How To Stay Motivated and Productive - 10 RESOLUTIONS FOR ARTISTS

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Do you have any resolutions for 2019? Let me know, I'd love to see what you are all up to!
    Here are some ideas for New Year's Resolutions if you're into that sort of thing! I wouldn't recommend tackling the whole list, but I thought I would share some ideas for those of you who are always asking ways to improve or stay motivated! There's no short cut, you gotta put in the hours, but maybe these guidelines can make it easier for you!
    1. Make time for your art
    2. Make time for yourself
    3. Set one long-term goal
    4. Set several short-term goals
    5. Choose something to improve on
    6. Try something new
    7. Post your art online
    8. Get involved
    9. Participate in a one-month challenge
    10. Make an impact
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  • Kasey Golden
    Kasey Golden  8 months ago +691

    Do you have any art-related resolutions for 2019?! I’d love to hear ‘em!

    • Bingo! At the casino
      Bingo! At the casino 5 months ago

      Kasey Golden I need to animate more

    • yalliunicon I love cats
      yalliunicon I love cats 5 months ago

      finish my sketches......I'm sooooo lazy😅

    • ShadowTail OwO
      ShadowTail OwO 7 months ago

      Start getting into digital art, and to start coloring and studying anatomy.

    • Stitchu Draws
      Stitchu Draws 7 months ago

      Learn how to do watercolour!

    • LeonNova
      LeonNova 8 months ago

      Kasey Golden To stop being so hard on myself, especially with art!

  • MiaTheGamer
    MiaTheGamer Month ago

    Could u do a bodies tutorial?please

  • serfenris
    serfenris 2 months ago

    What if you try to post art and no one seems to care

    • Wylde Fyre
      Wylde Fyre Month ago

      -Popular hashtags
      -Try posting on lots of different sites (Deviantart, Instagram, TVclip, Tumblr, etc)
      -Ask to collab with more popular artists
      -Be patient
      -Analyze what works for other people
      -Participate in lots of competitions and challenges (art trades, Inktober, DTAs)
      -Post consistently
      -Seek out other small artists
      -Try new mediums and styles
      -Remember that you don’t need other people to make good art

  • Shayla Palmer
    Shayla Palmer 4 months ago

    What's an "outside"?

  • yalliunicon I love cats


  • Lea Bilsky
    Lea Bilsky 5 months ago

    Me: Yay I have free time now..what shall I do...draw or play video games...
    Me when I choose video games: I will stop in 30 min
    -1h later-

  • Violet James
    Violet James 6 months ago

    What's the owl girl's name sorry I forgot.

  • Ducky Duckerton
    Ducky Duckerton 6 months ago

    Sometimes i feel like i should have polished Projects in my book

  • Foxy Bluebell
    Foxy Bluebell 6 months ago

    I do digital drawing at lunch in school because there is nothing else I can do on/offline- So I don't drain my creative juices I usually ask a friend to make a request or find an activity where I can include them with drawing too!!

  • Gamoria K
    Gamoria K 7 months ago

    whats a outside? i've never heard of it befor

  • sailxcreature •
    sailxcreature • 7 months ago

    I started a Sketchbook on February 18th, 2018,, my resolution is to finish it on February 18th 2019!! It is 100 pages,, and the pages are pretty big (bigger than my head) and I'm fully coloring all the backgrounds (flat color) idk if Kasey will see this, but to any of you; am I working too slow?
    -I also want to start a new, smaller sketchbook this year, as well as to draw everyday / every other day-

  • Esme Schliske
    Esme Schliske 7 months ago

    You should continue posting on amino! We miss you, after all :)

  • Maebel Vina
    Maebel Vina 7 months ago

    For the longest time I've stop myself from drawing because went I went to art school, they told me I wasn't artistic enough. It followed me for the longest time. I work in the retail of gaming industry but watching you and Waffle and other artist, I've decided why stop doing something I like.... So yeah, I started drawing again... I'm rusty but I'm happy. So that's mine, Do what I like and enjoy it!

  • Pixie Star
    Pixie Star 7 months ago

    Hatch is a lefty!!!

  • DB Cinabunny
    DB Cinabunny 7 months ago

    I want to be an artist. Thanks for the tips. I am still young and i still need time in my day to do drawings. Thanks a bunch!!!

  • Cora Duncan
    Cora Duncan 7 months ago

    Yay!! Good luck girl!!

  • Evii Green
    Evii Green 7 months ago

    One of my main goals for this year is to experiment! I just bought a bunch of new art supplies so that I could try with different mediums. I’ve only ever used my iPad Pro for digital and copics for traditional, so I bought posca pens and watercolors. I want to find something I’m happy with :]

  • Erufin
    Erufin 7 months ago

    Everything's cool but your OC reminds me of Owlette from PJMasks for some reason

  • FoxilyHanaGG
    FoxilyHanaGG 7 months ago

    7:44 "what's an outside?"

  • Nadi badadi
    Nadi badadi 7 months ago

    I would love to be as food as you😍

  • Kacey Young
    Kacey Young 7 months ago

    My resolution is to be more open to constructive criticism... I don't really take it well lolol

  • SnkeJke
    SnkeJke 7 months ago


  • Jessica's Art Restraint

    Damn... I'm already doing 4 of these resolutions!! 😨🙌 I have started drawing for the first time in 6 months due to mental health issues, I have stepped out of my comfort zone by going to my first artist networking event EVER 😱 I am hoping to complete the Inktober challenge this year for the first damn time 😂 and I have started uploading to TVclip for the first time in 11 months! Wheeeee! 😍👍 Loved the video by the way, awesome job! Xx

  • Starjaws AJ
    Starjaws AJ 7 months ago

    Eeeekkk my friend said that i should post my art online but.... I don't have anywhere to post it and also.... Im such a scared cat for thinking people won't like it and will DESTROY and DEMOLISH every last bit of selfasteem, will give me harsh criticism 😅

  • Jammy
    Jammy 7 months ago

    I don’t know the correct equipments to draw 😔 I spent £5 on pens but they get smudged that was all my money

  • PardonParanoia
    PardonParanoia 8 months ago

    I’m so excited for kaseys book omg!!!

  • Art Crew
    Art Crew 8 months ago

    Ugh i really hate how you draw noses but I am dealing with it

  • Alyssa Albuquerque
    Alyssa Albuquerque 8 months ago

    My 2019 Resolution is to begin to use my new acrylics and to write a book in the summer (since I'm still in school) so i can have a break from school and begin a hobby of painting.

  • TurtleBarf 666
    TurtleBarf 666 8 months ago

    Wait, you have a husband? You look so young, not like I care

  • LeonNova
    LeonNova 8 months ago

    This is fantastic advice. It’s been almost three years since I’ve graduated and I am always bumming myself out that I haven’t gotten a career in art and that I don’t draw nearly as much. But I seem to forget that I spent five years drawing art everyday and I’m just doing a really long recovery. But, these are really really great tips. I’ve honestly spent most of today just working on things that I told myself to finish.
    Thanks for making such great content and inspiring others!

  • BubbleHeadDraws
    BubbleHeadDraws 8 months ago

    Holy shit you showed your face.

  • Yes I Can rap
    Yes I Can rap 8 months ago

    I always miss out on Inktober because that's when I have my exams AND I NEED TO STUDY AND I CANT DRAW 😭😭

  • Andy Kapp
    Andy Kapp 8 months ago

    Or this
    Picture Book Idea Month
    Founded by Tara Lazar (@taralazar) in 2010.
    Challenge: create 30 new picture book ideas in 30 days.
    Aimed at: picture book writers, as an alternative to NaNoWriMo
    Hashtag: #PiBoIdMo

  • Andy Kapp
    Andy Kapp 8 months ago

    I saw this video today, maybe you want to look into this (about your resolution for 2019)
    National Picture Book Writing Week
    Founded by Paula Yoo (@PaulaYoo) in 2009.
    Challenge: write 7 first drafts of picture books in 7 days (May 1-7).
    Aimed at: anyone who wants to write a children’s picture book.
    Hashtag: #napibowriwee

  • Novak 2711
    Novak 2711 8 months ago

    I won’t lie I’ve only seen a few of your videos but If you’re making a kids book based of Hatch (I think thats his name) then I would love to buy it my nieces showed me your channel and they love your art style. Hopefully I can get some improvements in my own art with your lovely tips and motivational videos

  • destinyawaitsx3
    destinyawaitsx3 8 months ago

    Hell yeah please share your story!

  • Sara L
    Sara L 8 months ago

    I suggest for anyone who is in an art block, is to watch a movie.
    Movies inspire me so much and marvel movies especially do.
    Try making a character that could fit in the movie, like make a character that could go to Hogwarts or a character that has powers.
    Really any movie could help.
    I found Spider-Man into the spider-verse to help me a lot.
    Anyway this may not help but it is a suggestion. ☺️

  • Kyle Robicheau
    Kyle Robicheau 8 months ago

    I know its not related specifically to drawing, but what mic are ypu using to get such good audio on your videos?

  • Kyle Robicheau
    Kyle Robicheau 8 months ago

    I guess ill follow suit with your last comment:
    This year, my resolution is to create and illustrate a short-story comic.
    Ill edit this comment whenever it’s finished, check back some time between september/october.

  • rëīx
    rëīx 8 months ago +1

    Oh no, I got an art block. HURRY MAKE ART!

  • FUKA
    FUKA 8 months ago

    please, put english subtitles :(

  • Betty Chen
    Betty Chen 8 months ago +1


  • Sebastian Rembis
    Sebastian Rembis 8 months ago

    I think my biggest goals are learning how to make more dynamic poses and stepping out of my comfort zone (my comfort zone being Sonic the Hedgehog artwork). Anyone reading this have any tips?

  • Astrid Knops
    Astrid Knops 8 months ago

    Good luck with your book! I am looking forward to it ^^

  • Phoedogo:3 1289
    Phoedogo:3 1289 8 months ago

    Can my oc be haches sis

  • Phoedogo:3 1289
    Phoedogo:3 1289 8 months ago

    Can one of my oc be hatches sister

  • Husna Aghniya
    Husna Aghniya 8 months ago

    How can I still surprised everytime you said "my husband" :(

  • Christie Weyapuk
    Christie Weyapuk 8 months ago

    A tip that helps me is that forgive yourself if you get behind or not meet your goal all the way. Just because you miss a day or two doesn't mean you should just give up completely.

  • takisr fuego
    takisr fuego 8 months ago

    THIS IS SO HELPFUL 👏😭 I'VE BEEN BLESSED !I got a new art style! thank you!

  • Pineapple
    Pineapple 8 months ago

    Subscribe to DaltonOutdoors

  • J u l i c i a
    J u l i c i a 8 months ago

    Oof this was pretty hood

  • Creev_
    Creev_ 8 months ago

    I guess a resolution of mine would be stop comparing my art to others. I do it all the time and some people have been telling me not to.
    So I guess I'll try to work on that.

  • Aynarra art
    Aynarra art 8 months ago

    Okay, that's my resolutions: 1. filming more videos for youtube, 2. practice more, learn new things, 3. leave my comfort zone and try something new :D
    And yeah, I think, that everything is possible (just stay positive :D) and your video is such amazing! :)

  • Toenails and cheese
    Toenails and cheese 8 months ago

    Yay a childrens book Ima buy itt!!!!

  • Toenails and cheese
    Toenails and cheese 8 months ago

    Mean people be like: ugh this was not help full at all 😬
    Me be like: beach what did you!!

  • Toenails and cheese
    Toenails and cheese 8 months ago

    Narutoooo run

  • SunriseShine88 -Tori-
    SunriseShine88 -Tori- 8 months ago

    I did two art challenges in a row and i kinda got lazy in the second
    But I did learn a lot with them! I really recommend you try one or two.

  • peachy pug
    peachy pug 8 months ago

    what does that ''no mens no'' thing mean on the left side in the star of the video?

  • Bridget Fowler
    Bridget Fowler 8 months ago

    thank you this is just what I needed can I get an amen?! and greatest of luck on your book!

  • Why Though
    Why Though 8 months ago

    How did you find your art style?