4 Places to Hide Your Valuables

  • Published on Nov 3, 2013
  • If you're going out of town for a few days or your worried about being robed, then check out these 4 hiding places. Some times the best hiding place is in plane sight. It has to be some place that no one would evert suspect. However if one particular spot gets too popular, then it becomes less safe. All four places in this video, are hiding spots that are less popular and there for, safer. Check out more of my projects at tvclip.biz/user/jlaservideo
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  • Eric
    Eric 8 months ago

    Me: the first one: As an adult: "Honey!? Where are the strawberries!?" *my wife* "I threw them away! They were outdated!"
    *me in my head* "Well, I'm screwed!"

  • Turbo Johnny
    Turbo Johnny Year ago

    I have done the last one, but i am afraid of losing my money in all the others.

  • Maniacus Games
    Maniacus Games Year ago

    All of these have been on television shows over the last 30 years. Best practice is get a small safe and find a way once bolted to your floor to make it look like something else. Somehow cover it so you can easily get to it, but it would be overlooked, and leave a small box with a little bit of cash out in the open so a thief thinks he has your stash and leaves.

  • Carla Becker
    Carla Becker 2 years ago

    Behind a picture frame

  • Brody Walker
    Brody Walker 2 years ago

    I have a money steals my family. Thank you for helping me hide stuff!

  • Kryptonite Gamer
    Kryptonite Gamer 2 years ago

    One time this guy robbed my house well tryed to...So I set up some tazers by the door so that when a someone breaks in, they get tazered, and And I also put a chair to block the door😎I tryed it myself before someone broke in though..

  • srujan kumar
    srujan kumar 2 years ago +1

    1.these are no more ..secrets places Now : )
    2. what if a burglar made videos like this...and everyone use these tricks...then it will be easy to find valuables for burglar :)

  • Nicole Williamson
    Nicole Williamson 2 years ago

    a old phone outlet

  • Ben Müller
    Ben Müller 2 years ago


  • Ben Müller
    Ben Müller 2 years ago

    291 857 8

  • Ben Müller
    Ben Müller 2 years ago


  • Shanaya Kaka
    Shanaya Kaka 2 years ago

    But good hiding places tho

  • Shanaya Kaka
    Shanaya Kaka 2 years ago

    Well by making this video you just told everybody where to look if they break into someones house

  • LiftOrGTFO
    LiftOrGTFO 2 years ago +2

    None of these would work against my mom, she's too damn nosey.

  • siva sai tarun
    siva sai tarun 2 years ago


  • Ma Vhiosil Ricafort
    Ma Vhiosil Ricafort 2 years ago

    i think the plant

  • Anime Heaven
    Anime Heaven 2 years ago

    What if the thief gets hungry he would eat chips and find out that money was in there

  • paulspydar
    paulspydar 2 years ago +1

    up your ass , I was sure that would be on the list..oh well . part 2 ? lol

  • Epic Gamer122
    Epic Gamer122 2 years ago

    up in a tree maybe

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 2 years ago +2

    "Here're some hiding places I think are less known"
    *video gets 138k views*

  • The BMSTER
    The BMSTER 2 years ago


  • Clorox
    Clorox 3 years ago

    Was gonna hide my cash in a sock, then I realized it was my cum sock

  • Jayden Gonzalez
    Jayden Gonzalez 3 years ago

    On top of your fans

  • Erich Christian
    Erich Christian 3 years ago +1

    Socks are so old school and obvious.

  • Kenton Parsons
    Kenton Parsons 3 years ago

    Hidden in a plant is the best I think

  • I am toast
    I am toast 3 years ago

    back of a tolit

  • Francis Dudero
    Francis Dudero 3 years ago

    Bro you got great ideas in this topic but I would suggest to talk a little bit louder than the background music that would be better. Thanks.

  • Chewisaurus
    Chewisaurus 3 years ago

    Where do I hide a knife from my mum

    • I like cars
      I like cars 2 years ago

      Chewisaurus Bro I would tape it under the frame of your bed.

    • Oliver Thibeault
      Oliver Thibeault 2 years ago


    • jackhamer orDEWEY
      jackhamer orDEWEY 3 years ago +1

      +Otro wey que comenta nah dude.. He said "mum" we say "mom" in the USA...

  • Alexandra violetbabygirl
    Alexandra violetbabygirl 3 years ago +1

    the secret is out since thieves watch youtube for ideas too

  • 135roze
    135roze 3 years ago

    Hide stuff in the back of a phone case, make sure it is transparent, it works wonders and it has to always be in your hand, I did it and I only got robbed 10 times, you can fit your dog, cat, friend, consoles, baseball bat, gun, knife, nukes, election ballots and other things, BUT WAIT there's more robbers are fucking stupid so it works and if you order right now, you get a flip phone with it.

  • Sergio Guizar
    Sergio Guizar 3 years ago

    Up your ass

  • M3m3Dealer
    M3m3Dealer 3 years ago

    I found a place to hide stuff in Donald trumps hair

  • Cauvins Toy Reviews
    Cauvins Toy Reviews 3 years ago

    This is my first video I've watched from you and I absolutely loved and enjoyed it! Keep up on your great work.

  • Jesus1230950
    Jesus1230950 3 years ago

    Hide something in your shoes if it's weed

  • Christopher Klimasauskas

    in the car somewhere

  • Christopher Klimasauskas

    in the garage somewhere

  • Cruz Balleza-Chavez
    Cruz Balleza-Chavez 3 years ago

    I like the one with the plant and socks

  • Gavin Shepard
    Gavin Shepard 3 years ago

    behind a poster

  • Lethal Codeine
    Lethal Codeine 3 years ago +10

    I wouldn't recommend hiding weed in an air vent lmao

  • C C
    C C 3 years ago

    hide it in your ass

  • sneakyMCR Howlter
    sneakyMCR Howlter 3 years ago

    Just hid it in the middle o my neatly organized stuff pile in the corner of my room. No one will be able to find in there not even you. WA HA HA!

  • Jose Molina
    Jose Molina 3 years ago

    I'm a bugalar now I know haha

  • James  Newell
    James Newell 3 years ago +1

    I'm a burglar

  • Christopher Tighe
    Christopher Tighe 3 years ago

    Dumb af

  • Ann Marie
    Ann Marie 3 years ago

    Thanks! these are pretty good!

  • Alexandria Sanchez
    Alexandria Sanchez 3 years ago

    get two tissue boxes and cut one half way and cut in the tissue box that is not cut and make a flap about that size of the cut box and put your values in there but leave some tissues in the big tissue box

  • Alexandria Sanchez
    Alexandria Sanchez 3 years ago

    get two tissue boxes and cut one half way and cut in the tissue box that is not cut and make a flap about that size of the cut box and put your values in there but leave some tissues in the big tissue box

  • Silver Rush
    Silver Rush 3 years ago +11

    Guys do NOT put stuff in your socks, it is the OLDEST trick in the book and everyone has thought about it when they were a kid.

  • hk
    hk 3 years ago +2

    what if your socks our nike elites? i dont want that stuff stolen

  • iHoop x
    iHoop x 3 years ago

  • Shabnam Siddiqui/khan
    Shabnam Siddiqui/khan 3 years ago


  • Alberto Jr Sandoval
    Alberto Jr Sandoval 3 years ago

    good Hiding spots

  • Dirty Biker
    Dirty Biker 3 years ago

    yes nice now bergilers no we're everything is

  • Louis
    Louis 4 years ago

    You should hide your money in a safe

  • Evalena Zamudio
    Evalena Zamudio 4 years ago

    I like all of Them and I do have an idea grab a can of food wash it out and then get a bag and put anything in the can please put this in one of you vidos

  • Fallen Tim
    Fallen Tim 4 years ago

    take out the plunger from an empty tube of caulk, get another 1/2 empty tube; throw your valuables in and cover with the other plunger...put it in a caulk gun - the caulk will still work and upon inspection you can't see anything...ya nailed it

  • Audra Vollmer
    Audra Vollmer 4 years ago

    behind a picture on your wall

    • Oga Booga501
      Oga Booga501 4 years ago +1

      Chances are if its a valuable painting they will take it and sell it...but that is acually a common place

  • Arianna Johnson
    Arianna Johnson 4 years ago

    The bag*

  • Arianna Johnson
    Arianna Johnson 4 years ago +1

    Would if your family wants berrys and they find money in thebbag

  • Letful
    Letful 4 years ago

    Put it in the pocket of your pants then fold them up.

  • Avery Wall
    Avery Wall 4 years ago

    Hide it inside a flash light!! In a wind up one. I have one and my parents don't even know that a have a lot of money hidden in there!!!

  • Kaitlyn Ender
    Kaitlyn Ender 4 years ago +5

    4 places to hide your things ! My version .
    - DVD case
    -in the clock's batterys or any other inventory.
    -tape it to the very top of your fan blade.
    -put money in bag and hide it in a Clorox disinfecting wipes box under the sink.

    • Maniacus Games
      Maniacus Games Year ago

      be creative, but google your ideas, if you can find it so can thieves.

    • Maniacus Games
      Maniacus Games Year ago

      I also have my own personal design in mind, it doesn't google or pull any youtube videos so this one I will take to my grave.. But it involves a clever method to disguise a small security safe.

    • Maniacus Games
      Maniacus Games Year ago

      Buy a dirty old empty aquarium, store it in your basement (make sure it has the original rocks, grungier the better, put some cash in a ziplock and bury under the rocks, toss a blanket over the tank like it's being stored, or fill it with crushed beer cans, nobody will expect a stash, just a shitty fish graveyard.

    • Maniacus Games
      Maniacus Games Year ago

      convert your wealth into loose diamonds and freeze them into ice trays in an old garage or basement freezer, Always take a glass with you when retrieving them so people just think you are thirsty. (Diamonds are completely invisible in water or ice, so even if someone pulls out the tray and looks at the ice they won't see anything out of the ordinary).

    • BeTa
      BeTa 2 years ago

      Kaitlyn Ender and kush

  • Mr. RandomMan
    Mr. RandomMan 4 years ago

    This is a good video if you live in the hood

  • Juan Estrada
    Juan Estrada 4 years ago +9

    What if the burglars love organic strawberries

    • Shroomie
      Shroomie 3 years ago

      +Juan Estrada and air vents and plants and socks XD

  • K W
    K W 4 years ago

    You idiot you just said where your hiding places are this is why nobody will try them! Bungulars have TVclip too or watch it and they know where people may hide them

    • hiddenpower 6
      hiddenpower 6 3 years ago

      Dude it like 1 and a million chance they will watch this video they won't know witch one you choosed

  • the potato mafia
    the potato mafia 4 years ago

    no i always used to put my stuff in the air grate but you just had to put it on the inernet way to tip the theives

  • Joseph Parodi
    Joseph Parodi 4 years ago

    The one I have is to fold up your dollars and gift cards and the tabloids container works perfect.

  • David reyes
    David reyes 4 years ago +1

    what if your parents throw it away

    LONEONE STAR 4 years ago

    People know about #1 and #3

  • Daniel Ritchie
    Daniel Ritchie 4 years ago

    I like to hide shit in foam fingers

  • Tiny Teller
    Tiny Teller 4 years ago

    why are people making such videos is it for youtube advertising money or what?

  • Roblox hax works
    Roblox hax works 4 years ago

    Hide it under a bed

  • Builder4999
    Builder4999 4 years ago

    Hide it in a book

    ONLINE EQUINE 4 years ago

    Great now 51,000 people know about these spots.

  • nicasio ugsang
    nicasio ugsang 4 years ago +3

    I know a good one hide your valuables in your pocket 😀

  • anjopag31
    anjopag31 4 years ago +1

    another idea:
    with a huge portrait, hide your money behind it!
    another idea:
    hide it under the fridge (if you have space AND you can fish it out)

  • ariel arango
    ariel arango 4 years ago


  • random rino
    random rino 4 years ago

    In a non see through bottle

  • Jarl Trollston
    Jarl Trollston 4 years ago +16

    gonna bury a flat screen tv in a plant.
    seems like it would work

    • Dtrouty
      Dtrouty Year ago

      Jarl Trollston I actually laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself when I saw this

    • HoneyHive
      HoneyHive 3 years ago +1

      +Jarl Trollston Fake plant /w pot!Now 10 times larger!Batterys not included.

    • Avery Wall
      Avery Wall 4 years ago +1


  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales 4 years ago


  • Scoot'r 'N
    Scoot'r 'N 4 years ago +3

    Glue stick container (empty)

  • Hunter 101
    Hunter 101 4 years ago

    Well I guess I'll

  • Jacob Alvarez
    Jacob Alvarez 4 years ago +1

    Believe it or not some burglars actually eat the food in your freezer and fridge haha

  • TLK Amoeba
    TLK Amoeba 4 years ago

    And Mach box

  • TLK Amoeba
    TLK Amoeba 4 years ago

    In a book

  • Joseph springer
    Joseph springer 4 years ago

    Now everyone knows!

  • wild bill
    wild bill 4 years ago

    some times when i hide money i go to the tissue box pick up the tissues and put my money under them cause we rarely use tissues

  • AJG
    AJG 4 years ago

    In the body of stick deodorant. screw the top off, put your money in the body, screw it back on.

    • tj havens
      tj havens 3 years ago

      That's exaclty how I hide my weed

  • XX 17 XX
    XX 17 XX 4 years ago

    Make a shirt with a pocet inside it

  • Zachary Banuelos
    Zachary Banuelos 4 years ago

    Or hide your valuables in your the other side of your pillow

    • TovaShai
      TovaShai 4 years ago

      Just be careful! I recently heard a man on the radio who had put out an APB on some throw pillows he had donated to Goodwill, after helping his mom clean up and downsize before a move. Well, she had forgotten that she had hidden her wedding ring set, her mother's wedding ring set, and an expensive cocktail ring in the pillow! o.O

  • Zachary Banuelos
    Zachary Banuelos 4 years ago

    The socks

  • Cameron Holder
    Cameron Holder 4 years ago

    The plant

  • Flow Royalz
    Flow Royalz 4 years ago +4

    What if a burglar is watching? Dun dun duun

  • Lou Sawyer
    Lou Sawyer 4 years ago +1

    217 thief's liked this video lol

  • Coderedx70
    Coderedx70 5 years ago

    Put ur stuff in a bank

    • Shroomie
      Shroomie 3 years ago

      +Nicholas Yusaf the bank owes u some money

    • Jacob Breitha
      Jacob Breitha 4 years ago

      @Nicholas Yusaf they have insurance on the money

    • Nicholas !
      Nicholas ! 4 years ago

      What is a robber brakes into the bank?

  • jim jimberjim
    jim jimberjim 5 years ago

    put it in one of those huge 1$ flashlights that short out as soon as you buy them.

  • Eduardo Velasco
    Eduardo Velasco 5 years ago

  • Mina Henan
    Mina Henan 5 years ago

    My grampa hides his money in a jacket in the closet at all times except when he has to use it.

  • Name
    Name 5 years ago

    put your valuables in a coffee mug and stick it in the far back of a cupboard

  • Dustyn Fernandes
    Dustyn Fernandes 5 years ago

    The number pad of a Keyboard :)