Terminator Dark Fate is a WASTE OF TIME

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • The best since T2.....
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  • Johnny Mendez
    Johnny Mendez 12 hours ago

    @CorderyFx I disagree with your statement and title I think it really isn’t a waste of time when people haven’t seen all of the Terminator movie se leading to Dark Fate although they don’t.

  • samer punkt
    samer punkt 15 hours ago

    You didn’t mention the best movie after T1+T2: ‘the penetrator’

  • HDZhotz
    HDZhotz 16 hours ago

    Sure, T2 is a master piece. Evergreen.

  • Karl V Redweld
    Karl V Redweld 21 hour ago

    People who bitch about "SJWs" while acting like women who fight are somehow more validated because of some alpha male horseshit are pathetic and insecure as fuck. Grow up.

    ROCKSOLID 19 Day ago

    I recently watched the new movie and it was agonisingly bad. Painful.

  • Tobias Maier
    Tobias Maier 2 days ago

    Looks like I got lucky not seeing Rise of the machines and genesys. No, wait I just forgot them for good. That being said.
    I liked Dark Fate, for refining and incorporating previews ideas. Is Skynet realy that stupid to just send one terminator? Does this Universe like broken timeloops? What wood it look like if the T-800 relay became the sanest chois for a father in an insane World? Like Sarah said in T2. And how do you wreck Sahras new found hope after T2? Making the Terminators/Cyborgs more sensitive to the surroundings like noticing the truck before it brakes the wall, chopping a fly in half mid half, hearing the drone, accessing massive databanks and cameras and using a drone as kamikaze weapon. Making the rev9 lighter while also mentioning Carls heavy wight and so on. And if a small Girl can smack up big Guys/Girs, it may also be able to have puny humans smack up bit Skynet/Legion.

  • whatsgoingon07
    whatsgoingon07 3 days ago

    Even Swarzchenegger star power couldn’t revive this franchise

  • Garrison Nichols
    Garrison Nichols 3 days ago

    The first Terminator is a classic the Second is amazing but really they had so many chances to make great sequels here but instead they just kept making the same movie while also making it worse! Also WTF is up with killing John Conor and replacing him with a women JUST BECAUSE!

  • JohnnyNoPockets aka Who Dat Gamecat

    As soon as people realize hollywood doesn't care about making good movies, they only care about pushing evil propaganda, the sooner it will all make sense to people.

  • gumdeo
    gumdeo 3 days ago

    Dark Flop will hopefully be the last.

  • Jackson Eddie
    Jackson Eddie 3 days ago

    Wait.. they knew an EMP could kill the Rev9? Why the hell didn't they just send Grace with an EMP to you know.. KILL IT.

  • adam8804
    adam8804 3 days ago

    Jony Ive shouldn't leave apple and become a director of this crap

  • wayne goodger
    wayne goodger 4 days ago

    I loved Terminator Dark Fate. Die hard fan since T1 & T2, hate all the other "sequels". This was a great movie. Sure you can ramble on all day that it was woke but what movies aren't, Like you mentioned at the beginning re ripley and sarah T2 of the 80's and 90's. Even the latest Rambo was woke, Batman is Woke most things that we like are woke by definition because we all experience social problems on some level. But there was not one piece of dialogue in this film that was sjw cringe worthy. No lesbian love scenes. No misguided agenda. Just what worked for T1 and T2. Tough, hot chicks kicking ass and a killer robot chasing them. Tim had every right to make that statements in defence about the misogynistic attacks that were being made towards his film that no one had even seen. TDF FTW. live in fear haters.

  • Dylan Mckenna
    Dylan Mckenna 4 days ago

    Did you hear about Edward in Dark Fate? He wasn't in it *Furlong*

  • Nate Plissken
    Nate Plissken 4 days ago

    Looking forward to a new terminator movie has been a disappointment since 3, we all know that. You just cant beat that original format the first movies captured so well. To me, everything after Judgment day, are Terminator concept stories. It all wraps up so perfectly at the end of 2!...roll credits, cue G'nR You could be mine...THE END....but that was not our fate!

  • Case Nately
    Case Nately 4 days ago

    Agreed. Spot on.

  • Marius Ene
    Marius Ene 4 days ago

    the action is the only reason i even went to the movie ... thats it

  • Warframe Crunch
    Warframe Crunch 4 days ago +2

    It's worth time. I enjoyed watching it, but it's not like continue to terminator series, it's like alternative terminator movie combined with terminator 2 story line what could happen after.

  • Korlover queen
    Korlover queen 5 days ago

    I think the only reason they even added the random chick was to diversify the movie (a female protagonist instead of male/a minority instead of white). If they used John again, it’d basically be a repeat of the previous movies (terminator goes back 👈🏾 to save John, the leader of the resistance). But they made her character annoying, unreliable, and weak. I know she’s human but her dumb choices when she has no idea what’s going on and risks her life even though SHE NEEDS TO LIVE in order to lead humanity are what make her weak.

  • Orion Films
    Orion Films 5 days ago

    Do you mean Terminator Dark Fart, right?

  • Oliver Mercer
    Oliver Mercer 5 days ago

    Hey there I enjoyed Terminator Dark Fate it's a good film, but they should have had jonn Connor in there by a smarter angle. But I believe jonn Connor still carried out his adult life after he sent Kyle Reese and his reprogrammed T800 over to there repeated missions in 1984 and 1995 . Given the paradox theory he should be about 57 in the year 2042 that's if your going with Dani Ramos future war. Dani very well could have met jonn after she sent Grace over to protect her younger self in 2019. if they played it smart we could have had seen future Dani meet Jonn and send him over to meet up with Sarah, Dani Grace and Carl to help take out the Rev-9. I'll give it an 8/10 here in the UK. 🇬🇧 it's a shame Dani's carictor developments wasn't written well enough. The actress Natalia Reyes Is an absolute lovely beautiful lady but she did her best for what she was given. Everyone elses performances to me were incredible for me, I do find this review disrespectful to be honest.

  • J Fab
    J Fab 6 days ago

    The problem with movies is that they are boring... We have Marvel characters with super powers which make movies off the chart for action, this is boring now.. The terminator has become obsolete at the theatres.

  • B Elston
    B Elston 6 days ago

    This movie had zero grit, atmosphere, darkness, foreboding, suspense, fear, shock, grimness. No interesting twists. BULLSHIT ALL OF IT.

  • Sachin Parab
    Sachin Parab 6 days ago

    Should take Chiranjeevi from Goli maar in next terminator movie... Will be big hit in South India

  • Sachin Parab
    Sachin Parab 6 days ago

    Goli maar... That's south indian movie

  • Terminatorfan 2016
    Terminatorfan 2016 6 days ago

    Amen. Even though I personally enjoy Genisys outside of T1 and T2, I agree with everything you said and it's all about T1 and T2. The franchise does need to end. I hope the words new Terminator movie never get uttered again.

  • Tyler Bergen
    Tyler Bergen 6 days ago

    Ya Anthony Keides puts it perfect in a quote from Point Break...

    "Now that would be a waste of time" lol...HORRIBLE fucking transparent movie about "female empowerment" and having to feature a female minority character to replace the LEGENDARY John Connor. I'm surprised they hadn't already somehow race swapped him in the last 2 movies. God damnit Hollywood...stop with this fucking ALL Female bullshit! It will NEVER do well, and you guys will continue to blame men for being sexist...when it's actually the obvious message that turns EVERYBODY off. Nobody wants to see a movie in which you are replacing characters that are impossible to replace with female minorities...because of "equality". Then blame white males (or ANY males) for that matter for giving it bad reviews stating well "they're just racist, sexist, and homophobic". No we are definitely not, we just don't like a fucking Hollywood agenda message shoved in our faces and down our throats. If they had it their way they'd be making period pieces somehow including multiple gay characters, females in roles that wouldn't make sense for the time period, and minorities that definitely would make zero sense geographically to be in a movies setting. FUCK SJW'S is what I'm getting at. AND FUCK politics as a whole, both the right and left wings are a bunch of fucking bullshit.

  • T. R.
    T. R. 6 days ago

    john conner was to return. the damn drug head was clean. than he partied the day before shooting and got fired. what an idiot

  • zeptic_ bryo200
    zeptic_ bryo200 7 days ago +1

    robert patrick was a great actor as the t-1000

  • demon2441
    demon2441 7 days ago +1

    A thought occurs. The whole thing with Kyle Reese just reinforces that nothing matters. You can't stop the future because others will simply fill the roles whenever something catastrophic happens to try and change things. The new leader of the resistance could be killed and her role would be filled by someone else. Not-Skynet could be destroyed and yet another AI will rise to try and kill the resistance leader.
    There is no point.

    • Korlover queen
      Korlover queen 5 days ago

      demon2441 I agree, because once Dani dies there’s gonna be a new leader of the resistance. Also, it’s like what’s the point in going back to the past to protect and save John if a terminator is gonna go back (like in Dark Fate) and kill him off anyway? It’s like no matter how many times they protect him or Dani, they can just go back and kill them again anyway.

  • alex cain
    alex cain 7 days ago

    You’re a freaking idiot

  • banana born
    banana born 7 days ago +1

    16:27 ive been siting here, re waching this 10 second arny parody voice and i cant stop laughing, send halp!

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz 8 days ago

    I'd rather fight the Machine War than see THIS future

  • VunirAbAnzr
    VunirAbAnzr 8 days ago

    Want to see a good/actual ending to this series watch film,(not official but at this point its closet we will come to it) I am Mother 2019 ,then use your imagination that skynet is Mother.

  • Stevan Chase
    Stevan Chase 8 days ago

    if John Conner is no longer in the future, does that mean Kyle Reese didn't go back in time to meet Sarah? Or was this a different parallel or universe lol idk

    • Korlover queen
      Korlover queen 5 days ago

      Stevan Chase No, that just means John died and never led the war against Skynet or stopped it from creating. He was still born, though. They just went back and killed him off while he was still young to prevent him from growing up and stopping Skynet.

  • JarheadPlaying
    JarheadPlaying 8 days ago

    Tim Miller can take a "nein millimiter" up his ass.

  • #1DNR
    #1DNR 8 days ago

    Great input and I agree with what you said but what else can be said about this movie going wrong is how it looks. The way T2 was shot and made it looks gritty and real. When CGI is ONLY used when absolutely needed helps captivate and audience like T2 did. All Grit, NO FLASH.

  • Cb23
    Cb23 8 days ago

    This movie is legit trying to make the other terminator movies after T2 look like masterpieces

  • AgentOrange859
    AgentOrange859 8 days ago

    Cameron does not care about the terminator franchise.

  • Aiden Curran
    Aiden Curran 8 days ago +1

    This terminator was very good, sheep’s just not saying it is as nostalgia has them convinced that T1 and T2 can never have a good movie come after it😂👀

  • whatever2468xyz
    whatever2468xyz 8 days ago

    how is this for a Terminator plot, John and or Sarah have been living their lives normally and for whatever reason they one day find out Skynet terminators start showing up but are surprised that John is not the target, one by one they manage to destroy them, but they don't understand how T800 keep coming back seeing as how they defeated Skynet. Then all of a sudden a terminator they have never seen b4 shows up and they fail to defeat it but like the T800's, John is not the target. Tracking the new Terminator they come to find it is protecting some girl, lets say Dani, from T800's that are no match for the new terminator, John and Sarah are confused because it makes no sense how the resistance managed to send an obviously superior terminator to protect some random girl.
    Then a resistance fighter shows up, i guess Grace, along with a T800, and explains that in the future Skynet is no more but that humanity is on the verge of extinction because a new AI, Legion, made terminators way stronger then Skynet did, and in the resistance desperation they reprogrammed left over skynet T800 sent them to the past to Kill the person responsible for the creation of Legion. So the twist is the rolles are reversed and now Legion sent back a protector to insure the survival of its creator and the resistance in their desperation see no other way to defeat Legion then to kill its creator b4 they create it.
    Then a sequal could be in the future and how the resistance is trying to revive Skynet and reprogram it to help defeat Legion or something like that.

  • Taylor Layman
    Taylor Layman 8 days ago +2

    I never thought of that , imagine a movie where you literally don't know who the enemy is. Such wasted potential for this movie , that would have been the best way to keep us the audience at the edge of our seats. I'm glad I didn't watch this movie , my dad's wants to and keeps defending it saying their just doing something new with the story to keep it going. Even I see there's nothing new about , just the alphabet stew thrown in to show men we aren't as good as we think we are. It would have been so funny if this lesbian future soldier chick who goes back to protect Danny , first scene where her and the Rev 9 go at it , she'll all like , "I got this." Walks up to kick his ass , and he just fucking annihilates her , like that big ass Predator did to the normal predator in the Shane Black Predator movie. Imagine if that shit happened , and Sarah Connor and Danny had to survive and get away from the Rev 9 , but just like you said he would never use the same skin again. So sketched out Sarah Connor goes on a killing spree because she thinks everyone's the rev9..... that would probably have been the best movie ever. They could have thrown Arnold in there to be the last line of defense before they killed off Sarah Connor or something.... but why the f*** did they kill off John Connor anyways. Fuck Danny , fuck this franchise.....
    Terminator 2 FOREVER!!!!

  • Movement Artistry Productions

    Oh mah gawd bois... it's a shitty sequel.

  • Brang Zonghus
    Brang Zonghus 9 days ago

    Everyone's a critic....

  • invader
    invader 9 days ago

    This movie will on forever but you won't ha

  • benblexbenblex
    benblexbenblex 9 days ago

    Great revieq. Bitch is sexist bruh.

    GNOME SAYIN' 9 days ago +1

    To be honest, I feel Eddie Furlong STILL has a chance to appear in at least 2 NEW Terminator films. If we were to take James Cameron's alternate ending of T2 as canon, then we could say that T2 IS the end of Skynet and the Terminator Franchise. What films that could be made are 1. A film on the 2029-John Connor that sent Kyle Reese to the '80s, so we can how the 2029-John Connor gets shaped into the leader of the resistance by his mother; this film could show his story from before he was born, all the way to the moment he sent kyle reese. 2. The second film could be of this same John Connor at the time when they capture, reprogram, and send to the '90s the Terminator known as Uncle Bob; then it could show the events after they do that and perhaps take down Skynet in this timeline and begin to rebuild civilization. Another thing is this: I understand as time passed and technology advanced, George Lucas updated/added things to his older films like Jabba the Hut the way he intended for him to look. If we took T2's alternate ending as canon, it could be re-shot as well as 2029-John Connor's appearance at the beginning of T2. Eddie Furlong is now an adult; This can be done and should be done in my opinion.

  • Triune Bob Managuit
    Triune Bob Managuit 9 days ago +1

    How did you find that clip from 5:08? That was straight out funny! Hahaha!

  • Petty Labelle
    Petty Labelle 9 days ago

    I don't know. I didn't think it was as bad as everyone is saying. Fight scenes were cool. Was nice to see Sarah Connor again. After T2 I looked at the other movies like alternate timelines. Same as I did with this one. Maybe that's why I never hated the Terminator movies after T2? I unno.

  • TheMadArab138
    TheMadArab138 9 days ago +1

    Miller was FIRED from Deadpool, you can't really call him the producer...

  • Thug Thanos
    Thug Thanos 9 days ago

    This shit was only in theatres for 3 weeks

    THAT ASIAN GUY 9 days ago

    14:51 grandma got some strong bones

  • Catspaw
    Catspaw 9 days ago

    If they wanted to kill John off they should've been real slick about it not use the machine that became the father John wanted & finally earning Sarah's trust & respect to kill him. The movie starts like in Dark Fate with John & Sarah at a Mexican bar John notices a pretty Latina girl his mother looks at what her son is staring at Sarah sees the girl who is shyly looking at John. John decides to go talk to her Sarah realizing her son is growing up & noticing girls smiles shakes her head & goes back to her drink John in the meantime goes up to the girl & tries to strike up a conversation with her. He is shy of course & so is she the girl says something to John in Spanish he replies back in her language she is impressed she then proceeds to walk away John decides to walk with her. Sarah is thinking about the events that transpired after they blew up Cyberdyne she is too preoccupied with her thoughts to see that John has walked off with the Latina girl. The girl & John continue to walk & talk he asks the girl her name "Selena" she says "Wow that's a pretty name." "Thanks" she says the two were so caught up in their conversation they are unaware that they were walking away from the crowd. By this time Sarah starts having a feeling a feeling that something is wrong she suddenly turns to where John was taking to the pretty girl only to find that they were both gone. Sarah is starting to worry she leaves the bar & asks a local if they've seen John & the girl he was with the local points in the direction that they went & Sarah runs off. John & Selena come to a stop at the dock overlooking the sea John couldn't stop staring at Selena she turns & looks in his direction Sarah is running she is getting frantic now "Where are you John?" she thinks she asks a few more people if they saw her son they tell her no they haven't seen him. Sarah is terrified right now her son could be anywhere a local running a market asks if she is alright Sarah tells her she looking for her son the lady at the market says she did see John & a girl walk to the docks Sarah thanks her & takes off. John leans in for a kiss Selena does the same when their lips lightly touch John suddenly gasps he doesn't feel anything at first he pulls back & looks down. There was a blade sticking out of his chest right in his heart he then follows the blade to its owner Selena was looking at him with cold eyes her hand particularly her finger was in the shape of a sharp point. "Like the T-1000" he whispers "Yes" Selena says she withdraws her finger just as they hear Sarah calling John's name Sarah sees them & sees Selena walking away but John falls to the ground time stood still for Sarah but she quickly rushes over to her son. She sees a hole in his chest right in the heart John looks at his mom he tells her Selena stabbed him she was a terminator like the T-1000 Sarah is telling John to hold on & she screams for help. John then tells her "I love you mom." & closes his eyes & takes his last breath Sarah couldn't believe what has happened her son was dead she has lost everyone she loved. Ginger, her boyfriend Matt, her mom, Kyle & now her only son she had not even had the chance to try to make up to John for all that she put him through & now that chance is gone he was killed by a machine that they thought they had eliminated. She remembered that John said Selena was a T-1000 so that meant she could change her appearance it would be pointless to try to find her later on Sarah decides that she will take it upon herself to lead the resistance when the time comes. Anyway that's my take on it you don't like it that's fine this is just one of my thoughts on how they could've done Terminator after T-2

  • DrumCoversFromHell
    DrumCoversFromHell 9 days ago

    Too much band wagoning. Stupid fucking sheep can't make their mind up. Linda Hamilton tried very hard for this movie and Arnold did too. MC Davis was also excellent as well as the rev 9. The movie was not perfect was it was certainly very watchable and entertaining. It is a better sequel than T3 and it's just as good as salvation. The movie is not woke and Is not trying to be. Stop fucking saying it is. If you watched the movie you would see that grace is only a powerful character due to being blown to pieces and being augmented.... Not because she's a female and Fuck men

  • ValladolidArde
    ValladolidArde 9 days ago +2

    hollywood belongs to china, and this is chinese quality cinema, their purpose is to frusutrate us by DUMPING ON OUR CULTURE

  • Eth3realwarrior
    Eth3realwarrior 9 days ago

    Im going to Stang and FIGHT!

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 9 days ago

    Dude after having seen this review i had to look up golimar ha ha ha ha ha my eyes hurt

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 9 days ago

    Sarah Connor was a terrifying feminist in Terminator 2 i mean seriously she scared the shit out of, But these 2 girls in Dark Fate let them put on their high heels and short skirts and put on their make up ha ha ha ha ha ha, i mean after having seen Dark Fate i could say Terminator 3 is gold compared to that garbage

  • Gerard Maddy
    Gerard Maddy 9 days ago

    Long live T1 n T2

  • Atomica
    Atomica 9 days ago +4

    The terminator timeline is so confusing now, my brain cannot compensate.