Will it Clog? So. Much. Bacon.


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  • naima tamano
    naima tamano 2 hours ago

    In the will it clog

  • naima tamano
    naima tamano 2 hours ago

    Hey vat19 how about slime

  • Majsner BalΓ­kos
    Majsner BalΓ­kos 9 hours ago

    It actually works really well,I use it every time πŸ˜‚

  • Carey Hurt
    Carey Hurt 9 hours ago

    You should make slime and do it

  • Hazem Nassar
    Hazem Nassar 15 hours ago

    Dat nuttele tho XD

  • Mr. UnicornZ
    Mr. UnicornZ 16 hours ago

    So if i drink it......will I poop faster?

  • JD_gachatube Cat
    JD_gachatube Cat 18 hours ago +1

    *B A C O N L I F E*

  • Steffany Moustfa

    I love the gurgle so satisfying

  • Foxy The gamer - spam reporter

    No the favorite thing in the first thing is the Hershey chocolate bar!

  • The Marionette
    The Marionette Day ago

    This video just wasted so much bacon...

  • bigballer life22

    What a waste of good food

  • Gingiboy
    Gingiboy Day ago

    Thinking putty

  • Danny Mejia
    Danny Mejia Day ago


  • Little Dusty
    Little Dusty Day ago

    Do more will it clogs

  • 0of_ Lover
    0of_ Lover Day ago

    Again plz

  • Santi Abiyanto
    Santi Abiyanto Day ago

    Waste of food

  • saleem alhaj
    saleem alhaj Day ago


  • Mike Li
    Mike Li 2 days ago +1

    Boss: Hey Joe, come up with a name for this new drain cleaner we made.
    Joe: How about, liquified Plumbers.
    Boss: That’s great! Not Creepy at all! Just mess up the words a bit and we’ll have a top seller on our hands!

  • Robert Boucher
    Robert Boucher 2 days ago

    Why u guys didn’t use putty

  • Salty Ding
    Salty Ding 2 days ago

    Today we ask the age old question.
    Will it clog?
    Let’s talk about that
    *dun dun dun dun dun da da da da da da dun dun dun nun dun dun dun*

    PERLA PRADO 2 days ago

    It look like you put your hand on poop

  • Diego Flores
    Diego Flores 2 days ago

    How about use slime

  • Juan Sanchez Contreras

    I’m eating

  • Yeetus Delete This
    Yeetus Delete This 2 days ago

    Getting rid of bacon hurts my heart more then eating it!

  • bloby Jensen
    bloby Jensen 2 days ago

    SoπŸ‘muchπŸ‘bacon πŸ‘

  • Nisas Lupin
    Nisas Lupin 2 days ago

    Such a waste of chocolate πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  • Zygis Minardo
    Zygis Minardo 2 days ago

    What name is from the classical music I like it

  • Emma Guldager
    Emma Guldager 2 days ago

    Have you tried to put a sock in it?

  • Hunter Wilson
    Hunter Wilson 3 days ago

    You guys waste so much meat you know that is from a living animal

  • HiyItsMe
    HiyItsMe 3 days ago

    Only used as directed.

  • Kitty Meow
    Kitty Meow 4 days ago

    That’s a waist of delicious looking bacon

  • Shiloh Price
    Shiloh Price 4 days ago

    Why would you waist perfectly good bacon

  • Cieran Therrien
    Cieran Therrien 4 days ago

    I will never look at bacon the same way again.

  • Jude Androlowicz
    Jude Androlowicz 4 days ago

    Great wastin bacon

  • Kiley Bigger
    Kiley Bigger 4 days ago +1

    U should think about they killed animals for nothing just to go down a sink

  • Hajaha We owv
    Hajaha We owv 5 days ago


  • Hajaha We owv
    Hajaha We owv 5 days ago


  • Hajaha We owv
    Hajaha We owv 5 days ago


  • Nick M
    Nick M 6 days ago

    Is anyone else triggered that they didn’t use the crazy Aaron’s thinking putty?

  • Halolover9360
    Halolover9360 6 days ago

    Who liked my reply

  • T O'Neil
    T O'Neil 6 days ago


  • James Oster
    James Oster 6 days ago

    I tested liquid plumber with the same clogs they used with the recommended amount to use let's just say rest in peace sink it didn't work

  • [ Content ] [ X ] A.K.A. The 1st Ego Core fangirl

    Mah dudes im eatin dinner why u doin this???????????

  • Alana Porter
    Alana Porter 8 days ago

    When I saw all that bacon I was soooooo HUNGRY.....GIMME DA BACON

  • miley Vlog
    miley Vlog 8 days ago

    Beef jerky that's what you should clog

  • Michael Gao
    Michael Gao 8 days ago

    Egg shells and stickers

  • cyrus de vera
    cyrus de vera 8 days ago

    who wants vat19 to sub your channel her got so meny subs sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sorry my hand hurts

  • shawnaj74
    shawnaj74 9 days ago

    Waste of food

  • SacrinMaestro
    SacrinMaestro 9 days ago

    1:00 *why u playin with your poop ._.*

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 10 days ago

    Eric is soooooo πŸ˜‚

  • Nacho Bunny
    Nacho Bunny 11 days ago


  • Dom Wow100
    Dom Wow100 12 days ago

    What this video is for sponsoring liquid Plumr/what I think this video is for never let vat19 in to your home especially if they have some crap in their hands

  • I Like Brownies
    I Like Brownies 12 days ago

    That pig lived just to be tossed down the drain

    I'm not trying to sound like a vegan but I'm just sad for the pig

  • Total Freak Squad
    Total Freak Squad 12 days ago

    I'm not *DONE YET*

  • Erick Rivera
    Erick Rivera 12 days ago

    get thet meat in there. that's what she said

  • Kaitlyn Shines Bright
    Kaitlyn Shines Bright 13 days ago

    ( β€’~β€’). Can Joey the Bunny have that Bacon? He starving. 🍿
    / >

  • Leah Marcotte
    Leah Marcotte 14 days ago +1

    Every will it clog vids eric is on the cover

  • Blueberry Puff Animationz

    Rip all thr bacon

  • Toaster Main
    Toaster Main 14 days ago

    That sink has been through a living hell

  • ProGamerFinland
    ProGamerFinland 15 days ago

    Oo so i can dispose the bod... I mean garden trash easily with just a knife a sink and liquid plumber? Thanks!

  • Raheem MOHAMMAD
    Raheem MOHAMMAD 15 days ago

    Eric and Jamie will get killed by black people for wasting chicken

  • Fievel Chen
    Fievel Chen 15 days ago

    So sad all the pig got waste. 1 like =1 pig saved.

  • Thuan Tran
    Thuan Tran 15 days ago

    do slme

  • Keisha Riley
    Keisha Riley 16 days ago

    Fuck you vat.19

  • Crust_The_Enforcer J
    Crust_The_Enforcer J 16 days ago

    Use cement

  • Willy Wijaya
    Willy Wijaya 16 days ago

    how it works?

  • Dowdville
    Dowdville 16 days ago


  • RoseValley Games
    RoseValley Games 17 days ago


  • Bobby Snyder
    Bobby Snyder 17 days ago

    You should try putty will it clog

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 17 days ago

    I’m surprised Justin Y. Isn’t here. Smh

  • David Cabrera
    David Cabrera 17 days ago

    Did you guys see the chocolate on the next sink do they clauged it on purpose then put liquid plumer

  • Muhd Imran
    Muhd Imran 17 days ago

    I must buy this

  • Avery. Alexa
    Avery. Alexa 17 days ago

    What was the classical music's tittle?

  • Barney Gaming
    Barney Gaming 18 days ago

    1:00 Eric sounded like Batman

  • Barney Gaming
    Barney Gaming 18 days ago

    Hello love your channel keep up the good work.

  • Clinton Presley
    Clinton Presley 18 days ago

    Thank you Will Farrell

  • David Hunt
    David Hunt 18 days ago +1

    Every like I will add another πŸ”€

  • Ayesha Al dhaheri
    Ayesha Al dhaheri 18 days ago +1

    Can you do an ASMR video

  • Sean Chun
    Sean Chun 19 days ago

    How dare you waste bacon😑

  • Eurydice the Golden Retriver

    That’s such a waste of food

  • Nolan Thomas
    Nolan Thomas 19 days ago

    Never buy this stuff it doesn’t work

  • drew ruch
    drew ruch 19 days ago

    cord brought me here

  • Cat Lovers
    Cat Lovers 19 days ago

    Why are you wasting mah foooooooooood? I havent eating much for 5 hours because of my diet! Your making me so hungry!!!!

  • Parker Willing
    Parker Willing 20 days ago

    I thought the ultimate clog was mint ice cream

  • Junu
    Junu 20 days ago


  • Corey Denny
    Corey Denny 20 days ago

    Do you do giveaways

  • The Toy Fun
    The Toy Fun 20 days ago


  • Sam Beaton
    Sam Beaton 20 days ago

    Look at that fat just on me

  • Roxanne Altieri
    Roxanne Altieri 20 days ago

    3:01 is so funny

  • Payton Watkins
    Payton Watkins 20 days ago

    They wasted my fav food fried Chicken

  • 미인경λ₯œ

    Fried chicken!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • BLACKXD 145
    BLACKXD 145 21 day ago +1

    Wow thats only i can say wow!!!!

  • Minerforever Garrity

    why are you wasting perfectly good fried chicken πŸ— like this if you love fried chicken

  • Jelo Dimawala
    Jelo Dimawala 21 day ago +1

    Aww the bacon!
    1like=bacon lover

  • julia patricio
    julia patricio 21 day ago

    poor bacon,so innocent

  • Super Chihuahua
    Super Chihuahua 22 days ago

    Omg I have that same sink down stairs that my parents use for washing dishes

  • Peter Zitek
    Peter Zitek 22 days ago

    Ar you rilly doing that too my becken baby πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜΅πŸ˜²πŸ˜²