Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth,Chris Pratt (FUNNY MOMENTS)


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  • Jasmine Roy
    Jasmine Roy  18 days ago +2

    Captain America: Civil War Cast (FUNNY MOMENTS)

  • Chandana Das
    Chandana Das Day ago +5

    All Chris are my favorite.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster Day ago +2

    Chris Evans ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ariel Bunter
    Ariel Bunter 2 days ago +1

    he tastes so Doritoie

  • Ravennn C
    Ravennn C 3 days ago +3

    Chris Evan’s personality is my personality. I’m always laughing and scaring people etc. I just LOVE him

  • Shreya Misal
    Shreya Misal 5 days ago +4

    Chris Hemsworth Chris Pratt😍😍😍😘

  • Snazzy Starwars_Pineapple

    So many Chris people!

  • Tacocat Gamer
    Tacocat Gamer 5 days ago +3

    Evans was TOTALLY spooning Pratt 😱😱

  • Yogini Gamit
    Yogini Gamit 6 days ago +4

    I want to see three of them together..but in infinity war they dont have any seen together😭😭😔😔not even in any press conference😑😑

  • 虚勢ヨガ
    虚勢ヨガ 7 days ago +3

    Chris Evan never stop laugh . whatever the joke they make!!! 😅

  • Dancing soccer player Smith

    3:39 anyone notuce how fucking easy opening a bag of chips was to Chris Hemsworth!! I have to ask my mom or something😂😂

  • It's Ela
    It's Ela 8 days ago +2

    "not" marvel chris showed up (chris pine)

  • Erin Shetler
    Erin Shetler 10 days ago +5

    Cap (Chris Evans) is a patriots fan!

  • Jax Kelso
    Jax Kelso 10 days ago +7


  • Telle Ruenata
    Telle Ruenata 15 days ago +15

    When Chris Pine came in I was like, "Oh wow another Chris." 😂😂

  • S G
    S G 16 days ago +6

    I love Chris Evans, He is always best 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kaffee taffee
    Kaffee taffee 16 days ago +6


  • Johnnita Willis
    Johnnita Willis 16 days ago +3

    "have you ever tasted yourself?"haha captain america flavor chips lol

  • FruityTea
    FruityTea 17 days ago +4


  • Mocha Cream
    Mocha Cream 18 days ago +4

    I love all the 3 of them

  • Ragtiymata instuyar
    Ragtiymata instuyar 20 days ago +22

    Hemsworth %38
    Evans %32
    Pratt %30

  • King Le
    King Le 21 day ago +19

    I love the Chris Evans laugh

  • Keishanna Michele
    Keishanna Michele 21 day ago +12

    I saw what you did there... 😏 Threw a little Pine in there @ 3:15 😍

  • Tristen Prescott
    Tristen Prescott 22 days ago +16

    5:25 - 5:39 SEND HELP I'M DYING

  • Denny Cahyalie
    Denny Cahyalie 23 days ago +5

    Chris trio

  • Abigail foster
    Abigail foster 24 days ago +10

    the three chrisateers

  • rafiya ansari
    rafiya ansari 24 days ago +17

    omg that laugh 😍😍😍(evans)
    that personality 😍😍😍 (Hems)
    that cuteness 😍😍😍 (pratt)

  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu 26 days ago +12

    and Chris Pine at 3:15 lol

  • Dino Fruit Official
    Dino Fruit Official 26 days ago +15

    *Breaks Breast Pump* Is CHris around?

  • Modernberrycream W
    Modernberrycream W 27 days ago +11

    Chris Hemsworth: Hi
    Chris Evans: Hi
    Chris Pratt: Hi
    Me: Who's The Real cHrIs?

    • FruityTea
      FruityTea 17 days ago

      Modernberrycream W THerEs TOO ManY oF ThEM

  • King_ Greed97
    King_ Greed97 28 days ago +4

    Chris evens is a fellow patriots fan!

  • Cool Pragyadipti
    Cool Pragyadipti 29 days ago +4

    Three chris

  • M'Lissa Anderson
    M'Lissa Anderson 29 days ago +4

    Downey/Evans 2020

  • LivyC
    LivyC 29 days ago +7

    Chris HEMSWORTH: I wasn’t in the Hunger Game
    Me: yup. But your brother was!

  • Oh_my_Lynda
    Oh_my_Lynda Month ago +8

    My favourite Chris'es in one video

  • Andrei Luar
    Andrei Luar Month ago +4

    Chris triplets

    STAR WARS STOOF Month ago +6

    I want it Chris pine as the MCU mr fantastic so we can have the Chris quad

  • H Reuter
    H Reuter Month ago +8

    4:20 best time of the day and best part of this clip.

  • BuckyIsMyChild
    BuckyIsMyChild Month ago +6

    My three favorite chrises

  • Bruh
    Bruh Month ago +13

    Chris Evans' laugh is so pure

  • Hillarys728
    Hillarys728 Month ago +4

    Ah hi Chris Pine! 3:15

  • Telltale_ Daji
    Telltale_ Daji Month ago +9

    Chris Pratt is the best 😁

  • Rodney Moore
    Rodney Moore Month ago +11

    evans and hemsworth

  • aruna anggayasti
    aruna anggayasti Month ago +16

    I cant choose between these Chrises. Impossible.

  • KB Tammy
    KB Tammy Month ago +12

    The Three Handsome Chris

  • Zingi Maurice
    Zingi Maurice Month ago +20

    Me: I'm in love with the Chris's.
    Which one?? Hemsworth or Evans
    Me: yes.

  • Majesty Prime
    Majesty Prime Month ago +4

    The dorito part i made so dirty in my head

    • James Grey
      James Grey 25 days ago

      Majesty Prime "you are delicious, by the way..." Yep

  • St. Devil
    St. Devil Month ago +4

    In the next Avenger series, they'll have to make room for Chris Pine now

  • Mohammed Haider Khalid

    Chris Evan and Chris Hemsworth looks like brothers

  • Bruno Inuel
    Bruno Inuel Month ago +9

    Chris evans
    Chris hemsworth
    Chris prat
    3:14 extra chris

  • pooja Saxena
    pooja Saxena Month ago +7

    Chris evans you are always best

  • arpita saha
    arpita saha Month ago +9

    Oooo my captain..... You are best for all time.

  • Tazkia Permata
    Tazkia Permata Month ago +5

    Wait, so there's Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and also Chris Pine? Who is a DC (Chris Pine)?

  • Fenna Cohrs
    Fenna Cohrs Month ago +21

    I love Chris Evans laugh!

  • PaulSteve87
    PaulSteve87 Month ago +21

    I love Chris Evans !!!!!!!!!

  • MaiQui Layaoen
    MaiQui Layaoen Month ago +47

    Chris Hemsworth is so dreamy.

  • Sabrina Jones
    Sabrina Jones Month ago +13

    That's exactly what I thought you'd taste like

  • karen wilbur
    karen wilbur Month ago +20

    Hahaha!!! Chris Hemsworth cleaning breast pumps!!! That has to be one of the greatest surprise past jobs of Hero's like Thor I have ever heard!!! Nothing has topped this for me yet!! Ahahahahaha!!!

  • gung dhaime
    gung dhaime Month ago +6

    I love all of them.

  • Sierra LVX
    Sierra LVX Month ago +12

    3:14 Bonus Chris!

  • Duh Paris
    Duh Paris Month ago +14

    This needs less Evans and more Pratt

  • Marta Montville
    Marta Montville Month ago +14

    The three emigos or The three Chris

  • Yvan
    Yvan Month ago +21

    I love them all. And Pine! Glad he was in this vid!

  • Omprakash
    Omprakash Month ago +1

    Download all Avengers movies (2008-2018)
    1) IRON MAN

    3) IRON MAN 2
    4) THOR 1
    6) AVENGERS 1
    7) IRON MAN 3
    12) ANT MAN
    14) DR STRANGE

  • Paris Adair
    Paris Adair Month ago +29

    Chris hemsworth and Evans literally compliment eachother I love it

  • Paris Adair
    Paris Adair Month ago +29

    1. Chris Hemsworth
    2. Chris Evans
    3. Chris Pratt

  • Leilani Chanel mæ
    Leilani Chanel mæ Month ago +6

    Chris pines low key looks like Chris Hemsworth I can’t live anymore they to much for me ...then there is Chris Evans and I think I just got my heart ripped out by Damon Salvatore 😭😭these men are to much for my soul

  • A Muffler
    A Muffler Month ago +14

    Captain America Starlord and Thor. / God of thunder Captain Starlord.

  • Veronica Roque
    Veronica Roque Month ago +30

    "She's a slut"... thank God for Jeremy Renner

  • Tina Lei
    Tina Lei Month ago +23

    Chris H.= Chrish
    Chris E.= Chrise (as in Chrisey)
    Chris P.= Chrispy

  • Moe Money
    Moe Money Month ago +4

    Bottom line these people don’t relate to most they are all over payed and live the good life. There talent would be useless if this country ever was invaded or the economy crashed. Believe me if it came to survival of the fittest there lost. Probably would be begging for help.

    • Moe Money
      Moe Money 23 days ago

      I just don’t worship entertainers they do to much of that themselves. I look up to police, teachers,doctors and people that hit the grindstone every day for meager pay compared to actors. People that actually contribute to the Gross National Product. Every one of you commenting would probably love watching these actors walking on the red carpet so you could praise them. If that’s what liberals want by all means knock yourself out!

    • missing 11eleven
      missing 11eleven Month ago

      Moe Money
      Fix your grammar, then we'll talk

    • inah carl
      inah carl Month ago

      And your point is?

    • Judea Pareja
      Judea Pareja Month ago +2

      Bitter? Lol

    • WeLikeSportz
      WeLikeSportz Month ago +3

      Survival of the fittest? Hemsworth would eat you for breakfast

  • Princess Leia
    Princess Leia Month ago +20

    I saw Chris Pratt laughing and had to press it❤️

  • Emily Sinnott
    Emily Sinnott Month ago +18

    Who is your favourite Chris. Mines pratt

  • Stephen O'Mara
    Stephen O'Mara Month ago +13

    Of course captain America is a patriots fan XD!!

  • kim taeyeon
    kim taeyeon Month ago +10

    I love them three but no one can beat the irresistible RDJ !

  • Rachel E.
    Rachel E. Month ago +1

    That one interviewer's wheeze laughing made me laugh so hard lol

  • jojo
    jojo Month ago +34

    chris evans out here shamelessly flirting with chris hemsworth

  • Music 4eva
    Music 4eva Month ago +14

    One cannot have ALL 3 cute Chris's on one screen! The s reenact can't handle all of the handsomeness!!

  • Leonora reumert regnarsson

    Jeremy renner is a beam of light

  • Jeon Jeongguk Is A Lejindary Center

    when chris pine came with that stupid dazzling smile JEEZ my heart stopped beating for a second. was NOT expecting that.

  • Abi Kerr
    Abi Kerr Month ago +11

    4:20 I wasn't expecting that XD

  • Hoosder Animations
    Hoosder Animations Month ago +17

    Imagine someone calling their names like:
    "Hey Chris!"
    Every Chris: "Yeah?!"
    "I meant the other Chris- no not you i meant him!!"
    Chris Evans: "???"
    "No not youuu! N-NO i meant the gorgeous one over there!"

  • Hoosder Animations
    Hoosder Animations Month ago +7

    Chrisss Pramswovans?
    Idek tbh...

    • Karla Mejia
      Karla Mejia Month ago +2

      Hoosder Animations Evattsworth

  • channel world
    channel world Month ago


  • S G
    S G Month ago

    Lol 😂😂😂

  • Eva Theres
    Eva Theres Month ago +2

    Chris hemswortg

  • A L
    A L Month ago +8

    There should be FOUR Chris for the every expanding running gag!!!!

  • Noorul Islam
    Noorul Islam Month ago +5

    threesome awesome 😘

  • DawiD Wot
    DawiD Wot 2 months ago +3

    Name is music ?

  • Dulce Angeli
    Dulce Angeli 2 months ago +11

    I love Avengers...but...the best is... RDJ... magic

  • Mack Is Back
    Mack Is Back 2 months ago +8


  • Jules Gaerlan
    Jules Gaerlan 2 months ago +13

    3 chrisses can play the #3 STOOGES!

  • aurora felicity
    aurora felicity 2 months ago +3

    1:26 "cleaning breastbums" what did he clean? english isn't my first language pls I wanna know what he was cleaning

    • Uniqueen
      Uniqueen 2 months ago +2

      aurora felicity your welcome

    • aurora felicity
      aurora felicity 2 months ago +1

      Uniqueen aw you're a sweetie thank you so much!!

    • Uniqueen
      Uniqueen 2 months ago

      This is what I got from google translate cleaning breastpumps in German is brestpumpen reinigen

    • Uniqueen
      Uniqueen 2 months ago

      aurora felicity so that I could translate for you

    • aurora felicity
      aurora felicity 2 months ago

      Uniqueen german, why? :)

  • Krishna Verma
    Krishna Verma 2 months ago +13

    3:15 my favorite blue eye guy Chris Pine

  • Scarlet,Silver, And DanTDM
    Scarlet,Silver, And DanTDM 2 months ago +12

    Tooooo many Chris's in the MCU

  • meep morp
    meep morp 2 months ago +6

    the dorito ate a dorito

  • Lady Aphelion
    Lady Aphelion 2 months ago +14

    Funny enough. Hemsworth is Pines daddy in that set of films so....

  • Francis Turner
    Francis Turner 2 months ago +6

    I take THOR

  • Amine Live
    Amine Live 2 months ago +4

    Name is music?

  • Hailey Deokie
    Hailey Deokie 2 months ago +12

    4:20 I PISSED