full highlights there

  • RC Technical
    RC Technical Month ago +1

    Not a breezango it's fashion police

  • AllYellowEverything
    AllYellowEverything Month ago +1

    Fandango is so handsome 💛

  • Adam Cole Bay Bay
    Adam Cole Bay Bay Month ago +1

    Hell yeah Breezango is back

  • anasazi79
    anasazi79 Month ago

    Johnny Curtis is on 🔥!

  • Holy moly, that's neat

    oh man, the forgotten sons' ring gear is ghastly.

  • Theblackvortex75
    Theblackvortex75 Month ago +1

    That NXT crowd tho 💯💯

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago

    This shows you how much the main roster waters you down look how good Fandango did in this match, moves they wouldnt be allowed to do on raw at all. Vinces and Shane's small dicks and large egos get in the way to much.

  • Trung Nghĩa
    Trung Nghĩa Month ago +1

    Breezango win Forgotten Sons.

  • hey12358y
    hey12358y Month ago

    Even after Dynamite Kid, B----T, and Bryan; they still let wrestlers use that Diving HeadButt Move?!? Guess they don't have any big plans for the Sons. Was interested to see what the teased Breezango reboot looks like. Good. Less camp, but not zero, and a lot more wrestling. Need to be at the NXT Takevover in Nov.

  • my name scahin
    my name scahin Month ago

    Thought that was Will Osprey on the thumbnail

  • Jordan Garrity
    Jordan Garrity Month ago +21

    Fandango's theme is still catchy asf, also, remember when Blake, Murphy and Bliss were a group? looks like only Blake didn't get called up...

  • JRA Tu Amigo
    JRA Tu Amigo Month ago +8

    Breezango future NXT Tag-Team Champions.

  • PcWitness
    PcWitness Month ago

    Feel like Fandango had time for a repackage but oh well

    JUSTIN CROWE Month ago

    I’m late but why isn’t buddy and blake a tag team anymore what happened

  • Mikey Cox
    Mikey Cox Month ago

    Hell yeah breezango.

  • Carne y Huevo
    Carne y Huevo Month ago +2

    God for Breezango

  • IlIlI IlIlI
    IlIlI IlIlI Month ago +1

    Daniel Bryan vs Dolph Ziggler Wrestlemania 36. Vince make it happen please!

  • Chief Hacksaw
    Chief Hacksaw Month ago +1

    Breezongo should come back as major heels