• Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • This is my brand new 2019 What I Got My Kids For Christmas ! This toddler gift guide features toys for toddler boys and girls. I definitely over did it this year, but I got my kids some great toys for Christmas ! Thank you for watching and make sure to subscribe and comment below with your ideas !
    I am a 22 year old stay at home mom of three kids that. Mason will be 4 in August and Evalene will be 3 in January. Ellianna will be 1 next February! My husband and I have been married since April of 2014 and he recently got out of the military. Make sure to subscribe if you like watching cleaning, vlogs, lifestyle, beauty, and mommy videos!
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  • Christian Peterson
    Christian Peterson 7 days ago

    ok now i want kids

  • Kylee Oneal
    Kylee Oneal 9 days ago

    I’m 12 and I still believe in Santa and the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy

  • Amy S
    Amy S 20 days ago

    Omg 😆 you said the word “ obsessed” sooooooooooooo many times 😩

  • TheBrittbrat2341
    TheBrittbrat2341 21 day ago

    My husband is stationed at Fort Carson! We've been here 3 years, are you guys originally from Colorado?

  • Gina Timmer
    Gina Timmer 25 days ago

    Super cute you kiddos will have a great Christmas. I have three kiddos and spent 1700 this year. But the Christmas before they didn't get much cus of income but this year was a good year so they going to have a great Christmas..
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  • Chuck Foht Jr.
    Chuck Foht Jr. 26 days ago

    I love lol dolls too

  • Sarah E
    Sarah E 29 days ago

    What a fun group of presents! My dad always went way overboard with Christmas presents when I was a child, and I grew up to be pretty well rounded, albeit a Princess who's young at heart. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Erica Vandegrift
    Erica Vandegrift 29 days ago +5

    I have 4 kids, ages 14, 13, 7 and 6. I think I spent around $800 on each of them. I get rude comments all the time but it’s nobody else’s business really. My bills are paid first so I can do what I want with the rest of our money! I got my boys a 4 wheeler, (kid sized gas powered) and a swing set for the yard. My 13 year old is getting a PS4 with the VR headset. My 14 year old is getting a TV for her room, a new desk, and a $100 gift card to a book store. Plus a bunch of medium and small gifts for all of them.

    • R Crawford
      R Crawford 24 days ago +1

      Erica Vandegrift just ignore all the nasty people I do the exact same for my son even though he is the only child but they all deserve it 😘

    JENNIFER JONES Month ago

    Are you going to do a stocking stuffers video??

  • Brandy Wortham
    Brandy Wortham Month ago

    My son plays with everything. I have some good tips. Cheap items or expensive, they lose interest so quickly. They say less is better only because with a few items they will play with but with a room full of toys they hop around from toy to toy and never play with much. But a good tip is to put some toys up for a few months if they lose interest and then they will start playing with them again. I've done that and found that my son literally plays with everything. He appreciates things more because we only pull some things out of a locked cabinet. We let him pick and choose what he wants and after 1-2 weeks he loses interest so we let him choose something else. We also play with my son, he plays independently too.. Our neighbor girl's Mom will not even play with her kids.
    Tablets are great because it's something they will actually use daily (Michael uses before bed). Tents are good until they break but they are inexpensive so it's not too bad replacing them but all the small toys they don't play with much. I decided to do 3 big gifts and maybe 10-15 small gifts. I think maybe 20. I probably spent $400-500. But again he plays with everything. I just don't leave a room full of toys because nothing would get played with. Besides his Disney cars diecasts and wooden garage most things are put up until he asks for them. My best friend is a speech pathologist and she does the same. She only has a few toys and books in a bin and the rest are put up until she asks to play with them. On Christmas Day and the week I'm sure I'll leave everything for him until I'll start to put some things up. Mostly toys I notice he isn't playing with much. I learned to ride a bike at 5 so I wouldn't really spend too much on a training one. ❤ He'll probably ride a Bike soon. Remember too many toys can hinder there development. It can also overstimulate them. I try to remind myself of this. Christmas is the holiday I go overboard on too.

  • Danie and Danny
    Danie and Danny Month ago

    We have a similar video coming out tonight! We got almost all of our kids gifts for free through couponing and rewards! We would love some support and to show you how we saved so much money!

  • Amber Gonzales
    Amber Gonzales Month ago +2

    i wanted those frozen bath toys so badly for my girl but they sold out when i went to get them! they haven’t come back in stock.

  • Grace Dennis
    Grace Dennis Month ago

    I also grabbed my son the fire hd this year! He’s 2! I grabbed a play tent ⛺️ that I’ll be putting lights around it for him. So he can sit and read in it. I grabbed him the Disney advent books! So excited for that. My busy town! A bunch of items from amazon! I’m still not done! I’m doing last minute shopping next week 😂 I can’t wrap until the night before because he will shake and open them. I can’t wait !

  • Diaries of a Disabled mom

    Oh wow my bday is Jan 2nd lol.i was suppose to be the 1st but I said nope. Lol. My youngest is 4. Those are gonna be some happy kids. Lol my daughter started getting into LOL toys. They are super expensive lol I'm obsessed with frozen. My son is obsessed with Ryan 😂😂 my daughter is obsessed with Peppa the pig 🤦 I can't stand Peppa lol omg that smart cycle is so cool

  • Elizabeth Mendoza
    Elizabeth Mendoza Month ago

    Omg my daughter will be 2 on January 1st. Loved your video 💕

  • Sandra Purviņa
    Sandra Purviņa Month ago

    Lacking ideas what to gift for a kid? I am pretty sure this will help: www.amazon.com/Build-Ballerina-Costume-Creative-Educational/dp/B076ZSXS66/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=costume+puzzle&qid=1576239029&sr=8-13&fbclid=IwAR1KTDRQKEykIJpJMfobd5wwdYbjck4RAkSFq0v1hAQWC1o1ZwJj9g1P-GQ

  • Becca Halm
    Becca Halm Month ago +1

    New here and subbed! I’ll be doing this for my 4 month old soon ❤️ glad i just found you!

  • Julia Perry
    Julia Perry Month ago

    We have raised 5 of our 6 children and when they become teenagers, you won't have to worry at all about cheapy plastic toys. Start saving now! God bless and have a great holiday.

    • Johanna Kline
      Johanna Kline Month ago

      Julia Perry hahaha! This is so true. I have three teenagers and a three year old. Girl, I had to start buying in July. They wanted a few items but with huge price tags.

  • Tammy Kirk
    Tammy Kirk Month ago

    Your only 22 wow

  • Shannon Main
    Shannon Main Month ago +3

    We have been blessed to spend about $1,200 on our 3 kids for the past 3 years now. I dont feel I need to justify it to anyone. Bravo you're able to do that for your children. (hint for anyone if you put back $100 a month come december boom christmas money) and I hear ya on the l.o.l items that house is a pretty penny.

  • Shamarr81
    Shamarr81 Month ago


  • Bananas Gaming
    Bananas Gaming Month ago

    When is going to be your 10 month old birthday in February?

  • Jessica Gray
    Jessica Gray Month ago

    I don’t have kids but I do go overboard on buying my friends kids lol and donate toys

  • Tristina Rose
    Tristina Rose Month ago +3

    Ugh girl my son is obsessed with the Ryan toys as well. I don’t get it either lol 😭 Found your channel from looking up these videos because they’re my favorite and we’re both basically the same in age, mama channels! I feel like I never find anyone who’s near my age lol!

  • Angie smile
    Angie smile Month ago +40

    I use to go overboard on Christmas this yr I refused to because I realized the memories I'm going to be making is worth more then the presents that will eventually be donated so for the mommas in the comments who cant afford much just remember in a yr or two they will forget that toy but they will never forget the memories you make with them ..

    • Cheyenne Creager
      Cheyenne Creager  Month ago +1

      Angie smile I know!! I totally get what you are saying and I agree 💖💖

    • Angie smile
      Angie smile Month ago

      @Cheyenne Creager I didn't mean for my comment to mean you shouldn't go all out if you can hey to each their own I just read a lot of comments from moms who feel bad and all I meant by my comment was dont feel bad if you can't do a whole lot just focus on making the most of what you got.. and I think that's what you were trying to say in your first comment..

    • Cheyenne Creager
      Cheyenne Creager  Month ago +1

      Life Is Good I post it because people would like ideas for what to get their children. Grandparents, aunts, cousins, and so on can all get ideas from this video. I think it’s a bit self explanatory, but I don’t mind breaking it down for you 😉

    • Cheyenne Creager
      Cheyenne Creager  Month ago +5

      Life Is Good Christmas isn’t ABOUT gifts. I GET my kids gifts because I can and am able to. I don’t make their Christmas about just Santa. What matters is your heart and if you are kind and loving to others. No one should feel bad for giving their kids a lot and no one should feel bad for getting their kids minimal things. Because it’s NOT about gifts.

    • Life Is Good
      Life Is Good Month ago +1

      Cheyenne Creager if gifts don’t matter then why post a video about the gifts you got your children? Yes I know it’s your channel. But you’re contradicting yourself. I think gifts are fine. Yours are great. But this overboard I am a minimalist that’s a trend now or I don’t believe gifts matter but then let me post a video I hope you view about my kid’s gifts doesn’t make sense. Maybe a video about how you didn’t give your kids any gifts could further your point next year.

  • Jojo’s Junkin, Journey, and Jesus

    We go crazy on my grandkids. Also grown kids and spouses. We love to give to them.

    • Sandra Purviņa
      Sandra Purviņa Month ago +1

      In case you are lacking ideas: www.amazon.com/Build-Ballerina-Costume-Creative-Educational/dp/B076ZSXS66/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=costume+puzzle&qid=1576239029&sr=8-13&fbclid=IwAR1KTDRQKEykIJpJMfobd5wwdYbjck4RAkSFq0v1hAQWC1o1ZwJj9g1P-GQ

  • Gail O'Brien
    Gail O'Brien Month ago +11

    Christmas is so fun when the kids are little, this is totally bringing back some very fond memories!

  • Kate E
    Kate E Month ago

    New to the channel. Wow, good on you for giving the warning and not wanting to ruin anything for little believers 🙂 I have a two year old and he doesn’t understand but I still loved the warning!!!

  • The Perez Pack
    The Perez Pack Month ago

    So many awesome gifts!!!!!

  • Audrey Young
    Audrey Young Month ago

    Why is it that it seems like everyone has to show off what they get their kids for Christmas no one seems to care about the Way some people can’t afford to even get their own kids Christmas stuff that they have to find some help and it tears them up 😢 I know you are doing well in your life but shouldn’t show everything that you was able to get them

    • Adri’s Mom
      Adri’s Mom 29 days ago +1

      Audrey Young LOL WHAT? That’s like buying a new car and not driving it because there’s someone out there that can’t afford to get themselves one.

  • Fortnite4Life Gaming

    Hi I am new,and also subscribed and notifications are on ❤️👍

  • tonya asqui
    tonya asqui Month ago +1

    Obsessed is her fav word

  • LightsCameraYorks
    LightsCameraYorks Month ago

    Love all of the toys!! You picked out some great ones!

  • Kim Macdonald
    Kim Macdonald Month ago

    Have an amazing blessed Christmas

  • Tracy Tanner
    Tracy Tanner Month ago +9

    Be very careful if any slime is in the Ryan’s World eggs, stains horribly.

  • KJ DB
    KJ DB Month ago

    Your kids are going to be so excited!!!

  • Nadia Lewis
    Nadia Lewis Month ago

    We bought 2 of those tablets for our kids last year. One randomly stopped turning on after 1 month and nothing had happened to it but the other one is still going strong. Great ideas. Thanks!

    • Nadia Lewis
      Nadia Lewis Month ago

      We didn’t have luck with the warranty. But our other is still going strong!

    • Kyleigh McIntyre
      Kyleigh McIntyre Month ago

      They have a great worry free warranty

  • SamanthaR
    SamanthaR Month ago

    How much are the fire tablets

  • Rebecca Heckenbach
    Rebecca Heckenbach Month ago +5

    That plush doll is Ana NOT Elsa ❄️💕

  • WickedlyMe328
    WickedlyMe328 Month ago +1

    Lol dolls aren’t as expensive as American Girl dolls. ;)

  • Ellie Hernandez
    Ellie Hernandez Month ago

    I also love everything u got them gave me many ideas

  • Ellie Hernandez
    Ellie Hernandez Month ago +1

    Thanks for this video especially for the tablets my son had an old leapfrog tablet that thing lasted 4 years so super worth it but i agree with what you said about the leapfrog tablet. I’m gong to buy the fire

  • Julie Ruiz
    Julie Ruiz Month ago +1

    TEN gifts each? And the price points must match? $1000.00? And your tree, you can't even see the tree. I'm now out of words.

  • Cassy Love
    Cassy Love Month ago +1

    I’m a single mom of 2 kids A 15 month old boy &&’ my 4 year old little girl an I go over board . But to me it’s worth it my daughter got rewarded a lot this Christmas since her first year of pre k she’s come along way an has perfect attendance ❤️

  • Kristy Eden
    Kristy Eden Month ago +1

    That vanity is so cute!! My daughter will also be 1 this February. Where did you find it? Loved all your gift ideas. I added several to her wish list. My son is 5 and he is also Ryan obsessed!

  • Brooke Loffredo
    Brooke Loffredo Month ago +4

    We got my son that tablet when he was 2 and he’s now 3 and still LOVES it. He did fine with it at 2 but now he knows how to do a lot more with it haha

    • Ashley Hurley
      Ashley Hurley Month ago

      Perfect! Good to know! I got them for my 2 and 3 yo kiddos!

  • Just Too Cole
    Just Too Cole Month ago

    Lovely Christmas haul! They'll be excited!

  • Dusty
    Dusty Month ago

    I love watching these videos. I have ONE things left I am waiting on haha I want to film my version for this year. I also tried to be much more intentional this year with what we got, I love shopping for the girls tho

  • sassyvtmom2009
    sassyvtmom2009 Month ago +15

    This year I started in February and April met my boyfriend and now have his daughter and her 7 half siblings. All in all had buy for 12 children 😆 black Friday scored on 15.00 baby alives potty and light up scooters etc . but then cyber Monday scored frozen 2 singing dolls etc . so overkill but definitely done shopping. Also deals year round got amazon Kindle fires for 25! And lots other deals if shop deals year round and walmart hidden clearance I got my life dolls for 5.00 retail for 25!

  • larissadawn xox
    larissadawn xox Month ago +12

    This is my kind of Christmas video! I go overboard too 😂 7 year old boy, (almost) 5 year old girl, and 1 1/2 year old boy!

  • Miss Eddie Blue
    Miss Eddie Blue Month ago +2

    These are the videos that make me feel sane... 😸 I have only one son & usually spend over 1500$ on him somehow... I spent 400$ on my niece (I never had a girl!!) 😳😅 I stopped showing people pictures, for some reason a neighbour & a friend got offended 😐. Like holly crap I don’t have to base my Christmas shopping on “your” budget or your flippin beliefs! I don’t start pushing my thoughts on her or anyone else telling them I think it’s cheap & terrible that they only spend 100$ on their kids or that they told their kid theirs no such thing as Santa! Meanwhile they can buy they a new car & get their nails done every 2 weeks & a 200$ purse...
    The neighbour actually said it’s not fair for her kid to come home sad asking why Santa got other kids so many presents but only got one for him... well um hello if that’s really happened maybe you should get him more than one flipping present! This is someone that owns a home, not a single mother on assistance or anything like that so don’t think I’m bashing anyone.
    Anyway my son is 10 & would totally sneak to my channel & peek so I can’t do a video like this, but I will post what he got after he opens it.
    I’m an actually toy collector so I have some insight into the mind of a child lol. The Elsa bath toy is gonna be a huge hit, same with the cry baby. Personally I find LOL Dolls & play sets WAY too expensive for what you actually get. The little tykes play set is great too, they even made a chem lab for toddlers! It looks really awesome with the bright colours & signature little tykes look only they can do real experiments 🧪 like volcanoes, slime & over 25 experiments. K I’m starting a new comment this got too long 😋🎀💜🍭

    • Erica Vandegrift
      Erica Vandegrift 29 days ago

      Miss Eddie Blue I do the same thing with my niece! I have a daughter but she is almost 15 and I miss buying the girly toys and clothes. I have 3 boys as well. So I spoil my 4 year old niece. I always get judged for how much I buy for my kids. Just ignore it.

  • Heidi Holom
    Heidi Holom Month ago

    Get her fake makeup .

  • alyssa ayala
    alyssa ayala Month ago +1

    20:30 That's Ana Not Elsa

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia Month ago

    Anyone know how much those tablets?

  • Melissa Garcia
    Melissa Garcia Month ago

    Lucky kids!!!!!

  • Brontee Ashton
    Brontee Ashton Month ago +8

    Honestly who cares how close their birthday is to Christmas, that's not their fault. A kid that's born in the middle of the year shouldnt get more bc their not close to Christmas

    • Coffeebum mum
      Coffeebum mum Month ago +1

      Mines Dec. 13 exactly 12 days before Christmas my fam used to sing the stupid song too

    • Cheyenne Creager
      Cheyenne Creager  Month ago +3

      She has the same amount of gifts as her siblings. I actually forgot one of her big Christmas gifts which is a push car because the box was too big to have in the video and I forgot to mention that. As a baby there’s only so much to choose from and that was my point. The price was lower because it’s baby toys. When she is older it is for sure going to get easier. My other daughter is born January 1st. She gets the same amount too.

  • LupitaGee21
    LupitaGee21 Month ago +1

    my little brother also likes ryan's world! lol

    • LupitaGee21
      LupitaGee21 Month ago

      @Serene Queiruga Happy Holidays aswell!

    • Serene Queiruga
      Serene Queiruga Month ago +1

      LupitaGee21 awesome! No problem. Happy holidays

    • LupitaGee21
      LupitaGee21 Month ago

      @Serene Queiruga I just searched and they do have online! thank you!

    • Serene Queiruga
      Serene Queiruga Month ago +1

      LupitaGee21 you can order online. I think delivery has been $5 flat rate shipping, but I’m not sure.

    • LupitaGee21
      LupitaGee21 Month ago

      @Serene Queiruga I wish I had a five below lol but good to know!

  • Miskell Jessica
    Miskell Jessica Month ago

    I love the linkamals. If you get more than one they sing together. The toys link to eahh Co other! 🥰 I have a set of 1 year old twins and they LOVE them!

    • Cheyenne Creager
      Cheyenne Creager  Month ago

      Miskell Jessica awwww! I’m going to look at those for my daughters birthday!

  • candi0826
    candi0826 Month ago +2

    We have gotten our girls those amazon fire tablets we love them. Super affordable for what they want to do.

  • Teresa Page
    Teresa Page Month ago +7

    Growing up we never received nothing through the year, except for clothes, but come Christmas my mom and dad loaded us down with toys, candy and food. I have very fond memories of Christmas it wasn’t until I was grown I realized how much my parents sacrificed for Christmas and how blessed by God we truly were.