Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Movie Review


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  • Gabriel Zero
    Gabriel Zero 3 hours ago

    *Insert Isla Sorna Comment here*....Because is a BIG problem on this movie that could avoided

  • Onyxiate
    Onyxiate 2 days ago

    If I’m being honest...this movie is the worst movie I’ve ever seen. One scene is good, acting is decent, that’s it. No character and growth, no consequences (1 good guy is killed, but they’re in it for about 5 minutes). You can tell it’s a really bad film when the end of the film is already obvious from the begging, because they’re obviously gonna let the dinosaurs live so there can be a sequel for more money. CG is obnoxiously terrible, and there is a completely unrealistic and dumb ‘twist’ that is ruined about half an hour before the reveal. A total mistake as a film. D-. It’s bad, but it’s not a good bad film, it’s just bad. Don’t watch it.

  • Jared Genesis
    Jared Genesis 3 days ago

    The reason why older people dont like the movie is because thats not the main people who see the movie. if it were i'm sure the directors would have done more to please them but sadly thats not how it works. i'm 32 and can still respect this.

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 3 days ago

    The Lost World is the only Jurassic movie that actually had a thrilling sequence to me (The Cliff)

  • fairuz wahab
    fairuz wahab 3 days ago

    this should have ended when they left the island

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 5 days ago

    I just watched it for bryce dallas howard...she got that huge ass and big thighs, pale skin, red head thing going on

  • I love toys
    I love toys 6 days ago

    this was a bad movie

  • R Rutledge
    R Rutledge 6 days ago

    Everything you say about this film is completely on point. It was a HUGE disappointment. I LOVE the original film and the sequel, but these new films a bust.

  • Emily Kruger
    Emily Kruger 7 days ago

    This movie ruined what I liked about Jurassic Park and destroyed that forever

  • Max Neugebauer
    Max Neugebauer 7 days ago

    I really disagree with you on this one Chris. I thought Jurassic World: fallen Kingdom was great.

  • Nahuel
    Nahuel 8 days ago

    I totally disagree with Chris. This movie has a VERY memorable scene, which is the one with the Indoraptor creeping into the young girl's bedroom. That scene literally had me on the edge of my seat. Amazing. I do agree there was nearly no character development and the script is very weak. However, it's really nice to look at. Great eye candy, spectacle and a nice score. 7/10 for me.

  • Lucas McManus
    Lucas McManus 9 days ago +1

    I honestly struggled to comprehend why this peice of shit film was made 😂

  • Virginlord2004
    Virginlord2004 15 days ago

    I agree with every criticism you made on the script,but i think the little girls character was really interesting (the only cool one in the movie) and the cinematography was one of the best i've seen in blockbusters from the last few years. From a directorial and visual aspect this was way more interesting than the first,too bad the script fucking sucked

  • Azeem Husain
    Azeem Husain 16 days ago

    I enjoyed the film a lot and I think that this film is basically going through what the Lost World went through when it first came out. It has a few issues but I loved it.

  • the Mad Titan Thanos
    the Mad Titan Thanos 20 days ago

    Better than 3

  • Gyovanny7080
    Gyovanny7080 21 day ago

    I remember watching this movie in the theater and there was a guy next to me who facepalmed a lot.

  • Seanpvs101 Incredibles fan boy

    This movie sucks and disappointing

  • Alyssa J
    Alyssa J 22 days ago

    I always go back and watch older reviews and after sitting down and watching this with the family. The moment that really annoying character came up, I forgot his name, the first thing out of my mom's mouth was..."oh he needs to die first"...and if y'all haven't seen this yet and think he was exaggerating that one character...he wasn't.

  • Miguel Pabello
    Miguel Pabello 22 days ago

    I enjoyed this film for what it is, partly because I understood what it was going for the first time I saw its first trailer. The moment I saw Jurassic World a few years back I know they're not going back to what the OG Jurassic Park movie was. This movie is meant to be a thrill ride rather than a meaningful film.

  • Matt English
    Matt English 22 days ago

    You should make a hilariousity about this movie. I never laughed so hard in my life my girlfriend actually was getting upset with me because I couldn't stop laughing

  • Neyland Adams
    Neyland Adams 23 days ago

    It's funny because this is my fave Jurassic movie and he hates it 😂

  • demonpride1975
    demonpride1975 23 days ago

    all this movie was, is to set up more movies to come, and if fallen kingdom is any proof of how this franchise is going, i am so done with it. as a movie goer. i am kinda sick of them just pushing a movie out to make money, and that's all this was. indominus rex was kinda cool. but the indo raptor. is just a plot device. a means to say yep we are making it world wide fuckers. now it's just a matter of the world surviving. great another thril movie, that is now going to turn into your generic survival movie franchise. nice killing it off all for the almight dollar.

  • Jon Reiff
    Jon Reiff 24 days ago

    Did you completely forget about Dennis Nedry when talking about the villains being cartoonish

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 24 days ago

    I’ll give it like a C it was a decent movie.

    ADITHYA MENON 24 days ago

    No freaking Jeff Goldblum

  • Ronnie Martillo
    Ronnie Martillo 24 days ago

    Movie was garbage...should’ve been called “Green Peace 3: Rise of the Liberals”

  • David Monreal
    David Monreal 24 days ago

    Stuckmann you're being to picky. If u liked TLJ there is no way in hell u have any right to pick this movie apart

  • David Monreal
    David Monreal 24 days ago

    Good movie much better sequel to a franchise than The Predator and TLJ

  • Serendipity
    Serendipity 25 days ago

    Kinda like it. Better than the 1st jurassic world. I admit story kinda messy or plot doesn't do much. The directorial is good even if the plot is not. Of course the best movie still jurassic park. But when that volcano erupted then u see that shot of the bracchiasoraus i cried so much. My heart still hurts just remembering it. The movie should've have revolve around the island saving dinosaur i guess. Like they tried their best saving as much dino as they can but since they dont have enough funding or resource they could not save all of them. Then at the ending of the movie u have that shot when the island with the brachi dino. It will be more heartbreaking. Then the 3rd movie will be when dino is back in mainland then someone set loose the dinos then jurassic world will finally happened. Dino claiming earth.

    MYDOGEATSPOO 26 days ago

    I had to show this to many people. That end joke needs to be a gif/meme

  • Dark Lord
    Dark Lord 26 days ago

    u look like chris pratt

  • Emanuel H Polanco
    Emanuel H Polanco 26 days ago

    Chris your awesome !!!!

  • randel jambre
    randel jambre 26 days ago

    Why dont u make your own movie chris we would like to see how masterpiece it was

  • Stewie
    Stewie 27 days ago

    Totally agree. Fallen Kingdom was very very disappointing, the whole second part was really idiotic. (No one notices huge dino's have been off loaded in Oakland or Long Beach and put on highways?) Also agree The Lost World (JP2) was excellent.

  • Dean Whitaker
    Dean Whitaker 28 days ago

    C- is generous
    It's necessary to achieve an adequate suspension of disbelief in order to forget that these films are mostly actors in a green screen studio with the director behind the camera shouting things they're supposed to look scared about. Here, the acting, the script, and the direction failed to do that. And the plot holes are beyond nit-picking levels of stupid.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 29 days ago

    Man, you ripped this film a new one. Thank you for calling it like you see it. The things I really enjoyed about Jurassic World don’t seem to be present in this installment, let alone the originals.

  • AJ Cee
    AJ Cee 29 days ago

    I enjoyed Skyscraper more than this dumpster fire, but he gave this a higher score. At least Skyscraper didn't try to pretend to be more intelligent than it actually was.

  • hazeltyler89
    hazeltyler89 29 days ago

    I found myself wanting more of the relationship between Blue and Owen....and Dr. Chaos of course!!

  • Jay McD
    Jay McD Month ago

    Why are we getting lumped with more and more mediocrity

  • Campbell Landon
    Campbell Landon Month ago

    oh crap. I saw the final trailer BEFORE the movie.

  • Giorgos KOUSOULOS Kousoulos

    Everything in Jurassic world fallen kingdom, is way way way,PREDICTABLE, the story is EXACTLY the same as the Jurassic world, just the bad guys are different and the location, but it's exactly the same. If you saw Jurassic world, then you will know exactly what the next scene is going to be like.

  • San Arturo
    San Arturo Month ago

    I think Disney took over Universal

  • Reuben Brown
    Reuben Brown Month ago

    chris you're like a film father to me. i wanna watch a film that me and you have both not seen together so bad!

  • Francis Bottoni
    Francis Bottoni Month ago

    Ur last segment with Jeff Goldblum from 1st movie proves that Jurassic Park Franchise has become a pathetic parody of itself...oh the embarrassing irony of it all, lol...but they don’t care...too busy laughing all the way to the 🏦💰🏦

  • Francis Bottoni
    Francis Bottoni Month ago

    Definitely below mediocre...a D-minus for sure✍🏼

  • Francis Bottoni
    Francis Bottoni Month ago

    Ron Howard’s daughter Dallas Bryce Howard is such a tacky annoying actress who probably be in porn if Daddy didn’t pave the way for her...don’t forget kiddies: NEPOTISM is King in the land of Holy-Woods, lol... 🤫

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto Month ago

    They should have called the movie "Jurassic Mansion".

  • Paulo Roberto
    Paulo Roberto Month ago

    No, dude, i take Fallen Kingdom over Jurassic Park 3 any day of the week.

  • SparrowThunder
    SparrowThunder Month ago

    I absolutely loved Fallen Kingdom, but if u guys hate it, that's perfectly fine. We all have our own opinions.

  • B Veezy
    B Veezy Month ago

    I love the last clip haha.

  • Thor Ryzal
    Thor Ryzal Month ago

    The scene where the island was being destroyed, and the Bronto was turned into Bronto burgers while they all looked on as the escaped. That was a nice scene.

  • Gyver IgPal
    Gyver IgPal Month ago

    The look of the film was beautiful. And the volcano erupting scene was cool. But the story was total meh. How could they just make a sequel with that. 🙄 . And I adore the director's work. Shaaaaame

  • kztar621
    kztar621 Month ago

    "The Orphanage is a good film"
    Yeah, that's the level of your credibility, go sill for Star Wars more.

  • Jesse 1437
    Jesse 1437 Month ago

    Why would anyone under the age of 20 think this movie would be anything but shite?!! The first one was ridiculous so.... Hollywood takes a dump and thinks it will be good. And moviegoers will not wake up to the bullshit.

  • BlackBullPistol
    BlackBullPistol Month ago

    Best to Worse:
    1. Jurassic Park: The Lost World (CG/CGI=Excellent, Story=Excellent)
    2. Jurassic Park (CG/CGI=Excellent, Story=Excellent)
    3. Jurassic Park III (CGI=Excellent, Story=Good)
    4. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (CGI= Excellent, Story=Lame)
    5. Jurassic World (CGI= Excellent, Story=Lame)
    Why is Fallen Kingdom better than World 2015? It's Lame as the first World but it has more action... and some emotion parts are much better...

  • David Dacus
    David Dacus Month ago

    They could’ve done better. Not with the effects with the script. The whole storyline could’ve been a little better.

  • Valère Hirwa
    Valère Hirwa Month ago

    The twist villains in the movie were so predictable I hoped it was an intentional misdirect.
    Haven't we had enough Jafar-like villains?

  • Shell 28
    Shell 28 Month ago

    Finally watched this! & WOW this movie was sooo bloody awful... sooooo disapointing

  • Autodidact Grow
    Autodidact Grow Month ago

    This movie suck ass

  • Matheus Duarte
    Matheus Duarte Month ago

    Chris, you make me wanna watch more movies. That makes me end up watching stuff that makes me surprised. Tks bud

  • John Bartosiak
    John Bartosiak Month ago

    I get that this movie is almost bloodless when the villains get eaten by dinosaurs because kids see this film will be frightened, its just the way it is. I think you've got a point there buddy! ;)

  • Mr.ShmackerMan
    Mr.ShmackerMan Month ago

    I love it I don't care u think

  • kross22005
    kross22005 Month ago

    I felt like Jurassic World assumed it's audience were idiots. Dumb characters, plot line, entirely ridiculous and unbelievable. Sounds like they did it again.

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    great movie

  • So what you're Saying is

    Jurassic park: lets make a great movie with dinosaurs!!
    The meg: hold my beer

  • craftboy TDE
    craftboy TDE Month ago

    I agree with u chris. The reason they came back felt dumb, characters werent interesting and etc. Btw this is my opinion so u cant hate me

  • user_name_is_unavailable

    The old guy's plan was to bring the dinosaurs to Isla Sorna. But then the young business dude had his own evil plan and brought them to the mainland so he could sell them.
    As stupid as it is there is a reason in the movie for why they brought the dinosaurs to the mainland.

  • Calvo youtube
    Calvo youtube Month ago

    i only watched the 1st trailer. I did NOT plan on watching the movie at all. Once seeing it ( 2 months after the release) I actually enjoyed it! It had everything the previous movies had: suspense, good sfx, likeable characters. It was a pleasant surprise especially the 2nd half.

  • unique mahin
    unique mahin Month ago +1

    jurrasic park was the best.

  • DeadLetter
    DeadLetter Month ago

    The most blood in this movie is in a plastic bag

  • ReeLoy Kenjins
    ReeLoy Kenjins Month ago

    This review itself was fair and reasonable, but I think he kind of deserves to walk out upset and disappointed sometimes because he can be so obnoxious and arrogant these days as shown by some of his other videos. For example he and FlickPick, who is just as obnoxious as he is and even more rude, keep acting like they're superior than others in the videos where they make a rant. He and FlickPick were pretty much judging people who liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine in that video and John just keeps coming back and back again in Chris's rant videos which is just annoying. John is pretty much the Randy Pearson of Stuckmann's channel. Chris also overacted and screamed louder than a person being raped and stabbed to death without warning like a fucking asshole in his Emoji Movie review which was just ridiculous and pathetic. He refused to give Left Behind a spoiler review and only gave unoriginal reasons on why he hated it. I will never take someone's advice too seriously if they never describe a scene where something stupid happens and it shows how bad the movie is because the problems he addresses are just too vague otherwise. I think he can be an asshole (not because of this review) and this is a fitting slap in the face he gets for acting like that. I think too many people love him too much to ever give him really any backlash, let alone enough backlash in the comments. If there's any fucking loser out there who's ready to only give me negative responses from my impression towards his current behavior, then all I can say is BRING IT ON, FUCKFACE!

  • Limegreenyummyyummy

    I thought this movie was much better than the previous one. I did watch with very low expectations.

  • Hunter Bungay
    Hunter Bungay Month ago

    You kind of nailed my entire motivation for seeing these movies; people running in fear from carnivorous dinosaurs. If the director managed to nail that plot point then I'm ok with an almost entirely contrived plot line with forgettable or unlikeable (even better) characters.

  • Jeremy S
    Jeremy S Month ago

    what a cheesy crock of shit

  • J V
    J V 2 months ago

    I actually think this the best JP after the first one.
    The ending though, I didn't like it. B+

    • Emily Kruger
      Emily Kruger Month ago

      J V I think this is the worst Jurassic Park movie and it makes Jurassic Park 3 look like a masterpiece

  • The Spine Lizard ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ

    A L A N

  • Portuguese MGTOW
    Portuguese MGTOW 2 months ago +2

    The trailers spoiled the movie

  • The Movie Fan
    The Movie Fan 2 months ago

    Please may you review ET the extra terrestrial because it's one of my favourite movies

  • Andrej 7775
    Andrej 7775 2 months ago

    This is the video that made me unsubscribe review is auful

  • JoaoPedroDurand
    JoaoPedroDurand 2 months ago

    I liked the last scene in the island, where The Last dinoussaur looks At The boat crying

  • Ruslan Corti
    Ruslan Corti 2 months ago

    Alright Chris Pratt twin make a better movie then!

  • SSchithFoo
    SSchithFoo 2 months ago

    Well the originals are based on the books, it is hard to top them.

  • Confucius Say
    Confucius Say 2 months ago

    This movie makes me question whether dinosaurs were really real or ever existed.

  • samson narokobi
    samson narokobi 2 months ago

    Nice ending there haha.. i felt exactly the same. Thank you

  • Jacob Cherian
    Jacob Cherian 2 months ago

    Are you kidding Jurassic World (2015) is a brilliant, amazing, fun, very entertaining film. That is better than the first Jurassic Park (1993), but I agree Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom is less spectacular, less ambitious, less fun and not as well thought out with a great story like Jurassic world.

  • Angus Ng
    Angus Ng 2 months ago

    I am waiting for a new Terminator but it's starting to look like Genisys.

  • Samuel S A Walker
    Samuel S A Walker 2 months ago

    This film was so terrible it actively made me angry. Which only got worse when I discovered that the Dilophosaurus were supposed to come back, but the director cut them (you can hear one chirp at the beginning, before the T-rex appears. Clearly the rain and the yellow rain jacket were a reference to the Nedry scene. It would have been so much better if that guy had gotten killed by the Dilo, instead of the T-rex/mosasaur).

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 2 months ago

      I loved movie i dont care what people like you or critics say

  • Erik Gym
    Erik Gym 2 months ago

    Jurassic park 3 was better then Jurassic world 2

  • Kaylin Taylor
    Kaylin Taylor 2 months ago

    I dont think these movies were ever meant to be great, like allthe rest of the these remakes, reboots sequels what have you they are just riding the coat tails of their predecessors and thats the only reason they were able to get a decent cast. Its easier for them to milk our nostalgia and make easy money than to come up with an original idea. They know people will see it and if they put enough special effects and wow factor moments you'll be distracted by the fact that you just watched another conveyer belt, cookie cutter generic movie......but I'm still here for it honestly, at the end of the day its just meant to entertain you.

  • Derek Mayer
    Derek Mayer 2 months ago

    Oh you won't buy dinosaurs as military weapons.....

  • Dave 4959
    Dave 4959 2 months ago

    This movie sucked big time. I literally was saying out loud how bad this movie was while watching it.

  • V1 Gamer
    V1 Gamer 2 months ago +1

    I find it funny that the people that hated the movie are *mostly* critics or normal viewers while the people that really liked the movie are *mostly* actual Jurassic Park fans...

    • Andrej 7775
      Andrej 7775 2 months ago

      You need to be jp fan too se real greatnes in this great movie

  • Turboman_64
    Turboman_64 2 months ago

    I would say Malcoms daughter was equaly annoying in the lost world to be honest.... i couldnt stand hearing her almost all the time screaming and being a stupid comical character, who only can perform some out of place stunts to do something.... but your right that guy in fallen kingdom didnt even do something, other than being annoying.

  • Jay Wetton
    Jay Wetton 2 months ago

    Not a fan then Chris.

  • Apm
    Apm 2 months ago

    When everyone in the comments are saying that they loved it and they don't get why everyone hates it... I thought this movie was whack. It looks cool, like the effects and visuals but everything else was whack

  • Z1yaad
    Z1yaad 2 months ago

    It was basically an SJW Lost World

  • Joe Manco
    Joe Manco 2 months ago

    So when old dentist boy got his arm ripped off and eaten, that's holding back?

  • Daniel Landgren
    Daniel Landgren 2 months ago

    I saw this today and it was so good that was amazing movie

    FREE VBUCK GIVEAWAY 2 months ago

    8:14 the only scene I can think of like that is when the volcano is exploding and they roll of the cliff. As stupid as the logic in the scene is, it's pretty suspenseful. But I agree with the rest of your view review 100%(except that it's worse than 3)

  • Emmytt Wolfe
    Emmytt Wolfe 2 months ago

    HAHAHA.... okay...