Terminator Dark Fate is a WASTE OF TIME

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • The best since T2.....
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Comments • 2 494

  • RJ K
    RJ K 48 minutes ago

    So is watching a 21 minute video, so I just read the comments.

  • Juan Morales
    Juan Morales Hour ago

    Don’t forget they replace John for a female leader who had no parents with military background and thought the fans will be okay with that

  • zok310
    zok310 7 hours ago

    In my collection;
    1,2, Salvation. All you need.

  • Shaun Penne
    Shaun Penne 14 hours ago

    I remember going to see Terminator 2 as a 15 year old kid on its opening night, August 16th 1991. I can remember the queue wrapped around the side of the cinema and they had to put an extra screen on, just for the demand! (This was before multiplexes were the shit!) It was an event movie, it had the best Practical and visual effects teams on the planet with Jim Cameron overseeing a lot of those effects! It had a song from the then biggest band in the world, Guns n' Roses and had high expectations of which it delivered!! Sadly, there are no event movies anymore, all just Superhero CGI fests and franchises and alternate universes, Suck my Dick!!! The types of films you see on Netflix now, most of them would have been in the cinema in 1991 instead of a fucking TV channel! More of Tarantino referred to as "Real films!" need to start making a comeback! As for Terminator, the last Terminator film that I watched was Terminator: Salvation! I refuse to watch any of the recent Terminator films because, like Star Wars, they took something that special and became Dairy farmers by Milking the fuck out of it!!! So in the meantime, I'm digging out my VHS player and my VHS copy of Terminator 2 and I'm going back to 1991!!! Hasta La Vista, Baby!!!

  • Kaycee Whitham
    Kaycee Whitham 15 hours ago

    Mom...can we get Terminator: dark fate?
    Mom: we have terminator dark fate at home!

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor 15 hours ago

    This timeline mines if skynet no longer exists doesn't need a John Conner

  • James Dixon
    James Dixon 18 hours ago

    Its a wast of time for dark fate to be made, its not stepping one inch im my front door . Or in my tremanator move collection, sorry its not

  • Zashimi
    Zashimi Day ago

    I though Grace having to use her power core to kill the Rev 9 was dumb. That thing was so damaged after the turbine it couldn't move fast, wouldn't heal anymore and Dani could have just run around till Arnie and Sarah got back up and beat it down.

  • Derick Sy
    Derick Sy Day ago

    the movie was ok ! your review is a waste of time!

  • Steven smith
    Steven smith Day ago

    Totally get your point . But also t2 is a revamp of t1 , the plot is pretty identical

  • sicilianotoronto

    Dark Faeces

  • Shi Rai Dyk
    Shi Rai Dyk Day ago

    This movie sucked big time
    Best Terminator movies are the terminator 1 and terminator 2
    This one is confusing and doesn't make any senses. Just like the other ones.

  • darkwoodmovies
    darkwoodmovies Day ago

    Rev9 was actually menacing, best original idea in the movie. TBH I'm surprised they didn't do the two-in-one concept earlier.

  • Supernova Constelation

    Don't mess with Goolimar please. I'm scared he might come back with even shit

  • ukkowalski
    ukkowalski Day ago

    "Hey Carl, how much for these drapes?"
    "I'll give you 50 bucks"
    Can't be bargained with? Yeah, right.

  • Balbisiana A
    Balbisiana A 2 days ago

    I actually enjoyed this.

  • smitthone
    smitthone 2 days ago +1

    cannot believe cameron get involved into this rubbish

  • Paul Rizzo
    Paul Rizzo 2 days ago

    Ok, subscribed.
    PS. That Arnie impression was brilliant. Whoever did it was awesome.

  • Julian Luna Arecha
    Julian Luna Arecha 2 days ago

    I liked all the films, but this one, also liked Genisys...

  • Eugene Noble
    Eugene Noble 2 days ago

    The Terminator has failed just like the Nazis

  • Young Magic
    Young Magic 2 days ago

    This actually is the best movie since T2

  • Francesca Gonzalez Ramos

    Terminator Dark Fate is worse than Brightburn. #MeToo

  • starguy9
    starguy9 2 days ago +1

    Feminism and open boarders kill nations. And movies.

  • TheRussianLondoner
    TheRussianLondoner 3 days ago

    Sadly, but I completely agree

  • E A
    E A 3 days ago

    I'm not going to lie I actually like Terminator salvation

  • Samsgarden
    Samsgarden 3 days ago

    It’s obvious that nobody can create another T movie without being derivative and opportunistic.

  • GTA2SWcity
    GTA2SWcity 3 days ago

    Yup. Not at all sorry that I didn't pay $$$ to go see this.

  • nobody smith
    nobody smith 3 days ago

    Whoa, huge slam on Golimar out of nowhere

  • Wolf Prince
    Wolf Prince 3 days ago

    His accent is brilliant 😂😂😂

  • snag66
    snag66 3 days ago

    they might as well made dark fate animated with Family Guy's Consuela as Dani

  • DigitalSlave
    DigitalSlave 3 days ago

    That comparison to Thriller and the Bollywood knock-off was simply ruthless.

  • cucubau
    cucubau 3 days ago

    03:24 - Linda Hamilton doesn't need to be feminist to be cool as fuck...
    I would pay ticket to see a non Terminator movie of her like this ...

  • iKnow BetterThanU
    iKnow BetterThanU 3 days ago

    I appreciate your pronounciation of "heli-copter"! Tops!

    METAL1ON 4 days ago

    I pity thee who cannot walk into a sci-fi movie, remember that bit sci-fi, and just switch off and enjoy a bit of mindless fun. Bunch of dicks shouldnt even be allowed to watch any movies full stop.

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    Killing off John Connor made no sense to me. Also I did see T2 in theater back in 1991. It was such an awesome experience the first time you see it.

  • JoHny Tzolas
    JoHny Tzolas 4 days ago

    Nothing will be as good as the old original stuff. But, this was a fair good movie, given the plot and the action that it showed!

  • somentertainment
    somentertainment 4 days ago

    Man im, fucking agree totally with u, I hope seen Adult John Connor kicksome asses, and that crap loose me... at the minute 3? WASTE

  • Edmund Dantes
    Edmund Dantes 4 days ago

    Easy watch T2 the Directors Cut, Cameron ties up the whole franchise.

  • Jeffrey Chan
    Jeffrey Chan 4 days ago

    Since terminator dark faith is a rehash of terminator 1, terminator 2, terminator 3, terminator salvation, and terminator genesis. That would make the title
    1+2+3+ salvation genesis =
    Terminator VI salvation genesis and 3 chicks and old Arnold
    Indeed a dark faith for the Franchise.

  • Hermann Axel Schatte

    Couldn’t agree more! They must make something in the futur... or let it die.

  • Li'l Lemon Twist
    Li'l Lemon Twist 5 days ago

    What a great video essay. Respect, you hit the nail on the head. I HATED this film. It offended me in painful ways, urgh...

  • Andy Summers
    Andy Summers 5 days ago

    This review fuckin terminated my mind!!
    They have now terminated the franchise... I won't be back.
    TDF is more like Terminator Dark Fart. I will not buy the 4k Dolby Atmos. I seen the YT-clips for free and its dreadful.
    20:46 THE BOMBINATOR lol
    I rather it kept going forward with time line rather than this confusing fuckin time travel hopping back every fuckin time for the excuse to have an alternate version is a fuckin bad film making decision.

  • RikkTheGaijin
    RikkTheGaijin 5 days ago

    That Arnold impression was fantastic!!! xD

  • roflcoppter117
    roflcoppter117 5 days ago

    T3 was fun for all the MG scenes, and T4 i enjoyed because it showed the apocolypse and future war. wtf was genesis.

  • El Niño
    El Niño 5 days ago +1

    Terminator 3 is best ever after 1 and 2.... rest is garbage

  • jonathan nickerson
    jonathan nickerson 5 days ago

    I'll just assume this review not worth the time.

  • ed rosa
    ed rosa 5 days ago

    If I remember my Terminator lore, originally Lance Hendrixson was suppose to play the T800. Cameron wanted the T800 to look like a everyman, which would make him more dangerous and Arnold was suppose to be Kyle Reese. Arnie, campaigned to be the T800 and it was felt that he would better represent visually an unstoppable killing machine.
    There is actually a good Terminator sequel; and it's Terminator Resistance, a game for current consoles (and PC).

  • phil bogart
    phil bogart 6 days ago +1

    I'm glad I didn't watch this at the cinema

    • Lombarsi
      Lombarsi 5 days ago

      When you watch it you'll be glad you finally did see it

  • The Games Nexus
    The Games Nexus 6 days ago

    I've added a link to this review in my article about Terminator: Dark Fate - alkony.enerla.net/english/the-nexus/sf-f-nexus/terminator-dark-fate-2019-film-review-by-kadmon

  • Steve Luiting
    Steve Luiting 6 days ago

    Dude. Wish you could write the next one :) I say send 100 terminators to overwhelm the past. Use new Deepfake tech to recreate all of the characters from the first Terminator and create a full on war in LA with a young Sara, Kyle, etc...

  • Steve Luiting
    Steve Luiting 6 days ago

    For John Camoroon. LOL

  • Chris stenton
    Chris stenton 6 days ago

    I love this movie it’s a 10/10 from me and I hope they make another one.

    • Lombarsi
      Lombarsi 5 days ago

      They won't because everyone decided to believe the bull and not see it

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 6 days ago

    It would been more interesting if they went back to there roots and made Arnold t800 bad again🤔

  • bobbyoty
    bobbyoty 6 days ago

    they should have stopped with T2. the rest is just hollywood's greed.

  • colintx800
    colintx800 6 days ago

    Terminator 3 was better than this Dark Fate trash.

  • jimareas
    jimareas 6 days ago

    I totally agree 100% with your title

  • Abdalla Mohammed
    Abdalla Mohammed 6 days ago

    What did you think would happen when you have the Terminator selling drapes?

  • Mistral
    Mistral 6 days ago

    5:00 Love that comparisson 🤣

  • Chris King
    Chris King 6 days ago

    50c at the pawn shop... says everything. fat/slob eddie furlong would have been easily workable.

  • lindflake
    lindflake 6 days ago