♪♫ Oasis - Let There Be Love (Tutorial)

  • Published on Jun 21, 2009
  • Acoustic guitar tutorial for Oasis - Let There Be Love
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  • darcson.souzza printes

    nice :D

  • MegaNeil1982
    MegaNeil1982 7 months ago +2

    The mongrel chord 😂😂 Bb9/F

  • lee turton
    lee turton Year ago +1

    such a lovely well put together song....one of noels very best in my humble opinion

  • Dany Dezama
    Dany Dezama 2 years ago +2

    Thank you! I love your guitar

  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 2 years ago +4

    It would be great if we can get the strumming pattern, thanks.

  • Meursault Castell
    Meursault Castell 3 years ago +1

    muuyy buena canción gracias.

  • Panos Visvardis
    Panos Visvardis 3 years ago +2

    thanks man!!! you help me so much to learn :)

  • Sebastián Bravo
    Sebastián Bravo 3 years ago +4

    No entiendo lo que dices :c

  • Samuel Farr
    Samuel Farr 4 years ago

    Excellent tutorial! Well instructed, easy to learn the chords as a beginner!
    Could you tell me the strumming pattern?

  • wei luo
    wei luo 4 years ago

    thank you very much, very nice tutorial : )

  • Leanne McCluskey
    Leanne McCluskey 4 years ago

    Brilliant tutorial but there are a bunch of pillocks commenting on here, think they know it all... pathetic!!

  • Mauro Ariel Saavedra Castro

    Excelente tutorial como recomendación tocar la canción completa al final.
    Excellent tutorial. A recommendation play the complete song at the end of the vídeo.

  • tat
    tat 5 years ago +5

    Your tutorials are brilliant. I've learnt so much from you. Hats off to you

  • Tan Siuken
    Tan Siuken 5 years ago

    i have always liked your videos. thank you very much!

  • notnavonnam
    notnavonnam 5 years ago

    nice touch with the adidas sticker btw ;)

  • notnavonnam
    notnavonnam 5 years ago +2

    Pay attention to Noel's hand gesture when he describes the "weird jazz chord". I think you got the chord spot on in your tutorial. Cheers from Copenhagen

    ANNIE 5 years ago

    i like it :)

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 5 years ago

    Great tutorial, and singing too! :)

  • BikerBeatz
    BikerBeatz 6 years ago

    great tutorial as per usual thanks very much, keep it up Noel......err Peter lol you the man!!!

  • Max Albert
    Max Albert 6 years ago

    hey where did you get your stickers??

  • zerocm1
    zerocm1 6 years ago

    yaeh!!! very nice dude!!!

  • Lo mejor del rock urbano y Mas

    as is the strumming? I hope very good answer tutorian

  • EJ200ce1
    EJ200ce1 6 years ago

    Great lesson Pete, thanks so much.

  • ariel tabach
    ariel tabach 6 years ago

    Nice one man !
    bless from Santiago of CHile !!

  • Stefano
    Stefano 6 years ago

    Hello :-)
    thanks as always for your great help :-)
    R'n R!!

  • DaFoozy
    DaFoozy 6 years ago

    Great job. Nice voice.

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore 6 years ago

    Let there be love trollz :)

  • lillyandruben
    lillyandruben 6 years ago

    for a beginner this is great, but geez lot of nitty picky reviews here obviously super guitarist or morons

  • Aaran B
    Aaran B 6 years ago

    How long have you been playing guitar mate?

  • Morrissey71trfc
    Morrissey71trfc 7 years ago


  • Morrissey71trfc
    Morrissey71trfc 7 years ago +1

    I've heard you play and your shit! I don't know why you come here seems you think you are so amazing, are you famous? no? didn't think so, i'm not replying to you now after this comment cos your a waste of my time and your a bulb

  • Morrissey71trfc
    Morrissey71trfc 7 years ago

    Can i have yours? you totally rock! seriously, you remind me of Cliff Richard

  • Morrissey71trfc
    Morrissey71trfc 7 years ago

    hahaha! whatever, touchy little gimp aren't you?

  • Morrissey71trfc
    Morrissey71trfc 7 years ago

    So despite Noel Gallagher saying he played that chord, you still think you are right? please kindly take your head out of your arse

  • Luke
    Luke 7 years ago

    Great tutorial! How do you strum this though? I can't seem to get the right "feel"

  • JayRNoteS
    JayRNoteS 7 years ago

    i learned this from you about a year ago but i stopped playing my guitar and forgot all about it. I'm playing again now so i had to visit this video again. I just want you to know how much you've helped me develop my guitar skills. Thank you sir with a kick ass Guitar

  • chair1234567
    chair1234567 7 years ago

    @georgiarose16 Pfew, the work you put in this is truly amazing. Where can I find the transcript? Sounds like a good read! :D

  • Sam Wright
    Sam Wright 7 years ago

    great tutorial :D

  • LosCoversdeLuis
    LosCoversdeLuis 7 years ago

    thank u!

  • OasisDNA
    OasisDNA 7 years ago

    Ace! Are you sure your last name isn't Gallagher? Thank you for everything you share!!!!!!!

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  7 years ago

    @joseantube08 Thanks. That's cool. I always say we should play whatever sounds right to our own ears.

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  7 years ago

    @joseantube08 Sorry - but I do have to correct you there. I have since seen an interview transcript with Noel Gallagher somewhere and he specifically mentions that the chord is in fact 110111 that he is playing there and that it was Paul Weller taught him that particular chord.

  • Misael Luna
    Misael Luna 7 years ago

    where can i get an adidas sticker

  • Split10
    Split10 7 years ago

    Great video!
    Good tutorial and well sung.
    One small niggle....your mic is just starting to clip.

  • Dani Jiménez
    Dani Jiménez 8 years ago

    Thanks you! :D

    AWAYTOBEIS 8 years ago


  • Carlos Andrés Dávila Pinedo

    @georgiarose16 ...noel is pretty lazy i know. I use regular C chord 1st: x32010 then x32110 muting E string with my thumb. I'm pretty lazy too, i keep my middle finger in the 2nd string/1st fret all the time.
    C: x32010
    rareC: x32110
    Am: x02210
    rareF: x03210
    but thats me :P

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  8 years ago

    @Tachi4690 Technically, you're correct..... but personally I believe that is a much more difficult chord to play cleanly without muting the top E and (at least for me) ends up sounding worse. Personally, I strongly doubt Noel himself would play it that way given his known laziness when it comes to making chords and his fondness for keeping the top two strings open wherever possible.

  • Carlos Andrés Dávila Pinedo

    dont like the sound of the 2nd chord
    i use: x32110
    try it and tell what do you think :D

  • DOG
    DOG 8 years ago +1

    and magic Lesson :P thanks mate
    Live Forever

  • Daniel MacKeigan
    Daniel MacKeigan 8 years ago

    @georgiarose16 Indeed you are right. It definitely doesn't look like he was playing the G7#9 that's for sure. Thanks.

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  8 years ago

    @Dannicthemanic Maybe. Though if you watch Noel playing this on the Radio Deejay TVclip clip, although it's a little difficult to see, it does look as if he is playing the 110111.

  • Daniel MacKeigan
    Daniel MacKeigan 8 years ago

    @Dannicthemanic G7#9 sorry.

  • Daniel MacKeigan
    Daniel MacKeigan 8 years ago

    Doesn't Noel play x13030 in the chorus, which, i think is an inversion of G7b9 with an added 13? The G#diminished7(4x343x) is actually a substitute for E7 so you could play either one:)

  • ShelsleySpecial
    ShelsleySpecial 9 years ago +1

    Just came back to this song after not having much luck with trying to play it 6-8 months ago, listened to it in the car today and decided I must have another go....the obvious starting point is here with my own private teacher??!! and hey hey got it down in no time, thanks Pete, great lesson as always. Even the wife liked it so much she worked out the piano parts and played along!...... you can't beat that for home entertainment! Thumbs up x5

  • Anadiocha
    Anadiocha 9 years ago

    i like your guitar n.n

  • Andy7490
    Andy7490 9 years ago

    awsum video lots of help maybe you culd help a bit more tith the rythem for the biginers like me

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  9 years ago

    Perhaps - but it is a lot more difficult to play that way, and doesn't sound much different

  • CraicCocaine
    CraicCocaine 9 years ago

    That 2nd chord you played is called Caug and it has the 2nd and 3rd string on the 1st fret.

  • Trim Crook
    Trim Crook 9 years ago

    thank you so much once again!

  • Shaun holmes
    Shaun holmes 9 years ago

    just started to learn guitar..........your tutorials are gr8 thanks

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  9 years ago

    Honestly, I now find the C9 much easier than Bb7 (I did play that for a while) until I realised it was wrong. Check out the TVclip vision of Noel playing this on Radio Deejay). As for the intro chord, I guess you could play it that way if you wanted. It certainly makes it more complicated though. I personally don't think it sounds better, and I doubt Noel would play it that way. But like I always say, people should play what sounds right to their own ear. Cheers :-)

  • Ungku aqeelJ
    Ungku aqeelJ 9 years ago

    i'll stick with e7 even though that weird chord is nicer but when i play it dosent sound proper

  • georgiarose16
    georgiarose16  9 years ago

    Not sure where you mean? But I suspect you may have meant a regular F? (you couldn't replace an Fmaj7 with an F#). I often play Fmaj7 instead of F (even when I really should play an F). Fmaj7 is a lot easier to play and substitutes pretty well in most cases I find.

  • Erik Papenkordt
    Erik Papenkordt 9 years ago

    its good. but instead of fmajor 7 try it with an fsharp it sounds better

  • sky dog
    sky dog 9 years ago

    no the intros right its c caug only thing different is that pete plays top 2 strings were a caug is 2nd 3rd strings 4th and 5th. nice intro peter took me nearly 30 mins and almost got it awsome tutorials keep up the good work.

  • Walter Gonzalez
    Walter Gonzalez 9 years ago

    excuseme do you say me, wich chords do you need for this song?

  • alvee33
    alvee33 9 years ago

    Brilliant lesson, mate.

  • Everton Bruno Bernardi

    Top lesson! Thanks

  • RME207
    RME207 9 years ago

    great lesson tho :D

  • RME207
    RME207 9 years ago

    so many chord changes on noels bit argh!

  • HB1900
    HB1900 9 years ago +1

    well, a perfect song for my girl, hahaha. Thanks for upload Peter.