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Binging with Babish: Parks & Rec Burger Cookoff

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  • trevor coe
    trevor coe 3 hours ago

    What's that song in the beginning

  • Michael Mathers
    Michael Mathers 3 hours ago

    meat + salt + something fairly plain to keep your hands from getting greasy = best

  • Fatdick69 lol
    Fatdick69 lol 19 hours ago

    This started it all

  • spenciwills
    spenciwills Day ago

    Can you make the Swanson

  • Angelo Alires
    Angelo Alires Day ago

    I wish you would go back to doing videos like this. The new stuff your doing is good stuff, but I miss this video formula and the style you made these original videos in. It's what made me a fan. Even your recent Binging with vids are totally different.

  • Stuart James
    Stuart James Day ago

    Been watching your videos for a while now and decided to watch the first episode.....well my question is where did you get marmite from o.O usually in the states you can't get any 🤔

  • Anime Nerd
    Anime Nerd 2 days ago

    This is where the magic began

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 2 days ago

    the origins of babish

  • Master Spoon
    Master Spoon 2 days ago

    Wow, this is the first episode

    I AM BILLY 2 days ago

    Yes. ive found the first episode. let the binging beging!

  • Corrupted Archangel
    Corrupted Archangel 3 days ago

    Anyone revisiting Babish's old videos in 2018

  • Video Gamer Boy
    Video Gamer Boy 3 days ago

    Now I've gotta go watch P&R

  • Sydney Ni
    Sydney Ni 3 days ago

    omfg his voice was so much higher than it is now

  • Tyler Ray Davidson
    Tyler Ray Davidson 3 days ago

    What no saffron? Cheapskate.

  • sc30002001
    sc30002001 5 days ago

    Do Eddie dogs from Eddie's million dollar cook off.

  • yumanti™
    yumanti™ 5 days ago

    Speaking of burger, you should tackle the movie Good Burger (e.g. the good burger, Mondo ’s burger, Ed’s special sauce). Peace!

  • Seth FitzGerald
    Seth FitzGerald 5 days ago

    I thought his name was Andrew Rae

  • Lee Hanley
    Lee Hanley 5 days ago

    2M subs congrats

  • Anthony Ottinger
    Anthony Ottinger 6 days ago

    " a genuine threat to public health" omg 😂😂😂 babish you're killing me


    The start of something great


    I miss the old intros

  • saffron briscoe
    saffron briscoe 6 days ago

    I want to marry this man

  • I_Like_It_Here
    I_Like_It_Here 6 days ago

    "Oliver babish"

  • Won Dergirl
    Won Dergirl 7 days ago

    why watching you cooking is so addictive?

  • Not Shmolty
    Not Shmolty 7 days ago

    S1 E1

  • Meghan Knelsen
    Meghan Knelsen 7 days ago


  • Alondra25Covarrubias

    This was amazing I missed this one when I was watching your videos the first time!

  • Aidel Townsley
    Aidel Townsley 7 days ago

    Just found this channel... didn't know I would be falling in love today.

  • QsoftStudios
    QsoftStudios 8 days ago

    I have that same food processor lol.

  • Asher Pfanku
    Asher Pfanku 10 days ago

    I watch this man's stuff all the time. I fucking scream when he calls himself an "amateur chef". Yeah, no. He's a full-on chef, and a damn beautiful one at that.

  • Derek Coble
    Derek Coble 10 days ago

    Went out for burgers with my wife and I wanted everything that came on the black bean burger (avocado, egg, etc) but wanted beef, but I decided to give the black bean patty a try anyway. It was fantastic. They really spiced up the black bean patty with all kinds of seasonings... then I took a bite of my wife's regular burger. Lettuce, tomato, ketchup. Soooooo much better!

  • KiloCuttz
    KiloCuttz 11 days ago

    make fritters

  • Rekt
    Rekt 11 days ago

    Where it all began. So proud of how far you've come since this!

  • Winston haralson
    Winston haralson 11 days ago

    go for master chef man

  • kanishak Sharma
    kanishak Sharma 11 days ago


  • Afkwbi
    Afkwbi 12 days ago +1

    Where it all began.

  • Andre McGee
    Andre McGee 13 days ago


  • Laci Gold
    Laci Gold 13 days ago

    Where was the cucumber garnish?!?! Oh yeah Leslie ate it.

  • Fly Past
    Fly Past 13 days ago

    Congratulations on 2 million......... you deserve it.

  • M Ouija
    M Ouija 13 days ago

    Ugh. I tried to skip ahead a few times and the stupid health burger was still being made all the way to the end. I'd rather have the plain Swanson burger, cooked with manliness over a plain charcoal grill and not one fuck given. Give me one with two slices of processed american cheese and a glob of yellow mustard.

  • Ahmed Sakhi
    Ahmed Sakhi 14 days ago +1

    So this is where it all started. Nice!

  • jacob s
    jacob s 14 days ago +1

    Get this man on master chef

  • John Redgrave
    John Redgrave 15 days ago

    its like arm hare its natural.

  • Teriza Marvell
    Teriza Marvell 15 days ago

    oh I miss this background music

  • Tyler abstractCourier
    Tyler abstractCourier 16 days ago

    That fricken ending had me giggling.

  • Charged Electronic Concepts

    I’m just now watching this.

  • Ava Miranda
    Ava Miranda 17 days ago

    How do you get the recipes?

  • Ro Han Ibarra
    Ro Han Ibarra 17 days ago

    What do you mean want to be you are a chef

  • roger Brooke
    roger Brooke 18 days ago

    You should make a video about aioli and it's root

  • Gabrielle Blewitt
    Gabrielle Blewitt 18 days ago

    that is the biggest papaya i've ever seen

  • Dragon49600
    Dragon49600 19 days ago

    The hand thing, he really does love that burger.

  • Snarky, the Cat
    Snarky, the Cat 19 days ago

    Damn dude. You even make a plain burger look delicious.

  • Pac
    Pac 20 days ago

    The song is fuego!!!

  • cineselena
    cineselena 20 days ago

    Where it all began! Working through your videos out of order right now and all these are amazing - thank you for this series.

  • Anna Howley
    Anna Howley 21 day ago

    Man, Chris went through a lot of trouble to make these burgers for a cook off with Ron. Lol

  • Sturzam The Saiyan Demon

    Please do the Swanson, party platter, JJ waffles, waffle sunday, and bacon shrimp

  • Fourth Love
    Fourth Love 21 day ago

    Every single one of his videos in this series are viral. HOW.

  • SuBzErOFDK
    SuBzErOFDK 21 day ago

    Bad editing and voice over

  • Paul Na
    Paul Na 21 day ago

    Is the plain burger actually that much better than the turkey burger, or was that just for comedic purposes?

  • Tenshuzente
    Tenshuzente 23 days ago


  • Russell White
    Russell White 23 days ago

    Just go to mc donalds

  • Angela Fisher
    Angela Fisher 23 days ago

    I love this video and it's a great way to start your series.
    But I have one question and please be completely honest with your answer, do you really think the beef burger is better than the turkey burger, or is the turkey burger REALLY the better burger?

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 24 days ago

    He's better than Ramsey.

    • James Jackson
      James Jackson 24 days ago

      Gordon can be as salty as he wants, this guy is way better. Fite me Gordon.

  • Christopher Bruscato
    Christopher Bruscato 26 days ago

    You are, by far, my favorite creator on TVclip. It's the slight comedic edge, the great pacing, the editing - everything about this show is masterclass. I know it wouldn't really work as well in long form, but I absolutely think you could land a cooking show on Food Network, or something. In the meantime, I will wait with bated breath for the next episode.

  • Benito Orea
    Benito Orea 26 days ago

    Who else watches this is just oh now im hungry *goes to kitchen an microwaves hotdogs* boom my dish is severd

  • Medusa XX
    Medusa XX 26 days ago

    You should make the burger bob made in the competition I cannot remember 😂

  • Deeksha Iyer
    Deeksha Iyer 26 days ago

    I think his voice has gotten deeper since then

  • Oscar Macintyre
    Oscar Macintyre 29 days ago

    Your voice is so much higher in this video

  • Lee Carroll
    Lee Carroll 29 days ago

    I am Watching the parks and rec johnny karate ep and I want to see you do the paunch burger ad burger

  • Platy Blast
    Platy Blast Month ago

    Where did the eggplant 🍆 go

  • Jordan Payne
    Jordan Payne Month ago

    You can tell this is his first episode because he didn't do a cross section.

  • Someone Else.'
    Someone Else.' Month ago

    Let‘s start binging Binging with Babish

  • A Well Dressed Male Papaya

    You Monster.

  • Listen To Me
    Listen To Me Month ago

    You sound like a child 😂😂😂

  • 1999 indo pop star
    1999 indo pop star Month ago

    never realized how bad the acting in parks and rec is

  • SuperBads Gaming
    SuperBads Gaming Month ago

    Do Kevin's chili from the office

  • Kenny McRae
    Kenny McRae Month ago

    You should add "Desert Eagle" by R@@@

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Month ago

    Even Jerry bullies Kyle

  • unhuggity
    unhuggity Month ago

    Wait, what did you do with the Eggplant at the beginning?

    • Elvis Le
      Elvis Le Month ago

      He added it to the turkey breast in the blender

  • Timothy Hecker
    Timothy Hecker Month ago

    Your name is Oliver!!!??

  • John McDonald
    John McDonald Month ago

    Wait... Oliver Babish? But, his name is Andrew Rae.

  • Pat Tanackered
    Pat Tanackered Month ago +1

    I like how the only time JerryGarryLarryTerry got to talk down to someone was to Kyle

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry Month ago

    This video disappeared of the net for a while? Copyright?

  • walruslover 04
    walruslover 04 Month ago

    dude if you had a grill you would realize why ron won

  • HortonThe Melon
    HortonThe Melon Month ago

    BEST FIRST NAME EVER.....I'm saying that because I have the same.... Oliver... Like and comment if u have same

  • Bowen Gunther
    Bowen Gunther Month ago

    Wow, your first video, it is just like the ones in 2017

  • Nickvlogs2013
    Nickvlogs2013 Month ago

    Make the meat tornado that Andy got Ron when he was Ron's assistant!!

  • Lucy Catcher
    Lucy Catcher Month ago

    It's so weird to hear your voice! You sound much younger, and while I love the voice and format of your current stuff, I love the old kitchen setup and style too!

  • Mert Akın
    Mert Akın Month ago

    Anyone knows the song playing on background while he's cooking?

  • Mystic Pof
    Mystic Pof Month ago

    PaR is fuckin great and so is your channel

  • Alexander
    Alexander Month ago

    Was rons burger actually better or was that just a bit at the end?

  • NightmareNuclear
    NightmareNuclear Month ago

    Did he say "wannabe chef"? I swear he went to collage for this

  • big daddy
    big daddy Month ago

    you’ve come so far 😭😭❤️

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards Month ago

    love the ending!!!

  • Joseph Shaver
    Joseph Shaver Month ago

    So glad you have a good microphone now

  • EGL24Xx
    EGL24Xx Month ago

    1/4 cup truffle oil? Get out of here...

  • Chase Rogers
    Chase Rogers Month ago


  • Danger Rodney
    Danger Rodney Month ago

    Chris Traeger: "this is better."

  • Olaf Romsack
    Olaf Romsack Month ago

    Why the hell is he introducing himself as Oliver Babish? His name is Andrew Rea

  • Goldy
    Goldy Month ago

    Liar! You didn’t put the parmesan disk on every burger