Will it Clog? So. Much. Bacon.

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
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    We shoved bacon, hamburger, and tons of chocolate down the drain to create some of the worst clogs of all time! Can Liquid-Plumr® save the day or will our drains be clogged forever? #WILLITCLOG
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Comments • 5 051

  • Vat19
    Vat19  Month ago +44

    It's no secret that we love destroying things. What other items should we have tried adding?
    Want to see more destruction? Try this: tvclip.biz/video/IdLKb7gopZ4/video.html

    • Yeslea Ash
      Yeslea Ash 3 days ago

      You should add chunky milk, eggnog, eggs, bacon grease, and anything else you want

    • Auksiniai Ereliai
      Auksiniai Ereliai 8 days ago

      I hear candle wax is fatal against pipes when it cools off it sticks and becomes solid in the pipes and its a pain to get it out

    • Rebecca Steinbaugh
      Rebecca Steinbaugh 14 days ago

      Vat19 do more will it clog

    • AnOreoCat
      AnOreoCat 17 days ago


  • storm endless
    storm endless Hour ago +1

    2:01, 2:04, 3:02, 3:04: ?????

  • Blitz Unknown
    Blitz Unknown 9 hours ago

    Melt a candle and drop it in the sink bet you it won’t fix it

  • Slav -Chan Boris is king of all Slavs


  • jenna joys
    jenna joys Day ago +1

    liquid plumr company: what should our name be

    employe 1: maybe: liquid plumer

    company: nah to boring

    employe 2: ive got it liquid plumr

    company: yes! thats what i want!

    employe 1: ಠ_ಠ

  • Jannelle Kylie Sto Domingo

    Can you try slime it will cloug

  • Raymo_2_u
    Raymo_2_u 2 days ago

    Unfortunately, Ive never had Liquid Plumber work before....

  • FBI
    FBI 2 days ago +1


  • can i get 2000 subs with no vids :D

    fish: MMMMMMM this food is great

  • Adventure Doge
    Adventure Doge 4 days ago

    *how dare you send bacon down the drain*

  • Maya Atarangi
    Maya Atarangi 4 days ago +1

    Mmmmmmmm u should try jelly, jam, pieces of solid soap, human hair saved hair, metal and see what it does (all of these together) 😐❓ will it clog?

  • Cameron Moore
    Cameron Moore 5 days ago

    3:10Erick is now the kool aid man

  • Christopher Kidder
    Christopher Kidder 5 days ago

    now actually pour concrete down a drain and see if liquid plumr with fix it

  • [GD] Seby The Pyramid


  • maricel magtira
    maricel magtira 6 days ago

    i thought eric left

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 6 days ago

    Vat 19 : will it clog?
    All gmm fans: let’s talk about that

  • Enna Covo
    Enna Covo 7 days ago

    Shirt lmao

  • Lucas Mak
    Lucas Mak 7 days ago

    That looks like a turd

  • The Luigi And Frends Show 2

    I'm I get constipated can I just drink a cup of that stuff and be clean of feces?

  • Damien Santos
    Damien Santos 7 days ago

    This is so fake. You can tell that they blended the stuff so that it would go through the drain easily and they froze the image whenever the plumbing starts working. Smh

  • Cattern31 / angle mochi


  • Team Challenger gaming

    I thought you made your own brand of (Plummer fluid)

  • Butterfly Girl27
    Butterfly Girl27 7 days ago

    No not the chocolate,bacon, Burger.

  • jessica caillouet
    jessica caillouet 7 days ago

    When Eric said get a little meat in there he sounded like the guy beetlejuice

  • Rob Griffiths
    Rob Griffiths 7 days ago


  • Mayhem Loly
    Mayhem Loly 9 days ago

    Vat19’s doctor: you all have 27 calories
    Vat19: worth it

  • Douglas Kruczek
    Douglas Kruczek 9 days ago

    This vid makes me hangry

  • flamin baryonxy
    flamin baryonxy 10 days ago


  • /;/Ahiri Plays SSO/;/
    /;/Ahiri Plays SSO/;/ 10 days ago +2

    _bet you that that sink enjoyed a nice meal_

  • Reynaldo Coscos
    Reynaldo Coscos 11 days ago

    HOW DOES IT WORK!??!!?

  • Joaquin Garcia
    Joaquin Garcia 11 days ago

    🎵 Rub Some Bacon 🥓On It! 🎵

  • Zachary Her
    Zachary Her 11 days ago


  • Kyle Rice
    Kyle Rice 11 days ago


  • TheKidAvenger
    TheKidAvenger 11 days ago

    You guys should have done all of the things you did and see if liquid plumber would have worked

  • G K
    G K 11 days ago

    Fat slob and that was the video that the guy with the beard not to keep anybody with a small. I got a girl long beard

  • Purple Monster
    Purple Monster 12 days ago

    Put a rock in there 🙏

  • PotatoBall
    PotatoBall 12 days ago

    When you eating something don't watch 'Will it clog' videos

  • Arjay360 them cows Yt
    Arjay360 them cows Yt 13 days ago

    Rip bacon

  • Gaming LPS
    Gaming LPS 13 days ago

    Bad time to be eating

  • TechnoSythe Light
    TechnoSythe Light 14 days ago

    It’s disgusting then satisfying. Help. I don’t know why it’s so satisfying.

  • Lit Dragon
    Lit Dragon 14 days ago

    You guys are wasting hell of alot of food

  • Mr Migguns
    Mr Migguns 14 days ago

    If I drink liquid plumper, will I shit my pants?

  • Ethan Wilson
    Ethan Wilson 14 days ago

    More more

  • Adam Hofilena
    Adam Hofilena 14 days ago

    You know the drill..

    HA! you thought lol

  • MoustacheCreeps
    MoustacheCreeps 14 days ago

    now i can shit in the sink and LIQUID PLUMR will remove every single shit

  • Vanessa L. Pruett-Urie-Keller Williams Realty Agent

    Did the Oreo melt in the chocolate(btw you are the best

  • Dark Light Productions and skits

    I cannot believe that s pig died so that you could put it in a sink hole

  • Dabbing Dog
    Dabbing Dog 16 days ago

    I almost puked when I was eating when they showed the 'ultimate washroom thing'

  • Crystal Mouih
    Crystal Mouih 16 days ago

    Thats just a waste a homeless preson would have loved that food but your just putting it down rhe drain. Litterly

  • high tops and jeans
    high tops and jeans 16 days ago

    *takes away all liquid plumber*

  • Erica Bernstrom
    Erica Bernstrom 16 days ago

    clog gummy edition!!!!!! do like gummy brAins and loads of gummy stuff

  • youtube youtute
    youtube youtute 17 days ago

    I'm just sad that they wasted so much bacon

  • Joshua C Jr
    Joshua C Jr 17 days ago


  • Janelle Ferrer
    Janelle Ferrer 18 days ago

    Will it clog

  • bingdip wingtip
    bingdip wingtip 18 days ago

    3:58 close your eyes and listen

  • happiest man alive
    happiest man alive 18 days ago

    1:04 me when I was 6 trying to shove the poop down the sink and using liquid plumr to unclog it but I don’t know what liquid plumr is

  • jayaprada krothapalli
    jayaprada krothapalli 18 days ago

    It is not safe to pour bacon grease is the sink

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice 18 days ago

    You should have eaten those chocolates so yummy and just put the wrappers like ur vid=)

  • Crocogator
    Crocogator 19 days ago

    Will it work for toilets?

  • LEGO Dominick and paul giordano

    The things there using makes me so hungry make that thumb blue if you feel the same

  • Galactic Gacha
    Galactic Gacha 19 days ago

    The real question is... will a clog (the shoe clog) clog a sink?
    Edit: they basically shoved a whole pig down the drain with that much bacon

  • Adam Herr
    Adam Herr 20 days ago

    Why do you waste the food😥🤬🖕🏿

  • nagoL 52105
    nagoL 52105 20 days ago

    What a waste of bacon.

  • Sheryn Delacruz
    Sheryn Delacruz 20 days ago

    3:15 and i-oop

  • mika chilli
    mika chilli 20 days ago

    Do it with a toilet

  • RosePetals
    RosePetals 21 day ago

    I am kinda hurt by this. Why waste food on only a video? Even though this is a LITTLE bit of food down the drain, this can cause a HUGE clog problem deep down.

  • ConnorJxx
    ConnorJxx 21 day ago

    Who else looked at the thumbnail and wanted the grab the bacon out of the screen and eat it all?

  • Jacob Lochner
    Jacob Lochner 21 day ago


  • Crazygame Boy001
    Crazygame Boy001 21 day ago

    Try paint

  • Maria Teodora
    Maria Teodora 21 day ago

    How much waste was that ?

  • Jenny Tran
    Jenny Tran 22 days ago

    Bacon is too delicious

  • Stella Bossert
    Stella Bossert 22 days ago

    I really did throw up no joke

  • Autumn Larson
    Autumn Larson 22 days ago

    Title: Will it clog? So. Much. Bacon.

  • brian tomlinson
    brian tomlinson 22 days ago


  • A Dumb Boy
    A Dumb Boy 22 days ago

    You could have let me have some bacon

  • Jack Morris
    Jack Morris 22 days ago

    Why waste all that bacon

  • Aqeel Husain
    Aqeel Husain 22 days ago

    Stuff the whole pipe with kinetic sand pretty please

  • Aubrey Glasgow
    Aubrey Glasgow 23 days ago +1

    I cried when they shoved all the bacon down! 😭😭 I'm addicted to bacon! It is my soulmate!! BTW no hate just love my bacon!!

  • Rihana Rupita
    Rihana Rupita 23 days ago

    *Use only as intended*
    Me: *clogs drain on purpose*

  • Simmons Brothers
    Simmons Brothers 23 days ago

    Do rocks and mud

  • Crazy Gamer Guy
    Crazy Gamer Guy 23 days ago

    So satisfying

  • Robert Candelaria
    Robert Candelaria 23 days ago

    I like Lywid plumber be cus it saved our family shower

  • mr. what
    mr. what 23 days ago

    Dude I love Eric he is so funny 😂

  • Grace Zatell
    Grace Zatell 23 days ago +1

    Would liqued plumber work on showers? I am constantly plugging my shower with hair

  • Sam Uk
    Sam Uk 23 days ago


  • nathan shark1
    nathan shark1 23 days ago

    Try slime

  • Luke York
    Luke York 23 days ago

    Why did eric quit

  • Sticky Piggy AJ
    Sticky Piggy AJ 23 days ago

    its no secret that we are obviously copying GMM

  • Davian Himawan
    Davian Himawan 23 days ago +1

    I like I more episode of will it clog

  • CandyCrazyGirl
    CandyCrazyGirl 24 days ago

    Put glass in the sink or stress balls

  • K. Kim
    K. Kim 24 days ago

    I wonder how much calories the chocolate clog is?

  • Ben Kellner
    Ben Kellner 24 days ago +1

    Pure Cement Mayyyyyyyy Work...

  • MyMinecraftLetsPlay ?
    MyMinecraftLetsPlay ? 24 days ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about how satisfying it is to see the stuff leave the pipes?

  • ai chan
    ai chan 24 days ago

    Watching this video again makes me wonder.....why do American sinks have such a big holes and then have that thing where they destroy things as well (I can't remember the name of it rn)?

  • Fairy Gamer
    Fairy Gamer 25 days ago +1

    This is the one time that a promotion actually got me to buy something

    • Fairy Gamer
      Fairy Gamer 24 days ago

      DJ Pizza yeah but it's a paid promotion XD

    • DJ Pizza
      DJ Pizza 25 days ago

      Fairy Gamer and its not even one of their products

  • furiousgamer37 games
    furiousgamer37 games 26 days ago

    at 1:04 it looks like poo

  • zerobrinekills :
    zerobrinekills : 26 days ago

    You should've put cement in then let it dry inside that would be the ultimate clog

  • Wanted Elevant
    Wanted Elevant 26 days ago

    So if you got something stuck In your throut...

  • Rothanak YT-Future Gaming And Vlogs

    1:36 pause it looks so ... symmetrical

  • XChanged
    XChanged 27 days ago

    Ey please send me thy chicken.