The Last of the Mohicans - Soundtrack


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  • Anrhony MacLachlan
    Anrhony MacLachlan 3 years ago

    Nice I'm a maclachlan good music

  • L Broderick
    L Broderick 4 years ago

    So beautiful! I love listening to the Mohicans soundtrack!

  • MrSteelman335
    MrSteelman335 4 years ago +1

    When I hear this, this makes me think of the North Carolina mountains and its beautiful scenery. No wonder why they chose to film Last of the Mohicans in North Carolina.

  • Christian Mideke
    Christian Mideke 5 years ago I have never heard smothing so butiful. Iam hafe chickie and hafe ponees and 99 a talitn.may ver butiful pitcher well done lone vile the Mohan tribe. Great job. I cant say nofe how great it is.

  • Zulkarnain Iskandar
    Zulkarnain Iskandar 5 years ago

    anybody who has this movie please lend me please...

  • Janiczka Nováková
    Janiczka Nováková 5 years ago

    Miluji tuhle písničku a hlavně ten film ... :) Mám husí kůži po těle když jí slyším ... ;)

  • HeikosMusik
    HeikosMusik 6 years ago

    das ist wohl war,der beste Soundtrack aller Zeiten und der Film dazu ist das beste dieses Jahrhunderts.Danke Amerika.

  • Skvirrel
    Skvirrel 6 years ago +1

    This was played at my father's funeral

  • John Ferrone
    John Ferrone 6 years ago

    lol sorry to say but these pics are not even real pics of the Adirondacks were the story and the actual battle at fort William Henry was...

  • sam1978fl
    sam1978fl 6 years ago

    very nice.

  • platonic31
    platonic31 6 years ago

    In my opinion, this is one the best soundtrack music of the twentieth century. The film is also one of the best film in the last 112 years. Thank you America. Greetings from Indonesia.

  • KyleKatarn789
    KyleKatarn789 6 years ago

    Sad... are ancestors and English settlers took their land and killed their people. It was so wrong. The United States of America technically still belongs to the Native Americans.

  • Jeremy Bear
    Jeremy Bear 6 years ago

    was she a christian if so then never be sad for she is safer than anyone on earth

  • Shto Shto
    Shto Shto 7 years ago

    Epicness over 9000 o_o

  • Julia Jules
    Julia Jules 7 years ago

    @axelbhoy nice song this and touching this one was my mothers funeral theme

  • zatkie91
    zatkie91 7 years ago

    I love this video because it shows the beauty of America's Northeast that has been lost, but also the beauty that can be found should we but choose to look for it

  • David Sparrow
    David Sparrow 7 years ago

    amazing video thank you very much for doing it for all of us.

  • bobbymalta73
    bobbymalta73 7 years ago

    Nice pictures mate,very impresive!

  • Paul Stevens
    Paul Stevens 7 years ago

    Stunning Sound & Music Track

  • jorge gomez
    jorge gomez 7 years ago

    @Tohil9 and more to come brother

  • 7liisaa
    7liisaa 7 years ago

    A Complete masterpiece.

  • Gunner kev
    Gunner kev 7 years ago

    This track is a fitting tribute to all the native americans who have been treated so badly throughout history by invaders into their way of life

  • Jakleenkurpel
    Jakleenkurpel 7 years ago


  • Ludwig730
    Ludwig730 7 years ago

    Hi Jennifer....i get a shiver over my body and than goos bumps m3

  • Carlusha
    Carlusha 7 years ago

    @Thesaeed23 I agree. Nobody said differently.
    I'm just saying that generalizations from @Amir8600 are wrong.

  • Sid Smith
    Sid Smith 7 years ago

    @Carlusha919 brown is beautiful, brown is perfect, everyone wants to be brown - why do so many people sunbathe?

  • jesus hernandez
    jesus hernandez 7 years ago

    y pensar que esto algun dia desaparecera

  • Carlusha
    Carlusha 8 years ago

    @Amir8600 In Italy, as in most other nations, there are many races. When you generalize saying Italians are brown-skinned... you simply do not know what you are talking about. My direct ancestors were from Italy, not northern Italy, and they couldn't be more white. They were almost white-transparent that you could see all their veins through their skin, and you say they are brown-skinned? Man!, you don't know what you are talking about. I have met hundreds of very white Italians. Open your eyes.

  • Francis Welch
    Francis Welch 8 years ago

    @dodgingbulletz I am glad we found something that will make you get off your ass and the couch and do some good, son. We were thinking of setting a fire under your ass to get you motivated. Your dad.

  • torquesday
    torquesday 8 years ago

    This song makes the hero come out of you!

  • Matthew Cook
    Matthew Cook 8 years ago

    I'd favorite this, but it would only take away from my annual LotM watching. For the record, though - brilliant.

  • tinytim
    tinytim 8 years ago

    do you know what this song is called on the soundtrack??


    Fantastique Excellent

  • Irisevelynn
    Irisevelynn 8 years ago

    Considering how the rest of the world, regardless of race, has managed their natural resourses and general environment its highly probable that north america's wild lands would have met the same fate under Native American (or whoever would have taken it from them) control as it has under the white mans control. It is very sad. I dont personaly agree with taking from other people but if you look back on world history you will find that is primarily how the ownership of land changes.

  • dodgingbulletz
    dodgingbulletz 8 years ago

    @sweetiecuddlecakes Well got a job and house no little whiners yet......or kids either. ha!

  • fonemanlarry
    fonemanlarry 8 years ago

    This land is still this beautiful, the movie was made in Ashville NC

  • LtStJebus
    LtStJebus 8 years ago

    Capitalism ahoy! Now all that land is full of cookie cutter houses, malls, roads, and oil fields. :P
    I like the music.

  • TheBorderCovenant
    TheBorderCovenant 8 years ago

    Beautiful country and great music. the beauty of the american landscape is incredible.

  • N V
    N V 8 years ago

    2:14-2:43 ... adrenalinico

  • breffnipark
    breffnipark 8 years ago

    wow ! stunning piece of work !!
    Thank you for sharing with us mere mortals .. :)

  • Yan tapp
    Yan tapp 8 years ago


  • Gennady Dolgov
    Gennady Dolgov 8 years ago


  • TheDim360
    TheDim360 8 years ago


  • ongawesgone
    ongawesgone 8 years ago

    There's a re-enactment that I attend every year called Kohkohmah-Foster living history event. There's a wandering fiddle player that attends, and every time, this past weekend, he came to our village, he would enter playing The Gael or main theme from this soundtrack. The first time he played it, one of our men requested he play the song as we walked from the village to display the militaries morning colors. I had goose bumps.

  • josiane gotmann
    josiane gotmann 8 years ago

    très belle musique et de beaux paysages, merci

  • TUNC66
    TUNC66 8 years ago

    Wow wow woooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww, it,s really make to cry,i love it.

  • Tanni1971
    Tanni1971 8 years ago

    Genial...jedesmal bekomme ich eine Gänsehaut.

  • Skvirrel
    Skvirrel 8 years ago

    Thank you for the video...
    Always reminds me of my passed away dad

  • Kristy Shivers-Ledford


  • 59mar
    59mar 8 years ago

    this film is such a masterpiece - so full of magic . . .
    makes me speechless

    BOYLOBOYLO 8 years ago

    the majority of whites are to ignorint to even notice that kind of stuff dude , rape the world of its resources , drain the planet of its blood to produce bullshit to make money , they invade america and call the red skinned natives savages even thow the white heartless bastards slaughterd raped and pillaged the natives , i am white , but the biggest problem with the world is because of whites fucking greed , dont care about anything that cant talk like air trees water animals

  • cesar erazo
    cesar erazo 8 years ago

    beautifull, ... just beautifull .

  • batangueno14
    batangueno14 8 years ago

    I hope ang i pray that the Americans and other western countries will change their policies in a small country like us. They cut our trees and flatten the mountains to get the minerals. Hope they will get the values and respect of American Indians to natural resources.

  • 7liisaa
    7liisaa 8 years ago

    This music is best, i like this. Beautiful.

  • Pax Tecum
    Pax Tecum 8 years ago

    Reminds me of New Jersey, the Garden State. Thank you.

  • ahmed adly
    ahmed adly 8 years ago

    the another theme is better :)

  • Rodin Nazarian
    Rodin Nazarian 8 years ago

    wow cant believe how familiar your video is to mine i made it yesterday go check it out its called earths life i used the last mohicans song 2 and i also have some of the pictures you have on your video and btw perfect job on your mintage keep up

    WELSHGIRL76 8 years ago

    Lush scenery!!!! And lush music!!!! x

  • saga2828
    saga2828 9 years ago

    beautiful views and beautiful music. *-*

  • ccrich100
    ccrich100 9 years ago

    I live near the Rockies where the country has similar scenery - beautiful mountains, vast forests, and much wildlife...

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain 9 years ago

    (Listen to "Klendathu Drop" in particular - someone's posted it here in TVclip. That is a sublime action movie cue, with the woodwinds spiraling around behind the rousing brass.)

  • KingKaitain
    KingKaitain 9 years ago

    Basil Poledouris - late, lamented legend.
    His scores for Robocop and Starship Troopers are similarly epic.

  • Dagorlord
    Dagorlord 9 years ago

    Braveheart has really nice pieces.
    and you wouldnt think but Conan has some epic music also.

  • fiorano75
    fiorano75 9 years ago

    karan arjun - if you see hindi movies

  • Jessica Sipos
    Jessica Sipos 9 years ago

    This is my all time favorite soundtrack and at the top of my fav movie list too.

  • Bekim Trenova
    Bekim Trenova 9 years ago

    glory... charging fort wagner epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toni Tuhkanen
    Toni Tuhkanen 9 years ago

    Perhaps the best movie soundtrack.
    I dare you to find a better one.

  • havefun2084
    havefun2084 9 years ago

    so beautifull... i have no wors to describe in my language ..... its so beautifulll.....

  • Sh3_Wolf
    Sh3_Wolf 9 years ago

    So true....

  • Vladimír Pilek
    Vladimír Pilek 9 years ago

    Every book is better than movie..

  • Cephaeus
    Cephaeus 9 years ago

    then...DO IT!!!

  • dodgingbulletz
    dodgingbulletz 9 years ago

    after hearing this... i want to get off of the couch and make something of myself. find a woman.. maybe even kids... harmony

  • rjbaun
    rjbaun 9 years ago

    Last of the Mohicans is a great book by James Fenimore Cooper, all should read it. Even better than the movie...

  • CzarsGuard79
    CzarsGuard79 9 years ago

    very nice

  • István Mihalkó
    István Mihalkó  9 years ago

    Thx! Here stay!:)

  • edrsd489
    edrsd489 9 years ago

    Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Never take this video down.

  • Christopher Ball
    Christopher Ball 9 years ago

    I wish there were more films based in the 18th Cent. 7 years war or American Rev

  • Christopher Ball
    Christopher Ball 9 years ago

    Not to mention Beavis and butthead do America, another great Epic! haha jk

  • Mert .karhan
    Mert .karhan 9 years ago


  • triss91
    triss91 9 years ago

    Conquest of Paradise
    La double vie les Veronique(double life of Veronique)

  • TFTspartan
    TFTspartan 9 years ago

    The Greatest.....!!!!!!

  • rukiddin1
    rukiddin1 9 years ago

    Chariots of Fire
    (I've got Brave..Glory,and Last I think we like the same type)

  • whynot1871
    whynot1871 9 years ago

    sorry, far and away is another good one

  • whynot1871
    whynot1871 9 years ago

    don't forget:
    the piano
    schindler's list

  • whynot1871
    whynot1871 9 years ago

    Braveheart is an absolute must

  • crashman6
    crashman6 9 years ago

    Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore is Awesome!

  • Cephaeus
    Cephaeus 9 years ago

    epic music, epic video!!!

  • woodyboy909
    woodyboy909 9 years ago


  • 22LuckyLuki12
    22LuckyLuki12 9 years ago

    Mihalkó is the Man!!!

  • Cephaeus
    Cephaeus 9 years ago

    very good video, mate! well done...

  • juramec
    juramec 9 years ago

    Well, if you hang around youtube long enough you pick up a few things, heh. Glad I could be of service.

  • amfor7
    amfor7 9 years ago

    wow. it certainly does help :D. thanks a lot. ;) i guess u r a true fan of this movie heheh

  • juramec
    juramec 9 years ago

    Amfor7, The song has multiple names and incarnations. Since it is the main theme for the movie The Last of the Mohicans it is heard throughout the film's sound track in songs like Promenade, The Elk Hunt, and so on. This particular version is from a song on the soundtrack called The Kiss. Way before the film however this melody was written by Scottish people to be played on the bagpipes. They call the melody The Gael which means The Scotsman. Hope that helps. :)

  • Adelina Campos
    Adelina Campos 9 years ago


  • amfor7
    amfor7 9 years ago

    hey anyone know the name of this song? thank you in advance :D

  • Eddy Shaw
    Eddy Shaw 9 years ago

    You love this? What do you love about it? The fact that your ancestors are responsible for the death of all the native americans.

  • thirdeyefocused
    thirdeyefocused 9 years ago

    epic soundtrack..

  • Eddie Pacer
    Eddie Pacer 9 years ago

    so spirituel

  • Beatriz Manjarrez
    Beatriz Manjarrez 9 years ago

    me encantaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dragaoastro69
    dragaoastro69 9 years ago