Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Movie Review

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
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    Chris Stuckmann reviews Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, James Cromwell, Ted Levine, Justice Smith, Geraldine Chaplin, Daniella Pineda, Toby Jones, Rafe Spall. Directed by J.A. Bayona.
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  • Danite Ghost
    Danite Ghost 13 days ago

    So, if JW 3 follows the lore of the mobile game, it should be about protecting dinosaurs. This will make for a shit movie that can easily be used to push every agenda in Hollywoods book.

  • Danite Ghost
    Danite Ghost 13 days ago

    In defense of military dinosaurs. Ya, this movie was shit. I actually watched it to wash the bad taste of Rise of Skywalker out of my mouth. Like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Anyway, true JP fans will remember Chaos Effect, a toy line that was basically about weaponizing Dinosaurs. The results ranged from cool to cartoonish, and the toy line introduced cybernetics into the lore of JP. It is important to remember that the Dinosaurs are not, in fact, dinosaurs. They are what Crichton referred to as "aberrant forms." In other words, they are genetic horrors created through the use of cloning technology that was based on severely degraded strands of DNA. The raptors we see in JP are utahraptors. The clone versions, however, lack the feathers of true velociraptors and from the looks of things have a lot of T-Rex DNA. Given the fact that JP dinosaurs have tear ducts one must wonder what ELSE Hammond used to "fill in the gaps", so to speak. Considering this, it is much easier to think of the Dinosaurs at auction as seeds from which could be created almost anything, from an army of cybernetically enhanced Raptor-Men to docile pygmy Rexes that could be fed at petting zoos.

  • Strong Bull
    Strong Bull 20 days ago

    I think this film works well, there is no mucking about and the pace kept me intrigued. Character development of the leads was appropriate for the pace, when they kissed it was convincing enough. Ted Levine was sufficiently menacing, however as the plot shows, he was not the greatest threat also Rafe Spall did a terrific job in his role as a weasely psychopath.
    I believe this film although not perfect, has the right pace and tone to set up the final film.
    This film could be considered filler, or simply a build up like in an orchestral piece of music, each passage playing its part to Form the whole.
    If the final film is epic and amazing with further lead character development, this trilogy will Form a solid unit I believe.

  • Jam Lym
    Jam Lym 21 day ago

    I thought the ending was epic and something that was being built towards since the beginning. And Malcolm is old. He’s had his share of the action. Even though he’s only in a few scenes, he’s kind of like the narrator of the whole thing. The island portion is brief, but still a blast. And I think the idea for dinosaurs being used for the military is presented a lot better here than in the previous film because this time they design something specifically for it. Those are my thoughts.

  • L3vyy
    L3vyy Month ago

    Terrible movie for so many reasons, literally nothing good about it

    • InnerRise
      InnerRise 18 days ago

      It WAS good.
      You don't KNOW good.

    • Hassan Syed
      Hassan Syed Month ago

      It had some good CGI and animatronics, but that can't compensate for a bad screenplay and characters.

  • yash chauhan
    yash chauhan Month ago +2

    The idea of saving dinosaurs over humanity is more disappointing than the movie itself.

  • Hussam Raza
    Hussam Raza Month ago

    Hey Chris! Love your reviews! Just one thing though, I saw your Jurassic World review right before this one and..it didn't seem like you were as disappointed with that film as you say you were in this review. You seemed quite excited in fact! And while you did give that one a B, you said you had a great time with it in your review. Just wondering, did your thoughts change on the first one after you gave it some more time and thought?

  • rBlake Apostol
    rBlake Apostol 2 months ago

    I thought he was too. missleading

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 2 months ago

    This movie get's a D plus only for the visuals thank God Colin Trevvorow isn't involved with Star Wars anymore

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 2 months ago

    Gosh I don't get how my friend loves this shit to me this movie is a franchise killer

  • J E
    J E 2 months ago

    Worst movie of 2018. They didn’t think about this at all, it’s literally all recycled crap that we’ve already seen in previous movies

  • Aidan Robinson
    Aidan Robinson 2 months ago

    Jesus, this movie had a fucking garbage script.

  • MithraMusic
    MithraMusic 2 months ago +2

    This movie was even worse than the one before it. I spent half the movie laughing at the awful dialog

  • Lauren Weems
    Lauren Weems 2 months ago

    Using the Jeff Goldblum quote from Jurassic Park at the end of your video was perfection, cherry on top with this video lol. I agree with everything you said, Chris!

  • Onyxiate
    Onyxiate 2 months ago

    I liked Jurassic World, and all of the other Jurassic Park films are phenomenal at best and good at worst, and so I had high hopes for this movie.
    Needless to say that I wasn’t happy since this movie is my least favourite of all time.

  • Keano
    Keano 2 months ago

    I don't like the film that much either but C-?
    That's what I think of your reviewing bro...

  • Keano
    Keano 2 months ago +2

    Chris Pratt is NOT funny in JW let's get that straight...he should star in mission impossible rather that's where he belongs... in a realist world the dinosaurs would of probably eaten him by now but of cause him too cool for that

    REE ANIMATION 3 months ago +4

    This is an editing MASTERPIECE!
    Ok. After watching it in the cinema, I didn’t quite like it.. But after watching it again, I realized that it’s almost an editing masterpiece.. Take a look at how each scene is edited. Like the scene where they roll into the water in that ball. It’s ONE take, from when they begin to sink. Triceratops drowning, fireballs hitting the glass, Owen tries to help, then swim away, then comes back again, Claire and Franklin holding their breaths. It all one long take, and it’s absolutely flawlessly filmed..
    When they use the chair to get to the ladder, and the ladder falls down right after Frankling thought he was safe. Spielberg tension right there.
    When Frankling gets blown away by the gas station explosion, Own tells Claire to start the truck, while he helps Frankling, and then they run for the truck. I mean, the way these shots are flawlessly edited together, is really really good. Especially compared with todays super confusing editing styles.
    Just the smooth transition of them landing on the beach after the ball scene, and a helicopter passing them with a dinosaur hanging from it, flying towards the ship...
    It kind of blows my mind, that no one is talking about this. Each shot is framed to perfection!
    Watch it again, and see how everything is flawlessly edited and shot..

  • DanielDupernex
    DanielDupernex 3 months ago

    That twist with the little girl... my god that was dumb and it wasn't even explained properly it's interrupted by a dinosaur attack like the film makers knew it was stupid so why waste time on it

  • Leonardo Bautista
    Leonardo Bautista 3 months ago

    I don't know how you can make another great sequel to Jurassic Park.

    CAMERON BEVAN 3 months ago

    I have to be honest, i feel like he is over analysing it a little

  • emil engen
    emil engen 3 months ago

    I think this movie should've been a horror movie.

  • Captain Barbossa
    Captain Barbossa 3 months ago

    Worst movie in the entire franchise. Even worse than Jurassic Park 3.

  • Saya X
    Saya X 3 months ago

    This movie wasn’t good. It felt really generic by trying to push the whole “good pet raptor will save us” thing. Then they try to top it off with the iconic trex roar at the end multiple times. By this time, the trex is basically just a standby character. The villains in this movie were so blah. The hybrid thing is going in the way of the Predator franchise, which should just die by now. This movie wasn’t even as good as the previous one, at least that one had an epic fight in the end. Overall I give this movie 5/10 and only for the graphics.

    • Raymond Watt
      Raymond Watt 3 months ago

      I would've given it a 2/10. The script was that awful in my opinion.

  • Carlos Angeles
    Carlos Angeles 3 months ago

    Spot on Chris !!!!

  • Lovin Life
    Lovin Life 3 months ago +1

    Chris Stuckman Jurassic World Review: This was a GOOD movie! I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this movie - B
    Chris Stuckman on Jurassic World in this Review: I wasn’t a huge fan of Jurassic World it was a disappointing movie!
    Dude make up your mind 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robin Banks
    Robin Banks 3 months ago

    He should’ve replaced Jeff Goldblum’s face with his own face at the the end of the video.

  • Briggs XIII
    Briggs XIII 4 months ago +4

    Is every review a C-? I wouldn’t put this anywhere above a D

  • cwwalshe
    cwwalshe 4 months ago

    Love how if you watch his review for Jurassic world and then this his opinion of Jurassic world apparently dropped XP

  • Jabbar Muhammad
    Jabbar Muhammad 4 months ago

    Jurassic world fallen kingdom was okay it just wasn't the best

  • NitroSpider 04
    NitroSpider 04 4 months ago +9

    No one:
    No body:
    Absolutely no one:
    Universal: HoW aBoUt We HaVe A sUbPlOt InVoLvInG MiLiTaRiZeD dInOsAuRs?!?!?!

  • Maria Bell
    Maria Bell 4 months ago

    I thought the movie was great my secound faivrote jurassic park movie Jurassic park 2 is my apsolote faivrote

  • concavenator corcovatus

    How did u go from " I really had a fun time watching Jurassic world and it was good " to " Jurassic world was disappointing ".

  • Lane Neely
    Lane Neely 5 months ago +1

    His review of the first Jurassic World made it seem he had fun. Hearing what he said about it here was kinda jarring.

  • Christopher Barbour
    Christopher Barbour 5 months ago

    As a fan of the Jurassic films here's my rankings from 👍to👎.
    1. Jurassic Park: At 5 years old my grandfather had me watch to movie. Boooy I wasn't the same, this film and more is where my fascination of Dinosaurs was born about 19 years ago, heck would even collect dinosaur toys, videos, and others. It's even (including Lost World) is my 2nd favorite movie of all time.
    2. Lost World Jurassic Park: Right after, we would rent these movies on VHS at the Video Store. Watching the next movie, more dinos, parent Trex's and their baby, reasonable story, San Diego terror...👍👍.
    3. Jurassic World: Being open minded, I really enjoyed this, however the only thing that really put this movie in #3 was the scenes with the Dinos. Original Trex vs. Irex true highlight. (Good characters but, missed the old characters)
    4. Jurassic Park 3: At 6 years old I loved this movie, Spinosaurs became my favorite carnivore. Now, it this film to me is guilty pleasure, it's funny, blunt, and dumb but make sense😂. Even some parts me want put this above JW for reasons, but I can't. Oh yeah Spino vs. Trex highlight for me, but Irex vs Trex did it better.
    5. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom: As big fan of Dinosaurs and the Jurassic films, I wanted to like this movie😳. The first parts especially the volcano was the best part that's pretty much it...😕

  • orlandobabe
    orlandobabe 5 months ago +11

    Biggest colossal mess I have ever seen in all of my life.

  • Colin Harris
    Colin Harris 5 months ago +1

    I just saw it tonight and it was fucking stupid

  • th3underestimated
    th3underestimated 5 months ago

    Chris's videos keep popping up on my recommended so I have to watch these again lol.. but in the Jurassic world review he said he liked the movie now he's saying he was disappointed with Jurassic world.. :/

  • Ernest Kristian Carbonel
    Ernest Kristian Carbonel 5 months ago +3

    I don't get it. You said you loved Jurassic World in your JW review. Seems inconsistent.

    • Jackson Nelson
      Jackson Nelson 4 months ago

      I think he was Phantom Menaced by that movie. It also came out in 2015 when Chris was still young and in his fanboy mode. Now he has matured a lot since then and reviews things ally more seriously.

  • RaVen AP3X
    RaVen AP3X 5 months ago

    The film did something wrong? It was great if you didn't like the the 1st JW why did you watch the 2nd?

    • Maddin Pictures
      Maddin Pictures 5 months ago

      Weird thing is that he seemed pretty happy with Jurassic World, gave it a B, no word of disappointment back in 2015

  • Ebolarnator
    Ebolarnator 5 months ago

    That bit from Jurassic Park at the end sums up this movie perfectly!

  • Ebolarnator
    Ebolarnator 5 months ago

    See, the thing is, a lot of these movie sagas/franchises, start as a one-off movie, based on a novel or book. When a novel or book gets a movie adaptation, that tends to suggest that the book was freaking amazing, like Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jaws... All three happen to be directed by one of Hollywood's best director, ever: Steven Spielberg. You mix those two elements, and you get perfection! But then studios are like "well let's cash in on this and make sequels!" but they don't understand the formula needed to make even a decent sequel.

    I, personally, like Jurassic Park 1-3 and Jurassic World. 3 is a bit iffy, but I still enjoy it. Jurassic World: Fallen Franchise though, I hated.

  • canadavatar
    canadavatar 5 months ago

    They should rename it Yourassiswhore: Fuckedup counter

  • CakeBear
    CakeBear 6 months ago

    Ah come on... I loved both of the jurassic worlds!

  • Jr Woodson
    Jr Woodson 6 months ago +3

    I wish had friends like that to talk. For hours about movies.

  • TheMongolat
    TheMongolat 6 months ago +28

    Chris; I wasn't a huge fan of Jurassic World, it was a disappointment.
    Also Chris: I'm gonna give Jurassic World a B.
    Now, I'm guessing you have seen Jurassic World a few more times since your first review and your mind has changed slightly.

    • KingQuaye
      KingQuaye 3 days ago

      Nanu Lee a b is a great grade lol . There’s plenty of movies he’s called great that he gave a b to

    • Sunny Khera
      Sunny Khera Month ago +7

      I literally just watched the review of Jurassic World and the review Chris gave felt completely different to what he just said now

    • Nanu Lee
      Nanu Lee 2 months ago +1

      A B is not a very good grade it's average

  • Cole REVIEWS
    Cole REVIEWS 6 months ago

    1. JURASSIC PARK (1993) A+
    2. JURASSIC WORLD (2015) B+
    5. JURASSIC PARK 3 (2001) C-

  • N P
    N P 6 months ago

    I just saw it...I was genuinely frightened at some points. I will say some poor character decisions were made.

  • emil engen
    emil engen 6 months ago

    A horror thriller with dinosaurs would be awesome.

  • Reddog5546
    Reddog5546 6 months ago

    Jurassic Park 3 is the best movie in the franchise you entitled, dumb movie critics

  • Justagamin goD
    Justagamin goD 6 months ago

    I know that all the Jurassic Park/world movies which will come now will be trash
    yet I go to watch them anyway lol.

    REE ANIMATION 6 months ago

    Hmm... I just watched your Jurassic world review, where you said it was great, and your where very entertained when watching it, and so where your friends... In the beginning of this review, you say you were not a fan of jurassic world, and that you were disappointed with it...

    • AP
      AP 6 months ago

      REE ANIMATION I noticed that

  • Kick butoxy
    Kick butoxy 6 months ago +1

    It's sucks
    Jurassic world was way more better

  • Dustin Kirkendall
    Dustin Kirkendall 6 months ago

    The only thing that was amazing about this movie is the surround sound mix. For real... even just streaming off Hulu. If you have a decent home theater do yourself a favor and watch this again and pay attention to the surround sound. It’s a delight.

  • Bing Bong Productions
    Bing Bong Productions 6 months ago

    I fell asleep during this movie, then I watched it again and honestly I noticed so many problems with it and honestly it was really dumb. I gave it a 4/10

  • The Man with no NAME
    The Man with no NAME 7 months ago

    Speaking of "A Monster Calls" how come you didn't review that film?

  • Jason Bowser
    Jason Bowser 7 months ago

    I'm so confused. I watched the Jurassic World review before this and you totally geeked out about it and this review makes it sound like you were disappointed in the 1st one. Did you like it or not? I suggest watching your older reviews before you do sequels.

  • CaymanGoProDiver
    CaymanGoProDiver 7 months ago

    Awful atrocious movie

  • Adrian Reyes
    Adrian Reyes 7 months ago

    LOL omg that ending was amazing!!!

  • NitroSpider 04
    NitroSpider 04 7 months ago

    I knew from the trailers that Jeff Goldblum would barley be in the movie.