Macroeconomics- Everything You Need to Know

  • Published on May 9, 2017
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    In this video I quickly cover all the concepts and graph that you will see in an AP macroeconomics or college-level introductory macroeconomics course. Dn't take notes. Just get the big picture.
    *Note* At 25:48, the signs are reversed.
    I talk about scarcity, opportunity cost, the PPC, comparative advantage, supply and demand, GDP, unemployment, inflation, aggregate demand and supply, LRAS, Phillips Curve, economic growth, fiscal policy, money, banking, monetary policy, the Money Market, loanable funds, the balance of payments, and exchange rates. Wow! That's a lot of stuff. Good luck on your test!
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  • Colton Neuman
    Colton Neuman 2 years ago +2823

    This guy explained everything better in less than 30 minutes than my professor has this entire semester...

    • Sparky Flash
      Sparky Flash 23 days ago

      Cant fucking agree more

    • I PH
      I PH 24 days ago

      @Sanwal Kharal 😂

    • Cynthia Reyes
      Cynthia Reyes Month ago +2

      My professor’s voice puts everyone to sleep and he stops mid way sentence for like 5 minutes in order to look up a graph online. Literally no one knows what he’s talking about lol at least he’s nice tho

    • Jennifer Risa
      Jennifer Risa Month ago

      My professor just reads off the slides and doesn't explain it

    • Michael Kramer
      Michael Kramer Month ago

      Amen this was amazing

  • Iscander Zulkarnain
    Iscander Zulkarnain 20 hours ago

    Dude you talk too fast😁

  • Julissa C.
    Julissa C. Day ago

    Thank you so much Mr. Clifford !! I bought the microeconomics study packet and it completely changed my view. I was on my way to pass Micro with a C but got a B!
    Thanks again!
    Will buy the packet for Macro.

  • Abidzar Almadira
    Abidzar Almadira 3 days ago

    makasih om penjelasannya akhirnya ngerti makro dikit, btw buka kursus ga om?

  • DeadLines
    DeadLines 4 days ago

    most of you are probably here after watching his microeconomics series. Let me tell, i passed with flying marks thanks to Mr Clifford. i wouldn't be too stingy about donating the $10 - not for the ultimate review package, but a way to say thanks for doing us all a huge favor by putting in the effort for these vids. You rock acdc \m/

  • Omar El-Maraghy
    Omar El-Maraghy 5 days ago

    guy gave up at 10:01

  • susan breen
    susan breen 5 days ago

    I purchased the ultimate review packet to study for my CLEP exam, and I am happy to say I passed. Thank you so much!

  • TheQsanity
    TheQsanity 6 days ago

    Thank you for what you do Mr. ACDC. I'm out of school, but I'm still watching this. Thanks lol

  • Oggy Gamer
    Oggy Gamer 6 days ago

    Thank you so much. Big help!!

  • Raja Ali
    Raja Ali 6 days ago

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  • Michael Iverson
    Michael Iverson 7 days ago


  • Chanchal Nagar
    Chanchal Nagar 8 days ago

    Watching In 2020

  • My Name
    My Name 9 days ago

    Graduated many years ago and for job interview that ACTUALLY allows me to use degree made me review videos to pull back 20 yr old education. Thank you so much for the refreshers. 😁

  • Akmalkhon Sodikov
    Akmalkhon Sodikov 10 days ago

    Anyone from 2020?

  • Sm FreireAlvares
    Sm FreireAlvares 16 days ago

    Trade surplus: X>M *
    Trade deficit: X

  • meme MeowCat
    meme MeowCat 17 days ago

    He said "quick video"

  • Tin Highlands
    Tin Highlands 17 days ago

    I use this as my study note. Thanks so much

  • Douglas Moring
    Douglas Moring 19 days ago

    I will RPG the teachers desk before the exam for anyone

  • Картоф Домат

    This revision is everything!

  • Angel Lago
    Angel Lago 22 days ago

    hey pal, take it slow, take a deep breath.

  • Shennette Lewis
    Shennette Lewis 23 days ago

    I’m finding him quit informing with graphs and vocabulary, I diffinitely will be using his tutorial in the up coming semester

  • Phosphen es
    Phosphen es 23 days ago

    OmG I actually learnt more than I have learnt in my whole life🤭

  • Christina Inman
    Christina Inman Month ago

    I’m in finals week of Economics and Global Business: help me Jacob Clifford; you’re my only hope.

  • Addr SARD
    Addr SARD Month ago


  • Kyle Pasta
    Kyle Pasta Month ago

    i think you need to study micro before macro. everyone i asked said macro was harder class

  • Alan Vargas
    Alan Vargas Month ago

    Macro is hard asf

  • KT
    KT Month ago

    watching this the night before econ104 final lmao

  • Kenith Real
    Kenith Real Month ago

    cramming for finals but this guy always helps!!! Doing Gods work

  • Dogukan Atar
    Dogukan Atar Month ago

    Thank you! Last day saver!!

  • emma noelle
    emma noelle Month ago +1

    procrastination gang

  • Roman Of 2000
    Roman Of 2000 Month ago


  • Drjan Muhammad
    Drjan Muhammad Month ago

    Sir u explain really well but speak very fast it would be better if u speak a lil slow.. otherwise this was very informative

  • Manson Zhou
    Manson Zhou Month ago

    maybe this will help next sem when i retake this course cuz there is no way i can pass this exam

  • Lee Diaz
    Lee Diaz Month ago +37

    It is now 2019. Who else is cramming as much as they can before the final ? lmaooo, goodluck you guys :)

  • Parker Shimek
    Parker Shimek Month ago

    Exam in 3 hours let’s hope this works

  • hidden leaf
    hidden leaf Month ago

    A bit fast

  • Mason Mason
    Mason Mason Month ago +1

    you look like mark cuban

  • Nirranjan Akilan
    Nirranjan Akilan Month ago +5

    Who's here before their final exam?

  • Evan Menon
    Evan Menon Month ago +1

    Exam starting at 8am. Which is 4 and a half hours from right now. Guess who isnt sleeping??? Wish me luck :))))))))) help

    • Griffin Roberts
      Griffin Roberts Month ago

      hope you did good. It is 10 pm and my test is at 8 am. CRAM TIME

  • Devesh Kumar
    Devesh Kumar Month ago


  • Micheal Hunt
    Micheal Hunt Month ago +1

    Finals got me binging Jacob's videos. You are a saint for having all this knowledge on youtube

  • Rodshot
    Rodshot Month ago +2

    Who's here the night before finals?

  • Awesome Name
    Awesome Name Month ago

    Come back to 18:00 to 20:00

  • Strictly Liverpool
    Strictly Liverpool Month ago

    My semester in one video!

  • Nick Sexton
    Nick Sexton Month ago

    Why do I pay for college

  • joe dkstkrhk
    joe dkstkrhk Month ago +1

    26:00 isnt it the way around for Trade surplus and deficit
    Trade surplus X>M
    Deficit M>X

  • Clout Gang
    Clout Gang Month ago

    Strange how good this guy is compared to the rest of internet educators. This puts Khan academy to shame

  • Blair Zhou
    Blair Zhou Month ago +1

    at 26:06 isn't x< m a trade deficit

  • The Anonymous Commenter

    This guy looks like Mark Cuban mixed with Jeff Cavaliere from Athlean - X

  • Preston Robitaille
    Preston Robitaille Month ago

    26:00 you have the wrong sign X>M= Surplus M>X= deficit

  • Austin Ciliberto
    Austin Ciliberto Month ago

    slowing down the video helps lol

  • Yuvi!25 Ghotra
    Yuvi!25 Ghotra Month ago

    headed to my exam thanks man you saved my life, I studied a good 2 weeks, but this cleared up a lot of issues, thank you!

  • Coleman Hill
    Coleman Hill Month ago +23

    Jacob Clifford:

    "This is not designed to reteach you all the concepts"

    Me: Didn't pay attention all semester and is watching this the day of the final to try to learn an entire semesters worth of material in half an hour...

  • Julia Hatherell
    Julia Hatherell Month ago

    so helpful .... thank you so much!!!

  • Rasheed Matt
    Rasheed Matt Month ago

    This guy did my whole syllabus in 30 minutes.. Why am I going to class?

    • Jacob Clifford
      Jacob Clifford  Month ago +1

      I'm glad I could help. Thanks for watching. You rock Rasheed.

  • Jennifer Risa
    Jennifer Risa Month ago

    After the first ten minutes... My brain gets tired of intaking information

  • jani
    jani Month ago +3

    *watches morning of the eoc

  • Lauren Wilkinson
    Lauren Wilkinson Month ago

    After watching this video, I am not sure why I even bothered coming to class, this guy makes my professor look like she never even taught us a single thing, thanks for saving my grade! Wish me luck tomorrow

  • Mwizah Kamphasa
    Mwizah Kamphasa Month ago +3

    Iam here 2 hours before my exam I mean its never too late to learn something new😂