Macroeconomics- Everything You Need to Know

  • Published on May 9, 2017
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    In this video I quickly cover all the concepts and graph that you will see in an AP macroeconomics or college-level introductory macroeconomics course. Dn't take notes. Just get the big picture.
    *Note* At 25:48, the signs are reversed.
    I talk about scarcity, opportunity cost, the PPC, comparative advantage, supply and demand, GDP, unemployment, inflation, aggregate demand and supply, LRAS, Phillips Curve, economic growth, fiscal policy, money, banking, monetary policy, the Money Market, loanable funds, the balance of payments, and exchange rates. Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Good luck on your test!
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  • Colton Neuman
    Colton Neuman 2 years ago +2517

    This guy explained everything better in less than 30 minutes than my professor has this entire semester...

  • Gabriel Isabelo
    Gabriel Isabelo 15 minutes ago

    Finals tomorrow, wish me luck bois

  • Ryan Casey
    Ryan Casey 4 hours ago

    Thank you!

  • Aditya chandrashekhar
    Aditya chandrashekhar 19 hours ago

    too fast too furious!!

  • Queen Mouse
    Queen Mouse 3 days ago

    thank you economics jesus

  • Billy Roberts
    Billy Roberts 4 days ago +1

    I go to Vanderbilt and my professor is an economics genius... this guy makes him look average

  • Bálint Horváth
    Bálint Horváth 5 days ago

    I'm studying mechanical engineering, and we have a subject named micro and macro economy. I got more from this 30 min video in english, than my professor gave me in my mother language. Thank you for it.

  • soonerorlatermusic
    soonerorlatermusic 6 days ago

    This guy is great. I AM a professor and I advise my students to watch his videos. They love them.

  • Kureo Mado
    Kureo Mado 11 days ago

    great video, i just subscribed, i will be watching more of your content as I am a trader and lack knowledge of macro. Thank you.

  • Anston Lai
    Anston Lai 11 days ago

    Who else thought he was gonna make a joke about getting fired at 10:03

  • Melaku Mekonen
    Melaku Mekonen 16 days ago

    how we can calculate deflated sales of 2005 and 2007 if consumer price index in march 2005 and march 2007 for a commodity are 140 and 160 respectively. the price of the commodity is increasing from 25000 to42500

  • Decide Makuwa
    Decide Makuwa 19 days ago +1

    still watching it in November 2019...............his explanation can not be easily eroded , it is for generations and generations to come

    "that's why l love social media"

  • Alienated Creature
    Alienated Creature 21 day ago

    this guy literally just saved my whole economics exam lmao my teacher never explained anything as well as this throughout the year, so ow midnight before my exam I find Jacob and suddenly it all makes sense. I'm actually looking forward to sitting my exam now haha

  • Novalium Company
    Novalium Company 25 days ago

    Me: 30 minutes struggles to understand Unit 1
    Him: Difficulty of Unit 1: 5/10
    Me: Closes tab and deletes browser history

  • Novalium Company
    Novalium Company 25 days ago

    I thought I had it speed up

  • Professor Red
    Professor Red 29 days ago

    Can’t the computer chip be a final product? Because it’s made out of different materials

  • Brep Brep
    Brep Brep Month ago


  • Descent Doctor
    Descent Doctor Month ago

    Anyone who is watching only because he/she loves economics and isn’t his/her major?

  • C Klan
    C Klan Month ago +1

    Did my test a week ago and i got a whopping 14%. I think that qualifies me for the special Olympics

  • bozimmerman
    bozimmerman Month ago

    Now that I get GDP, I'm bewildered that it matters at all. Since the whole reasons to have an economy is prosperity, which is consumption, why does it matter how much final production stays domestic, as opposed to how much value gets into consumer hands. IOW, we should be hoping for +M-X not +X-M.

  • Udeshi Senasinghe
    Udeshi Senasinghe Month ago

    Excellent explanation!

  • gangadhar bhat
    gangadhar bhat Month ago +1

    Can u please tell the difference between GDP and natinal income

  • Rxven
    Rxven Month ago +1

    I'm in seventh grade....

    why am I watching this 🗿😂

  • Adams Addison
    Adams Addison Month ago

    thanks allot boss you made me pass all my macroeconomics exams right from day one till date...

  • Ronald Sitlhou
    Ronald Sitlhou Month ago

    This guy explains the concept so well.

  • Shashvathi S Hariharan


  • Drake Baldwin
    Drake Baldwin Month ago

    my midterm is tomorrow, wish me luck

  • driss tsouli
    driss tsouli Month ago

    you speak too fast and quick

  • Simple Toast
    Simple Toast Month ago

    I have no idea whats going on. Im so f*****.

  • Larraine Lincoln
    Larraine Lincoln Month ago +1

    Taking macro at my community college. Going to view all of his videos

  • Watts Watts
    Watts Watts Month ago

    Thank you SO much!

  • cassidy kemp
    cassidy kemp Month ago +2

    2019 AP Macroeconomics + Microeconomics gang😭

  • DayNa
    DayNa 2 months ago

    I wish my professor was as interesting as you.

  • sneha booya
    sneha booya 2 months ago

    Can u add subtitles

  • nacha laica
    nacha laica 2 months ago

    dont have money but take a like

  • Anthony Koshkin
    Anthony Koshkin 2 months ago

    IS/LM curve?

  • tokai10486
    tokai10486 2 months ago +1

    I think 25:50 is INCORRECT should be the other round for Deficit and Surplus

  • Shania Mamire
    Shania Mamire 2 months ago

    woow u really fast n understandable

  • kppphd
    kppphd 2 months ago +1

    Fantastic, thank you. I had to put the video at x0.80 speed (slow) but it was worth watching you for sure!

  • Kanisha Mccoy
    Kanisha Mccoy 2 months ago


  • idris bevan
    idris bevan 2 months ago +1

    Jacob Clifford: "in this quick video"
    video: 29:57

  • Wanderer 2333
    Wanderer 2333 2 months ago +1

    Why man...why does life do this to me...

  • Econ Artist
    Econ Artist 2 months ago

    Thank you for making such wonderful videos! I really enjoy all the various economic concepts and diving deeper into understanding them. This video helped rekindle a few such as what comparative advantage would look like with more than one trade partner and also whether technology overall impacts the natural rate of unemployment negatively or positively.

  • Janisah J
    Janisah J 2 months ago

    Can you speak more slow becouse I can't catch everything you say😢

  • Daniello 26
    Daniello 26 2 months ago


  • Ashley Xiao
    Ashley Xiao 2 months ago

    lol i have an econ test tmr oops-

  • Joseph Primavera
    Joseph Primavera 3 months ago

    so you said FREE yet I see a price for every little thing thanks Clifford

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  • tenzing dolker sherpa
    tenzing dolker sherpa 3 months ago

    Does this help? I got my exams in a month and I’m crying😭 HELPP

  • Trevs
    Trevs 3 months ago +1

    Settings -> Playback speed -> Custom -> 0.9

  • why_so_hAPPY?
    why_so_hAPPY? 3 months ago

    I'm currently taking a regular economics course in high school but idk if i should jump up to Macro. any suggestions?

  • Kabeer Singh
    Kabeer Singh 3 months ago +1

    You are the best and a life saver

  • Google Dude
    Google Dude 3 months ago

    Interest rate money multiplier.. the shadow of economics and money supplier.. ; )

  • DIKSHA patna
    DIKSHA patna 3 months ago
    Net ,qualify karne k liye zarur dekhe

  • shakil ahmed
    shakil ahmed 3 months ago

    good to say slowly in the presentation.

  • لبنى اسماعيل

    Your voice is very annoyed

  • لبنى اسماعيل

    You talk without sperating between sentences that caused me headach

  • Cherry
    Cherry 4 months ago

    Thank you men, this is a big help!....I'll take my board exam this coming November and economics is one of the 6 subjects we're going to take,,, wish me luck!

  • Johnson Kids
    Johnson Kids 4 months ago

    Nice pseudoscience

  • Shiela Daluniag
    Shiela Daluniag 4 months ago

    its a big help for us to understand further whats macroeconomics. thank you sir.