We Made A Ketchup And Mustard Cake

  • Published on Apr 5, 2018
  • Come ~hang out with us~ while we make a chocolate mayonnaise cake! nextbeat.co/r/580a/1 !
    So I found this insane ketchup and mustard cake recipe on Facebook, and decided that since they didn't show a taste test, we had to make one and try it out! So Safiya and I baked a ketchup cake with mustard frosting and yes, we actually ate (some) and kinda liked it... Would you try this???
    Video: tvclip.biz/video/MImEfGqdz_8/video.html
    What do you think? Would you try them?
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  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams  Year ago +1303

    HELLO! yes, we did this. i don't know why. if you want to come hang out with us while we make a chocolate mayo cake, click here! nextbeat.co/r/580a/1

    • Guera R
      Guera R 8 days ago

      That link said my connection isn't private. Hell no.

    • Timber
      Timber Month ago

      Tattoo time you've reached 1 million subscribers

    • Kyra Lindsey
      Kyra Lindsey Month ago

      Mayonnaise cake was a staple in my house growing up. It's more moist than regular chocolate cake, and less dense. I love it!

    • O S
      O S 2 months ago

      I loooove chocolate mayonnaise cake

  • LoveCute202
    LoveCute202 2 days ago


    Safiya x Ketchup

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki 2 days ago

    i like how they co-host in each others vids

  • Ki Ki
    Ki Ki 2 days ago

    i thought i wouldn't like tyler's videos but now subscribed and waiting for him and safiya's vids together lol

  • NoThankYouLeah
    NoThankYouLeah 2 days ago

    "oh, you got a big piece"
    -saf in every food video

  • breakmydreams
    breakmydreams 3 days ago

    That looks good and I have been wanting to try this cake since I first seen it advertised on facebook...
    I love your idea of the cake into a corndog... you two should so make that happen in a video on here soon!!!

  • Jessicat27
    Jessicat27 3 days ago

    I got a gordon Ramsay ad before this.. I don't think he would approve of your video though.. 😂😂

  • Dawn Barber
    Dawn Barber 4 days ago

    Tyler said wafting or waft at lease 200 times lol 😂😂😂

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 5 days ago

    Pretty sure this is illegal but ok

  • Jacquelyn Chow
    Jacquelyn Chow 5 days ago

    Everyone: ewwwwwwwwww
    Shane: that looks so good!!!! It is heaven 😇

  • Jaredwh0522
    Jaredwh0522 5 days ago

    I can’t believe you guys eat that but what ever floats your boat

  • yasmin burke
    yasmin burke 5 days ago

    You should have chilled the cake and the iceing my guy

  • Alexis Kidd
    Alexis Kidd 6 days ago

    Were is Tyler from.

  • Nona Mackenzie
    Nona Mackenzie 7 days ago

    watching this long after it was posted and...i'm pretty sure that mustard buttercream has split.

  • LyingPeaches
    LyingPeaches 7 days ago

    i want to dislike this because the idea hurts but i cannot legally dislike it

  • Ann Lustelli
    Ann Lustelli 8 days ago

    Watching this while sick was not a good idea 🤢

  • dasha myer
    dasha myer 8 days ago +1

    drink every time Tyler says waft

  • Danielle Seymour
    Danielle Seymour 9 days ago +4

    "the second layer is very fragile" he says as he yeets it onto the cake

  • Louise Blair
    Louise Blair 9 days ago

    over whipped the butter in the icing.

  • Love Kimberley Day
    Love Kimberley Day 9 days ago +2

    Can’t believe I’m only just finding Tyler’s channel OMG yes I’m binge watching 😀

  • Gen Gg
    Gen Gg 10 days ago

    I didn’t know u guys were had a separate channel... I’m subbed to saf and for awhile I scrolled through her videos and I see your vids and I’m like what?? I never saw this scrolling lol subbed too bad it’s been awhile since ur last uplod

  • Michelle Mac
    Michelle Mac 11 days ago

    When Saf said a hot dog bun made out of ketchup cake all I could think of was corn on the cob but instead of a corn bone it's a got dog.

  • sweettemperedsinner
    sweettemperedsinner 13 days ago +1

    Tomato soup cake is a classic old fashioned recipe... knew the cake would taste good. Not sure about the mustard icing though.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 14 days ago

    Speaking of cake.. Tyler's butt when he turned around.

  • creepy375
    creepy375 19 days ago +2

    Am I crazy or does that look good,
    Just me??

  • Luca K.
    Luca K. 20 days ago

    God I love mustard

  • Dikshya Mohapatra
    Dikshya Mohapatra 20 days ago

    I want to marry into this relationship...?

  • sarah escalante
    sarah escalante 24 days ago

    9:00 safiya trying to get a good picture 😂

  • Oofdidoop 777
    Oofdidoop 777 28 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay where you at?

  • Ayrisesiran
    Ayrisesiran 29 days ago

    I don't suppose you'll upload the nextbeat footage to your channel now that its down? Because I ~think~ i watched the nextbeat for chocolate mayonnaise cake but I REALLY wanna watch it again

  • Michelle Barrow
    Michelle Barrow 29 days ago

    I find ketchup to be very sweet and that's why I don't like it very much don't @ me I'm one of those weird people who orders no ketchup Xtra pickles at McDonald's 😅😂

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Month ago


  • Ellie Hewer
    Ellie Hewer Month ago +1

    5:10am?!? Who makes a cake at that time😂😂👌🏻

  • Luna Kitty Hi Matthew see my channel now

    I hate condiments soooooo


  • Kaitlin Loughran
    Kaitlin Loughran Month ago

    The last two words I want to hear in front of the word cake is Sourkraut cheese, Sourkraut Cheesecake 🤢

  • Jennifer Silvis
    Jennifer Silvis Month ago

    You should do a review on home chef boxes or similar food boxes

  • Meh .Ultra Meh
    Meh .Ultra Meh Month ago +1

    Should have tried honey mustard to add more sweetness 🤔

  • Lana Banana
    Lana Banana Month ago

    Gordon ramsay has left the chat

  • kim
    kim Month ago

    I would throw up, I literally can’t even smell mustard

  • Ginger Star
    Ginger Star Month ago

    7:43 😂😂

  • Kate Duffy
    Kate Duffy Month ago

    2:04 when you said that I was eating mc Donald’s

  • Shiloh Elkins
    Shiloh Elkins Month ago +1

    9:02-9:05 Saf had me DYING! 😂😂

  • Belle Fischbach
    Belle Fischbach Month ago +1

    hey Tyler to do what you did with the ketchup and mustard cake but do it with mayonnaise and wasabi bye also I double dog dare you which means you have to do it

  • idek bro
    idek bro Month ago

    i like how he goes through the steps like we’re all gonna make this cake. lmao.

  • Timber
    Timber Month ago

    Tattoo time you've reached 1 million

  • Dark Cookiequeen
    Dark Cookiequeen Month ago

    What about a ketchup and mustard themed cake would you eat that?

  • Canaan Carpenter
    Canaan Carpenter Month ago +1

    I had a physical reaction of disgust while watching this.

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis Month ago

    Haven’t watched all the way to the end yet but Ketchup has a lot more sugar in it than people realise. Since it’s actually quite sweet I can see it working in a sweet cake but mustard? Spicy-sweet combo maybe? I’m interested in the whole “Nextbeat room” thing but I’d have to change my privacy settings. I understand the “Live” rooms have to be open for chatting but when it’s just a record of an old “room” they should make it private, that way they get more views from lurkers like me

  • Zoe H.
    Zoe H. Month ago

    The dessert corndog doesn't sound bad... I'd probably eat that 😂😂

  • Ekaterina Kit
    Ekaterina Kit Month ago

    omg i was dying while watching this!!! pleeaaase make videos again you're hilarious

  • Em
    Em Month ago +2

    Little tip!: use *gel* food coloring instead of liquid. This is not only because you are able to use less for a more vibrant color, but also because you are able to use less, it won't change the consistency if your recipe is consistency sensitive

    • Zoe H.
      Zoe H. Month ago

      1. Good to know (I know this wasn't necessarily directed at me but thanks anyways XD) 2. LOVE YOUR PROFILE PIC!!!

  • Ketutar Jensen
    Ketutar Jensen 2 months ago

    Here in Sweden we have smooth strawberry jam that looks like ketchup. And mustard looks kind of caramel pudding... so maybe that was a spoof video, and they are just watching how people make this disgusting mustard frosting and yuk.

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau 2 months ago +1

    That poor mustard was minding it's own business, dreaming of hot dogs and burgers, and then the unspeakable happened.

  • beingbeckeroni
    beingbeckeroni 2 months ago

    Aw man! I finally click the NextBeat link and it’s shut down!!! ☹️

  • Ingrid Jimeno
    Ingrid Jimeno 2 months ago

    Imagine if Saf and Ty served their guests ketchup, mustard and lipstick cake on their wedding. 😂

  • Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki
    Keshy Hiragi Kurosaki 2 months ago +2

    It would be better if it weren't a sweet cake, it can be ketchup and mustard in like a meat cake

  • Lanla Colan
    Lanla Colan 2 months ago

    ugly half breed loser small penis nobody is going to see your small penis anyway you loser.

  • Yvo Fi
    Yvo Fi 2 months ago

    Not sponsored by heinz??? SUUUUURRE. LOL.

  • Seaweedgirl1
    Seaweedgirl1 2 months ago

    i want to know what ungodly hour of the night it was when they decided dessert corndogs were a worthwhile business venture

  • Occult Howell
    Occult Howell 2 months ago

    It’s cute to see how much he looks at saf when trying to look at the camera 😂❣️

  • erin p.
    erin p. 2 months ago

    tbh i would eat this

  • Bust down Bananas
    Bust down Bananas 2 months ago +2

    Ok so Sophia was literly watching him make the cake but when he called her over she said “what. What are you making?” And that right here ladies and gents is a faker EXPOSED!!!!!

  • Miss Mira
    Miss Mira 2 months ago

    Ketchup and mustard bread sounds more appetizing than a freaking cake.. I'd serve it up with some soup and call it a day

  • Pochoir
    Pochoir 2 months ago

    I already smell the ketchup and mustard just clicking on this

  • Kendra Ingebrigtsen
    Kendra Ingebrigtsen 2 months ago

    Since nextbeat is shut down i can't see the mayo cbocolate cake taste test 😣

  • King Monchichi
    King Monchichi 2 months ago

    Okay posting in 2019 to let others here in 2019 or the future know that nextbeat has actually shut down and you can't watch the other video, which I'm very sad about

  • Harmony Ibarra
    Harmony Ibarra 3 months ago

    Sweeney Todd the demon baker of Fleet Street

  • Anindya Dewi
    Anindya Dewi 3 months ago

    How about a pickle cake?

  • Katy Adelson
    Katy Adelson 3 months ago

    1.5 cups of mustard seems like it'd be a typo! :o That's so much mustard! :o But I'd imagine the cake part would be pretty good. ^_^ I made a chocolate avocado cake once, and it turned out pretty good. Sometimes weird flavors can mix surprisingly well. =)

  • Natalie Augstein
    Natalie Augstein 3 months ago +4

    The chocolate-mayo cake video is gone and I would love to watch it 😢