Will it Clog? So. Much. Bacon.

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  3 months ago +142

    It's no secret that we love destroying things. What other items should we have tried adding?
    Want to see more destruction? Try this: tvclip.biz/video/IdLKb7gopZ4/video.html

    • Jtrays 101
      Jtrays 101 3 days ago

      Vat19 you should use gum and thinking puddy

    • Seza Boi
      Seza Boi 19 days ago

      Vat19 Can u try to clog a toilet ???????? I need anserws😂

    • Mia Gonzalez
      Mia Gonzalez 24 days ago


    • DiamondXX God
      DiamondXX God Month ago

      C E M E N T
      Get my idea?

    • KRC
      KRC Month ago

      Vat19 you should do cat and dog hear🐶🐈👩↖

  • Lenden Cheong
    Lenden Cheong 15 hours ago +1

    Soooo much bacon!

  • BrightonGirlGamer Martin

    I love the science fair.

  • Flipsterz Nation
    Flipsterz Nation Day ago +1

    Sooo SATISFYING 4:26

  • Fizzy Fruit6428
    Fizzy Fruit6428 Day ago

    It’s so satisfying when it goes through the pipe

  • The Infinity Channel


  • *-Gacha Amy-*
    *-Gacha Amy-* Day ago

    They pour in a whole load of Liquid Plummer for just one thing

  • Hei Cua
    Hei Cua 2 days ago

    Jamie: MORE BACON
    Eric: oh, it's clogged
    Me: I wanna eat soooooo mucccchhhhh bacon

  • Maya Alderson
    Maya Alderson 2 days ago

    Plzzz do more will it clog

  • The best bros
    The best bros 2 days ago +1

    Every single food you have in vat19

    S4LTY NATIVE 2 days ago

    will a wedding cake clog i dont know

  • Popnal 17
    Popnal 17 3 days ago

    Stop wasting food, hungry people can....

    You know the rest

  • hacked this account do not live

    Try orbies

  • Olivia Saborio
    Olivia Saborio 3 days ago

    What happens if you do clog it

  • Jtrays 101
    Jtrays 101 3 days ago

    Put gum

    ÆRØSÊ 4 days ago

    How. Dare. You. Do. That. To. My. Chicken. ???.

  • Braeden Raddatz
    Braeden Raddatz 5 days ago

    Poor Africa

  • Joana Anzo
    Joana Anzo 5 days ago

    Them so much bacon
    Me so much views

  • J A K S O N
    J A K S O N 6 days ago

    Put metal in

  • Dan Bobet
    Dan Bobet 6 days ago

    As a Bacon lover, this hurts me to watch

  • KPicequeen
    KPicequeen 7 days ago

    Who else was mad that they were wasting chocolate

  • Soccer Player
    Soccer Player 8 days ago +1

    They should of done obleek
    Likeif you agree

  • Evan Hilson
    Evan Hilson 8 days ago


  • space
    space 8 days ago

    this is food wasting, not will it clog..

    those poor foods....😔😂

  • Sakura honey you know who

    plumber: How did this happen..?
    vat19: youtube,views,food.... subscribers.
    plumber: use this instead of me.

  • Riley
    Riley 9 days ago


  • Jan-Chris Krabbendam
    Jan-Chris Krabbendam 10 days ago

    No the bacon😪🤤

  • i have no clue what username i should have

    *I just lost my appetite*

  • Undead Tyrax
    Undead Tyrax 11 days ago


  • Sayid’s unboxing/gaming/more Subscribe

    Im sorry but your sink is clogged North it will be for 1,000,000,000 or buy Liquid plumbr for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, now what would you like to pay 😰um how about I ask vat 19 to help me or that dang it I wanted him to buy it to get robux what was that nothing🙂

  • MrNotSecret
    MrNotSecret 11 days ago

    Why did you use fried chicken if there’s more than can you give me some

  • Landon Ferguson
    Landon Ferguson 11 days ago +2

    1:01 just listen without looking until 1:16. You will not thank me later. Adults will get it

  • XYZR _3
    XYZR _3 13 days ago +1

    4:24 that looks like pee

  • Annamations_3
    Annamations_3 13 days ago

    Where did Eric go??? I miss him

  • Austin Phan
    Austin Phan 13 days ago

    Try clogging the drain with plastic and trash.

  • Meghan Galvin
    Meghan Galvin 13 days ago

    I love how Jamie says chocolate

  • niki flem
    niki flem 13 days ago

    you should eat the spicy Doritos combined with the lime taste and see is its spicy together

  • Bebelak 123
    Bebelak 123 13 days ago


  • Christopher Trigger
    Christopher Trigger 14 days ago

    If I were you I’d eat the venison meat stick cause who doesn’t love venison

  • Christina Yanko
    Christina Yanko 14 days ago

    Do another Will it clog

  • 德兰孙
    德兰孙 14 days ago

    Will Charmin clog?

  • Rubiya Amjad
    Rubiya Amjad 14 days ago

    Some people don't get food and you are wasting alot of food that's really bad 😑😝

    • Danitron
      Danitron 13 days ago

      So we should ship bacon, chocolate and fast food to starving countries?

  • ERV
    ERV 15 days ago

    Hey this got a streamys brand nomination

  • JoePlays
    JoePlays 18 days ago

    I searched it up and its like 30-50 dollars like come on..

  • Cassie Brown
    Cassie Brown 18 days ago

    When Jamie had some chocolate there was the worlds hottest chocolate bar in it

  • Halina Sasiadek
    Halina Sasiadek 18 days ago +1

    In from the future and eric leaves vat 19 bye eric

  • Mystery 640
    Mystery 640 18 days ago

    Shouldve used twinkies

  • Jenna Redden
    Jenna Redden 19 days ago +1

    That stuff is ridiculously powerful

  • Morgan Keziah
    Morgan Keziah 19 days ago +3

    1:26 it's like the Thomas Sanders vine say goodbye to the house kids were the girl says look😂

  • Christina Ruel
    Christina Ruel 19 days ago

    Add poop

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young 19 days ago

    How could you waste all of that delicious BACON

  • FaZe.AbBaS Hey
    FaZe.AbBaS Hey 19 days ago

    It looks fake I think they were just trying to advertise

  • Olivia Rhyne
    Olivia Rhyne 19 days ago

    These guys
    They are
    The smartest idiots on TVclip

  • THE Matt Bomb
    THE Matt Bomb 20 days ago

    I like this video because it is SO FUNNY

  • Ahmad Faris
    Ahmad Faris 20 days ago

    Eu bacon is the groset

  • Swirl Center
    Swirl Center 21 day ago +1

    I need that confidence Jamie has when doing will it clog yet he has his ring. Aren't you worried that the ring is gonna fall of?!?!

  • Rahimin Hassan
    Rahimin Hassan 21 day ago

    You are wasting food vat 19 you can give these food a poor

  • Madeline Cook
    Madeline Cook 21 day ago

    They used real human hair, I wondered who woke up from a nap with a bald spot.

  • haòn sesom
    haòn sesom 22 days ago

    Now I want bacon

  • Bear Builds
    Bear Builds 22 days ago

    Seeing that bacon go into the drain hurt me emotionally