27 Scary Stories | True Scary Horror Stories | Reddit Let's Not Meet And Others

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
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    This video features 27 true disturbing horror stories sure to scare you. The scary stories that feature on this channel mostly come from Reddit.
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Comments • 414

  • Bioshock Bitch
    Bioshock Bitch 5 days ago


  • DeFNoOtSHadOw
    DeFNoOtSHadOw 17 days ago

    I now listen to this when I sleep- I got it from my dad...

  • Misty Torres
    Misty Torres Month ago

    Csg is a demon. Kinda obvious

  • Anton Meins
    Anton Meins Month ago

    dont tell mort but im really starting to like your narration better than anyone else's

  • Rees Waugh
    Rees Waugh Month ago

    I literally had the same experience with the Hat Man! All through middle school and high school I was super into the paranormal and I started seeing "the man in the trench coat". Crazy someone had the same experience!

  • 狼HowlingNightcore狼

    What I found odd in the scg story was that after being scared and taunted on daily basis almost, this guy was free of the ghost only to invite it back to following him and now asking ways to get rid of it. What in the name of frickfarck snicksnack? You invited it back? It's not gonna leave as easily as before

  • Jackson Maxwell
    Jackson Maxwell Month ago

    I love tanky duded

  • Catherine & Winter
    Catherine & Winter Month ago

    That Park Ranger can shit lego bricks

  • Nicky Keightley
    Nicky Keightley Month ago

    Thank you👍

  • Jeffrey Ellsworth
    Jeffrey Ellsworth 2 months ago

    Starts in after 2 minutes of total bullcrap hopefully the stories are worth it ( no disrespect intended)

  • Jesenia Parrales
    Jesenia Parrales 2 months ago

    What does CSG even stand for?? Still creepy stories though.

  • Annabella Ramirez
    Annabella Ramirez 2 months ago

    Did he say " grandpa gave me some weed candy"? Or just I hear that by mistake? If so . You have one of the best grandpas ever lol I miss my grandpas rip.

  • Theodore Miller
    Theodore Miller 2 months ago

    more things to beware of:
    if there are pennies in front of your house, don't take em. if you do it's the spirit giving an offering.
    if you have a ghost, do not act afraid. yell at them. detach them YOURSELF, you have more control over this entity. "GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU DONT BELONG HERE, YOU ARENT WELCOME, etc"
    also please guys . don't live near a cemetery. I used to and it was hell. I saw ghosts of soldiers, old ladies, and cats (etc)

  • Spencer Playz
    Spencer Playz 2 months ago

    Roses are red,
    Obama is well spoken,
    Sorry sir, the ice cream machine is broken

  • Faith Frazier
    Faith Frazier 2 months ago

    You're a much better choice then mortis media There's usually about 30 adds in one of his 2 hour videos

  • Paul Carrbengi
    Paul Carrbengi 2 months ago

    Hey dood go f... an alligator not are money ..

  • Texas baby ktea
    Texas baby ktea 2 months ago

    The school one was the scariest one bc that kind of stuff really happens! Ugh I hate creeps who prey on such innocent unknowing children!

  • Jason Sanchez
    Jason Sanchez 2 months ago

    Let's not hear this shitt again... gay fake shit storys

  • Michael Kenney
    Michael Kenney 2 months ago

    If I wrote about a few night terrors and what not would you read it on Here?

  • Msuarez
    Msuarez 2 months ago

    this is the only scary story channel I can listen to, all the other channel's narrators have such awful voices

  • just a trans crab
    just a trans crab 2 months ago

    Only 6k from 666k subs we can do it boys

  • Gian Van Tuijckom
    Gian Van Tuijckom 3 months ago

    Reddit really sucks tho

  • Paul Carrbengi
    Paul Carrbengi 3 months ago

    Your stuff is really good

    AZRIEL AZRIEL 3 months ago

    I began to tell Ellis about the slapping noise during the night.
    he said that those were his butt cheeks, clapping together because of the cold.

  • Pat Fam
    Pat Fam 3 months ago +1

    Ad ends at 2:00 you’re welcome

  • Peen gang
    Peen gang 3 months ago


  • Lyle S
    Lyle S 3 months ago

    the aggressive stalker guy chasing the little 4'10 woman sounds like SCP 106, with his psoture and black, and that she said he was atleast well over 6 feet

  • pixv_01 __3
    pixv_01 __3 3 months ago +3

    that CFG ghost is probably in love with the guy..dude give him a chance

  • GoldCoastGypsy
    GoldCoastGypsy 3 months ago +1

    Soooo about that hatman/shadowman.... I work pretty early in the morning in a dollar tree and once when i was stocking some stuff i looked down the aisle and at the end of it i saw a man walk past with an old hat, and long coat. I immediately tear after the guy because i thought a customer had wandered in. However, there wasnt anyone around. I asked my coworkers about it and they started freaking out and told me that I was just seeing things.
    Sometimes if I'm really tired or it's early enough in the morning I'll get a glimpse of a shadow person. They're not exactly the most unsettling thing out there, but still spooky enough

    • GoldCoastGypsy
      GoldCoastGypsy 3 months ago

      Yeah! I was listening to more spooky stories this morning and I remember one knocking on our back door. I went to go get my dad and he was gone. No one heard him knocking, even though my mom was like 4 feet away from the door.

    • starshinesoldier
      starshinesoldier 3 months ago

      GoldCoastGypsy when i was 11 or so, I swear I saw a man in the hall way of our house. Tall, a coat and a hat. He was in shadow, and I could only see his side profile. It’s weird that a lot of people see similar things.

  • iInfinARMY Hearteu
    iInfinARMY Hearteu 3 months ago

    1:16:30 was she eating fruit by the
    f o o t???
    or fruit by the foot of the b e d?

  • george kern
    george kern 3 months ago +1

    Like i was driving, and im kinda pissed that i had to fuck with my phone whiLE driving just to fast forward past a fuckin in video ad....when theres already like 6 out video fuckin ads. TVclip DEFINITLY causes car accidents without a doubt....ppl skipping worthless ads that literaly no human being gives any shit about without a DOUBT has caused car accidents. Imagine just watching/listening to a fuckin video, without GREED. Those days are clearly dead.

  • Axsh 1
    Axsh 1 3 months ago

    I should have checked how long this is...

  • Coffin Food
    Coffin Food 3 months ago

    My life sucks but these stories help.

  • zaira 067
    zaira 067 3 months ago

    Me: OMG I'm so scared
    Phone: * eggo commercial comes on
    Me: ooh I want some

  • Dragonsinheadphones
    Dragonsinheadphones 3 months ago +2

    F I saw the trench coat/ hat guy a few years ago. Sitting on my bed on my phone and the shadow just walked through my closed door, across the room in front of me and through the opposite wall. Didn’t hear anything and he seemed to pay no attention to me. Other stuff has happened in my house but that was the only time I’ve seen him and it was clear as day in the middle of the afternoon. Full on turned my head to follow his path across the room.

  • milinda alaniz
    milinda alaniz 4 months ago +3

    That moment when you hear your story being told in the video 😂💕

    • JuliaaRSc
      JuliaaRSc 3 months ago +1

      milinda alaniz which one was it?

  • HUNT Kalib
    HUNT Kalib 4 months ago


  • Ur Mum 123
    Ur Mum 123 4 months ago +1


  • Darcie Coyle
    Darcie Coyle 4 months ago

    i live in echo lake

  • Alec Kenney
    Alec Kenney 4 months ago +1

    is it just me or did the person writing that last story say in the beginning that it happened 30 minutes ago and then ended it with she's been tense for the last few days?

  • Issac Carter
    Issac Carter 4 months ago

    Boring stories

  • joejitsu034
    joejitsu034 4 months ago +1

    You sound like you’re about 17 years old & trying to sound older.

  • Icey
    Icey 4 months ago +2

    IDK why i am watching/hearing this while i play minecraft.

  • Matthew Reardon
    Matthew Reardon 4 months ago

    Be is the be.st

  • Mario Silva
    Mario Silva 4 months ago

    I didn't subscribe to hear you talk about games stop being a sell out and put what we all came for which is the stories.

    KINGSASHA23 4 months ago +2

    I wish he was on Spotify.

  • Breezie Eaves
    Breezie Eaves 4 months ago +8

    The thumbnail is me when I step on a lego barefoot

  • Kenzie June
    Kenzie June 4 months ago +1

    Listen to the words it , it was , ghost , and etc

  • Kenzie June
    Kenzie June 4 months ago

    At the end every word it sounds like you’re saying sh, tish, or tisssshhh and I used to love your voice til I can’t stop hearing the lack of you finishing the words and not dragging them on. Personally I can’t like I tried to ignore it but I can’t.

  • rEeEEe sCReEEee
    rEeEEe sCReEEee 4 months ago +1

    I love you and your stories so much! I love listening to them at night when I'm in the mood to draw some gore! I also listen in when I'm playing games, or just anything really! It helps with Inspiration for new art and I'm very thankful for it, so thank you!

  • Anna K
    Anna K 4 months ago +1

    ngl i miss the shorter videos. falling asleep to these is like falling asleep to an audiobook, the whole book is done when you wake up and you have to figure out where the heck you were

  • MintyLix
    MintyLix 4 months ago +1

    2:11:14 Its probably a doppelganger, (from what I heard from ghost shows) they usually symbolize death, sickness, or occasionally good things (but unlikely). They never speak, so this is how you know they're your doppelganger. Usually, if someone sees their own, they die within the next few weeks or months. Its reported Abraham Lincoln saw his doppelganger a couple days/weeks before he was murdered.

  • Maddy Hamilton
    Maddy Hamilton 4 months ago

    When my sister was little she would see a dark figure man with a hat and a trenchcoat! Nobody believed her until I turned 4 and started talking about MY imaginary friend who I named Shadow. My sister is six years older than me and had never told me about the man (Obviously thinking it would scare the crap out of me), so it's weird that we would see the same shadow-figure years apart. She didn't see him as often as I did, her experience was similar to the story in the video. Shadow would appear when I cried and his presence would distract me from whatever made me upset. I was the biggest crybaby so I would see him pretty often. He also appeared whenever I had nightmares and once I saw him I'd wake up. My sister was terrified of it, but I never had a bad experience with the shadow man.

  • Nick Holder
    Nick Holder 4 months ago +1

    JESUS 2 hours i didnt even notice ;(

  • M. Lang
    M. Lang 4 months ago

    I just wanted to let you know how much I love your stuff. :D
    I'm a freelance illustrator, working a lot at home on the computer and it gets horribly boring from time to time. But time flies while working when I listen to your videos. Thanks for that!

  • Kali J
    Kali J 4 months ago

    My assumption the guy even though being a total jerk had a change of heart because of the child. My guess a father himself. 😓. Either way scary as hell.

  • Handsonly
    Handsonly 4 months ago +1

    If mister nightmare was as dedicated as you he would be sooo popular you deserve hes popularity he’s amazing at doing what he’s doing but he’s so inconsistent

  • Silent Oni-
    Silent Oni- 4 months ago +2

    Idk why but your voice is soothingly scary

  • Zurjx
    Zurjx 4 months ago


  • Rejectedforce
    Rejectedforce 4 months ago

    You have such a nice freaking Voice!!!