How to use the ‘b’ button on Beats Studio3 Wireless | Skip, Scan, Call

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
  • Control your music with one button on your Beats Studio3 Wireless. Play, pause, skip, scrub, and more. The “b” button is all you need.
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  • Carson Evans
    Carson Evans 5 days ago +2

    He doing a mall grab tho

  • Elise & Dave Kershaw

    I'm wearing beasts studios 3 watching this video

  • alan cullen
    alan cullen 12 days ago +1

    how do i adjust the mic volume? people cant hear my voice in calls

  • Juandalato
    Juandalato 13 days ago +3

    Yeah, let me press it 3 times. Gotta make sure people hear my cheap plastic sounding button

  • Jayvyn Mason
    Jayvyn Mason 16 days ago

    Or get pxc 550 with touch controls

  • sajmon s
    sajmon s Month ago

    Works for android?

    • Luis Santacruz
      Luis Santacruz 26 days ago +1

      Yes they do, it’s pretty much the same process just instead of the fancy connection, you have to connect them within the Bluetooth settings.

    • ☆Missy☆Campbell☆
      ☆Missy☆Campbell☆ 28 days ago

      I'm trying to Figure that out myself...

  • OliverX
    OliverX Month ago +1

    At 0:50 it’s the same song and sound as it was at 0:26..
    Or is those typing sounds in the song?

  • Yanky Wagshal
    Yanky Wagshal Month ago +3

    I bought today the studio3 that video helped me 100% Thanks Beats!

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele 2 months ago +1

    Press and hold for Siri. And all of these button presses work with TVclip.

  • Jalen Daniel
    Jalen Daniel 3 months ago +2

    Can you use the studio 3 wireless to work out at the gym or the treadmill

  • Niko Huston
    Niko Huston 3 months ago +1

    He didnt mall grab........

  • Wan Penang
    Wan Penang 4 months ago


  • Aryan Bharadia
    Aryan Bharadia 4 months ago

    Do these work on the solo 3’s????

  • Opughd Yang
    Opughd Yang 4 months ago

    Or u know what? Buy Bose and get THE SAME THINGS BUT BETTER!!!!! OMG GUYS, I FOUND A LOOP HOLE!!!!

  • win toto
    win toto 7 months ago +48

    Sorry mom I need cant talk right now my friend is calling me

  • azonicrider32
    azonicrider32 8 months ago +2

    These are total trash in every sense of the word.. possibly the worst purchase i have ever made. I am now listening to my hp laptop speakers instead of my beats solo 3.. the sound is unspeakably terrible.. i lost the receipt so couldnt return them.

    • azonicrider32
      azonicrider32 7 months ago

      @Laity Ndiaye because they where green

    • Laity Ndiaye
      Laity Ndiaye 7 months ago

      azonicrider32 then why did u buy them in the first place

  • Nia Brown
    Nia Brown 8 months ago +4

    Y’all should make a app for beats

  • M1 Essence
    M1 Essence 9 months ago +7

    When I want to pause a video or a song there is a delay time between but like 1 sec , is that normal
    And sometime when I am watching TVclip I pause but cannot resume I said sometimes , is that normal too

    • Kay H
      Kay H 10 days ago

      M1 Essence the delay is because is waiting for you to press again(because of the double tap feature) , and you can fix the TVclip problem by getting TVclip premium

    • dmhilz ta
      dmhilz ta 8 months ago

      Nah my beats done that too

  • Lu El santo
    Lu El santo 10 months ago

    1 click to answer call ?? she clicked 2 times hahaha

  • Dellinger the fighting fish

    I want one

  • Joshy Cheesin
    Joshy Cheesin 10 months ago


  • Joshy Cheesin
    Joshy Cheesin 10 months ago +12


    • Ryan O Neill
      Ryan O Neill 3 days ago

      @Luis Santacruz You deserve an award, thank you !

    • IT Ninja
      IT Ninja 8 days ago

      There is a ring around the b, press the top to turn volume up, and bottom for down.

    • Ashant’e Robinson
      Ashant’e Robinson 3 months ago +1

      @Luis Santacruz so useful better then all these videos something so simple i had to find in the comments appreciate you. 😁

    • Aayush Pokharel
      Aayush Pokharel 3 months ago

      Use Apple watch lol

    • Kino
      Kino 6 months ago +4

      By purchasing a pair of Bose or Sony.

  • D F.
    D F. Year ago +4

    The first girl ignores her Mom by taking another call yet most likely her Mom bought her the Beats.....typical Millennial/Gen X or Z whatever horseshit generation !!!!!

    • thealmighty jacoby
      thealmighty jacoby 11 months ago +1

      Just because your children are still living off you doesn’t mean everyone else’s are

  • Filip GDR
    Filip GDR Year ago +5


  • Nino DaDemon
    Nino DaDemon Year ago +27

    the decline call and rewind were useful

  • Maximiliano Espinosa

    Compatible con Android verdad?

  • FeaR Gemz
    FeaR Gemz Year ago +1

    They decent but way over priced

  • Yang Ping
    Yang Ping Year ago

    Tell me the tittle of track from 00:40

  • Scott MacGregor
    Scott MacGregor Year ago +63

    0:19 most genuine hay ever

    • Mike Hockertz
      Mike Hockertz Year ago +4

      Scott MacGregor u mean hey ? I mean if u use hay ur gonna confuse a lot of people

  • Scott MacGregor
    Scott MacGregor Year ago +5

    What’s the song at the end

  • stobjeon
    stobjeon Year ago +3

    the b button doesn't work for me?

    • Huzi Sid
      Huzi Sid 3 months ago

      You're probably trying to press the right side

  • Hadjara World
    Hadjara World Year ago +2

    I want to buy it it look good for those who loves hip hop beat I think I will make a great choice for this headphone

    • Deeann Mikula
      Deeann Mikula 2 months ago

      What is the track that starts at 00:59 and runs to the end of the video?

  • Louis B
    Louis B Year ago +13

    The mall grab at the end ruined it

  • niyaanta sharma
    niyaanta sharma Year ago


  • Gyro Rx
    Gyro Rx Year ago +230

    Yo I’m dead how she gonna say can I call you back to her mom she should be saying that to her friend🤯😂😂😂

  • Shahar Rozenbloom

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  • Shahar Rozenbloom

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  • Shahar Rozenbloom

    Also PodCast. And A long Press will Open Siri in a Killer Patent.

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  • Nikolaj Hansen-Turton

    That is not the ringtone on iPhone X!!

  • Supreme F F
    Supreme F F Year ago

    😵😵😁😁😁😀😀 ameiiii

  • dharindc21
    dharindc21 Year ago +12

    Thanks I’ll remember this when I get a pair

    • KmtSimon
      KmtSimon Year ago +1

      Sniggle Snap why not

    • SniggleSnap
      SniggleSnap Year ago

      dharindc19 I pray to god that you didn’t buy one

  • Corey Rife
    Corey Rife Year ago +1

    Love your headphones

  • Sahim Kashif
    Sahim Kashif Year ago