Racing and Rally Crash Compilation Week 9 March 2017

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  • Wolfbiscuits
    Wolfbiscuits 7 months ago

    I love how the pacenotes just drop out through the door at 0:38

  • William Moore
    William Moore 9 months ago

    Celica nooooooo

  • Jaume Arrieta
    Jaume Arrieta 9 months ago

    Amazing World Selection!

  • phapnui
    phapnui 9 months ago

    Any racing Ladas here?

  • Bjoern Maier
    Bjoern Maier 9 months ago +3

    Bye Toyota Celica, Bye FIAT Panda500😥😂😂

  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman 10 months ago

    Mexican mopeds.. I lost my shit.

  • brown earth body
    brown earth body 10 months ago

    that one pit crew for the super bikes race fuck the downed bike there is a man in the fucking speed way

  • El Tio
    El Tio 10 months ago

    6:31 ...the hell? Tarmac racing with Trophy Trucks!

    • thebigc
      thebigc 10 months ago

      El Tio having seen it in person it's some of the most exciting racing to watch in person

    • Andrea
      Andrea 10 months ago +1

      Yes, there are also present in a simulator game called "Automobilista"

  • Kevin Gilmore
    Kevin Gilmore 10 months ago +2

    What's the class of cars with the Datsun 510, R33 Skyline's​, RX-7's, exc.?

    • bcpr7es11
      bcpr7es11 10 months ago

      Improved Production Car Championship. A pretty open class with production cars that have limited modifications. Usually run as a support race for the Australian 'V8 Supercars' or similar.

  • ajwasp
    ajwasp 10 months ago

    Last week is going to be hard to beat.

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie 10 months ago

    It's not often you see the GT boys and girls eat the wall at turn 8 at Clipsal, they stay well away from the inside kerb as it's instant disaster for them and you'd need to be clinically insane to try round the outside so they treat it as pretty much a one line corner. I wonder if that one lost the left front tyre on the way in and just couldn't turn. A lot of people said when they decided to move the wall back there after the fatalities that it would ruin the excitement. They ain't saying it any more, the turn 8 wall still has big, scary teeth and it likes to use them...

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie 10 months ago

    I'm sure that white Lubri-something sponsored Citroen Saxo turned up in one of your videos not long ago doing much the same thing. Maybe ditches are addictive... Who knew???...

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie 10 months ago

    I'd almost swear that Fiesta was trying to get those photographers. Maybe we've found the successor to Christine and The Car...

  • Exade
    Exade 10 months ago

    Name of outro music please ?

  • Putra Shafiz Rosman
    Putra Shafiz Rosman 10 months ago

    wooo~~Malaysian Cub Prix~

    • gosportjamie
      gosportjamie 10 months ago

      +Putra Shafiz Rosman I get the distinct impression a lot of these riders had been watching a film about Evel Knievel just before this event...

  • funbus
    funbus 10 months ago

    Great video as always & i loved the nickname, waffle bellies, lol

  • bobjons7
    bobjons7 10 months ago

    As always....the best there is! Just wondering, but who or what happens when there is property damage in the rally car crashes? You never see any pissed off or they just don't show them.

  • p00n3du
    p00n3du 10 months ago

    what track is shown at 4:18?

    • p00n3du
      p00n3du 10 months ago

      alright, thanks.

    • p00n3du
      p00n3du 10 months ago

      alright, thanks.

    • SFR Fox
      SFR Fox 10 months ago +1

      Adelaide Street Circuit

  • Blame USA
    Blame USA 10 months ago +1

    Best crashes! good edit!

  • 86Themadhatter
    86Themadhatter 10 months ago +1

    Meanwhile in Argentina, yep a few lads off in the grass again

  • Tiziano Spagnuolo
    Tiziano Spagnuolo 10 months ago

    what are those little cars at 6:00? they seem fun

    • Andy
      Andy 10 months ago

      Tiziano Spagnuolo yes the Aussie Racing Cars. Basically a tubular chassis with a 1300cc Yamaha engine in it. Awesome race cars.

    • João Vitor Livramento
      João Vitor Livramento 10 months ago

      Tiziano Spagnuolo it's the Assue racing cars

  • bugjuicer
    bugjuicer 10 months ago +1

    How has this channel not got more subs?!

    • 86Themadhatter
      86Themadhatter 10 months ago

      Considering they had to start afresh, they're doing pretty good

  • bugjuicer
    bugjuicer 10 months ago +1

    If that driver had kept it at 2:24, that would have been epic

  • João Vitor Livramento
    João Vitor Livramento 10 months ago

    Hey Racing Fail! don't care about these people who dislike your videos. keep going! you're the channel of crash compilation of TVclip!

  • Frita
    Frita 10 months ago

    When is there gonna be a 30 min vid like you guys used to do :( we need less professional drivers

  • Eric Cardona
    Eric Cardona 10 months ago +1

    4:25 "That's not great though!"
    Man I love racing announcers

  • R.E.X.
    R.E.X. 10 months ago

    Awesome videos as usual

  • Roy Drinkwater
    Roy Drinkwater 10 months ago

    What class is the open wheel race at 7:05 - 7:15?

  • Marc Indied
    Marc Indied 10 months ago

    We "hoped" for more rally crash, this is a thing done )

  • Daniel Mores
    Daniel Mores 10 months ago

    aaaw .. no monster trucks :(
    But a great compilation once again!

  • Peter Crockett
    Peter Crockett 10 months ago

    *Happy Thursday~! Thanks for the video. Winter storm here in Ohio, 4" of snow on the ground so no mowing. Just had a "RFA" (nerve burning) on my low back yesterday so am recovering from that in time for mowing season...*

  • LLIo6oH
    LLIo6oH 10 months ago

    It would be cool to paste a note with racing series names! But thank you in anyway for this videos

  • SputnikRSS1
    SputnikRSS1 10 months ago

    The death moped racing league at it's finest!

  • V8HiluxZX6R
    V8HiluxZX6R 10 months ago

    what a sh!t day... thank you racing fail for puttin my smile back on.... can only mean one thing... it must be thursday so it's racing fail o'clock mothaf***as!

  • GreyTuber
    GreyTuber 10 months ago

    still the best videos ever

  • Tobias Röhner
    Tobias Röhner 10 months ago

    This scooter racing seems stupidly dangerous.

    • Tobias Röhner
      Tobias Röhner 10 months ago

      But MotoGP at least has run offs and not walls and fences as track limits.

    • Andy
      Andy 10 months ago

      Tobias Röhner no more dangerous than any other form of 2 wheeled racing mate. MotoGP are doing 360kph sooooooo a tad more some may say......

  • zimmlock
    zimmlock 10 months ago

    This time I voted thumb down, you start to cut the clips to short specially the rally clips

    • zimmlock
      zimmlock 10 months ago

      Okay, then it must be me. Sorry for the disturbance

    • GreyTuber
      GreyTuber 10 months ago +2

      RACINGFAIL! it is good as always I don't see a difference

      RACINGFAIL!  10 months ago +1

      We didn't! We edited the same way as we always do :(

  • Verdampft und zugevaped
    Verdampft und zugevaped 10 months ago

    "Stadium Supertrucks" -WTF? Why they drive on a concrete racetrack with this unstable topheavy cars that seem to be made for blasting over sand dunes in a desert? It is all about the accidents?

    • NathanM4A1
      NathanM4A1 10 months ago

      The biggest crowds in Australia follow the V8 Supercars. They wouldn't get as many people watching if they raced on suitable tracks. They used to race in stadiums in America, but eventually started doing mainly IndyCar events, where there were more people to watch. TORC doesn't get a comparable amount of spectators when racing at their own custom circuits, so these wouldn't.

    • DDS029
      DDS029 10 months ago +1

      The trucks are a bit out of their intended element. The original idea was to run them in American football stadiums. It was a throw back idea to the Mickey Thompson Stadium Off-Road series. Except this time around they couldn't book stadiums. Mickey 's series was to give off-road racers another income producing series to run indoors in the winter. Needless to say back then the tracks were quite tight, with sharp switchbacks, and smaller jump ramps. The tracks were also to small to get up to much speed between turns, so they didn't lean so much in the corners. They weren't really made for high speed cornering.

    • Verdampft und zugevaped
      Verdampft und zugevaped 10 months ago

      +Jeff H I did not write that I did not like Supertrucks, but I found only the terrain unsuitable. It's right, I do not like sprintcars, but that does not matter.

    • Jeff H
      Jeff H 10 months ago

      If I remember, you didn't like sprint cars either.

    • Jeff H
      Jeff H 10 months ago

      I reckon it's the most exciting racing ever in Australia!! Love it.

  • hotwheelscarvids 001
    hotwheelscarvids 001 10 months ago

    Do people actually watch those scooter races?😂

  • christophe lemaire
    christophe lemaire 10 months ago +2

    1:50 "verglas frequent" sign (frequent ice), crashed on dry asphalt, funny one. 3:07 close call for another reckless spectator.

  • Xavier Roosens
    Xavier Roosens 10 months ago +1

    What is the name of the main track of the video ? With the GT

    • Andy
      Andy 10 months ago +1

      Varkana yep, Adelaide street circuit. In South Australia. It is part of the Supercars race weekend. Great track, used to be an F1 track until the shitheads in Melbourne stole it....

    • Cirithor
      Cirithor 10 months ago +2

      I'm pretty sure it's the Adelaide Street Circuit

  • ealeshin
    ealeshin 10 months ago +1

    Another great video. Thanks!

  • Daniel Jenkins
    Daniel Jenkins 10 months ago +18

    6:25 Dafuq?

    • gosportjamie
      gosportjamie 9 months ago +1

      +Fergd And yet when you're in that situation it all seems to happen REALLY slowly. And there's still the square root of stuff all you can do about it...

    • Fergd
      Fergd 9 months ago

      What we see here is a glimpse into an alternate universe in which time is twice as fast as ours, overlapping with our universe.

    • gosportjamie
      gosportjamie 10 months ago

      +Daniel Jenkins The driver either had no brakes, or, more likely, the throttle stuck wide open. In that situation you're just a passenger and anybody that gets in your way is going along for the ride...

      RACINGFAIL!  10 months ago +1

      Blink and you'll miss it

      RACINGFAIL!  10 months ago +2

      We had to watch it a few times and also on slow motion, try it out!

  • CleanF2
    CleanF2 10 months ago +5

    hello notificationsquad!

  • CLASH Pelaaja
    CLASH Pelaaja 10 months ago +1

    tee first Time first

  • CLASH Pelaaja
    CLASH Pelaaja 10 months ago